EK :: Volume #13

#1299: Ran away in fear

Then, Luo Tian has not spent the one cent, obtained the rusty stain iron slab. 就这样,罗天没有花一分钱,得到了锈迹铁块。 Some Lu Haiyue heartaches, oneself were almost injured by cheating by the vendor, if not for the Luo Tian prompt reminder, she must suffer a loss. 卢海月有些心伤,自己差点被摊主坑骗,若不是罗天及时提醒,她就要吃大亏。 But Luo Tian does not spend, was wanted oneself, the disparity between both is too big. 罗天不花钱,就得到自己想要的,两者间的差距实在太大。 However Lu Haiyue sized up for a long time, actually cannot see the rusty stain iron slab is what. 不过卢海月打量了好久,也看不出锈迹铁块究竟是什么。 Goes back, next time I will give you to hold the eye, helping you select goods.” “回去吧,下次我给你掌眼,帮你挑一件物品。” Luo Tian said to Lu Haiyue. 罗天卢海月道。 Said it and meant it.” “一言为定。” The Lu Haiyue bad mood has been alleviated. 卢海月糟糕的心情得到缓解。 You should go back.” “你该回去了。” Luo Tian to the residence, Lu Haiyue actually also followed. 罗天到了住所,卢海月却还跟着。 „Can Sir Ghost Master, tell me, rusty stain iron slab that you buy, is actually what treasure?” 鬼师大人,能不能告诉我,你买的锈迹铁块,究竟是什么宝物?” Lu Haiyue believes, with the Half-God vision, will definitely not buy an ordinary rusty stain iron slab. 卢海月相信,以半神的眼光,肯定不会买一块普通锈迹铁块。 The iron slab is hiding the secret surely, she wants to experience. 铁块定藏着秘密,她想见识一下。 Good, comes.” “好,进来吧。” Luo Tian pushes the door to enter, Lu Haiyue follows. 罗天推门而入,卢海月跟着走进来。 ! 唰! Luo Tian takes out the rusty stain iron slab, in the palms surges dark grey terrifying cold energy, iron slab frozen! 罗天取出锈迹铁块,掌间涌动暗灰色的恐怖寒力,将铁块冰封! What this makes?” “这是做什么?” Lu Haiyue does not dare to blink, has been staring at the frozen iron slab. 卢海月不敢眨眼,一直盯着冰封的铁块。 After hemiprism fragrance ! 半柱香后! Ka! 蓬咔! Luo Tian makes an effort to pinch, the cold ice of rusty stain iron slab surface was shattered, these rust are flaking together, revealed the truth about the matter! 罗天用力一捏,锈迹铁块表面的寒冰破碎,连带着那些铁锈一同剥落,露出了庐山真面目! That is flowing the jade of blue white print light together. 那是一块流淌着蓝白流光的玉石。 Quite attractive, this is Heavenly Spring Spirit Jade!” “好漂亮,这是天泉灵玉!” The Lu Haiyue double pupil is sparking like the crystal. 卢海月双眸如水晶般闪亮。 The rusty stain iron slab is really a buried treasure! 锈迹铁块真的是一件被埋没的宝物! Never expected that Sir Ghost Master is not only powerful, in warning treasure, has unique insight! 没想到鬼师大人不仅实力强大,在鉴宝方面,也独具慧眼! Sir Ghost Master, can I acknowledge you as the teacher?” 鬼师大人,我能拜你为师吗?” Lu Haiyue wants with the Luo Tian study study, so as to avoid later was deceived. 卢海月想跟罗天学学,免得以后被骗。 I am only the luck am good, this aspect could not be your master.” “我只是运气好,这方面当不了你师傅。” Luo Tian rejects immediately. 罗天当即拒绝。 He did not plan that stays for a long time in Golden Earth Clan, and ability in Luo Tian warning treasure, the complete dependence in Viewing Qi Technique, and Heavenly Eye ability, these is unable to teach. 他不打算在金坤族久留,且罗天鉴宝方面的能力,完全依靠于观气之术,以及天眼的能力,这些都无法传授。 The theoretical knowledge, Luo Tian cannot achieve the Appraiser Master threshold, is unable to teach. 理论知识,罗天鉴宝师的门槛都达不到,无法教导。 Lu Haiyue somewhat is slightly disappointed. 卢海月略有些失望。 Is today's performance is too definitely bad, Thousand Changes Ghost Master is not willing to receive her for the disciple, feared badly own reputation. 肯定是自己今天的表现太差,千变鬼师不愿收她为徒,怕坏了自己的名声。 Said goodbye.” “告辞。” Lu Haiyue departs. 卢海月离去。 She also lives in Core Area, is not far from Luo Tian. 她也住在核心区,距离罗天不算远。 Prepares to return to her in residence, suddenly sees a handsome clean white clothing man, is Chen Song! 准备返回住所的她,突然看到一名英俊倜傥的白衣男子,正是陈松 Lu Haiyue, you!” 卢海月,你!” The Chen Song double pupil stares greatly, among has the anger combustion! 陈松双眸大瞪,其内有怒火燃烧! After yesterday's matter, he thought for a long time, the plan looked for the Lu Haiyue apology to admit mistakes. 昨日的事情发生后,他想了许久,打算来找卢海月道歉认错。 Finally he sees, the big evening, Lu Haiyue goes out from the Luo Tian's residence! 结果他看到,大晚上的,卢海月罗天的住所内走出! You do not know the sense of honor!” “你不知廉耻!” Chen Song, blurted out agitated. 陈松情绪激动之下,脱口而出。 He has not thought that Lu Haiyue is so optional, such quickly with Luo Tian on good. 他没想到卢海月如此随意,这么快就跟罗天好上了。 What did you talk nonsense?” “你胡说什么?” Lu Haiyue is extremely bad to the Chen Song mother and child impression, at this moment bewildered was scolded, is also angry at heart. 卢海月陈松母子印象极差,此刻莫名其妙的被骂,心里也有气。 Snort, calculates that I blind dog eye, unexpectedly had a liking for you.” “哼,算我瞎了狗眼,居然看上了你。” Chen Song departs indignantly. 陈松气愤离去。 He more is more annoyed! 他越想越恼火! Oneself flatter in every possible way, Lu Haiyue is aloof, actually choice with an old man in the same place, because the opposite party is Half-God? 自己百般讨好,卢海月无动于衷,却选择跟一个老头子在一起,就因为对方是半神 Half-God? But this person gave my feeling initially, does not seem like Half-God......” 半神?可当初此人给我的感觉,不像是半神……” Some Chen Song doubts. 陈松有些疑惑。 Yesterday Luo Tian with him also calculates that encountered a move, that imposing manner completely not like Half-God! 昨日罗天与他也算交锋一招,那气势完全不像半神 Isn't Thousand Changes Ghost Master Half-God? Does Luo Tian pretend? 难道,千变鬼师不是半神?或者罗天是假冒的? Chen Song thinks certain possibility. 陈松认为有一定的可能。 Has a look at mother.” “去看看母亲。” Chen Song returns to core Honoured Guests Area. 陈松又回到核心贵宾区 In one beautiful scenery surrounding garret. 在一片秀丽景色包围的阁楼内。 The purple robe woman in the crazy falling thing, is venting the heart anger. 紫袍妇人正在疯狂的摔东西,发泄心头怒火。 Damn, unexpectedly is Half-God!” “该死,居然是半神!” The purple robe woman sentiment anger happened simultaneously. 紫袍妇人气怒交加。 The contradiction, was she has the mistake in first, Elder Chen knew, will not help her support. 刚才的矛盾,是她有错在先,陈长老得知了,也绝不会帮她撑腰。 Perhaps also because the opposite party is Half-God, making the purple robe woman apologize to become reconciled. 或许还会因为对方是半神,让紫袍妇人去道歉和好。 This matter, no one must pass on, otherwise I beat your mouths.” “这件事,谁都不许传出去,否则我打烂你们的嘴。” Purple robe woman loudly shouted, many servant maidservants tremble, nods again and again. 紫袍妇人大喝,诸多仆人侍女瑟瑟发抖,连连点头。 Mother, Song'er comes to see you.” “母亲,松儿来看看你。” Chen Song walks. 陈松走进来。 The purple robe woman stops the movement in hand immediately, moving forward to meet somebody with a laugh. 紫袍妇人立即停下手中的动作,笑呵呵的迎上去。 However Chen Song was Heaven Connection Realm middle stage peak Martial Emperor, the sense is how keen, knows mother a moment ago in the ignition. 不过陈松乃是通天境中期巅峰的武帝,感官何其敏锐,知道母亲刚才在发火。 Mother, who provoked you, told me, I made that person come to you to kowtow the apology.” “母亲,谁招惹你了,跟我说,我让那人来给你磕头道歉。” The Chen Song facial color sinks. 陈松面色一沉。 The matter that recently was vexed were too many, Half-God Thousand Changes Ghost Master, he did not have the means temporarily. But annoys mother discontented person, he must teach surely, under oneself also vented. 最近糟心的事太多,半神千变鬼师,他暂时没有办法。但惹母亲不满的人,他定要教训一番,自己也发泄下。 Some where people dare to provoke me.” “哪有人敢招惹我啊。” The purple robe woman is not willing saying that does not want to pass to husband's ear, and by the Chen Song ability, is unable to vent anger for him. 紫袍妇人不愿说,不想传到丈夫的耳朵,且以陈松的能耐,也无法为他出气。 But under over and over inquiry of Chen Song, the purple robe woman can only: You are unable to help me vent anger.” 但在陈松的再三询问下,紫袍妇人只能到:“你无法帮我出气。” Chen Song was attacked immediately. 陈松顿时受到打击。 Are oneself in mother eyes, so useless? 自己在母亲眼里,就这么没用吗? I walked!” “我走了!” Chen Song departs indignantly. 陈松气愤离去。 Just went out of the residence of purple robe woman, he saw Luo Tian suddenly. 刚走出紫袍妇人的住所,他突然看到罗天 Chen Song does not have the face to see Luo Tian, is not the Luo Tian's opponent, bundles out. 陈松没脸见罗天,也不是罗天的对手,急忙离去。 Song'er?” 松儿?” The purple robe woman pursues, saw Luo Tian of not far away, but also thinks that Luo Tian must teach her, frightened looking pale, hurries to hide in the room. 紫袍妇人追赶出来,看到了不远处的罗天,还以为罗天要来教训她,吓的面色苍白,赶紧躲进屋内。 The mother and child, were frightened to disappear by Luo Tian. 母子俩,都被罗天吓不见了。 ...... …… I also think that is seeks revenge.” “我还以为是来寻仇的。” The Luo Tian sense is keen, heard the Chen Song sound a moment ago, thinks that this boy does not know the immensity of heaven and earth, the big evening sneak attacks what. 罗天感官敏锐,刚才听到陈松的声音,以为这小子不知天高地厚,大晚上来偷袭什么的。 The result saw itself to run. 结果见了自己就跑。 Luo Tian returns to the residence. 罗天返回住所。 Heavenly Spring Spirit Jade, treats and cures the material that Xueyao needs, has collected one.” 天泉灵玉,救治雪瑶所需要的材料,已经搜集到一个了。” He shows the happy expression. 他露出笑意。 It seems like keeps Silver Moon Sect to be correct, Silver Moon Sect takes one of the Golden Earth Clan Nine Great Sects, is powerful, the powerhouse is floating about like clouds. Here treasure quality is high, treasure that some vanishes rarely, the appeared probability is bigger. 看来留在银月宗是正确的,银月宗作为金坤族九大宗门之一,势力庞大,强者如云。这里的宝物质量高,一些罕见绝迹的珍宝,出现的概率更大。 Just came for two days, Luo Tian to obtain a material. 刚来两天,罗天就得到了一件材料。 He anticipated to two years later Silver Moon Sect auction. 他对两年后的银月宗拍卖会更加期待了。 Luo Tian takes out several types of spirit materials, starts to quenching «Extreme Yin Ice and Lightning Body». 罗天取出几样灵材,开始淬炼《至阴冰雷体》。 This Emperor Rank high-grade, Luo Tian has practiced eighth layer to be complete, is not far from ninth layer. 这门帝级上品,罗天已修炼到第八层圆满,距离第九层不远。 ninth layer is the final level. 第九层是最后一层。 Once refining up, Extreme Yin Ice and Lightning Body will transform to the brand-new boundary, the defensive power and nine yin thunder power will promote sharply, two secrets can display! 一旦炼成,至阴冰雷体将蜕变到全新境界,防御力以及九阴雷力将大幅提升,还有两门秘技能够施展! Being away from home, when is the Nine Heavens Evil Spirit army is born, Luo Tian urgently longs for stiffening. 出门在外,又是九天邪灵大军降世之时,罗天迫切渴望变强。 Luo Tian plans to close up one year or so directly. 罗天打算直接闭关个一年半载。 Next morning. 次日清晨。 Thump thump thump! 咚咚咚! Outside the garret resounds the knock. 阁楼外响起敲门声。 Sir Ghost Master, Sect Master summoned you.” 鬼师大人,宗主召见你。” The Steward Yu sound conveys. 于管家的声音传来。 „Did Sect Master summon?” 宗主召见?” Luo Tian awakens from the cultivation. 罗天从修炼中惊醒。 Silver Moon Sect Sect Master, is not Spiritual God, definitely is Half-God. Can become of Sect Master Golden Earth Clan Nine Great Sects, its story vision is definitely extraordinary. 银月宗宗主,不是神灵,也肯定是半神。能够成为金坤族九大宗之一的宗主,其阅历眼光肯定非凡。 The Luo Tian's camouflage, deceives general Heaven Connection Realm Martial Emperor, the issue is not big. 罗天的伪装,骗一骗一般通天境武帝,问题不大。 Facing Silver Moon Sect Sect Master, is uncertain. 面对银月宗宗主,就不一定了。
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