EK :: Volume #13

#1297: Senecio haworthii market

This child wounds the senecio haworthii sect senior deacon, cannot put him to walk, takes him!” “此子击伤银月宗高级执事,不能放他走,拿下他!” As Chen Song drinks greatly, the member of nearby senecio haworthii sect, assembles completely! 随着陈松一声大喝,附近银月宗的成员,全部围聚而来! But Chen Song the senecio haworthii sect youngest senior deacon, the father is the sect gate core elder, the words that he spoke, will definitely not have the false! 陈松可是银月宗最年轻的高级执事,父亲是宗门核心长老,他说的话,肯定不会有假! In addition. 此外。 Luo Tian or the outsider add the alien race, more impossible to have been sympathized and trusted! 罗天还是外来者加异族,就更不可能得到同情与信任! Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! 嗖!嗖!嗖! Luo Tian was surrounded by 50-60 senecio haworthii sect members! 罗天被50-60名银月宗成员包围! Big dog guts, comes the senecio haworthii sect to commit murder unexpectedly!” “好大的狗胆,居然来银月宗行凶!” Little darling is without a fight, once we make a move, has you to feel better.” “乖乖束手就擒吧,我们一旦出手,就有你好受的了。” Rubbish so many to do with him? Takes directly!” “跟他废话那么多干什么?直接拿下!” All around people drink greatly, contain the assorted ray air current release of fearful power and influence, such as moves mountains to the Luo Tian steamroll. 四周众人大喝,蕴含可怕威势的各色光芒气流释放而出,如排山倒海般向罗天碾压而来。 But in the meantime. 但就在此时。 Before the Rwandan placenta placenta rushes to the Luo Tian body, the both arms open, shout: Stop, you stop, the ghost normal university people are my benefactor.” 卢海月冲到罗天身前,双臂张开,喊道:“住手,你们都住手,鬼师大人是我的恩人。” Placenta placenta, he is a bodyguard, but draws cash the management, does not have the half a point benevolence to you.” “海月,他是个保镖,只是拿钱办事,对你没有半分恩情。” Chen Song clenches teeth to persuade. 陈松咬牙劝说。 He has not thought that in this case, Lu Haiyue also maintains Luo Tian unexpectedly. 他没想到,在这种情况下,卢海月竟还维护罗天 Makes way quickly!” “快让开!” Chen Song drinks immediately greatly. 陈松随即大喝。 The rest stop the attack, has not acted rashly. 其余人停下攻击,没有轻举妄动。 The Rwandan placenta placenta stands in front of Luo Tian, they do not dare to attack, if the wound arrived at the Rwandan placenta placenta to be bad. 卢海月站在罗天前面,他们可不敢攻击,万一伤到卢海月就糟糕了。 „Is your does do? Why surrounds the placenta placenta young lady?” “你们这是干什么?为何包围海月小姐?” Suddenly, the ice-cold scolding sound transmits together. 突然,一道冰冷的呵斥声传来。 The people stare to go, see a humpbacked old man who wears the black hat. 众人凝望而去,看见一名头戴黑帽的驼背老者。 The people retreat immediately backward, then explained to the humpbacked old man: In the steward, we do not surround the placenta placenta young lady, surrounds that alien race person.” 众人顿时向后退去,然后向驼背老者解释:“于管家,我们不是包围海月小姐,是包围那个异族人。” This alien race person, pit placenta placenta young lady's wealth, but also the injury manages blatantly high-level Chen Song.” “这个异族人,坑海月小姐的钱财,还公然伤害高级执事陈松。” All these misunderstand.” “这一切都是误会。” Rwandan placenta placenta explanation. 卢海月解释。 in steward knows, is responsible for escorting Lu Haiyue to come back, is Half-God thousand changes the ghost master! 于管家知道,负责护送卢海月回来的,是半神千变鬼师! Is listening to all around discussion, he thinks slightly, knows what's the matter. 听着四周的议论,他稍微动动脑子,就知道是怎么回事。 Scoundrel, draws back, but this Half-God thousand change the ghost master!” “混账,都退下,这位可是半神千变鬼师!” in steward angrily rebukes. 于管家怒斥。 Half-God?” 半神?” „Do thousand change the ghost master?” “千变鬼师?” The member of all around numerous senecio haworthii sect all stares, later serious incomparable observation Luo Tian! 四周众多银月宗的成员皆是一愣,随后郑重无比的观察罗天 Regardless how to see, not like Half-God. 无论怎么看,都不像半神 But in the steward is the senecio haworthii sect sovereign steward , the position is low, the status is not low! 但于管家是银月宗宗主的管家,职位低,地位可不低! His words should not have the false, his words, are present most people also to obey. 他的话不应该有假,他的话,在场绝大多数人也都要听从。 Said several in the steward by the sovereign ear casually, can perhaps determine their destinies! 于管家随便在宗主耳旁说几句,或许就能决定他们的命运! Half-God thousand change the ghost master, escorts Miss Lu Haiyue personally, the reward that even he wants are somewhat many, will still be.” 半神千变鬼师,亲自护送卢海月小姐,就算他要的报酬有些多,也是应该的。” in steward then scolded. 于管家接着呵斥。 However, does not blame these people unjust to thousand to change the ghost master, because thousand change the cultivation base aura of ghost master, is somewhat strange. 不过,也不怪这些人冤枉千变鬼师,因为千变鬼师的修为气息,有些奇怪。 All around no one refuted. 四周没人反驳。 After all, Lu placenta placenta did not investigate, also said in the steward, they are the bystanders, cannot manage is too wide. 毕竟,卢海月不追究,于管家也这么说,他们都是外人,不能管太宽了。 In addition, if Luo Tian is really thousand changes the ghost master, being present no one is his opponent! 此外,罗天若真是千变鬼师,在场没人是他的对手! But he harms the senecio haworthii sect senior deacon, I must investigate his responsibility!” “但他伤害银月宗高级执事,我要追究他的责任!” Chen Song heart not indignation! 陈松心头不忿! Today Luo Tian makes him lose completely the face countenance, oneself must make Luo Tian also suffer hardships surely. 今日罗天让他丢尽颜面,自己定要让罗天也受点苦。 Senior Brother Chen, is you first acts.” “陈师兄,是你先出手的。” The Rwandan placenta placenta shoots a look. 卢海月瞥去。 „......” “……” Chen Song did not have the words thoroughly. 陈松彻底没话了。 Liked woman resentment arrives is speechless, this taste is what kind of pain! 被喜欢的女人怼到无话可说,这滋味是何等的痛苦! ! 噗! His vitality launches a psychological attack, in addition a palm of Luo Tian, the extremely Yin overbearing chill in the air permeated Chen Song within the body a moment ago, he spouts a small blood, the figure staggers! 他气血攻心,再加上刚才罗天的一掌,极阴霸道寒意渗入陈松体内,他喷出一小口鲜血,身形踉跄! Looked at Luo Tian one ruthlessly, Chen Song turns around to depart. 狠狠看了罗天一眼,陈松转身离去。 Clever master, please comes with me.” “鬼师阁下,请跟我来。” in steward does not have 于管家没有 Before long. 不一会儿。 Luo Tian along in the steward, arrives at the senecio haworthii sect sovereign mansion , the solemn silence, the environment is lonesome and quiet. 罗天随于管家,来到银月宗宗主的府邸,庄严肃穆,环境幽静。 Unexpectedly is the sovereign daughter, is right, how otherwise to invite Half-God bodyguard.” “居然是宗主的女儿,也对,否则怎请的起半神保镖。” Luo Tian looked at Lu placenta placenta one. 罗天看了卢海月一眼。 Here is 700,000 spirit crystals, sovereign had told that I prepare.” “这里是七十万灵晶,宗主早就吩咐我准备好。” Takes out a storage ring to give Luo Tian in the steward. 于管家取出一个储物戒指交给罗天 Un.” “嗯。” Luo Tian received the spirit crystal. 罗天接过灵晶。 Snatched truly thousand changed the duty of ghost master, gained 700,000 spirit crystals with ease, this business was really cost-effective. 抢了真正千变鬼师的任务,轻松赚了七十万灵晶,这买卖实在划算。 Clever normal university person, without the urgent matter, can in senecio haworthii sect dwell a while.” “鬼师大人,如果没有急事的话,可以在银月宗住一阵子。” The Rwandan placenta placenta detains Luo Tian. 卢海月挽留罗天 Encountered many dangers all the way, was reduced and solved by Luo Tian with ease, she thanked heartfeltly. 一路上遭遇了许多危险,都被罗天轻松化解,她由衷的感谢。 If Luo Tian can staying a while, she has the time to express the gratitude. 如果罗天能多呆一会儿,她就有时间表达感激。 Yes, the blue mark clan is chaotic now, the ghost normal university people can hold the senecio haworthii sect.” “是啊,蓝纹族如今混乱,鬼师大人可以暂留银月宗。” Two years later, the senecio haworthii sect will also hold a grand auction, inside will have many peerless treasures, when the time comes the ghost normal university people can join in the fun.” “两年后,银月宗还会举办一场盛大拍卖会,里面会有许多绝世珍宝,到时候鬼师大人可以去凑凑热闹。” in steward also said. 于管家也道。 700,000 spirit crystals are the price of reaching an agreement, Luo Tian have not wanted, was Chen Song and the others was unfair to him, therefore slightly was somewhat sorry to Luo Tian in the steward. 七十万灵晶是商量好的价格,罗天并没有多要,是陈松等人冤枉了他,因此于管家对罗天略有些抱歉。 Auction?” “拍卖会?” The Luo Tian mind moves slightly. 罗天心神微动。 He must treat and cure Ning Xueyao, must its transformation for the god birds physique. 他要救治宁雪瑶,需将其改造为神羽族体质。 Luo Tian is collecting the material that the transformation physique needs, including vanishes rarely, the search difficulty is big. 罗天正在搜集改造体质所需要的材料,其中有许多绝迹罕见的,搜寻难度大。 If the auction, has material that greatly probably runs into itself to need very much. 如果是拍卖会,有很大可能遇到自己需要的材料。 And in the Luo Tian hand the spirit crystal is just abundant. 罗天手中刚好灵晶充裕。 Good, that troubled.” “好,那就麻烦了。” Luo Tian stays behind temporarily. 罗天暂时留下。 in steward gives the Luo Tian arrangement residence immediately, is not far from the sovereign mansion, here is the core distinguished guest area. Lives in this, is almost the honored and popular characters, or core high-level good friend blood relation, temporarily housing. 于管家立即给罗天安排住所,距离宗主府邸不远,这里是核心贵宾区。住在这的,几乎都是有头有脸的人物,或者核心高层的挚友血亲,临时居住。 Here heaven and earth spirit qi is quite rich, surpasses the two big god gates of person clan, cultivates the effect excellent! 这里的天地灵气极为浓郁,超过人族的两大神门,修炼效果绝佳! Keeps this well but actually also!” “留在这倒也不错!” Luo Tian smiles. 罗天不由一笑。 The 2nd day early morning. 第二日清晨。 The Rwandan placenta placenta dresses up, wears azure beautiful clothes, delimited the light makeup to accommodate, just like water leakage azure responsibility. 卢海月打扮一番,穿着一件青色丽裳,划了淡淡的妆容,宛若出水青荷。 Clever normal university person, you just came the senecio haworthii sect is not definitely ripe, do I lead you to transfer the revolutions everywhere?” “鬼师大人,你刚来银月宗肯定不熟,我带你四处转转?” Rwandan placenta placenta facial features faint smile. 卢海月面容浅笑。 Good.” “好。” Luo Tian attended the senecio haworthii sect conducting auction, must live for two years in this, naturally selects familiar. 罗天参加银月宗举办的拍卖会,要在这居住两年,自然还是熟悉点好。 Afterward, two people stroll in the senecio haworthii sect. 随后,两人在银月宗逛起来。 The senecio haworthii sect is very huge, all the way, Luo Tian experience to the characteristics of many senecio haworthii sects. 银月宗十分庞大,一路上,罗天见识到许多银月宗的特色。 At dusk. 傍晚时分。 Two people arrive at brilliantly illuminated, the extremely busy mini-market, here has many stalls. 两人来到一处灯火通明,热闹非凡的小市场,这里有许多摊位。 Here is the senecio haworthii market, sect gate any member can set up a stall the sell goods here.” “这里是银月市场,宗门任何成员都能在这里摆摊出售物品。” Most of the time, is some old disciples or the high levels, the pit new disciple, has certainly accidentally/surprisingly intentionally can wash the treasure.” “不过大多数时候,都是一些老弟子或者高层,故意坑新来的弟子,当然也有能意外淘到宝物的。” Rwandan placenta placenta as if by pit, some mood slightly fluctuations. 卢海月似乎被坑过,情绪略有些波动。 Luo Tian swept one, worthily is the senecio haworthii sect, the treasure in this mini-market, quality generally good, indeed also many defective product. 罗天扫了一眼,不愧是银月宗,这个小市场内的宝物,质量普遍都行,的确也有许多残次品。 Millennium mushroom!” “千年碧罗菇!” The Rwandan placenta placenta eyes twinkle bright glow, before arriving at a stall, is fixing the eyes on a blue azure mushroom. 卢海月双眸闪烁亮芒,走到一个摊位前,紧盯着一株碧青色的蘑菇。 She needs to refine a high quality miracle cure, the millennium mushroom is principal one, never expected that accompanies the ghost normal university people to stroll today, the accident/surprise bumped into. 她需要炼制一枚高品质灵丹,千年碧罗菇是其中的主材之一,没想到今日陪鬼师大人闲逛,意外碰上了。
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