ED :: Volume #5

#22: Development

The secret that Beirrogo brings back to started silent storm in Bureau of Order, the day foreign visitor, the end point world, the final dispute wait/etc, each information made Bureau of Order fall into the vibration sufficiently, do not say that they one and surfaced. 伯洛戈带回的秘密在秩序局内掀起了一场无声的风暴,天外来客、终点世界、最后的纷争等等,每一个信息都足以令秩序局陷入震动,更不要说它们一并浮出水面。 In order to avoid leaking with the unrest, at present these information are blocked by the decision room, only then the Beirrogo this class small number of people can know, although Beirrogo has not seen right in front of one numerous, but he can also imagine, numerous that huge body has launched completely, braves the steaming steam. 为了避免泄密与骚乱,目前这些信息被决策室封锁了起来,只有伯洛戈这类的少数人得以知晓,伯洛戈虽然没有面见众者,但他也能想象到,众者那庞大的躯壳已经完全展开,冒着腾腾热气。 After several people of dissuading, Ma treated honestly in the border region sanatorium, although he was an old fogy, but to Bureau of Order and regarding the entire human race, the value was still extraordinary. 经过几人的劝阻,玛莫老老实实地待在了边陲疗养院内,他虽然是一个老家伙了,但对秩序局、对于全人类而言,依旧价值非凡。 Not is only the wisdom in Ma brain, strength of his honor, even if his Alchemy Matrix had fallen behind several generations. 不光是玛莫脑子里的智慧,还有他那荣光者的力量,哪怕他的炼金矩阵已经落后了数个世代。 As for the meeting of Beirrogo and Order of the Secrets, and was inferior that smooth of such Beirrogo imagination, according to the staff member who other know the circumstances of the matter says, Order of the Secrets is negotiating with anti- Sanier. 至于伯洛戈诸秘之团的会面,并不如伯洛戈想象的那样顺利,据其他知情的职员讲,诸秘之团正在与耐萨尼尔进行谈判。 This negotiations have continued for several days, is discussing anything as for them, everyone is not clear, but everyone can understand gradually the tense atmosphere, probably before the rainstorm, can smell the fresh soil aura, the staff members also inexplicably uneasy. 这场谈判已经持续数天了,至于他们在谈什么,大家还不清楚,但每个人都能读懂逐渐紧张的氛围,像是暴雨前能嗅到清新的土壤气息,职员们也莫名地惴惴不安。 As the successor of Kelaikesi family/home, the typical representative of unusual aristocrat, you thought that what they are negotiating?” “作为克莱克斯家的继承人,超凡贵族的典型代表,你觉得他们在谈判些什么?” In actual combat, Beirrogo is moving the body, while asked to Palmer, hopes that can get some answers from his mouth. 实战室内,伯洛戈一边活动着身子,一边对帕尔默问道,希望能从他的口中得到一些答案。 Also can discuss anything, nothing but is the autonomy, is maintaining the independent these matters in Rhine Alliance.” “还能谈些什么,无非是自治权,在莱茵同盟内保持着自身独立这些事。” Palmer throws the storm feather, the throwing knife decomposes and multiplies in the midair, suddenly changes to the crowded bird group to come. 帕尔默丢出风暴羽,飞刀在半空中裂解、增殖,眨眼间化作密集的鸟群呼啸而至。 In the past, Palmer can only approximately the path of steering current , as promotes lost/carrying power, his secret can obtain the further strengthening, Palmer can twist small-scale storm the air current, controls this birds precisely, making them circle and dance in the air in own top of the head, exudes the grating being hot-tempered whining noise. 在以往,帕尔默只能大致引导气流的轨迹,但随着晋升负权者后,他的秘能得到了进一步的强化,帕尔默可以将气流歪曲成一场小型风暴,精密地操控这群飞鸟,让它们在自己的头顶盘旋、飞舞,发出刺耳的躁鸣声。 Oneself independent......” “自身独立……” Beirrogo hears this glossary, the knitting the brows head, in his tentative plan, all influences must the solidarity and cooperation, Order of the Secrets such behavior, not different go against his idea. 伯洛戈听到这个词汇,不由地皱了皱眉头,在他的设想里,所有势力都必须团结合作,诸秘之团这样的行为,无异与他的想法违背。 Yes, oneself independent, before Bureau of Order should be able to accept their conditions, but this time was somewhat unbearable.” “是啊,自身独立,之前秩序局应该能答应他们的条件,但这次有些够呛了。” Palmer added that „ everyone can feel, the war must come, everyone was nervous, when Wrath of the Scorched Earth, Rhine Alliance dealt in a panic , without the time not to have the energy to manage Order of the Secrets, therefore permitted their existence, but so many years passed by, Bureau of Order has grown for a fearful monster. 帕尔默补充道,“大家都能感觉出来,战争要来了,每个人都紧张兮兮的,焦土之怒时,莱茵同盟仓皇应对,没时间也没精力去理诸秘之团,所以允许了他们的存在,可这么多年过去了,秩序局已经成长为了一头可怕的怪物。 Now the war approaches again, Bureau of Order will not allow Order of the Secrets to stay out again, this is the obvious matter. ” 如今战争再度临近,秩序局不会再允许诸秘之团置身事外,这是显而易见的事。” Beirrogo looked at the Palmer two eyes, you compared with the intelligence that I imagine.” 伯洛戈多看了帕尔默两眼,“你比我想象的要聪明。” This is good as the basic common knowledge of successor.” Palmer instead chokes to say. “这是作为继承人的基本常识好吧。”帕尔默反呛道。 Palmer said, then Order of the Secrets was convinced either, unity and cooperation, either before the war approaches, in Rhine Alliance first conducts a civil war, solves these unsettled factors.” 帕尔默说,“接下来要么诸秘之团被说服,团结协作,要么就是在战争来临前,莱茵同盟内先进行一场内战,解决这些不安定的因素。” „A civil war?” Beirrogo is thinking, „an incomparably rapid civil war, solves internal objection sound.” “一场内战吗?”伯洛戈思索着,“一场无比迅速的内战,解决内部的异议声。” Feeling goal incessantly is so,” Palmer also said, you haven't heard the recent rumor?” “感觉目的不止是如此,”帕尔默又说道,“你没听到最近的传言吗?” What rumor?” “什么传言?” Beirrogo is so wholly-absorbed in the person of work, never cares about staff members within talking in whispers. 伯洛戈如此专心于工作的人,从不在意职员们间的窃窃私语。 Some rumors said, the disobedient royal court can so move in Rhine Alliance recklessly, received the help of Order of the Secrets.” Palmer lifts the hand to summon, the storm feathers dissipate the normalizing. “有传言说,忤逆王庭能在莱茵同盟内部如此肆意活动,就是受到了诸秘之团的帮助。”帕尔默抬手呼唤,风暴羽们消散归一。 Caught the dagger steadily, Palmer scratched the cutting edge with the lower hem corner, raised the head said to Beirrogo, Order of the Secrets also smelled approaching of war, they were afraid by Bureau of Order are unified, for this reason the choice and disobedient royal court carried out the cooperation of certain extent, to guarantee own independence.” 稳稳地接住匕首,帕尔默用衣角擦了擦锋刃,抬头对伯洛戈说道,“诸秘之团也嗅到了战争的临近,他们害怕被秩序局统一,为此选择与忤逆王庭进行一定程度的合作,以确保自身的独立性。” I know these, before we and Heart have chatted,” Beirrogo then said, coerces Bureau of Order with this sign? This sounded too stupid.” “我知道这些,之前我们和哈特聊过的,”伯洛戈接着说道,“用这张牌来要挟秩序局?这听起来太愚蠢了。” I feel am also, inside story that therefore definitely some we have not known.” “我觉得也是,所以一定还有些我们不知道的内情在。” Palmer nods, inserts the waist the dagger, „, but speaks the truth, in my opinion, Order of the Secrets and disobedient royal court cooperation, is not one makes one be the surprised matter.” 帕尔默点点头,将匕首插回腰间,“但说实话,在我看来,诸秘之团和忤逆王庭合作,并不是一个令人感到意外的事。” You also know that these fellows are arrogant, I once thought that they and night clan the only differences, is they are not the non- dead.” Palmer was saying sneered two. “你也知道那些家伙有多么傲慢,我一度觉得他们和夜族的唯一区别,就是他们不是不死者。”帕尔默说着冷笑了两声。 If really erupted the civil war, you thought that we can end the fight rapidly?” Beirrogo asked. “如果真的爆发内战了,你觉得我们能迅速结束战斗吗?”伯洛戈问。 Does not know that...... this should be looked which side honor are quite many,” Palmer continues saying that I also heard, Bureau of Order is calling honor, therefore in the number of honor, we should occupy superiorly.” “不知道……这应该是看哪方荣光者比较多,”帕尔默继续说道,“我还听说,秩序局在召集荣光者们,所以在荣光者的数量上,我们应该占优。” Honor. 荣光者。 The end of unusual road is , is also to the high strength that in the present world sublimation can have. 超凡之路的尽头所在,也是现世里凝华者能具备的至高战力。 Although honor was often mentioned, moreover presently the world also truly has many honor, but can invest into the unusual war in truly, is very few. 虽然荣光者常被人提起,而且现世也确实存在了许多荣光者,但真正能投入到超凡战争中的,却少之又少。 The reason is very simple, the generation gap of Alchemy Matrix technology is too big. 理由很简单,炼金矩阵技术的代差太大。 The body of honor passed through ether, the life span arrived in the limit of human highly, honor who for this reason looked like Ma this old codger, the stock had, but, these old honor were not it is a pity that suitable to invest into the battlefield. 荣光者的身体都经过了高度以太化,寿命抵达了人类的极限,为此像玛莫这种老不死的荣光者,存量有很多,但遗憾的是,这些年迈的荣光者不适合投入到战场中。 Contrasts with anti- Sanier with Ma, once both encounter, even if with for honor, anti- Sanier can also in several rounds, create the heavy losses to Ma. Result that under the same equivalent position, the Alchemy Matrix generation gap will decide to fight. 就拿玛莫与耐萨尼尔对比,一旦两者交锋,哪怕同为荣光者,耐萨尼尔也能在数个回合内,对玛莫造成重创。同等阶位下,炼金矩阵的代差将决定战斗的结果。 Invests honor blindly, will only cause the unnecessary casualties, therefore decides the war trend truly, often only then such several honor. 盲目地投入荣光者,只会造成不必要的伤亡,因此真正决定战局走向的,往往只有那么几个荣光者而已。 According to the Bureau of Order regulations, honor who only then in nearly 30 years promotes, will be included the order of battle.” Palmer said. “按照秩序局的条例,只有近三十年内晋升的荣光者,才会被列入战斗序列。”帕尔默说。 How many such honor does Bureau of Order have?” Beirrogo asked curiously. “这样的荣光者秩序局有多少个?”伯洛戈好奇地问道。 How this I can know, the order of battle list of honor level, is secret,” Palmer then added that what we definitely know is that my father and deputy director, were certainly.” “这我怎么能知道,荣光者级的战斗序列名单,可是机密,”帕尔默接着补充道,“但可以肯定的是,我老爹、副局长,一定位列其中。” Palmer arrives at side Beirrogo, suddenly delighted, compared with these, your boy defends building now, was only bad the one pace from honor, no feelings?” 帕尔默走到伯洛戈身边,突然眉飞色舞了起来,“比起这些,你小子现在可是守垒者了啊,距离荣光者只差一步之遥了,没什么感想吗?” It‘s nothing feelings.” “没什么感想。” Beirrogo shakes the head, in my opinion is promoted with the work is the same, tool that the strength is also used to work.” 伯洛戈摇摇头,“在我看来就跟工作升职一样,力量也只是用来工作的工具罢了。” You are really bored.” “你这人还真无聊。” Palmer is disappointed, but also said that „, but is also good, at least you have no desire to the strength, can relieved many.” 帕尔默一脸失望,但紧接着又说道,“但也不错,至少你对力量没有什么欲望,能令人安心不少。” What's wrong?” “怎么了?” Thinks carefully, Beirrogo, your biased person, if full of the hope...... to be in luck to the strength, you possibly were the savior in the world, but was hapless, you perhaps were the from head to tail villain.” “仔细想想啊,伯洛戈,你这种偏执的人,如果又对力量充满了渴望……走运的话,你可能是世界的救主,但倒霉的话,你或许就是彻头彻尾的恶棍了。” Palmer recalled, the example said, for example turned into Serez such fellow.” 帕尔默回忆了一下,举例道,“比如变成瑟雷那样的家伙。” I should not have him unable to withstand.” “我应该还没他那么不堪。” Example, gives an example.” “举例,举例一下而已。” Palmer was saying walks toward out of the door, he looked at Beirrogo, looked at the Beirrogo front open area. 帕尔默说着朝着门外走去,他看了看伯洛戈,又看了看伯洛戈前方的空地。 Before the body of Beirrogo, the clear boundary has delimited together, in the boundary the building is safe and sound, beyond the boundary, actual combat room that was broad the location of platform in confusion to become one piece, the innumerable pothole and fissure sweep away carelessly, has probably a firepower of group army, just regarding this wanton bombing. 伯洛戈的身前,一道清晰的分界线划过,分界线以内建筑安然无恙,分界线以外,实战室那原本广阔平台的场地已变得狼藉一片,数不清的坑洞与裂痕胡乱地横扫而过,像是有一个集团军的火力,刚刚对此地狂轰滥炸。 The actual combat room was attacked frequently like this, but often it can Self-healing recover in several minutes, but this time, Beirrogo destroyed the ruins the most actual combat room, the innumerable crushed stones are wriggling slowly, they seemed like trying Self-healing, but regardless of how diligently, speed of restoration as before slow incomparable. 实战室经常遭到这样的打击,但往往它在几分钟内就能自愈复原,可这一次,伯洛戈把大半的实战室摧毁成了废墟,无数的碎石缓慢地蠕动着,它们像是在尝试自愈,但无论怎么努力,复原的速度依旧缓慢无比。 As if the Beirrogo ether has some toxicity, the cultivation room also encountered the absolute suppression, is unable to revolt against the slightest. 仿佛伯洛戈的以太具备某种毒性般,就连垦室也遭到了绝对的压制,无法反抗分毫。 Palmer selected the eyebrow, this thinks oneself promoted lost/carrying power, many can catch up with Beirrogo, who once thinks, Beirrogo becomes defends building quickly, moreover his secret can the intensity, some exceed the imagination. 帕尔默挑了挑眉,本以为自己晋升了负权者,多少能追上伯洛戈,可谁曾想,伯洛戈这么快就成为了守垒者,而且他的秘能强度,有些过于超出想象了。 „Can you in this again later? Walks together.” Palmer asked. “你要在这再待会?还是一起走。”帕尔默问道。 Beirrogo turned the wrist/skill, opens the mouth saying that walks together.” 伯洛戈扭了扭手腕,开口道,“一起走吧。” Now the actual combat room was unable to meet the training requirement of Beirrogo, it most like the target, making Beirrogo detect own destructive power intuitively. 现在实战室已经无法满足伯洛戈的训练要求了,它最多像个靶子一样,让伯洛戈直观地发觉自己的破坏力。 „Do you grasp extremely the boundary now?” Palmer follows side Beirrogo, asked low voice. “你现在掌握极境了吗?”帕尔默跟在伯洛戈身旁,小声问道。 Almost, but also is not very skilled, can the ether increase improvement boundary, Beirrogo ferment merely , said that I am attempting newly some by primal chaos technique.” “差不多,但还不是很熟练,仅仅能将以太增幅提升至极境,”伯洛戈酝酿了一下,又说道,“我在尝试一些新的以太极技。” For example?” “比如?” Before Yas and I have said that a skill of named ether siphon.” “之前亚斯和我说过的,一种名为以太虹吸的技巧。” Beirrogo further answered, this extremely technique usually in the ether dried up started, turned into itself an vortex, attracted ether in the environment rapidly, supplemented in Alchemy Matrix forcefully.” 伯洛戈进一步解释道,“这一极技通常在以太枯竭时发动,把自己变成一个漩涡般,迅速吸引周围环境里的以太,强行补充进炼金矩阵中。” This sounded is too rather crude.” “这听起来未免太粗暴了。” Palmer suspects saying that the Alchemy Matrix transformation ether requires the time, this fills the ether toward the body in without doubt, like bottle mouth , is so big, will fill fiercely will only make the bottle cover entirely the crevice, even said that the brace will explode. 帕尔默怀疑道,炼金矩阵转换以太是需要时间的,这无疑是往身体里强灌以太,就像瓶口只有这么大,猛灌只会令瓶子布满裂隙,甚至说撑爆。 Yes, according to the view of Yas, the ether siphon most uses in a short time one time, moreover even only uses one time, should still have certain damage to Alchemy Matrix,” Beirrogo not to worry or care about at all say/way, „, but I am the non- dead, can quickly restore the ether quantity let alone the words, this price is also not anything.” “是,按照亚斯的说法,以太虹吸短时间内最多使用一次,而且即使只使用一次,也会对炼金矩阵产生一定的损伤,”伯洛戈满不在意道,“但我是不死者,更何况能迅速恢复以太量的话,这点代价还不算什么。” Sees Beirrogo this appearance, Palmer does not know suddenly should say anything, how is not clearer to appraise. 伯洛戈这副模样,帕尔默一时间也不知道该说些什么,更不清楚如何评价。 Somewhat worried after looked at Beirrogo good one, Palmer is sighing reluctantly. 有些担忧地看了伯洛戈好一阵后,帕尔默无奈地叹着气。 What's wrong?” “怎么了?” It‘s nothing.” “没什么。” You recently always does this keeping sighing appearance, what have?” “你最近总是这副长吁短叹的样子,发生了什么吗?” It‘s nothing, no, but thinks the war must come, the person who does has a headache about...... me not to hold the wedding very much.” Palmer found an excuse to dodge casually. “没什么,没什么,只是一想到战争要来了,就搞的人很头疼……我还没办婚礼呢。”帕尔默随便找了个理由搪塞过去。 Beirrogo does not lose heart saying that war did end on the office?” 伯洛戈不死心道,“战争结束就办?” Left, left, did you forget these movie plots? Role saying similar words, died!” “别了,别了,你忘了那些电影情节吗?角色一说类似的话,就死定了唉!” Palmer knows, the director to let the role death made one change countenance, will make them hold the regret to drop down, such design 1-2 good, making Palmer were very repugnant. 帕尔默知道,导演为了让角色的死更令人动容,会让他们抱有遗憾倒下,这样的设计1-2还好,弄多了帕尔默真的很讨厌。 Un? When you plan to hold the wedding, with Csucsi together?” “嗯?那你打算什么时候举行婚礼,和丘奇一起吗?” With Csucsi together? This , the person many is but actually lively.” “和丘奇一起?这倒也可以,人多还挺热闹的。” Palmer and Beirrogo arrived at a minute/share of branch road, his both hands hold the chest, fantasized, the serious say/way, that can take you together?” 帕尔默和伯洛戈走到了分岔路,他双手抱胸,幻想了一下,紧接着一本正经道,“那要不要带上你一起?” Ha?” “哈?” I mean the wedding, you must with us together, but the premise is you and progress best raise increases speed, what to do if can't catch up?” “我是说婚礼,你要不要和我们一起,但前提是你和艾缪的进展最好提提速,要是赶不上怎么办?” Palmer was saying exuded strange laughter, does not wait for Beirrogo to reply anything, he disappeared in the corridor speedily. Even if becomes lost/carrying power, Palmer as before is that careless appearance. 帕尔默说着发出了一阵怪笑声,不等伯洛戈回答些什么,他就一溜烟地消失在了走廊里。哪怕成为了负权者,帕尔默依旧是那副吊儿郎当的样子。 Beirrogo stood was gawking same place a meeting, after the brains of these chaotic idea throwing . 伯洛戈站在原地愣了一会,把那些乱糟糟的想法抛之脑后。 Now Beirrogo may hold the post of the significant mission, before all these conclusions, his anything matter does not want to consider that...... he does not dare to consider. 现在伯洛戈可担任着重大的使命,在这一切结束前,他什么事都不想考虑……他也不敢去考虑。 Often thinks of these, Beirrogo envies Palmer this comfortable mentality, this point Beirrogo this whole life is too difficult to learn. 每每想到这些,伯洛戈就羡慕起帕尔默这自在的心态,这一点伯洛戈这辈子都学不来。 Left the current region, Beirrogo leaves to arrive in the sublimation furnace core. 离开当前区域,伯洛戈动身抵达了升华炉芯。 Determined after Ma cannot die temporarily, pays respects Li and also returned to the sublimation furnace core, replaces Ma to lead the following research. 确定玛莫暂时死不了后,拜莉与艾缪也返回了升华炉芯,替代玛莫主导着接下来的研究。 Beirrogo proficiently across the corridor and region, opens the door of office, as always, sits after piling up with the desk of research data, is calculating rows of formulas on the straw paper. 伯洛戈熟练地穿过走廊、区域,推开办公室的门,艾缪一如既往,坐在堆满研究资料的办公桌后,在草纸上计算着一列列的公式。 Seemed like the research fascinated, has not noticed the arrival of Beirrogo completely. 艾缪像是研究入迷了般,完全没有注意到伯洛戈的到来。 „.” “咳咳。” Beirrogo coughed two, finally brought to attention. 伯洛戈咳嗽了两声,终于引起了艾缪的注意。 Beirrogo? When do you come?” Surprised say/way. 伯洛戈?你什么时候来的?”艾缪惊讶道。 Just, you did not seem to notice me,” Beirrogo was saying sat opposite, according to agreeing, me came.” “刚刚,你好像没注意到我,”伯洛戈说着坐在了艾缪对面,“按照约定好的,我来了。” Used for more than ten seconds, recalls and Beirrogo agreed anything. The recent matter were too many, her busy feeling exhausted physically and mentally. 艾缪用了十几秒的时间,来回忆一下自己与伯洛戈约定了些什么。最近的事太多了,她忙的身心俱疲。 „, The matter of next generation crafty snake scale fluid, yes?” Thought the agreement. “哦哦,下一代诡蛇鳞液的事,是吧?”艾缪想起来约定了。 With the promotion of Beirrogo, followed the gold metallurgy military equipment and contract that Beirrogo fights bravely together initially, either cannot keep up with the Beirrogo strength, either damages in the fight. For example the shatter illusory image dagger, gradually cracks, is unable to invest combat accommodation of startling soul again. 随着伯洛戈的晋升,当初跟随伯洛戈一起奋战的炼金武装、契约物,要么是跟不上伯洛戈的力量,要么就是在战斗中损毁。例如破碎的幻影匕,还有逐渐开裂,无法再投入作战的骇魂之容。 What do you have to design the idea?” “你有什么设计想法吗?” Was saying took out one can of solutions from the cabinet, inside installs crafty snake scale fluid, but has not passed through the edition of strengthening, to present Beirrogo, the use is not big. 艾缪说着从柜子里取出了一罐溶液,里面装的正是诡蛇鳞液,但是未经过强化的版本,对如今的伯洛戈而言,用处不大。 Has, I hope that the crafty snake scale fluid of new generation can in the microscopic level, has a stronger lethality.” Beirrogo said. “有的,我希望新一代的诡蛇鳞液能在微观层面上,具备更强的杀伤力。”伯洛戈说。 Probes saying that infinite slender sharp?” 艾缪试探道,“无限狭锐?” Right, infinite slender sharp.” “没错,无限狭锐。” Subdivides unceasingly, incisively, until can kill the enemy from the cell level. 不断地细分、尖锐,直到可以从细胞层面杀伤敌人。 This is Beirrogo defends the tentative plan of building regarding oneself. 这是伯洛戈对于自己守垒者的设想。
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