ESK :: Volume #33

#3260: Domineering suppression!

The group wolf phenomenon tear and bite, was routed by Su Zimo all. 群狼异象撕咬,被苏子墨尽数击溃。 leopard Yaocan shadow numerous, the speed is astonishing, is hard to escape from Su Zimo's dharma eye! 豹妖残影重重,速度惊人,也难以逃脱苏子墨的法眼 The three dao (path) form at the Myriad Beasts Ridge sky war, the Su Zimo imposing manner is dreadful, two Heavenly Venerable were suppressed jointly stubbornly, the defeat revealed. 三道身影在万兽岭上空大战,苏子墨气势滔天,两位天尊联手都被死死压制住,败相显露。 This is truly more than everyone expected. 这确实超出所有人的意料。 Although Su Zimo has not used spiritual treasure, but he from top to bottom, as if is divine weapon, and refers to like the sword, makes a fist the hammer, an elbow like the spear/gun, the long leg whip, hits two Heavenly Venerable unceasingly to retrocede. 苏子墨虽然没有动用灵宝,但他浑身上下,似乎全都是神兵利器,并指如剑,握拳似锤,支肘如枪,长腿似鞭,打得两位天尊不断后退。 Continues to slaughter, perhaps two Heavenly Venerable must by the Su Zimo domineering suppression! 这么继续厮杀下去,两位天尊恐怕都要被苏子墨强势镇压! Oh.” “唉。” Sees this, in the Xu Rui heart sighs lightly, said: fellow daoist Su is so no wonder self-confident, dares to come up this place to see right in front of one Myriad Beasts Ridge four leaders, originally he really has such battle strength, only pitifully......” 看到这一幕,徐瑞心中轻叹,道:“怪不得苏道友如此自信,敢上来此地面见万兽岭的四位头领,原来他竟然有如此战力,只可惜……” Chen Qianhe, Meng Shi and the others were silent. 陈千禾孟石等人默然。 Although Xu Rui has not continued, but the people can guess correctly, Xu Rui is regretting anything. 虽然徐瑞没有继续说下去,但众人都能猜到,徐瑞在惋惜什么。 Nowadays, Su Zimo seemingly occupies completely the winning side, may present three Great Heavenly Venerable not to act! 现如今,苏子墨看似占尽上风,可在场还有三位大天尊没有出手! So long as any Great Heavenly Venerable acts, this war, can end ahead of time. 只要任何一位大天尊出手,这场大战,都可以提前终结。 Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable was just killed by Su Zimo, Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable is impossible to let off him. 虎族天尊刚刚被苏子墨所杀,豺族大天尊不可能放过他。 If sees the situation is not wonderful, Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable will definitely act ahead of time, cuts to kill Su Zimo! 若见形势不妙,豺族大天尊肯定会提前出手,将苏子墨斩杀! „The matter of today, truly not strange fellow daoist Su.” “今日之事,确实不怪苏道友。” Chen Qianhe said: Who can think, Profound Goat Ridge two Great Heavenly Venerable arrive at this place, but Myriad Beasts Ridge big leader, breaks through realm, achievement Great Heavenly Venerable.” 陈千禾道:“谁能想到,玄羊岭的两位大天尊降临此地,而万兽岭的大头领,又突破境界,成就大天尊。” The war was still continuing. 大战仍在持续。 Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan two Heavenly Venerable, although falls leeward, does not have the least bit to be startled. 狼族豹族两位天尊虽然落入下风,却没有半点惊慌。 Two people know, so long as they greeted one, Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable will definitely act. 两人知道,只要他们招呼一声,豺族大天尊肯定会出手。 But Su Zimo, in the heart is calm. 苏子墨这边,心中更是淡定。 He has not resorted to other methods, but is the choice shakes with two Heavenly Venerable by fleshly body hardly, the main reason, is to test, after Azure Lotus True Body fuses Karmic Fire Red Lotus, power of fleshly body is actually what level. 他之所以没有动用其他手段,而是选择以肉身与两位天尊硬撼,最主要的原因,就是想要测试一下,青莲真身融合业火红莲之后,肉身之力究竟达到什么样的层次。 The war hence, in his heart has known how things stand. 大战至此,他心中已经有数。 Continues to hit, by power of fleshly body, can cut to kill two Heavenly Venerable. 继续打下去,凭借肉身之力,也能将两位天尊斩杀。 But he does not want to continue to consume. 但他不想继续耗下去了。 Side also three Great Heavenly Venerable eye covetously, he just noticed, Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable is obviously eager to try, will act momentarily. 旁边还有三位大天尊虎视眈眈,他刚刚留意到,豺族大天尊明显跃跃欲试,随时都会出手。 Once Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable acts, wants to massacre Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan two Heavenly Venerable again, then on difficult many. 一旦豺族大天尊出手,再想要杀掉狼族豹族两位天尊,便难上许多。 Must by the potential of thunder, cut to kill Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan Heavenly Venerable, does not give the opportunity of Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable response! 必须要以雷霆之势,将狼族豹族天尊斩杀,不给豺族大天尊反应的机会! Changes mind hence, the Su Zimo aura suddenly changes, suddenly holding up a side world, inside dusky piece, slurred. 转念至此,苏子墨气息陡然一变,突然撑起一方世界,里面灰蒙蒙一片,模糊不清。 Primal Chaos World! 混沌世界 Primal Chaos World arrives, covers in Wolf Clan and bodies of Leopard Clan two Heavenly Venerable instantaneously. 混沌世界降临,瞬间笼罩在狼族豹族两位天尊的身上。 In this world seems like ordinary, does not have any phenomenon appears, no strength, without the light is dark, without space and time. 这座世界中看似平平无奇,没有任何异象显化,也没有什么力量,没有光暗,没有时空。 But after arriving, Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan two Heavenly Venerable phenomenon of Grand Dao, exude one to call out in grief, instantaneous collapse! 但降临下来之后,狼族豹族两位天尊大道异象,纷纷发出一声悲鸣,瞬间崩溃! Two Heavenly Venerable a side world, was included by Su Zimo's Primal Chaos World, changes into primal chaos (hun dun). 两位天尊一方世界,也被苏子墨的混沌世界纳入其中,化为混沌 In this Primal Chaos World, fusing were too many. 这座混沌世界中,融合了太多。 The Su Zimo passing cultivation results in dao and law, phenomenon, dharma idol, paradise, divine ability and secret technique...... is completely one of them! 苏子墨过往修炼得道与法,异象法相洞天神通秘术……尽在其中! The myriad things ultimate home to return , is primal chaos (hun dun)! 万物终极的归宿,便是混沌 Two world vanish, means that Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan two Heavenly Venerable expose under Su Zimo's Primal Chaos World. 两座世界消失,就意味着狼族豹族两位天尊暴露在苏子墨的混沌世界之下。 Before me, but also is wild!” “在我面前,还敢猖狂!” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable sees this, the look big change, angrily shouted. 豺族大天尊看到这一幕,神色大变,怒喝一声。 The war situation develops rapidly after a sudden turn, he wants to rush again the life-saving, has been less. 战局的形势急转直下,他再想要冲上去救人,已然不及。 Saw that Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan two Heavenly Venerable hang in the balance, Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable can only first erupt together primordial spirit dao imprint, attacks toward Su Zimo. 眼看着狼族豹族两位天尊命悬一线,豺族大天尊只能先爆发出一道元神道印,朝着苏子墨攻去。 This is the quickest murdering method, the twinkling. 这是最快的杀伐手段,瞬息即至。 In view of the attack of primordial spirit, Venerable that also sufficiently three changes Dao Congealing Realm writes off instantaneously! 针对元神的攻击,也足以将一个凝道境三变的尊者瞬间抹杀! Finished.” “结束了。” Sees this, in the mind of Primal Chaos Palace people, flashes through such thought. 看到这一幕,混沌宫众人的脑海中,都闪过这样的念头。 Some people do not even endure to witness, lower the head. 有些人甚至不忍目睹,低下头去。 Facing making a move of wolf Great Heavenly Venerable, the Su Zimo look is invariable, also releases primordial spirit dao imprint! 面对豺狼大天尊的出手,苏子墨神色不变,也同样释放出一记元神道印 Su Zimo was once controlling several primordial spirit secret technique. 苏子墨曾经掌控着好几种元神秘术 But cultivates this realm, these primordial spirit secret technique are hard to touch the "Dao" level, cannot display the too big use. 但修炼到这个境界,这些元神秘术难以触及‘道’的层次,发挥不出太大的用处。 Only then integrates primal chaos (hun dun) these primordial spirit secret technique, forms primal chaos (hun dun) primordial spirit dao imprint, can play the enormous power. 只有将这些元神秘术融入混沌,结成混沌元神道印,才能发挥出巨大威力。 Un?” “嗯?” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable look big change! 豺族大天尊神色大变! primordial spirit of this person...... 此人的元神…… Great Heavenly Venerable level!” 大天尊的层次!” Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable also feels the Su Zimo this primordial spirit dao imprint terrifying, the look is dignified, softly muttered. 玄羊大天尊也感受到苏子墨这道元神道印的恐怖,神色凝重,轻喃一声。 Venerable that Dao Congealing Realm three change, cultivates Great Heavenly Venerable primordial spirit unexpectedly?” 凝道境三变的尊者,竟修炼出大天尊元神?” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable sucks in an cold air/Qi. 金甲大天尊倒抽一口冷气。 Two logical expression have not said, two primordial spirit dao imprint have then collided in together, quiet, but lets surrounding transmits one to rock void! 两人话未说完,两记元神道印便已经碰撞在一起,悄无声息,但却让周围的虚空传来一丝晃动! The Great Thousandfold World space, is firm. 大千世界的空间,何等坚固。 But Su Zimo and primordial spirit collision of Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable, actually may shake void! 苏子墨豺族大天尊元神碰撞,却可撼动虚空! Un!” “嗯!” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable is just about to go forward, actually look big change, stuffy snort/hum! 豺族大天尊正要上前,却神色大变,闷哼一声! Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable and Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable are heart trembled. 玄羊大天尊金甲大天尊都是心中一凛 The collision of this primordial spirit dao imprint, was actually Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable fell leeward! 这道元神道印的碰撞,却是豺族大天尊落了下风! Was he just broke through, realm was not steady, is hard to display the Great Heavenly Venerable true strength.” “想必是他刚刚突破,境界不稳,难以发挥出大天尊真正的力量。” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable said in a low voice. 金甲大天尊低声说道。 Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable was silent. 玄羊大天尊闭口不言。 He feels indistinctly, perhaps the matter is not so simple! 他隐约感觉到,恐怕事情没这么简单! In fact, indeed so. 事实上,也正是如此 Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable obviously can feel, own primordial spirit, by a flame strength ignition, is quite been as if painful! 豺族大天尊明显能感受到,自己的元神,仿佛正在被一种火焰力量灼烧,极为痛苦! Although has not injured and basis, is actually so shocked they broke out in a cold sweat him. 虽然没有伤及根本,却也将他惊出一身冷汗。 Person who I must kill, you could not rescue!” “我要杀的人,你救不了!” Su Zimo looked at Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable, while this opportunity, Primal Chaos World arrives loudly, covers Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan two Heavenly Venerable! 苏子墨看了一眼豺族大天尊,趁此机会,混沌世界轰然降临,将狼族豹族两位天尊笼罩进去! „!” “啊!” In primal chaos (hun dun), two Heavenly Venerable spread a pitiful yell, later then did not have the sound, flesh changes into primal chaos (hun dun). 混沌之中,两位天尊传出一声惨叫,随后便没了声息,一身血肉化为混沌 Myriad Beasts Ridge high and low, counts hundred thousand monster beast to witness this frigid scene. 万兽岭上下,数十万妖兽都目睹着这一幕惨烈的场景。 That two aloof and remote leader, by outsider, in front of Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable, was once suppressed directly, the skeleton not saves! 那两位曾经高高在上的头领,被一个外来者,在豺族大天尊面前,被直接镇压,尸骨无存! This is what kind of domineering! 这是何等的强势! The Primal Chaos Palace people see this , at the scene, the whole face is startled to accommodate. 混沌宫众人看到这一幕,也都愣在当场,满脸惊容。 Even Great Heavenly Venerable cannot prevent Su Zimo! 大天尊都没能阻止苏子墨 Good method!” “好手段!” Meng Shi cannot bear loudly shouted, the look glitters a excitement, the whole body blood seems moving restlessly. 孟石忍不住大喝一声,眼神闪烁着一丝兴奋,浑身血液仿佛都躁动起来。 This crowd of monster beast savage bloodthirsty, do not know that many plant creatures were slaughtered by it, Meng Shi has hated to the marrow of the bones about this crowd of monster beast. 这群妖兽凶残嗜血,不知有多少草木生灵被其屠戮,孟石早就对这群妖兽恨之入骨。 Sees this, he will only feel incomparably happily! 看到这一幕,他只会感到无比痛快! Xu Rui also subconscious gets hold of the double fist, suppresses the innermost feelings as far as possible the excitement, the sinking sound said: fellow daoist Su murders resolute, leaves no ground, is intending to protect us.” 徐瑞也下意识的握紧双拳,尽可能压制住内心的激动,沉声道:“苏道友杀伐果决,不留余地,也是在有意保护咱们。” If he tied down by Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable, but Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan two Heavenly Venerable withdraw, perhaps meets first massacres to give vent to indignation us.” “若是他被豺族大天尊缠住,而狼族豹族两位天尊脱身,恐怕会第一时间将我们杀掉泄愤。” The Primal Chaos Palace people nod. 混沌宫众人都点了点头。 But now, Su Zimo cuts Myriad Beasts Ridge three Heavenly Venerable continually, Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable all anger, will fall in torrents completely on Su Zimo's! 而如今,苏子墨连斩万兽岭三位天尊,豺族大天尊的所有怒火,将全部倾泻在苏子墨的身上! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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