ESK :: Volume #28

#2709: Three big Pseudo Emperor

Capital Springs City, eight great hells expert converges, hell creatures is dense and numerous, spreads to the city outside, all over, countless. 酆泉城,八大地狱强者云集,地狱生灵密密麻麻,蔓延到城外,漫山遍野,不计其数。 But now, four big Prison Lord die in numerous hell creatures front like this. 而如今,四大狱主就这样死在众多地狱生灵的面前。 The impact of this visual and mind was too big! 这种视觉和心灵的冲击太大了! Numerous hell creatures cannot respond suddenly, at the scene. 众多地狱生灵一时间都没能反应过来,楞在当场。 In altar, in Purgatory of Martial Dao, besides Martial Dao main body, Tang Kong and Concubine Yu two people. 祭坛上,武道炼狱中,除了武道本尊之外,还有唐空玉妃两人。 Similarly places in this stretch of domain, four big Prison Lord tragic deaths at the scene, but Tang Kong and Concubine Yu actually return safe and sound, this is Martial Dao main body regarding the strength of domain careful control in every way possible. 同样身处这片领域之中,四大狱主惨死当场,而唐空玉妃却毫发未损,这便是武道本尊对于领域细致入微的掌控之力。 Tang Kong looks at the mind to surge. 唐空看得心神激荡。 Although he thinks, Martial Dao main body after the breakthrough, battle strength will have very big promotion, but didn’t expect, can be this level unexpectedly! 他虽然想到,武道本尊在突破之后,战力会有很大的提升,但没想到,竟然可以达到这个层次! What strength is this?” “这是什么力量?” Prison Lord of the Capital Springs knits the brows slightly, said: This does not seem like paradise, does not belong to Medium Thousandfold World what dao law.” 酆泉狱主微微皱眉,道:“这似乎不是洞天,也不属于中千世界的什么道法。” Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs sets out slowly, picks the back great axe, grins to say with a smile to Martial Dao main body: No matter what dao law, you must die in this today, is buried along with the dead to them!” 重泉狱主缓缓起身,将背后的巨斧摘下来,冲着武道本尊咧嘴笑道:“不管是什么道法,你今天都得死在这,给他们陪葬!” Prison Lord of the Bitter Springs sighed, said: „The old man old age, is not willing to pay attention to this matter, but you kill in my Hell the person, old man actually cannot sit by and do nothing.” 苦泉狱主叹息一声,道:“老朽这一把年纪,本不愿理会此事,但你杀我地狱中人,老朽却不能坐视不理。” Your Hell Realm at end the law time, you can slaughter at will, was vertically and horizontally invincible?” “你地狱界处在末法时代,你就可以随意杀戮,纵横无敌了吗?” Prison Lord of the Capital Springs beckons with the hand, said: Does not need to talk too much with him, making him have a look at me and other true strengths!” 酆泉狱主摆摆手,道:“不必跟他多言,让他看看我等真正的力量!” Finishes speaking, Prison Lord of the Capital Springs, Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs and Prison Lord of the Bitter Springs three big Prison Lord release paradise simultaneously, suppresses toward the comprehension of Martial Dao main body. 话音刚落,酆泉狱主重泉狱主苦泉狱主三大狱主同时释放出洞天,朝着武道本尊的领悟镇压过来。 Un?” “嗯?” Three big Prison Lord paradise just released, Martial Dao main body detected that is not right. 三大狱主洞天刚刚释放出来,武道本尊就察觉到一丝不对。 In these three people of paradise, obviously contains a wisp of more terrifying strength, causes their paradise, transforms to another level! 这三人的洞天中,明显蕴藏着一缕更加恐怖的力量,使得他们的洞天,蜕变到另一个层次! This is......” “这是……” Tang Kong also feels that wisp of strength in three big Prison Lord paradise containing to fluctuate, the look big change, calls out in alarm makes noise: Pseudo Emperor!” 唐空也感受到三大狱主洞天中蕴藏的那一缕力量波动,神色大变,惊呼出声:“准帝!” In three big Prison Lord paradise, has practiced wisp of power of world. 三大狱主洞天中,已经修炼出一缕世界之力 This also means, three big Prison Lord half feet enter into Emperor Realm, is other Pseudo Emperor Level expert! 这也意味着,三大狱主半只脚迈入帝境,已经是准帝级别的强者 Good!” “不错!” Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs cracks into a smile, is somewhat self-satisfied. 重泉狱主咧嘴一笑,有些得意。 Three big Prison Lord are so calm self-confident , because, they have enough powerful taking advantage! 三大狱主之所以如此自信淡定,就是因为,他们有足够强大的依仗! Heaven and Earth was shattered, Grand Dao is badly damaged, principle not entire, you are how possible......” 天地破碎,大道残缺,法则不全,你们怎么可能……” Tang Kong cannot believe, the look shocks. 唐空仍是不敢相信,神色震撼。 Emperor Realm, does not depend on rich cultivation resources, can cultivation. 帝境,已经不是靠着丰富的修炼资源,就能修炼而成。 Can cultivation Paradise Realm, split Earth conferred the King title, under which does not have the endless resources, but can step into Emperor Realm finally and how many people have? 能修炼到洞天境,裂土封王,哪个麾下没有无尽的资源,但最终能踏入帝境的又有几人? Emperor Realm, the core is to then control power of world. 帝境,核心便是掌控世界之力 Wish makes paradise transform to become a side world, world that needs comprehension to place, feels rule that Heaven and Earth operates, comprehends many world principles. 想要让洞天蜕变成为一方世界,就需要感悟身处的世界,感受天地运行的规则,领悟诸多世界法则。 Integrates in these comprehension own paradise unceasingly, the accumulation precipitates, may have the transformation, concise world. 将这些感悟不断融入自己的洞天中,积累沉淀,才有可能产生蜕变,凝练世界。 Probably Medium Thousandfold World Paradise Realm expert, wants the comprehension comparison, is Medium Thousandfold World. 像是中千世界洞天境强者,所要感悟对照的,就是中千世界 But after Hell Realm marches into Dharma Ending Epoch, reason that does not have Emperor Realm expert born, because of this piece of Heaven and Earth was shattered, Grand Dao is badly damaged, principle not entire. 地狱界步入末法纪元后,之所以始终没有帝境强者诞生,就是因为这片天地破碎,大道残缺,法则不全。 This a side world, is incomplete, how can also comprehension have the true world? 一方世界,都残缺不全,又如何能感悟出真正的世界? Therefore, even if major Prison Lord, is almost controlling inexhaustible cultivation resources, is actually not able to step into Emperor Realm. 所以,纵然身为各大狱主,几乎掌控着无穷无尽的修炼资源,却仍无法踏入帝境 Probably Prison Lord of the Capital Springs, Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs so, are relying on shatter Heaven and Earth, comprehends wisp of power of world, is the limit. 像是酆泉狱主重泉狱主黄泉狱主这般,凭借着破碎天地,参悟出一缕世界之力,已经算是极限。 Did not say exaggeratingly, if throws Medium Thousandfold World three big Prison Lord, three big Prison Lord can step into Emperor Realm quickly, becomes the true Emperor! 毫不夸张的说,若是将三大狱主扔到中千世界,三大狱主很快就能踏入帝境,成为真正的帝君! Martial Dao main body knits the brows slightly. 武道本尊微微皱眉。 Three Pseudo Emperor Level other expert, are truly more than he expected. 三位准帝级别的强者,确实超出他的预料。 By him at present comprehension of small accomplishment, but also is unable to resist Pseudo Emperor paradise. 以他目前小成的领悟,还无法对抗准帝洞天 If with the aid of Hell Suppressing Cauldron, should be able to contend with Pseudo Emperor. 若是借助镇狱鼎,应该可以与一位准帝抗衡。 But at present, three Pseudo Emperor also make a move, the Martial Dao main body pressure increases suddenly! 但眼下,有三位准帝同时出手,武道本尊压力骤增! If not know that Azure Lotus True Body that side accident, Martial Dao main body has other choices, can definitely evade its point, first brings Tang Kong and Concubine Yu leaves. 若是不知道青莲真身那边的变故,武道本尊有其他选择,完全可以避其锋芒,先带着唐空玉妃离开。 Three big Pseudo Emperor are no doubt powerful, but wants to leave behind him, is impossible! 三大准帝固然强大,但想要留下他,根本不可能! But now, the Azure Lotus True Body life and death does not know. 而如今,青莲真身生死不知。 The time drags for a long time, that side Azure Lotus True Body more bad risk! 时间拖得越久,青莲真身那边就越凶险! Bang! Bang! Bang! 轰!轰!轰! Three big Prison Lord do not give the opportunity of Martial Dao main body too respite, three big Pseudo Emperor paradise unceasing impacts, launch the offensive to Purgatory of Martial Dao. 三大狱主根本不给武道本尊太多喘息之机,三大准帝洞天不断的冲击,对武道炼狱发动攻势。 The flame in Purgatory of Martial Dao, is put out most. 武道炼狱中的火焰,熄灭大半。 domain of martial dao range, in unceasing reduction. 武道领域的范围,也在不断的缩小。 Martial Dao main body divine consciousness moves, forehead departs plain bronze cauldron, is sending out pressure that made the person palpitation! 武道本尊神识一动,眉心处飞出一尊古朴的青铜方鼎,散发着令人心悸的威压! Hell Suppressing Cauldron just arrived, three big Prison Lord paradise, obviously suffer a suppression! 镇狱鼎刚刚降临,三大狱主洞天,明显遭受到一丝压制! Áng!” “昂!” Roar!” “吼!” Cry!” “唳!” Hiss!” “嘶!” shortly afterwards, Four Great Saint Souls on Hell Suppressing Cauldron revives completely, falls off from Hell Suppressing Cauldron, encircles to kill toward Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs! 紧接着,镇狱鼎上的四大圣魂全部苏醒过来,从镇狱鼎上脱落下来,朝着重泉狱主围杀过去! Meanwhile, Martial Dao main body also stares at Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs! 与此同时,武道本尊也盯上重泉狱主 To collapse, must use all strengths, first strikes to massacre Prison Lord! 想要破局,就要动用所有的力量,先击杀掉一位狱主 Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs is the Su Zimo's first goal! 重泉狱主便是苏子墨的第一目标! „To kill me?” “想要杀我?” Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs also sees the Su Zimo's intention, grins to laugh, does not dread, instead carries the great axe to rush ahead, the imposing manner is dreadful! 重泉狱主也看出苏子墨的意图,咧嘴大笑,毫不畏惧,反而拎着巨斧冲杀过来,气势滔天! The Martial Dao main body figure moves, moves forward to meet somebody. 武道本尊身形一动,迎了上去。 Crash-bang! 哗啦啦! Three big Prison Lord within the body, spread a sea tide sound simultaneously. 三大狱主的体内,同时传出一阵海潮声。 Three big Prison Lord bloodline phenomenon, erupts completely! 三大狱主血脉异象,也全部爆发出来! Three big Pseudo Emperor paradise, three big Pseudo Emperor Level other bloodline phenomenon, arrive again in addition simultaneously, could not resist on on the verge of collapse Purgatory of Martial Dao. 三大准帝洞天,再加上三大准帝级别的血脉异象,同时降临下来,原本就摇摇欲坠武道炼狱根本抵挡不住。 ! 呲呲呲! The flame in Purgatory of Martial Dao, by three big hell's spring water washouts, was put out instantaneously. 武道炼狱中的火焰,被三大地狱泉水冲刷,瞬间熄灭。 The Martial Dao main body figure, exposes under the attacks of three big Prison Lord! 武道本尊的身形,暴露在三大狱主的攻击之下! Another side, Four Great Saint Souls has also arrived at the Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs side. 另一边,四大圣魂也已经来到重泉狱主的身边。 The Azure Dragon Coils, The White Tiger Tears and Bites, The Vermillion Bird Incinerates, The Black Tortoise Charges. 青龙缠绕,白虎撕咬,朱雀焚烧,灵龟冲撞 Four Great Saint Souls does not have the defense to move aside, under the stimulation of movement of Martial Dao main body, erupts the fiercest offensive, to sacrifice own way, breaks open a slit Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs paradise. 四大圣魂没有防御躲闪,在武道本尊的催动下,爆发出最猛烈的攻势,以牺牲自己的方式,将重泉狱主洞天破开一道缝隙。 Martial Dao main body vision greatly rises, rushes ahead following this slit. 武道本尊目光大盛,顺着这道缝隙冲杀进来。 But Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs side, besides the Pseudo Emperor paradise protection, region heavy springs bloodline phenomenon! 重泉狱主的身边,除了准帝洞天守护,还有地域重泉血脉异象 Martial Dao main body disregards the corroded injury of Hell's Heavy Springs, is relying on powerful True Martial Dao Body, the broken spring enters, kills the Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs near! 武道本尊无视地狱重泉的侵蚀伤害,凭借着强大的真武道体,破泉而入,杀到重泉狱主的近前! Comes well!” “来得好!” The meaning that the Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs eye of reveal ominous light, simply has not dodged, holds up the great axe, cuts to fall ruthlessly toward the Martial Dao main body crown of the head! 重泉狱主目露凶光,根本没有躲闪的意思,举起巨斧,朝着武道本尊的天灵盖狠狠斩落下去! Meanwhile, Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs are carrying two big Pseudo Emperor paradise, two big bloodline phenomenon, has killed Martial Dao main body behind! 与此同时,酆泉狱主黄泉狱主携带着两大准帝洞天,两大血脉异象,也已经杀到武道本尊的身后!
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