ESK :: Volume #33

#3259: phenomenon of Grand Dao( three)

Among us the matter, I looked that must first put.” “咱们之间的事,我看要先放一放。” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable looks to Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable two people, said: When our brothers processed these ants, cuts a fresh flesh, gives you me to drink.” 豺族大天尊看向玄羊大天尊两人,道:“待我们兄弟处理了这几个蝼蚁,割下点新鲜血肉,给你我下酒。” Suits me.” “正合我意。” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable laughs. 金甲大天尊大笑一声。 Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable looks to three brothers, slight nod. 豺族大天尊看向身边三位兄弟,微微点头。 Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable this violent temper, could not have repressed. 虎族天尊这火爆脾气,早已按耐不住。 Sees big brother’s instruction, the clashes, erupted one to roar for a while, the tiger circle stared, before rushing to the Su Zimo body, lifts the Djinn palm, according to the top of the head racket fell ruthlessly! 看到大哥的指令,第一时间冲了出去,爆发出一声咆哮,虎目圆瞪,冲到苏子墨身前,抬起巨灵般的手掌,照着天灵盖狠狠拍落下去! Su Zimo still sat in the original position, motionless, the meaning of simply not having dodged, as if cannot respond. 苏子墨仍坐在原处,一动不动,根本没有躲闪的意思,似乎反应不过来。 The people look like, this is also normal. 众人看来,这也正常。 After all between Venerable and Heavenly Venerable, the difference is the big realm threshold, the power gap is disparate. 毕竟尊者天尊之间,差得是大境界的门槛,实力差距悬殊。 Ants, you dare to play jokes upon me and others, looked at me......” “蝼蚁,你敢戏耍我等,看我……” Bang! 轰! Sees only Su Zimo to lift a hand fist suddenly, welcomed the Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable giant palm to hit. 只见苏子墨突然抬手一拳,迎着虎族天尊的巨掌打过去。 The fist palm bumps into, erupts a loud sound! 拳掌相撞,爆发出一声巨响! The Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable words have not said, then called out pitifully. 虎族天尊话没说完,便惨叫一声。 Kā chā! 咔嚓 Infiltrates person the sound of bone split, resounds. 渗人的骨裂之声,随之响起。 The palm of Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable, fought with the fists unexpectedly covered with blood by Su Zimo, contaminates the bone stubble of blood to expose, shocking! 虎族天尊的手掌,竟被苏子墨一拳打得血肉模糊,沾染着鲜血的骨茬暴露出来,触目惊心! But Su Zimo still sat on the seat, after this records shakes hardly, not only the body is entirely still, the seat under body has not been under any impact! 苏子墨仍坐在座椅上,这记硬撼之后,不但身躯纹丝不动,就连身下的座椅都没有受到任何冲击! In the Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable heart startles greatly, wants to borrow potential to withdraw. 虎族天尊心中大骇,想要借势后撤。 But Su Zimo changes suddenly suddenly, turning the fist into the palm, grasps firmly the Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable wrist/skill, entrains him, simultaneously gathers sword finger, forward a stamp! 苏子墨突然突然变招,化拳为掌,攥住虎族天尊手腕,一把将他拽过来,同时并拢剑指,向前一戳! Titter! 噗嗤! The forehead of Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable, was punctured a blood hole. 虎族天尊的脑门,被刺出一个血洞。 Pierces sea of consciousness, primordial spirit dies out! 洞穿识海,元神寂灭! Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable corpse, soft pouring before the Su Zimo's foot. 虎族天尊的尸体,软绵绵的倒在苏子墨的脚边。 In Myriad Beasts Great Hall, suddenly becomes completely silent. 万兽大殿中,突然变得鸦雀无声。 The Xu Rui and other Primal Chaos Palace people stare the big eyes, the whole face is shocking, unbelievable looks at this. 徐瑞混沌宫众人瞪大双眼,满脸震惊,难以置信的看着这一幕。 They have to experience the Su Zimo's method. 他们不是没见识过苏子墨的手段。 Profound Mouse Sect Sect Master that Dao Congealing Realm three change, in the Su Zimo Central Capital brace is about one move. 凝道境三变的玄鼠门门主,在苏子墨中都撑不过一招。 But people how didn’t expect, Heavenly Venerable expert, was stabbed to death by Su Zimo one finger/refers, even the cause of death is exactly the same! 但众人怎么都没想到,就连天尊强者,都被苏子墨一指戳死,连死法都如出一辙! What is more fearful, Su Zimo sits on the chair, only by single-handed, cuts to kill Heavenly Venerable! 更可怕的是,苏子墨坐在椅子上,只凭借单手,就将一位天尊斩杀! In fact, if Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable release bloodlines, holding up a side world, took out Heavenly Venerable spiritual treasure and other methods, will not die such quickly. 实际上,若虎族天尊释放血脉,撑起一方世界,祭出天尊灵宝等诸多手段,也不会死得这么快。 Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable how didn’t expect, small Venerable, has this grade of strength unexpectedly. 只是,虎族天尊怎么都没想到,一个小小尊者,居然有这等力量。 Entire combat process, happening in in a flash. 整个战斗过程,发生在电光火石间 Three Great Heavenly Venerable on the scene, have not responded. 就连在场的三位大天尊,都没反应过来。 Third Brother!” “三哥!” Third Brother!” “三弟!” Leopard Clan Heavenly Venerable and Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable sad Hu, within the body qi and blood ascends, holding up a side world, took out respective Heavenly Venerable spiritual treasure, toward the Su Zimo rush in the past. 豹族天尊狼族天尊悲呼一声,体内气血升腾,撑起一方世界,祭出各自的天尊灵宝,朝着苏子墨冲杀过去。 Saw that Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable dies an untimely death at the scene, which two Heavenly Venerable expert also dare to keep the hand. 眼看着虎族天尊横死当场,两位天尊强者哪还敢留手。 But Su Zimo can also experience, Heavenly Venerable expert method. 苏子墨也得以见识到,天尊强者的手段。 fleshly body, bloodlines and Heavenly Venerable spiritual treasure, these in major realm, have manifested. 肉身、血脉、天尊灵宝,这些在各大境界中,都有所体现。 Heavenly Venerable expert and other realm, biggest difference, but also lies after behind a side world. 天尊强者与其他境界,最大的区别,还在于身后的一方世界 Dao Congealing Realm, condenses dao imprint in a side world. 凝道境,是在一方世界中凝聚道印 But Dao Comprehension Realm, is using dao imprint as the core, Grand Dao gradually spreads in the world. 悟道境,便是以道印为中心,大道在世界逐渐蔓延。 With thorough of comprehension Grand Dao, the Grand Dao trace gradually covers entirely a side world, with own world resonance and cross coupling, melts...... 随着感悟大道的深入,大道痕迹逐渐布满一方世界,与自己的世界共鸣、交感,相融…… Until fuses together thoroughly, oneness of dao and world! 直至彻底融为一体,道界合一 Probably Hell Path, Asura Path and Beasts Path these, become one , because has reached the Dao Comprehension Realm level. 像是地狱道阿修罗道畜生道这些,自成一界,就是因为已经达到过悟道境的层次。 The say/way is the world, the world is said. 道即是世界,世界即是道。 But in Dao Comprehension Realm, Grand Dao and world cross coupling resonance, will then derive many phantom phenomenon, is so-called phenomenon of Grand Dao. 而在悟道境中,大道与世界交感共鸣,便会衍生出诸多虚影异象,便是所谓的大道异象 Through these phenomenon of Grand Dao, can easily investigate the opposite party to cultivate what Grand Dao. 通过这些大道异象,便可轻易探查出对方所修炼得何种大道 But the phenomenon of Grand Dao might is infinite, is far from the Venerable world can compare. 大道异象威力无穷,远非尊者世界所能比拟。 Su Zimo looks with rapt attention. 苏子墨凝神望去。 Sees only in Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable a side world, there are flock of wolves to roar, surrounds the whole body, the innumerable double vicious wolf eye are staring at Su Zimo. 只见狼族天尊一方世界中,有群狼咆哮,环绕周身,无数双凶狠的狼眼盯着苏子墨 Group wolf phenomenon in Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable behind, follows him to make a long-range raid to come, murderous aura soars to the Heaven, the imposing manner does not have to prevent! 群狼异象狼族天尊身后,跟随他奔袭而来,杀气冲天,气势无可阻挡! But in Leopard Clan Heavenly Venerable behind, then the movement extremely quick leopard monster, changes to remnant shades, blessing on his body, making the Leopard Clan Heavenly Venerable speed rise suddenly! 而在豹族天尊的身后,则有一头身法极快的豹妖,化作一道道残影,加持在他的身上,使得豹族天尊的速度暴涨! Dao of Wolfs. 狼之道 Dao of Leopards. 豹之道 Grand Dao 3000, do not refer to three worlds Grand Dao, only then 3000 numbers, but refers to Grand Dao being numerous, is unquantifiable. 大道三千,并非是指三界大道,只有三千之数,而是指大道众多,难以计算。 Some Grand Dao, take the race as the foundation, probably Su Zimo has seen Asura Path, Beasts Path. 有些大道,以种族为根基,像是苏子墨看到过的阿修罗道,畜生道 Present Dao of Wolfs, Dao of Leopards, is all one of them. 还有眼前的狼之道,豹之道,皆在此列。 But some Grand Dao, are based on weapon magical treasure, such as Sword Dao and Spear Dao...... 而有些大道,以兵器法宝为基础,诸如剑道枪道…… , Then is based on all things in the world, sun, moon, and stars, frost sleet, but all enter the Dao. 还有一些,便是以世间万物为基础,日月星辰,冰霜雨雪,皆可入道 Some Grand Dao, take specific dao law as the root, such as Grand Dao of Five Elements, Grand Dao of Time, Grand Dao of Karma...... 更有一些大道,以特定道法为根,诸如五行大道,岁月大道,因果大道…… Grand Dao of Primal Chaos that probably Su Zimo cultivates, is this row. 像是苏子墨所修炼的混沌大道,便是此列。 In Dao of Wolfs, contains the bloodlines and fleshly body of Wolf Clan, vicious and cruel, sharp claws and other sources of forces, all dao law of Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable passing cultivation. 狼之道中,蕴含着狼族的血脉、肉身,凶狠、残暴、利爪等种种力量源泉,还有狼族天尊过往修炼的所有道法 But in Dao of Leopards, contains the Leopard Clan speed, nimble and resourceful and so on strengths, embraces myriad forms, mysterious complex. 豹之道中,蕴含着豹族的速度、灵动等等力量,包罗万象,玄妙复杂。 Also because of this, had Grand Dao invisible to say. 也正因为如此,才有大道无形之说。 Non- cultivates certain realm, cannot touch. 非修炼到一定境界,不能触及。 Two Heavenly Venerable release bloodlines, holding up a side world, took out Heavenly Venerable spiritual treasure, appears phenomenon of Grand Dao, obviously used the full power, is unretentive! 两位天尊释放血脉,撑起一方世界,祭出天尊灵宝,显化大道异象,明显是动用了全力,毫无保留! Myriad Beasts Great Hall, was lifted by two Heavenly Venerable phenomenon of Grand Dao, loudly collapse! 就连万兽大殿,都被两位天尊大道异象掀开,轰然倒塌! Here sound, alarms crowd of monsters, counts hundred thousand monster beast toward this place accumulation. 这边的动静,惊动群妖,数十万妖兽都在朝着此地聚集。 Facing two Heavenly Venerable offensive, Su Zimo stands up, vision like a torch, the imposing manner rises sharply. 面对两位天尊的攻势,苏子墨站起身来,目光如炬,气势大涨。 Setting out acts, in the imposing manner, then can meet as an equal to two Heavenly Venerable! 只是一个起身动作,在气势上,便能与两位天尊分庭抗礼! Su Zimo loudly roared, does not draw back instead enters, flushes away toward two Great Heavenly Venerable. 苏子墨长啸一声,不退反进,朝着两大天尊冲去。 fellow daoist Su this is......” 苏道友这是……” Xu Rui and the others cannot believe. 徐瑞等人都不敢相信。 Without qi and blood, without weapon, does not have a side world, Su Zimo chooses unexpectedly unarmed, to fighting two Heavenly Venerable! 没有气血,没有兵器,也没有一方世界,苏子墨竟选择赤手空拳,对战两位天尊 Bang! Bang! Bang! 轰!轰!轰! Su Zimo raises hand to lift fully, the phenomenon of Grand Dao resistances with two Great Heavenly Venerable, the light shining in all directions, the air wave is billowing, erupts a loud sound, deafening! 苏子墨举手抬足,与两大天尊大道异象对抗,光芒四射,气浪滚滚,爆发出一阵巨响,震耳欲聋! Two Great Heavenly Venerable spiritual treasure pound, was kicked by a Su Zimo fist, cannot injure his slightest! 就连两大天尊灵宝砸下来,都被苏子墨一拳一脚踢飞,根本伤不到他分毫! powerful fleshly body!” 好强肉身!” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable that side observes looks at a heart to be startled. 旁边观战的金甲大天尊都看得一阵心惊。 Good Grand Dao that he cultivates, fleshly body is quite powerful, disciplines a invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable golden armor. 他修炼的蛮牛大道,肉身极为强大,磨练出一身坚不可摧的金甲。 By his present realm, is not necessarily able by the flesh and blood, shakes Heavenly Venerable spiritual treasure hardly. 以他如今的境界,都未必能以血肉之躯,硬撼天尊灵宝 But the present situation, is two Heavenly Venerable collaborates obviously, the card in a hand completely leaves, but got the winning side by Su Zimo by the flesh and blood! 而眼前的局势,明明是两位天尊联手,底牌尽出,但却被苏子墨以血肉之躯占据上风! Two Heavenly Venerable have the sign of being repulsed unexpectedly! 两位天尊竟有败退的迹象! „Is this ruthless person who where braves?” “这是哪里冒出来的狠人?” Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable tightens the brow, ponders to say secretly: Can it be that what sacred land successor?” 玄羊大天尊紧锁眉头,暗忖道:“莫不是什么圣地传人?” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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