ESK :: Volume #32

#3176: Military dao fire type

The war ended, the dust clears. 大战结束,尘埃散尽。 This says ten thousand ancestors, cuts three corpses, wants to bury various heaven, sacrificial refining myriad clans Lord of the Underworld, already body and soul entirely exterminated, the soul flies away and scatters! 这个自称万界之祖,斩下三尸,欲埋葬诸天,祭炼万族地府之主,已经形神俱灭,魂飞魄散 Under besieging of two Great Emperor, this result, is not accidental/surprised. 在两尊大帝的围攻之下,这个结局,并不算意外。 between Heaven and Earth, has nothing to be the Lord of the Underworld life sign. 天地之间,也没有任何属于地府之主的生命迹象。 Martial Dao main body did not feel relieved. 武道本尊仍不放心。 Lord of the Underworld had once said that no one can kill him. 地府之主曾说过,没有人能杀死他。 These words, and do not seem like running off at the mouth. 这句话,并不像是在信口胡诌。 Let alone, Lord of the Underworld before, had not revealed the least bit to dread at the point of death scared, even chooses from own initiative exploding primordial spirit! 更何况,地府之主在临死前,仍没有流露出半点畏惧恐慌,甚至主动选择自爆元神 The Martial Dao main body vision rotation, the purple flame combustion, bursts out two dao fire light, the instantaneous cremation is inexhaustible, falls in Kingdom of the Underworld! 武道本尊目光转动,紫焰燃烧,迸发出两道火光,瞬间焚化无尽虚空,落在阴曹地府中! Meanwhile, his powerful primordial spirit arrives, covers in entire Kingdom of the Underworld! 与此同时,他的强大元神降临,覆盖在整个阴曹地府 Martial Dao main body primordial spirit, alarms innumerable underworld creatures instantaneously, but under this terrifying pressure, numerous underworld creatures keeps silent, if cold cicada, no one dares to act rashly! 武道本尊元神,瞬间将无数地府生灵惊动,但在这道恐怖威压之下,众多地府生灵噤若寒蝉,没有人敢轻举妄动! Even numerous Ghost Emperor, does not dare to say anything. 即便是一众鬼帝,也不敢说什么。 Martial Dao main body divine consciousness, inspects in Kingdom of the Underworld unceasingly, is searching the Lord of the Underworld trace. 武道本尊神识,在阴曹地府中不断巡视,搜索着地府之主的痕迹。 Dié Yue divine consciousness also arrives in Kingdom of the Underworld. 蝶月神识也降临在阴曹地府中。 Two Great Emperor divine consciousness inspect in Kingdom of the Underworld, numerous underworld creatures cannot withstand this pressure, frightens directly kneels down on the ground! 两道大帝神识阴曹地府中巡视,众多地府生灵承受不住这种威压,吓得直接跪倒在地上! Two people search, has not had anything to discover, has not detected slightly exceptionally. 只是,两人搜寻一番,并未有什么发现,也没有察觉到丝毫异常。 Martial Dao main body knits the brows secretly. 武道本尊暗自皱眉。 If Fengdu has not died, slip out of a predicament like a cicada sloughing its skin, hidden in Kingdom of the Underworld, should not hide the truth from his divine consciousness induction. 如果酆都没死,金蝉脱壳,隐藏在阴曹地府中,应该瞒不过他的神识感应。 Entire Kingdom of the Underworld, a silence, completely silent. 整个阴曹地府,一片寂静,鸦雀无声。 Lord of the Underworld the soul flies away and scatters, a trace has not as if really stayed behind. 地府之主似乎真的已经魂飞魄散,一点痕迹都没有留下。 His soul, even cannot escape into Underworld, but vanishes thoroughly! 他的魂魄,甚至都没能遁入地府,而是彻底消失! Martial Dao main body searches for fruitless, divine consciousness withdraws from Underworld. 武道本尊搜寻无果,神识退出地府 He looked down that page of black papers in hand, divine consciousness immersion in , the complexion changed! 他低头看了一眼手中的那页黑纸,神识沉浸其中,脸色微变! Life and death book?” “生死簿?” Are this page of black papers unexpectedly the life and death book in legend? 这页黑纸竟然是传说中的生死簿? Martial Dao main body hesitates does not speak, temporarily received the black paper, at present has not studied the black paper the time. 武道本尊沉吟不语,暂时将黑纸收了起来,眼下还不是研究黑纸的时机。 You worried that he hasn't died?” “你担心他没死?” Dié Yue asked. 蝶月问道。 Martial Dao main body looked at darkness in starry sky corner, looked up a vault of heaven, said: Is unimportant.” 武道本尊看了一眼星空角落里的黑暗,又抬头看了一眼苍穹,道:“不重要了。” Lord of the Underworld lives or dies, is not placed in front of them most important the matter. 地府之主生或死,都不是摆在他们面前最要紧的事。 Even if Lord of the Underworld has not died, does not fear the threat about them. 就算地府之主没死,对他们也不惧威胁。 Is placed in front of them biggest the threat, from Heavenly Court! 摆在他们面前最大的威胁,来自天庭 If he has not guessed wrong, this War of Slaying the Heavens, does not need to wait for them to start, Heavenly Court eight Great Emperor will then arrive on own initiative, looks for them! 若是他没猜错,这一次伐天之战,不必等他们发动,天庭的八位大帝便会主动降临,找上他们! Although Lord of the Luminous Heaven returns to Heavenly Court, but he can see on the Martial Dao main body great potential, will not continue to grow the time that to Martial Dao main body. 皓天之主虽然返回天庭,但他看得到武道本尊身上的巨大潜力,绝不会给武道本尊继续成长的时间。 Waits for Lord of the Luminous Heaven to return again, will then gather Heavenly Court all strengths! 皓天之主再度归来,便会聚集天庭所有的力量! That is the final decisive battle! 那将是最终的决战! Martial Dao main body and Dié Yue look at each other one, heart consanance. 武道本尊蝶月对视一眼,心有灵犀 Leaves their time, are not many. 留给他们的时间,已经不多。 „.” “诸位。” Martial Dao main body treads the sky stands, looks all around Yu within/inner, the sound spreads over Three Thousand Worlds each corner, reaches in the ear of creatures of myriad clans. 武道本尊踏空而立,环顾宇内,声音传遍三千界的每个角落,传进万族生灵的耳中。 nine heavens as courtyard, enslaves ten thousand spirits, Heavenly Court is wicked, blocks Medium Thousandfold World, origin qi of Heaven and Earth of control most source, stops up all living things flying upward's road.” 九天为庭,奴役万灵,天庭无道,封锁中千世界,掌控最源头的天地元气,也堵住众生飞升之路。” „Since several epoch, Great Emperor of many have collaborated devil, wants to hit the Potian (splitting heaven) courtyard to block, finally the regret is defeated.” “数个纪元以来,多位古之大帝联手邪魔,想要打破天庭封锁,最终都遗憾落败。” Three Thousand Worlds myriad clans all living things, calmly are listening respectfully to these matters. 三千界万族众生,都静静聆听着这些事。 To them, the first time is heard this matter. 对于他们而言,都是第一次听说此事。 In the cognition of myriad clans all living things, once ancient Great Emperor, was misled by devil, wants to extinguish kills myriad clans all living things, was suppressed. 万族众生的认知中,曾经的古之大帝,都是被邪魔蛊惑,想要灭杀万族众生,才被镇压。 But this, creatures of myriad clans sees clearly. 可这一世,万族生灵都看得清清楚楚。 Medium Thousandfold World Desolate Martial Great Emperor and Blood Butterfly Great Emperor, is truly protecting them! 中千世界荒武大帝血蝶大帝,确实在保护着他们! This, both of us will cut down the day again, for us, is Medium Thousandfold World struggles an opportunity.” “这一世,我们两人会再次伐天,为我们自己,也为中千世界争一个机会。” Martial Dao main body said: Is only, this defeats the lost/carrying difficult material, I will leave behind dao and dharma inheritance, to supply later generation cultivation.” 武道本尊道:“只是,此战胜负难料,我会留下道法传承,以供后世修行。” Heard these words, myriad clans all living things is startled! 听到这句话,万族众生都惊了! Originally talking white eyebrows old monk, old woman and little girl, turns the head to look in abundance. 原本正在交谈的白眉老僧,老妪和小女孩,也都纷纷转头看过来。 Can Desolate Martial Great Emperor leave behind own dao and dharma inheritance? 荒武大帝要留下自己的道法传承 Can choose inheritance in myriad clans all living things? 是要在万族众生中挑选传承者吗? May hear that Desolate Martial Great Emperor has two disciples, why can also move unnecessarily? 可听说荒武大帝已经有两位弟子,为何还要多此一举? Desolate Martial Great Emperor said for later generation cultivation, don’t tell me refers to...... 荒武大帝说得供后世修行,难道是指…… I create the cultivation dao law, is not all same as immortals, buddhas and demons three dao (path), I call it Martial Dao. The Martial Dao original intention, does not have spiritual root Human Race for these, obtains the opportunity of stepping into immortal sect(s).” “我所创造修炼的道法,与仙佛魔三道皆不相同,我称之为武道武道初衷,是为那些没有灵根人族,求得一个踏入仙门的机会。” Martial Dao main body said slowly: „The Martial Dao introduction, altogether has nine layers, first layer, Nine Bulls and Two Tigers.” 武道本尊缓缓说道:“武道开篇,共有九重,第一重,九牛二虎。” Is saying, under the gaze of myriad clans all living things, Martial Dao main body while exhibits the method of potential and correspondence Martial Dao in starry sky! 一边说着,就在万族众生的注视之下,武道本尊一边在星空中摆出武道之势和对应的法门! second layer, Five Qi towards the Origin! 第二重,五气朝元 third layer , Copper Skin and Iron Bones! 第三重,铜皮铁骨 fourth layer...... 第四重…… Under the gaze of innumerable say/way vision, Martial Dao main body law of martial dao, giving as much support as possible, is unretentive! 在无数道目光的注视下,武道本尊武道之法,倾囊相授,毫无保留! From Nine Transformations of Martial Dao, to True Martial Realm, Martial Domain Realm, until myriad laws return to one, achieves Emperor Realm again. 武道九变,再到真武境,武域境,直至万法归一,达到帝境 This, was too big regarding shock of myriad clans all living things! 这一幕,对于万族众生的震撼太大了! Even is better than the war of just now Great Emperor! 甚至远远胜过方才的大帝之战! Regarding own cultivation method, especially this dao and dharma inheritance, various major plane sect, even is cultivator regards as the treasure, easily does not leak. 对于自己的修炼法门,特别是这种道法传承,各大界面宗门,甚至是修士自己都视作珍宝,绝不轻易外传。 Let alone, this is the Desolate Martial Great Emperor self-created method! 更何况,这还是荒武大帝自创的法门! But now, Desolate Martial Great Emperor under the gaze of myriad clans all living things, Martial Dao that oneself will cultivate, evolves completely! 而如今,荒武大帝就在万族众生的注视下,将自身修炼的武道,全部演化出来! Always the look tranquil white eyebrows old monk, noticed this also changes countenance slightly, mutters: Big breadth of spirit, big mind/bosom.” 原本始终神色平静的白眉老僧,看到这一幕也微微动容,喃喃道:“好大的气魄,好大的胸怀。” The old woman was full of the hostility to Martial Dao main body, but at this moment, she is looking in starry sky that form that inherits dao law, could not speak suddenly. 老妪对武道本尊原本充满着敌意,但此刻,她望着星空中那个传承道法的身影,一时间也说不出话来。 The little girl is only the static gaze, silent. 小女孩只是静静的注视着,默然不语。 Heavenly Desolate World. 天荒界 Lin Zhan gets hold of the double fist, the mind surges, said: Once heard Huang Wu (Desolate Martial) set up new Dao, allow the common people to cultivate Martial Dao, today sees, knows true meaning!” 林战握紧双拳,心神激荡,道:“曾闻荒武立道,布武苍生,今日一见,才知晓其中真意!” Probably on Feng Cantian Immortal King Linglong these Heavenly Desolate Continent first ascend expert, has heard this matter. 像是风残天玲珑仙王这些天荒大陆上一世飞升强者,也只是听说过此事。 Until sees today, feels that shock from heart! 直到今日一见,才感受到那种来自内心深处的震撼! Good Desolate Martial Great Emperor, good Desolate Martial Great Emperor!” “好一个荒武大帝,好一个荒武大帝!” Elder Ironcrown with tears. 铁冠老者眼含热泪。 In this moment, Northern Kun Emperor Southern Peng Emperor, Three Thousand Worlds numerous position Emperor expert King True Spirit, even if most common cultivator, changes countenance all! 在这一刻,北鲲帝君南鹏帝君,三千界的众位帝君强者王者真灵,哪怕是最普通的修士,无不动容! Desolate Martial Great Emperor in preach the Dao! 荒武大帝传道 Below first, Three Thousand Worlds Human Race will certainly greatly rise! 在下一世,三千界人族必将大兴! Martial Dao main body preach the Dao Three Thousand Worlds, he must inherit is not only law of martial dao, the most important thing is the spirit of Martial Dao! 武道本尊传道三千界,他所要传承的不仅仅是武道之法,最重要的是武道之精神! He did not worry that Martial Dao Cultivation Technique had ulterior motives, person of study utterly heartless. 他不担心武道法门被一些心怀叵测,丧尽天良之人学去。 These will of the people are insufficient, is unable to inherit Martial Dao to revolt unyieldingly, dares the struggle for life against the Heaven and Earth spirit, went fearlessly ahead, the no place to fear will, even cultivates Martial Dao Cultivation Technique, will not have an achievement. 这些人心性不够,无法继承武道反抗不屈,敢与天地争命的精神,勇猛精进,无所畏惧的意志,就算修炼武道法门,也不会有所成就。 Su Zimo did not fear that the people of later generation can exceed itself. 苏子墨也不怕后世之人能超越自己。 If, some later generation people cultivation Martial Dao to exceed him, that showed, later generation compared with his more suitable Martial Dao, he only to be gratified. 如果,后世有人修炼武道能超越他,那就证明,后世这位比他更适合武道,他只会感到欣慰。 Even if this cuts down day to be defeated, so long as the Martial Dao spirit inheritance does not extinguish, will also have the people of later generation to continue to cut down the day! 即便这一世伐天失败,只要武道精神传承不灭,还会有后世之人继续伐天! Will happen one day, will tread Heavenly Court! 终有一天,会踏碎天庭 The Martial Dao spirit looks like fire seed. 武道精神就像是一颗火种。 But this fire seed, will certainly set the prairie afire, shines upon the mountains and rivers! 而这颗火种,必将燎原,映照山河!
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