ED :: Volume #5

#21: After this

Situation that I infer, was about this.” “我所推断出的情况,大致就是这样了。” In the hospital ward, Beirrogo sits respectfully, student who probably conducts the academic report. 病房内,伯洛戈正襟危坐,像是一位进行学术报告的学生。 Ma sits up on the bed, lowers the head, seems like a man old before his time, many transfer lines hang on his body, making him seem looks like a machinery that treats the service. 玛莫在床上坐起,低着头,看起来就像一个小老头,诸多的输液管挂在他的身上,使他看起来又像一台待维修的机械。 I thought that this is not an accidental turning point.” Beirrogo hesitant say/way. “我觉得这并不是一个偶然的契机。”伯洛戈犹犹豫豫道。 What do you refer to?” “你是指什么?” We discovered that truth the time, is not accidental, but probably was arranged to be the same in matter journey Biao,” Beirrogo fermented words , to continue saying that has made a grand plan on as if...... some people, we are one point on plan, each time node, carries out the different tasks.” “我们发现真相的这个时刻,并不是一个偶然,而像是被人安排在事程表上一样,”伯洛戈酝酿了一下话语,继续说道,“就仿佛……有人早已制定了一个宏伟的计划,我们都是计划上的一环,每个时间节点,执行不同的任务。” Is more concrete, my present understanding ability is somewhat bad.” “再具体一些,我现在的理解能力有些差。” Ma was saying rubbed the head, he also not from suffering of pain slow god, was routed the reason by the truth of secret source, now Ma brain is chaotic, did Beirrogo speak, he was very difficult to ponder. 玛莫说着揉了揉脑袋,他还没从病痛的折磨中缓过神,就被秘源的真相击溃了理智,如今玛莫的脑子乱糟糟的,伯洛戈说什么话,他都很难细想下去。 „The ether density of material rises, becomes with the overlapping degree of ether higher and higher, two between relations also become closer, while human also obtains more powerful Alchemy Matrix, a devil side also to human day by day feels powerful weak.” “物质界的以太浓度升高,与以太界的重迭程度变得越来越高,两界之间的联系也变得更加紧密,在人类随之获得更强大的炼金矩阵的同时,魔鬼一方也对人类的日益强大感到无力。” Beirrogo said own idea altogether, „, therefore the devils will say, this can be the final dispute, they must in one vigorous effort, harvest all souls thoroughly, routed the human existing technical system thoroughly...... beats secret Yuan.” 伯洛戈把自己的想法一股脑地说出来,“所以魔鬼们才会说,这会是最后的纷争了,他们要一鼓作气,彻底收割掉所有的灵魂,将人类现有的技术体系彻底击溃……击败秘源。” Ma lowers the head, on ancient Xiu the face does not have the slight expression, after this?” 玛莫低着头,古朽的脸上没有丝毫的表情,“在这之后呢?” If the devils won, they will obtain the inexhaustible soul, as well as a desolated world...... after this?” “如果魔鬼们赢了,他们将获得无穷无尽的灵魂,以及一个荒芜的世界……在这之后呢?” Ma is speculating, „will they rear in a pen the part human? Pouring is also, as sublimation the source of strength, secret Yuan, once were thoroughly destroyed, sublimation did not exist, the devil does not need to worry that human grasped the unusual strength again, they may conduct that endless harvesting greatly.” 玛莫推测着,“他们会重新圈养起部分的人类吗?倒也是,作为凝华者的力量之源,秘源一旦被彻底摧毁,凝华者也就不复存在了,魔鬼也不必担心人类再掌握超凡之力了,他们大可进行那没有尽头的收割。” But perhaps, rears in a pen the human the result not to exist.” Beirrogo said in a low voice. “但恐怕,就连圈养人类的结局也不复存在吧。”伯洛戈低声道。 Ma body shivered, he recalled immediately in Beirrogo promotion ceremony, phenomenon that sneaks a peek. 玛莫的躯体不由地颤抖了一下,他当即回想起了在伯洛戈晋升仪式中,所窥见的异象。 With increase of ether density, the energy level of material will be promoted to a degree that is inconceivable, when the time comes welcomed was not an unusual world, but under ether that terrifying attraction, was torn into shreds material that was shattered thoroughly. 随着以太浓度的升高,物质界的能级将被升格至一个难以想象的程度,到时候迎来的并非是一个超凡的世界,而是在以太界那恐怖引力下,被彻底撕碎破灭的物质界。 Ether like a giant worm, human and material, all nourishment swallows all cleanly. 以太界如同一头巨大的蠕虫般,将人类、物质界,所有的养料尽数吞噬干净。 Soul, do they want so many souls for what?” Ma muttered. “灵魂,他们要这么多的灵魂到底是为了什么呢?”玛莫喃喃道。 Ma life witnessed the conclusion of Wrath of the Scorched Earth, witnessed rising straight from the ground of Bureau of Order, his life is resisting with these evil different insane clamours, may until the end of life, he unable to see the sign that the war ended as before. 玛莫的一生见证了焦土之怒的结束,也目睹了秩序局的拔地而起,他的一生都在与这些邪异疯嚣对抗,可直到生命的尽头,他依旧看不到战争结束的迹象。 To repay own debt.” The Beirrogo response said. “为了偿还自己的债务吧。”伯洛戈回应道。 Debt? The devil own debt of?” Ma realized, Beirrogo in the information that in ether obtains, has secret Yuan the truth incessantly. “债务?魔鬼自己的债务?”玛莫意识到,伯洛戈在以太界内得到的情报,不止有秘源的真相。 Mentioned this part, Beirrogo stopped, he looked to all around, besides him and Ma, in room, only then and pays respects Li. 提及这部分,伯洛戈停顿了一下,他看向四周,除了他与玛莫外,房间里只有艾缪与拜莉。 Needs us to leave?” “需要我们离开一下吗?” Silent doing obeisance Li has opened the mouth saying that her both hands hold the chest, by entrance wall place. 一直沉默的拜莉开口道,她双手抱胸,靠在门口的墙壁处。 At this time pays respects Li the mood and Ma are equally complex, many mood surge in the chest, she does not know suddenly should feel sad for Ma, to know the truth is excited. 此时拜莉的心情与玛莫一样复杂,多种的情绪在胸膛里激荡,她一时间不知道是该为玛莫感到悲伤,还是为知晓真相而兴奋。 „...... Does not use,” Beirrogo shakes the head, after this, these information I will deliver to the decision room, I estimated, the decision room to a certain extent, will share to give you it these ministers, even said, sharing gives other influences.” “不……不用了,”伯洛戈摇摇头,“在这之后,这些情报我会上交至决策室,我估计,决策室会在一定程度上,把它共享给你们这些部长,甚至说,共享给其他势力。” Beirrogo said in the heart in a soft voice, this we cannot again independent combat time.” 伯洛戈在心底轻声道,“这一次我们不能再单打独斗了。” Said your idea, Beirrogo, I have not died.” “说出你的想法,伯洛戈,我还没死呢。” Ma is saying, oneself sent out a powerful ether fluctuation, covered this hospital ward completely, light/only relied on the ether of honor level to be incompatible, he can prevent most spying on. 玛莫说着,自身散发出了一股强大的以太波动,完全笼罩住了这间病房,光是凭借着荣光者级的以太互斥,他就能阻挡绝大多数的窥探。 From the unusual energy level, material is an isolated system, its self- circulation has been very stable, until arrival of that day foreign visitor.” “从超凡能级上来讲,物质界是一个孤立的系统,它的自我循环一直很稳定,直到那位天外来客的降临。” Beirrogo is not a scholar, has not made any academic report, he is testing to let the way that others understand, told the idea of innermost feelings. 伯洛戈不是学者,更没做过什么学术报告,他试着用能让其他人理解的方式,讲述内心的想法。 I guessed, the essence of day foreign visitor is I...... I do not refer to him in the jet black tar that in ether sees is one type tar, that is more like in a symbolic significance has present, like secret source storm.” “我猜测,天外来客的本质就是我在以太界内看到的漆黑焦油……我并不是指他是一种‘焦油’,那更像是一种象征意义上的具现化,就像秘源的风暴。” Beirrogo continues saying that defers to the King Solomon memory and outset to draw deciphering on volume, he with the initial human transaction, promised they imperfect desire, apportions their eight people own strength.” 伯洛戈继续说道,“按照所罗门王的记忆、起始绘卷上的破译,他与最初的人类交易,许诺了他们不完美的愿望,把自己的力量分给他们八人。” Now Beirrogo was also one to the devil expert, he understood the devils very much in the trap that in the desire set up, as well as devil that pitiful. 如今伯洛戈也算是一个对魔鬼专家了,他很懂魔鬼们在愿望里设下的陷阱,以及魔鬼那可悲的自身。 I thought that in that moment that the transaction achieves, that eight people had died, survives, merely is their desire it, they were guided by the inertia of desire, for a lot of years, are harvesting the soul tirelessly, and long for beating oneself blood relation, obtain more strengths, to make the incomplete desire become perfect.” “我觉得在交易达成的那一刻,那八人就已经死掉了,所存活下来的,仅仅是他们欲望的本身,他们被欲望的惯性所引导,千百年来,不知疲倦地收割着灵魂,并渴望击败自己的血亲,获得更多的力量,以令自己残缺的愿望变得完美。” After Beirrogo these stopped time good, he continues saying that complements own soul like the Debtor hope, the devils also long for obtaining the perfect desire, I speculated, they harvest soul behavior, to flatter that day foreign visitor.” 伯洛戈这一次停顿了好一阵后,他才继续说道,“就像债务人渴望补全自己的灵魂般,魔鬼们也渴望获得完美的愿望,我推测,他们收割灵魂这一行为,就是为了讨好那位天外来客。” At this moment, before Beirrogo remembers for a long time is very very long, at that time his probably sublimation? Praying letter/believes? Beirrogo also records is unclear, but he remembers clearly, at that time he in the room of day rising, had once had a talk with Bell Finger. 这一刻,伯洛戈想起很久很久之前,那时他好像还是凝华者?还是祷信者?伯洛戈也记不清了,但他清晰地记得,那时他曾在日升之屋,与贝尔芬格有过一次谈话。 In that conversation, Bell Finger directs Beirrogo vague, making him realize that the devils were the slaves of strength, and in this strength had so-called gods. 那次交谈里,贝尔芬格若有若无地指引伯洛戈,令他意识到魔鬼们是力量的奴隶,并在在这力量上有所谓的“神明”。 Slave-owners. 奴隶主。 Beirrogo has thought that is Bell Finger misleads his honeyed words, now, he says is the truth, but have not understood that step. 伯洛戈一直以为那是贝尔芬格误导他的花言巧语,现在来看,他说的都是真话,只是自己尚未理解到那一步。 Therefore their has been harvesting the soul, is longing for one day can satisfy the desire of that day foreign visitor, the retrieval freedom, why realizes the desire...... the day foreign visitor not to begin personally?” Ma is asking back. “所以他们就这样一直收割着灵魂,渴望着某一日能满足那位天外来客的欲望,重获自由,实现愿望……天外来客为何不亲自动手呢?”玛莫反问着。 Possibly is because, the day foreign visitor died.” “可能是因为,天外来客死掉了吧。” In Hill's memory, he clearly pointed out, the so-called day foreign visitor the body has died, only keeps the unconsciousness strength to wreak havoc in ether. 在希尔的记忆里,他明确指出,所谓的天外来客已经身死,只留无意识的力量肆虐在以太界内。 This is the rare good news. 这算是少有的好消息。 „......” “哦……” After Ma listens, nods gently, later he looks to Beirrogo, the muddy vision becomes limpid, that you feel......” 玛莫听后轻轻地点头,随后他看向伯洛戈,浑浊的目光变得清澈起来,“那你觉得……” Un.” “嗯。” Beirrogo first should reply, we can definitely regard as a bigger devil the day foreign visitor, but Ma gate, Beelzebub, Leviathan, their all, are Debtor of day of foreign visitor, but their all efforts, seemingly satisfy themselves, but in fact, I guess that to resurrect he, captures that day foreign visitor, from criminal of different exile.” 伯洛戈抢先应答道,“我们完全可以把天外来客视作一头更大的魔鬼,而玛门、别西卜、利维坦,他们所有,都是天外来客的债务人,而他们的所有努力,看似满足自己,但实际上,我猜是为了复活他,俘获那位天外来客,自异界放逐的罪人。” Ma heart beat fiercely flickered. 玛莫的心剧烈跳动了一瞬。 Everything can collect enough soul, makes devil who a day of foreign visitor regains consciousness again, will obtain the most perfect desire.” “凡是能够收集足够灵魂,令天外来客再次苏醒的魔鬼,将会获得最为完美的愿望。” The Beirrogo sound is low and deep, then continues saying that „, but this must involve, I regarding the guess of soul.” 伯洛戈的声音低沉,转而继续说道,“而这就要涉及,我对于灵魂的猜测了。” Human did not have soul, is the involvement of ether, making us be born the soul, in other words, after the soul was the ether and intelligent lifeform mixed one special product. The day foreign visitor brought the ether, he has certainly the resources that the method can use this to treasure, this also explained among them the relation.” “人类原本都是无魂者,是以太的介入,令我们诞生了灵魂,也就是说,灵魂是以太与智慧生物混合后的一种特殊产物。天外来客带来了以太,他一定有手段能利用起这珍惜的资源,这也就解释了他们之间的联系。” This time Ma silent long time, he pieces together the story diligently the vein. 这一次玛莫沉默了很长时间,他努力地拼凑起故事的脉络。 In some unknown world, was sent into exile as the day foreign visitor of criminal, he injures heavy and cannot live, precious cannot die, he was sent into exile the desolated world that this completely prohibited unusually, when dies frequently found the means of living on dishonorably. “在某个未知的世界里,作为罪人的天外来客被放逐,他伤重而不能活,珍贵又不能死,他被放逐到了这个超凡禁绝的荒芜世界,频死之际找到了苟活的办法。 The day foreign visitor courses this desolated world ether, the strength of also only saving apportions that eight people. Day foreign visitor possibly, but possibly is at a life and death the critical state. 天外来客把以太界引向这个荒芜的世界,又把仅存的力量分给那八人。天外来客可能死了,但更可能处于一种生死的临界状态。 He uses the final strength, is guiding ether attraction material, spends a lot of years of transformation material, is also transforming the life in material, the devils run for him, are harvesting sufficiently him the soul that awakened from the death condition...... ” 他用最后的力气,引导着以太界吸引物质界,花千百年的时间改造物质界,同时也改造着物质界内的生命,魔鬼们则替他奔走,收割着足以把他从死亡状态里唤醒的灵魂……” Ma words sound was gradually slurred, probably a dim sleep talking. 玛莫的话语声逐渐模糊不清了起来,像是一段朦胧的梦呓。 This was not the crisis that Bureau of Order can solve independently,” Beirrogo said own worry, „ this is the resistance of the world and world, we must unite everyone. “这可不是秩序局能独立解决的危机了,”伯洛戈说出自己的担忧,“这将是世界与世界的对抗,我们必须团结起所有人。 The devils cannot win, the day foreign visitor cannot awake. ” 魔鬼不能赢,天外来客也不能醒。” This no longer is the war of some influence leadership world, but is one concerns everyone's dispute, Bureau of Order cannot, not have the ability to solve alone. 这不再是某个势力主导世界的战争,而是一场关乎所有人的纷争,秩序局不能、也没有能力独自解决。 Must unite the strength that may unite, cannot unite as for these, then needs before the situation deteriorates, rejects completely cleanly. 必须团结可团结的力量,至于那些不可团结的,则需要在事态恶化前,全部剔除干净。 Our time are not much,” Beirrogo said, before then, secret Yuan issued the warning to King Solomon early.” “我们的时间不多了,”伯洛戈说,“早在这之前,秘源就对所罗门王发出了警告。” The shatter story connected completely , to continue a lot of years of struggle in Ma at present unfolds slowly. 破碎的故事全部串联了起来,一个延续千百年的斗争在玛莫的眼前缓缓铺开。 But King Solomon chose another route...... to seem like the somewhat wrong route,” Beirrogo said calmly,he built Raymond Guyton, was almost impossible the broken through fortress, oneself hid, leading the innumerable scholars to seek the means of beating the devil. “但所罗门王选择了另一个路线……一个看起来有些错误的路线,”伯洛戈平静地说道,“他打造了雷蒙盖顿,一座几乎无法被攻破的堡垒,自己藏身于其中,带领着无数学者寻找着击败魔鬼的办法。 But he died in this indestructible fortress finally, was encircled and hunted by the group demon. ” 但他最后死在了这座坚不可摧的堡垒里,被群魔围猎。” Beirrogo gave own idea, Bureau of Order, if planned to solve this crisis alone, likely moved toward the King Solomon old road, therefore we needed the ally, so long as can with us stand, must unite, Order of the Secrets and people and Order of Truth nighttide big wave...... even said that overlord waiting on king Dunwei who cylinder led.” 伯洛戈提出自己的想法,“秩序局如果打算单独解决这个危机,很可能走向所罗门王的旧路,所以我们需要盟友,只要能跟我们站在一起的,都必须团结起来,诸秘之团、汐涛之民、真理修士会……甚至说霸主・锡林所带领的侍王盾卫。” Ma had not changed countenance by Beirrogo that crazy tentative plan, he looks up to out of the window, said calmly. 玛莫没有被伯洛戈那疯狂的设想所动容,他只是抬头看向窗外,平静地说道。 Beirrogo, I saw a world war. 伯洛戈,我看到了一场世界大战。 Concerns Rhine Alliance and Koergadell Empire, sublimation and mortal, ether and material, super war that no one can stay out. ” 关乎莱茵同盟科加德尔帝国,凝华者与凡人,以太界与物质界,无人可以置身事外的超级战争。” Indoor atmosphere became especially heavy, the pressed each people could not breathe heavily the air/Qi, obviously the success promotion was a matter that was worth celebrating, but Beirrogo felt oneself looked like only the dead bird, brought the news of disaster hardship. 室内的氛围变得格外沉重了起来,压的每个人都喘不上来气,明明成功晋升是一件值得庆祝的事,可伯洛戈却觉得自己像只告死鸟,带来了灾厄的讯息。 You thought how should end the war?” Ma also asked. “你觉得该如何终结战争?”玛莫又问道。 First eradicates the devils the influence in material,...... kills cleanly these bastards Cult of Scarlet Rot, the grey trade chamber of commerce and disobedient royal court, after this, we can consider to march ether the matter,” Beirrogo sized up Ma one eyes, in this regard, we have succeeded, not? I have battled in ether, the ether environment of extremely high potency, has very fearful gain to us.” “先根除魔鬼们在物质界内的势力,把猩腐教派、灰贸商会、忤逆王庭……把这些混蛋都杀干净,在这之后,我们就可以考虑进军以太界的事了,”伯洛戈打量了玛莫一眼,“关于这一点,我们已经成功了,不是吗?我在以太界内作战过了,极高浓度的以太环境,对我们有着很可怕的增益。” This gain is equally effective to our enemies.” “这种增益同样对我们的敌人有效。” Ma made an effort to rub the forehead, I was not questioning that your determination, Beirrogo, I worried very much, we and devil battles several centuries, I could defeat them, is actually not able to kill them......” 玛莫用力地揉了揉额头,“我不是在质疑你的决心,伯洛戈,我只是很担忧,我们与魔鬼争斗了数个世纪,我或许能战胜他们,却无法杀死他们……” No, I thought that I have the means to kill them.” “不,我觉得我有办法杀死他们。” Ma was shocked, he has doubts looks to Beirrogo, suspected oneself misunderstood, sees only Beirrogo to say very earnestly. 玛莫愣住了,他疑惑地看向伯洛戈,怀疑自己听错了,只见伯洛戈十分认真地说道。 Gambling makes, makes with the gambling of devil, so long as can in betting on has about won the devil, they by own strength restraint.” “赌约,和魔鬼的赌约,只要能在赌约上赢过魔鬼,他们自身就会被自己的力量约束。” One to the duel that the devil does initiate? Do you determine?” Ma asked. “一场对魔鬼发起的决斗?你确定吗?”玛莫问。 I determined, I determined this is the method that can win,” Beirrogo words suddenly low, „, but I am indefinite, I whether in betting duel approximately, defeats them.” “我确定,我确定这是一个可以胜利的手段,”伯洛戈的话语忽然低落了下来,“但我也不确定,我能否在赌约的决斗中,战胜他们。” King Solomon had once had a plan of named new world.” Beirrogo also said suddenly. “所罗门王曾有过一个名为新世界的计划。”伯洛戈突然又说道。 He to endless void invested the countless soul, the soul recycling of these blanks, from such a soul, he found another coordinates of the world again.” “他向无尽虚空中投入了无以计数的灵魂,再将这些空白的灵魂回收,从那么一个灵魂里,他找到了另一个世界的坐标。” By the present, the Beirrogo no psychological burden, confessed this important information easily. 到了如今,伯洛戈毫无心理负担,轻而易举地将这一重要信息坦白了出来。 Continue.” “继续。” Ma expression changes, may still maintain calm. 玛莫的表情微变,可仍保持着镇定。 According to my inference, he may want to use the coordinates of new world, people who lead material migrate, to avoid the hunting of devils, but considers carefully, this is obviously impossible, we have the soul, itself had the direct relation with ether, when we arrive in the new world, the devils will also find it.” “按照我的推断,他可能想利用新世界的坐标,带领物质界的人们迁移过去,以躲避魔鬼们的狩猎,但仔细考虑一下,这显然不可能,我们具备着灵魂,本身就与以太界产生了直接的联系,当我们抵达新世界时,魔鬼们也会找到它。” Beirrogo then said, I guess, the King Solomon plan takes the new world to give the devil as a hunting field, making them harvest another world, made the center of gravity shift of ether, to preserve the survival of material.” 伯洛戈接着说道,“我猜,所罗门王打算把新世界作为一个狩猎场交给魔鬼,让他们去收割另一个世界,令以太界的重心转移,以保存物质界的存活。” But King Solomon obviously is not that narrow and spiritless person.” Ma has never seen King Solomon, but from the King Solomon deeds, he thought that oneself has enough understanding of King Solomon. “但所罗门王显然不是那么狭隘且懦弱的人。”玛莫从未见过所罗门王,但从所罗门王的事迹里,他觉得自己对所罗门王已经具备了足够的了解。 King Solomon is very clear, even if gives the devil the coordinates of new world, is still only the delaying tactics, after they eat that world, may return to material greatly, and even said, treats as an exploration base material, making the scholars search the new world unceasingly, quite made them eat to the heart's content.” “所罗门王很清楚,即便把新世界的坐标交给魔鬼,也只是缓兵之计,他们吃掉那个世界后,大可回到物质界,乃至说,把物质界当做一个探索基地,令学者们不断搜索着新世界,好让他们大快朵颐。” Yes,” Beirrogo nods, for this reason my not clear new world plan turned into what appearance finally, after all all these finished with falling of holy city.” “是的,”伯洛戈点点头,“为此我也不清楚新世界计划最后变成了什么样子,毕竟这一切都随着圣城之陨结束了。” Beirrogo said slightly lay, all these had not finished, he did not have the soul of body and new world of soul, Beirrogo felt oneself have certainly some important use, but he has not mastered temporarily. 伯洛戈说了个小谎,这一切并没有结束,他是无魂者的躯体、新世界的灵魂,伯洛戈觉得自己一定有着某种至关重要的用处,只是他暂时没搞懂。 Ma also asked that „, if we won all these, after this?” 玛莫又问道,“如果我们赢下了这一切,在这之后呢?” After this, after this...... two people have said today too many after this, as if must the deduction world to a perfect future, be willing to give up. 在这之后,在这之后……今天两人已经说了太多的在这之后,仿佛要将世界的推演至一个完美的未来,才肯罢休。 I do not know, does not know completely,” the Beirrogo smile is bitter and astringent, even we really solved the devil, strangled a day of foreign visitor, prevented the invasion of ether to material, but still the potential issues exist.” “我不知道,完全不知道,”伯洛戈的笑容苦涩,“就算我们真的解决了魔鬼,扼杀了天外来客,阻止了以太界对物质界的侵入,可还有一个潜在的问题存在。” Day foreign visitor came from where,” Ma said that „, since he can be sent into exile this, then people in day foreign visitor that world, will also discover us sooner or later, and at that time, we possibly simply did not have the ability to resist.” “天外来客从何而来,”玛莫说,“既然他能被放逐到这,那么天外来客那个世界的人们,迟早也会发现我们,并且那时,我们可能根本没有能力抵抗。” The world of day foreign visitor, their utilization to the ether far exceeds in material sublimation, from the day foreign visitor after the criminal was sent into exile, can cause these a lot of years of disputes, can see the great strength of opposite party. 天外来客的世界,他们对以太的运用远超于物质界的凝华者们,从天外来客作为罪人被放逐后,都能引起这千百年的纷争,就可以看出对方的强大。 Great strength that suffocates desperate. 令人绝望窒息的强大。 Ma said in a soft voice, ether estimates compared with us is larger, right? Beirrogo.” 玛莫轻声道,“以太界比我们预想的要大的多,对吗?伯洛戈。” Beirrogo moved a body, he felt the muscle and skeleton of whole body must deathly stiff in one. 伯洛戈活动了一下身子,他觉得全身的肌肉和骨骼都要僵死在一块了。 „When yes, sneaks ether each time, I always think ether, only then my visual institute and is so big, but now looks like, I sneak a peek, is only the minimum part.” “是的,每次潜入以太界时,我总以为以太界只有我目视所及的那么大,可现在看来,我所窥见的,只是极小的一部分。” Beirrogo was saying aroused the ether, nearly substantive ether light group raises slowly, it sends out the azure glow that Beirrogo is in sole possession. 伯洛戈说着唤起了以太,近乎实质的以太光团缓缓升起,它散发着伯洛戈独有的青色辉光。 Like such that we understand, ether like the shadow, overlaps with material in the dimension.” “就像我们理解的那样,以太界就像影子一样,在维度上与物质界重迭。” Under the giant group light/only, Beirrogo created a small luminous spot, he pointed at this luminous spot saying that this was our material, but this giant light group, was the world of day of foreign visitor,” Beirrogo considered, then said, called his world for the end point world temporarily ‚’.” 巨大的光团下,伯洛戈又创造出了一个微小的光点,他指着这枚光点说道,“这就是我们所处的物质界,而这颗巨大的光团,则是天外来客的世界,”伯洛戈思量了一下,接着说道,“把他的世界暂时称呼为‘终点世界’。” On the light group of end point world extends together Yaoguang's path, it extended in luminous spot that represented material, each other connection in one. 终点世界的光团上延伸出一道耀光的轨迹,它延伸到了代表物质界的光点上,将彼此连接在了一起。 „The end point world and material do not exist to border on, does not have the relation, ether that but with arrival of day foreign visitor, overlaps with two world, through indirect way, the end point world and material connection in one.” “终点世界与物质界不存在接壤,也毫无联系,但随着天外来客的降临,与两个世界重迭的以太界,通过间接的方式,将终点世界与物质界连接在了一起。” Beirrogo draws the conclusion, day foreign visitor can be sent into exile to our world, we can similarly along his sent into exile path, found the end point world.” 伯洛戈作出结论,“天外来客可以被放逐到我们的世界里,我们同样可以沿着他被放逐的轨迹,找到终点世界。” After this......” “在这之后……” The Beirrogo spooky say/way, after this, I did not determine that waits for our is the new round war, is a leap of human civilization.” 伯洛戈幽幽道,“在这之后,我不确定等待我们的是新一轮的战争,还是一次人类文明的飞跃。” Ok, first went through the present difficulty to say again.” “算了,先度过眼前的难关再说吧。” Beirrogo was saying stood, he was seemingly more exhausted, but the look is still bright. 伯洛戈说着站了起来,他看起来疲惫了许多,可眼神依旧明亮。 „Do you want to leave?” Ma asked. “你要离开了?”玛莫问。 Un, I decide first to return to Bureau of Order.” “嗯,我决定先回秩序局一趟。” What urgent matter has?” “有什么急事吗?” I heard that the Order of the Secrets envoy came,” Beirrogo said, I thought this one time is the opportunity of uniting Order of the Secrets.” “我听说诸秘之团的使者来了,”伯洛戈说,“我觉得这是一次团结起诸秘之团的机会。” Real situation possible and was inferior that you hope,” Ma said,human is a very complex lifeform, sometimes clear(ly) knows that the ship must sink, but everyone chooses badly beaten of first hitting, I think why this is also the King Solomon choice acts alone. “实事可能并不如你所愿,”玛莫说,“人类是一种很复杂的生物,有时候明知道船要沉了,可大家还是选择先打的头破血流,我想,这也是为什么所罗门王选择独自行动。 He has no way to guarantee that everyone will offer himself, but King Solomon is certain, he himself will not flinch absolutely. ” 他没法确保所有人会奉献自己,但所罗门王可以肯定,他自己绝对不会退缩。” I know, I know, but should not be worried, I am not King Solomon, is not the laughable idealist.” “我知道,我知道,不过别担心,我不是所罗门王,也不是什么可笑的理想主义者。” Beirrogo made an effort to comb a hair, drooping after the sending silk got so far as the brain, completely. 伯洛戈用力地梳了一下头发,把耷拉下来的发丝全部弄到脑后。 I am the non- dead, my some tries the wrong opportunity, as for the remaining matters......” “我是不死者,我有的是试错的机会,至于剩下的事……” Beirrogo smiles to Ma. 伯洛戈向玛莫微笑。 I will convince everyone with the sword.” “我会用剑说服所有人。”
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