ESK :: Volume #33

#3258: The face countenance completely loses

Congratulations.” “恭喜啊。” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable false smile saying. 金甲大天尊皮笑肉不笑的说道。 Although on the mouth is saying congratulation, but to Profound Goat Ridge, Myriad Beasts Ridge is born Great Heavenly Venerable, will naturally have many variables. 嘴上虽然说着恭喜,但对玄羊岭而言,万兽岭诞生一位大天尊,自然又会生出诸多变数。 Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable is staring at Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable, suddenly opens the mouth, said: You just broke through, to our two, does not have the odds of success.” 玄羊大天尊盯着豺族大天尊,突然开口,道:“你刚刚突破,对上我们两位,毫无胜算。” This is the first time that Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable started talking, points to the strategic point! 这是玄羊大天尊第一次开口说话,直指要害! Even if Myriad Beasts Ridge Great Heavenly Venerable assumes personal command, if both sides make war, Myriad Beasts Ridge was still won the surface is not big. 就算万兽岭有一位大天尊坐镇,若是双方开战,万兽岭仍是胜面不大。 Good.” “不错。” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable with it arguing, first has not been acknowledges this matter, later a thread of conversation revolution, said: But you want to destroy completely my Myriad Beasts Ridge, must pay the serious price!” 豺族大天尊也没有与之争辩,先是承认此事,随后话锋一转,道:“但你们想要灭掉我万兽岭,也要付出惨重的代价!” Moreover, two collaborate, I no doubt cannot stand off. But I , to escape, two cannot detain!” “而且,两位联手,我固然敌不过。可我若想逃,两位也留不住!” Some day, my cultivation base strives, naturally can stage a comeback, reports the enmity of today!” “有朝一日,我修为精进,自然会卷土重来,报今日之仇!” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable also displays extremely strongly. 豺族大天尊也表现得极为强势。 In his heart clear, once at this moment yields, Myriad Beasts Ridge will be really annexed by Profound Goat Ridge. 他心中清楚,此刻一旦让步,万兽岭就真的会被玄羊岭吞并。 Profound Goat Ridge two Great Heavenly Venerable, are also weighting the pros and cons. 玄羊岭的两位大天尊,也在权衡利害。 Swallows Myriad Beasts Ridge forcefully, pays the serious price, is worth. 强行吞下万兽岭,付出惨重的代价,到底值不值。 Moreover contracts enmity with Great Heavenly Venerable, to Profound Goat Ridge, is no end of trouble for the future. 而且与一位大天尊结怨,对玄羊岭而言,也是后患无穷。 Profound Goat Ridge Great Heavenly Venerable said: Fellow Daoist does not need the so big hostility to us, my two people personally act, naturally has the sincerity to come.” 玄羊岭大天尊道:“道友对我们不必生出这般大的敌意,我二人亲自出面,自然是带着诚意而来。” Snort!” “哼!” Tiger Clan Heavenly Venerable hearing this cold snort/hum. 虎族天尊闻言冷哼一声。 Returns the sincerity? 还诚意? Your Profound Goat Ridge dispatched that Su Zimo obviously, runs over the probe, wants to find the opportunity to launch an attack! 你们玄羊岭明明派遣了那个苏子墨,跑过来试探,想要找机会发难! Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable and Leopard Clan Heavenly Venerable felt not right. 狼族天尊豹族天尊却都感到一丝不对劲。 Primal Chaos Palace, the Xu Rui three humanities are afraid, hear here, is frightens a heart thump thump to jump madly, for fear that Myriad Beasts Ridge notices them. 混沌宫这边,徐瑞三人本就心虚,听到这里,更是吓得一颗心脏怦怦乱跳,生怕万兽岭注意到他们。 Must find the opportunity to run away as soon as possible!” “得尽快找机会逃走!” Xu Rui swallowed in the end opening, ponders to say secretly: Makes both sides talk, they will expose sooner or later!” 徐瑞咽了下口中,暗忖道:“让双方这么交谈下去,他们这些人早晚会暴露!” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable opens the mouth saying: Your Myriad Beasts Ridge, if merges into Profound Goat Ridge, the dhole brother may become the Profound Goat Ridge third leader, we collaborate together, will be absolutely sighter than the present!” 金甲大天尊开口道:“你们万兽岭若是并入玄羊岭,豺兄可成为玄羊岭的第三头领,我们一起联手,绝对会比现在更加风光!” Good intention declined with thanks.” “好意心领。” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable shakes the head slightly. 豺族大天尊微微摇头。 His achievement Great Heavenly Venerable, occupy mountain as a king, dominates a side, how is also willing easily to occupy under the person. 他成就大天尊,占山为王,称霸一方,又怎么肯轻易屈居人下。 Said, you do want to make us return empty-handed?” “这么说,你是想让我们空手而归了?” The Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable tone is spooky, exudes wisp of killing intent! 玄羊大天尊语气幽幽,泛起一缕杀机 Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable thought racing, he very also clear, if today does not give away anything, Profound Goat Ridge two Great Heavenly Venerable, will not leave. 豺族大天尊念头急转,他很也清楚,今日若是不让出点什么,玄羊岭的两位大天尊,绝不会离开。 Myriad Beasts Ridge can give your source mine.” 万兽岭可以让给你们一处源矿。” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable sinking sound said. 豺族大天尊沉声道。 „?” “才一处?” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable sneers saying: Sends to beg for food? Gives us at least five!” 金甲大天尊冷笑道:“打发要饭的呢?最少给我们五处!” „It is not good!” “不行!” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable also categorically refuses, to shake the head saying: Five are too many!” 豺族大天尊也断然拒绝,摇头道:“五处太多!” Saw that both sides quarrelled on the source mine assignment, at daggers drawn, had no time to attend to other things, Xu Rui looked to the Primal Chaos Palace people, signals with the eyes, passes on the sound said: Everyone retrocedes slowly, evacuates this place, the movement should not be too big.” 眼看着双方就源矿分配争吵起来,剑拔弩张,无暇他顾,徐瑞看向混沌宫众人,使了个眼神,传音道:“大家缓缓后退,撤离此地,动作不要太大。” Su Zimo just likes has not heard, still sat in the seat, as if has a relish looks that Profound Goat Ridge and Myriad Beasts Ridge both sides quarrelled, on the face also has the smile. 苏子墨恍若未闻,仍坐在席位上,似乎饶有兴致的看着玄羊岭万兽岭双方争吵,脸上还带着微笑。 fellow daoist Su, follows us quickly together!” 苏道友,快跟我们一起走!” Chen Qianhe passes message said. 陈千禾传音说道。 Your several do need to go?” “你们几个要去哪?” In the meantime, the Leopard Clan Heavenly Venerable sound conveys suddenly. 就在此时,豹族天尊的声音突然传来。 Just after Profound Goat Great Heavenly Venerable said personally acted those words, he is pondering over this matter, paid attention to the action of Primal Chaos Palace people. 刚刚在玄羊大天尊说完‘亲自出面’那句话之后,他就在琢磨此事,留意混沌宫众人的举动。 At this moment sees Primal Chaos Palace one line of looks to be stealthy, as to take advantage of everything is in confusion depart to open, immediately stopped by calling out them! 此刻见混沌宫一行人神色鬼祟,似乎想要趁乱离开,立即将他们叫住! Meng Shi and the others the complexion suddenly becomes pallid. 孟石等人脸色突然变得煞白。 Some realm mean cultivator, even cannot control the body, two fight the war, trembles, almost must unable to stand. 有些境界低微的修士,甚至控制不住身躯,两股战战,瑟瑟发抖,几乎要站立不住。 Xu Rui restrains by force the heart to fear, as far as possible keeps calm, forces a smile, said: Great Heavenly Venerable at the discussion important matter, we are unsuitable to disturb in this place, has not asked for instructions, then advances one step, but also looks excuses me.” 徐瑞强压心头恐惧,尽可能保持镇定,强笑一声,道:“诸位大天尊在商议要事,我们不便在此地打扰,未曾请示,便先行一步,还望诸位见谅。” At this moment, Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable and Leopard Clan Heavenly Venerable complexion, is gloomy. 此刻,狼族天尊豹族天尊的脸色,已经阴沉下来。 They want to escape!” “他们想要逃!” In the meantime, escaping that Pan Mu tumbles to Myriad Beasts Ridge three Heavenly Venerable, in the mouth shouts: They just pretended to be the Profound Goat Ridge person, at this moment looks at the whereabouts to expose, wants to run away, I and they not, were caught by them!” 就在此时,潘牧连滚带爬的逃向万兽岭三位天尊那边,口中喊道:“他们刚刚冒充玄羊岭的人,此刻看行迹败露,想要逃走,我与他们并非一路,是被他们抓过来的!” Pan Mu follows the line, naturally also looks understands. 潘牧跟着一路行来,自然也看得明白。 He knows, with Primal Chaos Palace, oneself escapes mostly difficultly dies. 他知道,跟着混沌宫,自己多半难逃一死。 Only then pledges allegiance to Myriad Beasts Ridge or Profound Goat Ridge, has the opportunity of life. 只有归顺万兽岭或者玄羊岭,才有活命的机会。 Rebel!” “叛徒!” Meng Shi is infuriated, hates to clench jaws, scolds: „, The one had only known, just should butcher to you!” 孟石火冒三丈,恨得咬牙切齿,骂道:“狗贼,早知如此,刚刚就该给你宰了!” Actually, even if no Pan Mu these words, Primal Chaos Palace one group of unable to get away. 其实,就算没有潘牧这番话,混沌宫一行人也走不了。 Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable and Leopard Clan Heavenly Venerable had just responded, how also to make the Primal Chaos Palace people easily leave. 狼族天尊豹族天尊刚刚就已经反应过来,又怎会让混沌宫众人轻易离开。 Pretends to be my Profound Goat Ridge person?” “冒充我玄羊岭的人?” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable knits the brows, looks to Myriad Beasts Ridge four Heavenly Venerable, selects the eyebrow to ask: This matter?” 金甲大天尊皱了皱眉,看向万兽岭四位天尊,挑眉问道:“还有这回事?” Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable also looks to the Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable three people, reveals the meaning of inquiry. 豺族大天尊也看向狼族天尊三人,露出询问之意。 Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable referred to Su Zimo and the others, asked submissively: Two Great Heavenly Venerable, aren't this group of people truly the Profound Goat Ridge people?” 狼族天尊指了一下苏子墨等人,拱手问道:“两位大天尊,这群人确实不是玄羊岭的人?” Of course not.” “当然不是。” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable curls the lip saying: How my Profound Goat Ridge will give shelter to this crowd of emaciated plant creatures, even if there are, was still eaten by us early!” 金甲大天尊撇嘴道:“我玄羊岭怎会收留这群孱弱的草木生灵,就算有,也早被我们吃了!” This was good.” “这就不错了。” Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable sinking sound said: Before two Great Heavenly Venerable arrive, these people in the name of Profound Goat Ridge, run up to Myriad Beasts Great Hall to come, to ask for it us to give away Myriad Beasts Ridge!” 狼族天尊沉声道:“就在两位大天尊到来之前,这些人假借玄羊岭之名,跑到万兽大殿来,开口就要我们让出万兽岭!” Our three exercise forbearance repeatedly, looks in the Profound Goat Ridge two Great Heavenly Venerable faces.” “我们三位一再忍让,就是看在玄羊岭两位大天尊的面子上。” The Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable three people recalled just, they were blown by Dao Congealing Realm Venerable, made concessions repeatedly, felt annoyed! 狼族天尊三人回想起刚刚,他们被一个凝道境尊者镇住,屡屡退让,不禁感到一阵恼火! This simply is their three people, life biggest shame! 这简直是他们三人,此生最大的耻辱! Jackal Clan Great Heavenly Venerable cold snort/hum, said: Originally among us, was instigated by this flock of ants unexpectedly in secret, has almost the misunderstanding, attacks brutally.” 豺族大天尊冷哼一声,道:“原来我们之间,竟被这群蝼蚁暗中挑拨,差点产生误会,大打出手。” In the name of my Profound Goat Ridge, mooches, heinous crime.” “假借我玄羊岭之名,招摇撞骗,罪该万死。” Golden Armour Great Heavenly Venerable tone ice-cold. 金甲大天尊语气冰冷。 In Primal Chaos Palace, many cultivator cannot shoulder and Heavenly Venerable the powerful pressure from Great Heavenly Venerable again, falls down, the look is terrified, the innermost feelings despair. 混沌宫中,不少修士再也扛不住来自大天尊天尊的强大威压,纷纷倒在地上,神色惶恐,内心绝望。 Oh.” “唉。” Xu Rui also can only deeply sigh at this moment, completely discouraged. 徐瑞此刻也只能深深叹息一声,万念俱灰。 didn’t expect, Primal Chaos Palace one offended two major power strength, ends up this aspect. 没想到,混沌宫一下得罪了两个大势力,落得这个局面。 Thump! Thump! Thump! 咚!咚!咚! In the meantime, side hears three clear sounds. 就在此时,旁边传来三声清脆响声。 Actually sat Su Zimo in seat throughout, the finger knocked the desktop gently, captured completely the attention of people. 却是始终坐在席位上的苏子墨,手指轻轻敲了敲桌面,将众人的目光全部吸引过来。 I may not say, from Profound Goat Ridge.” “我可从没说过,来自玄羊岭。” Su Zimo chuckle, said: Is you are overly suspicious and fearful, now blames to my head on the contrary?” 苏子墨轻笑一声,道:“是你们自己疑神疑鬼,如今反倒怪到我的头上?” This saying said truly well. 这话说得确实不错。 But Wolf Clan Heavenly Venerable three people of hearing this, are the complexion one red, thought that in the surface cannot hang. 狼族天尊三人闻言,都是脸色一红,更是觉得面上挂不住。 Xu Rui and the others the secret heart are startled. 徐瑞等人都是暗暗心惊。 The people know must die today, but does not dare to say so the provocative words, under big crowd of people, three Heavenly Venerable expert are the face countenance completely loses! 众人都知今日必死,可也不敢说出这般挑衅的话,大庭广众之下,三位天尊强者可谓是颜面尽失! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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