ESK :: Volume #28

#2710: Dao Body was shattered

Martial Dao main body disregards behind attacking of Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs, vision like a torch, but is staring at present Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs stubbornly. 武道本尊无视身后酆泉狱主黄泉狱主的攻伐,目光如炬,只是死死盯着眼前的重泉狱主 To return safe and sound breaks three people of collaborations, is impossible. 想要毫发无损的打破三人的联手,根本不可能。 Only the soldier is risking danger, may reverse the aspect! 只有兵行险着,才有可能扭转局面! Moreover, Martial Dao main body believes the great strength of True Martial Dao Body, even if shoulders Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs hardly strikes, can still support. 而且,武道本尊相信真武道体的强大,即便硬扛酆泉狱主黄泉狱主一击,也能支撑下来。 Facing combative Martial Dao main body, Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs naturally cannot retrocede. 面对杀气腾腾的武道本尊,重泉狱主自然不会后退。 First, he is Pseudo Emperor expert, does not need to dread flinches. 一来,他是准帝强者,根本不必畏惧退缩。 Secondly, only if within a Martial Dao main body breath, cuts to kill him. 二来,除非武道本尊一个呼吸之内,将他斩杀。 Otherwise, the attack of Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs arrives, even if this Huang Wu (Desolate Martialist) does not die, should still cause heavy losses. 否则,酆泉狱主黄泉狱主的攻击降临,这个荒武就算不死,也会遭到重创。 When the time comes, he seizes the chance to erupt the counter-attack, must be able to cut to kill this person at the scene! 到时候,他趁机爆发反击,必能将此人当场斩杀! Facing the Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs great axe, Martial Dao main body does not dodge does not evade, even has not gone to resist, even chooses took out Hell Suppressing Cauldron, pounds ruthlessly toward the Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs crown of the head! 面对重泉狱主的巨斧,武道本尊不闪不避,甚至没有去抵挡,甚至选择祭出镇狱鼎,朝着重泉狱主的天灵盖狠狠砸下去! In order to attack to attack, holds nothing back! 以攻对攻,毫不保留! Really is the lunatic!” “真是疯子!” In the Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs heart criticizes one. 重泉狱主心中暗骂一声。 This Huang Wu (Desolate Martialist) obviously not awfully! 这个荒武明显是不要命了! In his opinion, Martial Dao main body knew that is difficult to escape dies, therefore is so crazy, wants before the point of death, takes away him together. 在他看来,武道本尊自知难逃一死,所以才如此疯狂,想要在临死前,将他一起带走。 A life trades a life! 一命换一命! Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs does not want dead. 重泉狱主不想死。 If, he by Martial Dao main body at risk of life, will only be made Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Capital Springs liangs profit finally. 如果,他被武道本尊拼死,最终只会让酆泉狱主个占了便宜。 Let alone, present aspect, three people of cultivation realm that is taking advantage of Pseudo Emperor, gets the winning side completely, he does not need to take this risk. 更何况,眼下的局面,三人依仗着准帝修为境界,完全占据上风,他没必要冒这个风险。 These thoughts flash past, Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs imposing manner, nature weak a point. 这些念头一闪而过,重泉狱主的气势,自然弱了一分。 Martial Dao main body vision greatly rises, the double pupil is burning two groups of purple flame. 武道本尊目光大盛,双眸燃烧着两团紫色火焰。 This flaw, is almost unobservable. 这一丝破绽,几乎难以察觉。 Even if can detect, is still very difficult to pose what substantive threat to Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs. 即便能察觉到,也很难对重泉狱主造成什么实质性的威胁。 But Martial Dao main body will not let up such opportunity! 武道本尊不会放过这样的机会! His sudden opens the mouth, erupts deafening Sound of Myriad Spirits! 他突然张口,爆发出震耳欲聋的万灵之音 Roar!” “吼!” Among instant, as if trillion lives cried out in the ear of Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs! 刹那间,仿佛有亿万生灵在重泉狱主的耳边呐喊! This impact is extremely powerful, is extremely sudden. 这道冲击太过强烈,也太过突然。 The Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs whole body shakes, only thought that both ears buzz the cry makes noise, the consciousness presented the short stop, the great axe in hand also follows slowly one step. 重泉狱主浑身一震,只觉得双耳嗡鸣作响,意识出现短暂的停顿,手中的巨斧也跟着慢了一步。 Normal, even paradise great perfection Immortal King expert, under such distance, by the Sound of Myriad Spirits roar of Martial Dao main body, will die a violent death mostly died. 正常来说,即便是洞天大圆满仙王强者,在这样的距离之下,被武道本尊万灵之音吼中,多半会暴毙身亡。 Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs after all is Pseudo Emperor expert. 重泉狱主毕竟是准帝强者 Suddenly, his slowly recovers, restores soberly. 眨眼间,他就缓过神来,恢复清醒。 In the meantime, his arrives at a shadow at present. 就在此时,他的眼前降临下来一片阴影。 He wants to retrocede to move aside, has been less! 他想要后退躲闪,已然不及! Kā chā! 咔嚓 Hell Suppressing Cauldron pounding ruthlessly falls, center the Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs crown of the head, the bone split sound gets up. 镇狱鼎狠狠的砸落下来,正中重泉狱主的天灵盖,骨裂声响起。 Even if the Pseudo Emperor flesh and blood, cannot block emperor armament Hell Suppressing Cauldron! 纵然是准帝的血肉之躯,也挡不住帝兵镇狱鼎 The head of Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs, was pounded by Hell Suppressing Cauldron crushes, primordial spirit dies out! 重泉狱主的脑袋,被镇狱鼎砸得粉碎,元神寂灭! Entire process, but happening in flash. 整个过程,不过发生在一瞬之间。 But top expert preying, wins flickers! 而顶尖强者搏杀,争得就是一瞬! Erupts Sound of Myriad Spirits in Martial Dao main body, took out Hell Suppressing Cauldron, instant that Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs is battered to death, Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs offensive has also arrived on his body. 就在武道本尊爆发万灵之音,祭出镇狱鼎,将重泉狱主生生砸死的刹那,酆泉狱主黄泉狱主的攻势也已经降临在他的身上。 Under besieging of three big Pseudo Emperor, Martial Dao main body preys on Prison Lord of the Heavy Springs forcefully, he will also definitely pay the price. 在三大准帝的围攻之下,武道本尊强行搏杀掉重泉狱主,他也必然会付出代价。 Two big Pseudo Emperor paradise, two big Pseudo Emperor bloodline phenomenon, complete bombardment above True Martial Dao Body. 两大准帝洞天,还有两大准帝血脉异象,全部轰击在真武道体之上。 ! 噗! The Martial Dao main body whole body shakes greatly, puts out a blood. 武道本尊浑身巨震,吐出一口鲜血。 True Martial Dao Body almost blasts open, the clothing was shattered, the body surface appears shocking bloodstains, the terrifying strength, still wreaked havoc in his within the body turbulently! 真武道体几乎炸裂,衣衫破碎,身体表面浮现出一道道触目惊心的血痕,恐怖的力量,仍在他的体内汹涌肆虐! If not Martial Dao main body with the Martial Dao furnace, law of martial dao, quenchings this True Martial Dao Body year to year, is only this, lets his body and soul entirely exterminated sufficiently! 若非武道本尊常年以武道熔炉,武道之法,淬炼这具真武道体,只是这一下,就足以让他形神俱灭 „Hasn't this died?” “这都没死?” Eye of Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and in Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs, passed over gently and swiftly wipes astonished and dreaded. 酆泉狱主黄泉狱主的眼中,也掠过一抹惊愕和忌惮。 So terrifying strength, even if two people move to locate, is not necessarily able to resist. 如此恐怖的力量,就算两人易地而处,都未必能抵挡下来。 Naturally, Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs response is extremely quick, takes the bull by the horns, simply has not given the opportunity of Martial Dao main body any respite. 当然,酆泉狱主黄泉狱主反应极快,当机立断,根本没有给武道本尊任何喘息之机。 Two big Pseudo Emperor paradise, after two big bloodline phenomenon, two people Pseudo Emperor divine weapon also arrive. 两大准帝洞天,两大血脉异象之后,两人的准帝神兵也同时降临下来。 In the hand of Prison Lord of the Capital Springs, is wielding a jet black big sword, above the ridges, is growing sharp sharp hangnails, looks like the fang of giant beast! 酆泉狱主的手中,挥动着一柄漆黑的大剑,剑脊之上,生长着一根根尖锐锋利的倒刺,就像是巨兽的獠牙! Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs is brandishing dry yellow magic staff, wields, yellow springs fills the air. 黄泉狱主挥舞着一柄枯黄色的法杖,挥动之间,黄泉弥漫。 The jet black big sword drops from the clouds, has cut the Martial Dao main body body! 漆黑大剑从天而降,斩过武道本尊的身躯! True Martial Dao Body nearly collapse blasting open, has just been cut to fall by Prison Lord of the Capital Springs Pseudo Emperor divine weapon now, cannot resist, was cut two sections. 真武道体刚刚已经近乎崩溃炸裂,如今被酆泉狱主准帝神兵斩落,也抵挡不住,被斩成两截。 Withered and yellow magic staff toward front one finger/refers, wipes the huge yellow mighty current impact above the Martial Dao main body remnant body. 枯黄法杖朝着前方一指,一抹巨大的黄色洪流冲击在武道本尊的残躯之上。 The tremendous strength, hits to be split up True Martial Dao Body, bursts out one group of bloody mist! 巨大的力量,将真武道体撞得四分五裂,迸发出一团血雾 Finished. 结束了。 Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs see this, softly sigh of relief. 酆泉狱主黄泉狱主看到这一幕,都轻舒一口气 Just saw the Martial Dao main body flesh and blood, can shoulder two people to strike unexpectedly not dead full power, in two people hearts, thump. 刚刚看到武道本尊的血肉之躯,竟然能扛住两人全力一击而不死,两人的心中,都咯噔一下。 Luckily, this person caused heavy losses, is the spent force, will be struck to kill by two people divine weapon. 幸好,此人遭到重创,已是强弩之末,才会被两人的神兵击杀。 In the eye of Tang Kong flashes through wipes sorrowfully, wipes to regret, later is only left over confidently. 唐空的眼中闪过一抹悲痛,一抹惋惜,随后只剩下坦然。 He has thought of today, there is this psychology to prepare. 他早就想到过今天,也有这个心理准备。 So long as the Martial Dao main body body dies, he definitely will be buried along with the dead! 只要武道本尊身死,他必然会陪葬! Concubine Yu is looking at this, in the mind a blank. 玉妃怔怔的望着这一幕,脑海中一片空白。 Around altar numerous hell creatures, slowly recovers, erupts one to shout finally in abundance. 祭坛周围的众多地狱生灵,也终于缓过神来,纷纷爆发出一阵呼喊。 Naturally, in eight great hells, many Hell expert look is complex. 当然,八大地狱中,还有不少地狱强者神色复杂。 This war, truly was truly is Hell Realm wins. 这一战,确实是确实是地狱界了。 But for this Medium Thousandfold World outsider, the paid price was too big! 但为了这个中千世界外来者,付出的代价太大了! Nine Great Prison Lords, only has two also to live now, other complete body has fallen! 九大狱主,如今只剩下两位还活着,其余已经全部身陨! This is equal to Nine Great Hells, is experiencing big infusion of new blood a time. 这等于九大地狱,都在经历一次大换血。 Under altar hell creatures, unceasingly cheering. 祭坛下方的地狱生灵,不断欢呼着。 But in a while, these cheers gradually are scattered. 但没过多久,这些欢呼声就渐渐稀落下来。 Finally, becomes completely silent! 最终,变得鸦雀无声! All hell creatures are staring the eyes, unbelievable is looking at one in altar. 所有地狱生灵都瞪着双眼,难以置信的望着祭坛上的一幕。 Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs have also discovered exceptionally. 酆泉狱主黄泉狱主也早就发现了异常。 Just after that Huang Wu (Desolate Martialist) body died, body of being split up, unexpectedly strange vanished does not see. 刚刚那个荒武身死之后,四分五裂的身躯,竟然诡异的消失不见。 In his place of body falling, presented gloomy and enigmatic gigantic paradise! 就在他身陨之处,出现了一个幽暗深邃巨大洞天 But in this gloom paradise, obvious nurturing a vitality! 而这个幽暗洞天中,明显孕育着一股生机! This......” “这……” Unexpectedly hasn't died?” “居然没死?” Prison Lord of the Capital Springs and Prison Lord of the Yellow Springs look is surprised, looking at steadily is staring at gloom paradise of not far away. 酆泉狱主黄泉狱主神色惊疑不定,目不转睛的盯着不远处的幽暗洞天 With two big Prison Lord experiences, does not understand this what's the matter. 以两大狱主的见识,也不明白这一幕是怎么回事。 Is only small accomplishment paradise?” “只是小成洞天?” Two big Prison Lord investigations feel, slightly the feeling feels at ease. 两大狱主探查感受一番,略感心安。 Prison Lord of the Capital Springs sneers: Plays tricks, your incarnate as paradise, I then cut your one time again!” 酆泉狱主冷笑一声:“装神弄鬼,你化身洞天,我便再斩你一次!” () ()
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