EK :: Volume #13

#1298: You called me to hit

Clever normal university person, was you brought the good luck to me.” “鬼师大人,是你给我带来了好运。” The Rwandan placenta placenta mood is joyful, inquires the vendor: This millennium mushroom how many spirit crystals?” 卢海月心情愉悦,询问摊主:“这枚千年碧罗菇多少灵晶?” The vendors wear the red mask. 摊主戴着红色面具。 In the senecio haworthii market, half of vendors are hiding the identity, was worried after cheating, looked for trouble. 银月市场上,一半的摊主都隐瞒着身份,担心坑人后被找麻烦。 Looked at Lu placenta placenta one, the vendor mood experiences the obvious fluctuation. 看了卢海月一眼,摊主情绪出现明显的波动。 Luo Tian keen sensation to the idea at heart opposite party. 罗天敏锐感知到对方的心里想法。 The millennium mushroom is pretends, actually only has 700 years, this person somewhat worried, does not dare to deceive Lu placenta placenta. 千年碧罗菇是假冒的,其实只有七百年,此人有些担心,不敢欺骗卢海月。 But changes mind thinks, oneself wears the mask, Lu placenta placenta is unable to recognize itself, afterward knows did not have idea by the pit. 但转念一想,自己戴着面具,卢海月无法认出自己,事后知道被坑了也没辙。 Perhaps, what I bring to you are transports badly.” “或许,我给你带来的是坏运。” Luo Tian said with a smile. 罗天笑道。 This is the millennium mushroom, the effect is mysterious, 150,000 spirit crystals take away directly.” “这可是千年碧罗菇,功效神奇,十五万灵晶直接拿走。” Vendor offer. 摊主报价。 140,000 spirit crystals!” “十四万灵晶!” The Rwandan placenta placenta bargained back and forth. 卢海月讨价还价。 Deal!” “成交!” The vendors readily agree. 摊主一口答应。 Prepares to take out money on the adornments for a horse placenta placenta, Luo Tian shouts: Slow, do not buy.” 就当卢海月准备掏钱时,罗天喊道:“慢,不要买。” Luo Tian prepared to stop a moment ago, but the bargaining process of Lu placenta placenta and vendor is too quick, finalized instantaneously. 罗天刚才就准备制止,但卢海月和摊主的议价过程实在太快,瞬间就成交了。 Ok, I had promised him.” “算了,我已经答应了他。” The Rwandan placenta placenta sees is so quick, guessed that the millennium mushroom that the vendor complies possibly is unworthy this money, but oneself should not owe too. 卢海月见摊主答应的那么快,就猜测千年碧罗菇可能不值这个钱,但自己应该没亏太多。 Right, this young lady has complied, our transactions have become, do not mess about.” “没错,这位小姐已经答应,我们的交易已成,你不要瞎掺和。” Scolding of vendor vision dislike. 摊主目光厌恶的呵斥。 The normal condition, Luo Tian will not stop vigorously. 正常情况,罗天不会极力阻拦。 However, he is good to the Rwandan placenta placenta impression. 不过,他对卢海月印象不错。 But he had known that Lu Haiyue purchases the millennium mushroom, is refines a miracle cure, if the quality of millennium mushroom cannot meet the requirements, refines is waste pill, all will fall short. 而他已得知卢海月购买千年碧罗菇,是去炼制一枚灵丹,如果千年碧罗菇的品质达不到要求,炼制出来的就是废丹,一切都将功亏一篑。 „The year of this millennium mushroom, only then 700 years, he is deceiving you.” “这枚千年碧罗菇的年份只有七百年,他是在骗你。” Luo Tian said the real situation. 罗天说出真实情况。 „The luster and mark of this mushroom wind, obviously is the millenniums, does not understand do not talk nonsense!” “这枚碧罗菇的色泽和纹络,明显是千年,不懂就不要胡说!” The vendors have a guilty conscience, immediately scolded. 摊主做贼心虚,立即呵斥。 I believe that the ghost normal university person, does not want!” “我相信鬼师大人,不要了!” The Rwandan placenta placenta complexion sinks. 卢海月脸色沉下来。 She means what one says, but the opposite party is the words of swindler, regarded as another matter. 她说话算数,但对方是骗子的话,就另当别论了。 The vendors hear this words, the anger clash! 摊主听到此话,怒火冲起! But own status cannot expose, Luo Tian with the Rwandan placenta placenta in the same place, only feared that is not the good stubble, he can only endure the anger, goes to other pit people. 但自己的身份不能暴露,罗天又跟卢海月在一起,只怕也不是善茬,他只能忍下怒火,去坑其他人。 Distant place, a beautiful woman who wears the purple robe walks slowly. 远处,一名身穿紫袍的美艳妇人缓缓走来。 After she sees Lu placenta placenta, immediately shows the happy expression. 她看到卢海月后,顿时露出笑意。 But approaches the discovery, side Lu placenta placenta also has a strange man, two people very intimate appearance. 但走近发现,卢海月身旁还有一个陌生男子,两人很亲近的样子。 Purple robe woman complexion one stiff, goes forward saying: Placenta placenta miss, you with whose appointment?” 紫袍妇人脸色一僵,上前道:“海月姑娘,你这是在跟谁约会吗?” She believes, Luo Tian is which pretty boy of senecio haworthii sect, swindles Lu placenta placenta the heart, was worried that others are jealous the retaliation, wears the mask. 她认为,罗天是银月宗的哪个小白脸,骗取卢海月的芳心,又担心他人妒忌报复,才戴着面具。 The Rwandan placenta placenta gave regards to the purple robe woman, gawked. 卢海月向紫袍妇人问好,紧接着一愣。 Appointment?” “约会?” After two breaths, Lu Haiyue responded, beautiful appearance slightly red, denied hastily: „It is not, I lead the ghost normal university people to stroll.” 两息后,卢海月反应过来,玉颜微红,连忙否定:“不是,我只是带鬼师大人逛逛。” „It is not the appointment, that just right, we have not seen for a long time, go to my family to sit.” “不是约会,那正好,我们好久未见,去我家坐坐吧。” The purple robe woman sends out the invitation, but disregards Luo Tian. 紫袍妇人发出邀请,但无视罗天 The Rwandan placenta placenta is somewhat awkward. 卢海月有些为难。 The purple robe woman is manages high-level Chen Song mother, has wanted to reconcile Chen Song and Lu placenta placenta. 紫袍妇人是高级执事陈松的母亲,一直想撮合陈松和卢海月。 The family/home that goes to the purple robe woman, will definitely see Chen Song. 去紫袍妇人的家,肯定会见到陈松。 Before Rwandan placenta placenta, thought that Chen Songren is good, after experience today's matter, is not willing to contact with it again. 卢海月以前觉得陈松人不错,经历今日的事情后,不愿再与之接触。 The purple robe woman did not have, when the reply of Lu placenta placenta, actually hears passes message of nearby vendor suddenly. 紫袍妇人还没等到卢海月的回答,却突然听到旁边摊主的传音。 Paternal aunt, is I, helping me teach that boy, he said that I sell the fake spirit material, goes bad my matter.” “姑姑,是我,帮我教训那小子一顿,他说我卖假灵材,坏我的事。” Originally this vendor, is the nephew of purple robe woman. 原来这位摊主,是紫袍妇人的侄儿。 The purple robe woman brow is pressed, the bad vision shoots a look at to Luo Tian, shouted: You have not left quickly, later cannot step into here.” 紫袍妇人眉头蹙起,不善的目光瞥向罗天,喝道:“你还不快离开,以后都不许踏入这里。” Luo Tian quite somewhat speechless stands and waits for a long time same place. 罗天颇有些无语的伫立原地。 Has him of god rank perception capability, to purple robe the psychological activity of woman and vendor, clear! 拥有神级感知能力的他,对紫袍妇人和摊主的心理活动,一清二楚! These two and Chen Song, can be the whole family, is really a morality. 这两人以及陈松,算得上一家人,真的都是一个德性。 Do not annoy me!” “别惹我!” Luo Tian sound hoarse, ice-cold opens the mouth. 罗天声音嘶哑,冰冷开口。 Yesterday facing Chen Song, as a result of the senecio haworthii sect, Luo Tian does not want to annoy initially troublesome, has exercised forbearance. 昨日面对陈松,由于初来银月宗,罗天不想惹麻烦,一直忍让。 But he discovered, exercises forbearance will not gain others' understanding, instead reaches out for a yard after taking an inch, this world speaks with the strength eventually. 可他发现,忍让不会得到别人的理解,反而是得寸进尺,这个世界终究是用实力说话。 What did you say a moment ago? Did you say again?” “你刚才说什么?你再说一遍?” The purple robe woman with astonishment looks to Luo Tian, the complexion slightly twists obviously. 紫袍妇人惊愕的看向罗天,脸色略显扭曲。 She only wants to a Luo Tian small lesson, this person not to know the good and evil who would imagine! 她原本只想给罗天一个小教训,岂料此人不识好歹! ! 呼! The purple robe woman sees a Luo Tian as before cold arrogant stance, was used to rampantly domineeringly she, the palm lifts, resembles to want the fan Luo Tian slap in the face! 紫袍妇人见罗天依旧一副冷傲姿态,嚣张跋扈惯了的她,手掌抬起,似要扇罗天耳光! ! 啪! The incomparably resounding slap in the face, resounds in the lively senecio haworthii market. 无比响亮的耳光,在热闹的银月市场响起。 On the purple robe woman face leaves behind a scarlet palm shadow, she falls down, a face compels ignorant, does not seem to responded. 紫袍妇人脸上留下一个赤红掌影,她摔倒在地,一脸懵逼,似乎还没反应过来。 This slap in the face, lets the lively senecio haworthii market together peaceful some, numerous vision accumulations come. 这一道耳光,让热闹的银月市场都安静些许,众多目光聚集而来。 Who is this? Wife who unexpectedly dares fan Elder Chen!” “这是谁?居然敢扇陈长老的妻子!” He seemed like yesterday that outsider!” “他似乎是昨天那位外来者!” I have heard, escorts the bodyguard who Lu placenta placenta returns to the senecio haworthii sect.” “我听说过,是护送卢海月返回银月宗的保镖。” All around discusses spiritedly! 四周议论纷纷! You dare to hit me, my husband is Elder Chen, has the skill you to hit me again......” “你竟敢打我,我的丈夫是陈长老,有本事你再打我……” The purple robe woman stands, the anger soars to the heavens, must eat the appearance of person! 紫袍妇人站起来,怒火冲天,一副要吃人的样子! What she depends upon Elder Chen as the status, is admitted to the senecio haworthii sect core distinguished guest area, usually in who saw her to greet with a smile, compliments to flatter! 她依靠陈长老的身为地位,住进银月宗核心贵宾区,平日里谁见了她都是笑脸相迎,恭维巴结! But today actually opens mouth by a trivial bodyguard in the presence of everyone! 但今日却被一个区区保镖当众张嘴! This is what kind of shame! 这是何等的耻辱! ! 啪! The words of purple robe woman have not said that also the slap in the face resounds together. 紫袍妇人的话没说完,又是一道耳光响起。 The purple robe woman was flown several meters away by the fan, the tooth departs several, the corners of the mouth remains the blood! 紫袍妇人被扇飞几米远,牙齿飞出好几颗,嘴角残留着血液! You called me to hit.” “你叫我打的。” Luo Tian thought that did not hit does not hit white/in vain, helped the purple robe woman! 罗天觉得不打白不打,成全了紫袍妇人! The purple robe woman was hit ignorant, feeling dizziness vertigo. 紫袍妇人被打懵了,感觉头晕眼花。 At this time, she heard nearby some people to discuss indistinctly: „Isn't this Half-God thousand changes the ghost master?” 这时,她隐约听到附近有人议论:“这不是半神千变鬼师吗?” Half-God?” 半神?” The purple robe woman trembles immediately. 紫袍妇人顿时哆嗦起来。 If makes Elder Chen know that she provoked Half-God, will be reproven absolutely severely. 如果让陈长老知道她招惹了一位半神,绝对会被严厉训斥一顿。 After all Elder Chen is not willing to offend Half-God at will. 毕竟陈长老也不愿随意得罪半神 Therefore, purple robe woman dingy running away. 于是,紫袍妇人灰溜溜的逃走了。 Nearby vendor, whole face delay. 旁边的摊主,满脸呆滞。 The paternal aunt usually is so imposing in sect gate, everyone is supplying, which arrives has one group of people to follow, today unexpectedly by spitting blood of fan! 姑姑平日里在宗门那么威风,所有人供着,走到哪都有一群人跟着,今日居然被扇的吐血! The anger of vendor innermost feelings exterminates instantaneously, sneaked off rapidly. 摊主内心的怒火瞬间剿灭,也迅速的溜走了。 We walk.” “我们走吧。” Such a noisy, Lu placenta placenta was not in no mood to stroll. 这么一闹,卢海月也没心情逛下去了。 Slow.” “慢。” Luo Tian drinks one lightly, looks at a crude stall to not far away. 罗天轻喝一声,看向不远处的一个简陋摊位。 After, Luo Tian takes up covers entirely the rusty stain together the iron slab, sizes up carefully, in the eyes has the purple light mark to revolve. 靠近后,罗天拿起一块布满锈迹的铁块,仔细打量,双眸中有紫色光纹旋转。 How this does sell?” “这个怎么卖?” Luo Tian inquired. 罗天询问。 50,000...... not, 30,000......” “五万……不,三万……” Delivered your excellency, when met a good reason.” “还是送阁下了,就当接个善缘。” This vendor, the entire journey witnessed all, was burnt frightening ruthlessly by the Luo Tian domineering. 这名摊主,全程目睹了刚才的一切,被罗天的强势狠辣给吓到。 In addition this rusty stain iron slab, is not the valuables, he worried that own initial price too makes Luo Tian discontented high, delivers Luo Tian simply. 再加上这锈迹铁块,并不是什么贵重物品,他担心自己开价太高让罗天不满,干脆就送罗天
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