EB :: Volume #2

#13: dragon Fu and lion flag

Holybright Continent. 圣明大陆 Big naval port. 大军港。 The clear weather not clouds, the sky is deep blue, impurity does not exist. The sunlight shines in the sea level of harbor, emits the diamond dazzling gloss. 天气晴朗无云,天空碧蓝澄澈,一丝杂质都不存在。阳光照耀在港湾的海面上,散发出钻石般耀眼的光泽。 Large number of warships anchor in the wharf, these warship physiques are huge, the construction is the same, the sail is receiving, the colors of mast most peak are fluttering in the breeze. 大量的军舰停泊在码头,这些军舰体格巨大,形制相同,风帆都收着,桅杆最顶端的军旗在迎风招展。 The big naval port is not a commercial harbor, but is the military port that Holybright Empire opens specially. Must enter here bay, needs to pass a narrow cliff floodgate road junction. The giant fence gate both sides are the sandstone cliff of standing tall and erect, on the cliff are arranging the dense and numerous artilleries, once the specially-made firm fence gate falls, can hinder the Gold Rank magic energy ship. 大军港并非贸易港,而是圣明帝国专门开辟的军事港。要进入这里的海湾,需要通过一个狭窄的悬崖闸道口。巨大的栅门两侧是高耸的砂岩悬崖,悬崖上布置着密密麻麻的火炮,特制的坚固栅门一旦落下,能阻碍黄金级魔能船。 Here easily defensible, the itself terrain is the natural haven. More than 100 years ago, Emperor Holybright issues the tora personally, Empire consumes the large amount of money here, builds the present big naval port. 这里易守难攻,本身地形就是天然的避风港。一百多年前,圣明大帝亲自发布神谕,帝国在这里耗费巨资,打造出了现在的大军港。 The big naval port is not only the biggest naval base, has the Empire highest naval military school. 大军港不仅是最大的海军基地,同时也拥有帝国最高的海军军事学院。 The duke salt sighed is the head in big naval port, was the president of naval military school. 公爵盐叹是大军港的负责人,同时也是海军军事学院的校长。 However every so often, the subordinates wanted to find him is not easy, for example now. 不过很多时候,下属们想要找到他并不容易,就比如现在。 After receiving 006 reports, the agents need to ask for instructions to high-level. 接到006的汇报之后,谍报人员需要向高层请示。 Count Lord!” The agents bow slightly. “伯爵大人!”谍报人员微微鞠躬。 This is the study room that the salt sighed. 这是盐叹的书房。 But what assumes here is not a duke, but is Empire Count wins. 但坐镇这里的并非公爵,而是帝国的伯爵维胜。 Wins the youth appearance, has a golden short hair, sending the silk is strong, raises up straightly, seems like his character- swift and fierce direct. 维胜青年模样,有着一头金黄色的短发,发丝强硬坚韧,一个个笔直竖起,就好像是他本人的性格-凌厉直接。 His eyebrow is most noticeable. The gold color eyebrow is long and thick, is connected in forehead, then on diagonal extends the brow tip, again to frontal eminence. Entire seems like, his gold eyebrow seems like big V characters. 他的眉毛最惹人注目。黄金色的眉毛又长又粗,在眉心处相连,然后斜向上延伸到眉梢,再到额角。整个看上去,他的黄金眉毛就好像是一个大大的V字。 The window of study room is opening, the gentle breeze has the flavor of seashore, blows, from time to time swaying white gauze window curtains. 书房的窗户打开着,轻柔的微风带着海边的味道,吹进来,时而拂动白纱窗帘。 The sea breeze actually strokes the sending tree top that motionless wins, could not relax a worried color of his face. 海风却拂不动维胜的发梢,也舒缓不了他一脸的苦恼之色。 Hateful!” “可恶!” Wins clenches teeth secretly. 维胜暗自咬牙。 He has not sat in the wide back big chair after desk, but sits in receiving callers with on sofa. 他并没有坐在书桌后的宽背大椅中,而是坐在会客用的沙发上。 Even the weak sofa has not made this future great young people produce the heart of slight idleness, this can look from his straight sitting posture. 即便是酥软的沙发也没有让这个前途伟大的年轻人产生丝毫的懈怠之心,这点从他笔直的坐姿就可以看出来。 On the tea table between sofas, is placing a checkerboard. 在沙发之间的茶几上,摆放着一个棋盘。 Wins the vision to tighten on the checkerboard. 维胜目光紧锁在棋盘上。 In the checkerboard the light shadow fluctuates, the army that the major races form slaughters in the checkerboard mutually. 棋盘中光影变幻,各大种族形成的军队在棋盘中相互厮杀。 Develops to fight the chess. 正是演战棋。 Millenniums ago, this magic game originates from the Holybright duchy, has become Empire to the present Holybright duchy, but also unified entire Holybright Continent. Develops to fight the chess to become the aristocrat game that in Empire most was all the rage. 千年以前,这种魔法游戏从圣明公国发源,一直到现在圣明公国成了帝国,还统一了整个圣明大陆。演战棋成了帝国中最风靡的贵族游戏。 „It is not good, why always loses to him?” “还是不行,为什么总是输给他?” Wins the lips to sip tightly, how in the brain thinks unceasingly to collapse. 维胜双唇紧抿着,脑中不断思索着如何破局。 He tried many methods, but can only see his human race navy eventually, retreats in defeat again and again under encircling of pirates, harbors regret to retreat. In the sea level leaves behind the wreckage of warships. 他尝试了许多方法,但是终究只能看到他的人族海军,在海盗们的围剿下节节败退,抱憾溃退。海面上留下一艘艘军舰的残骸。 Count Lord?” The agents reminded again low voice. “伯爵大人?”谍报人员再次小声提醒。 Wins cold snort/hum one, moves out of the way from the checkerboard the vision disgruntledly, shifts to the body of agents: Said that what matter?” 维胜冷哼一声,不悦地将目光从棋盘上挪开,转移到谍报人员的身上:“说吧,什么事?” The agents the vision shrinks immediately, does not dare to win looking at each other with, lowers the head hastily, both hands offer a report: This is 006 latest returns, they and Rou Cang fight ended, their casualties and loss are very big, seeks the supplies to us.” 谍报人员顿时目光一缩,不敢和维胜对视,连忙低下头,双手奉上一份报告:“这是006的最新回报,他们和肉藏的战斗结束了,他们伤亡和损失都很大,向我方寻求补给。” „?” Wins to think immediately, probably one week ago, 006 transmit the information, his line had the drastic change. “哦?”维胜立即想起来,大概一周之前,006传来情报,他的那条线发生了剧变。 They caught the SS Squirrel trail in the sea, but actually defeated to be captured. Causes reason that defeats, two Silver Rank extraordinary that presents suddenly. 他们在海上捕捉到了灰鼠号的踪迹,但是却战败被俘了。导致战败的原因,是忽然出现的两位白银级别超凡者 These two people of named dragon clothing/taking and lion flags, wanted to go to Wilderness Continent, the ships that finally takes encountered the perils of the sea. 这两人名叫龙服、狮旗,原本想要前往荒野大陆,结果乘坐的船只遭遇了海难。 While Yi Shenhui ascends the island treasure hunt time, they sneak in SS Squirrel secretly, then sneak attacked to go well, overpowers Yi Shenhui. Yi Shenhui resists stubbornly, has not submitted. 趁着一身灰登岛寻宝的时候,他们偷偷地潜入灰鼠号中,然后偷袭得手,制服了一身灰一身灰顽抗到底,并未臣服。 Yi Shenhui suffers the attack of The Golden Chin and Sea Snake Woman, the external crisis, making them have to compromise mutually, together combat. Yi Shenhui first attracted the main attention, shows weakness intentionally, lulled 61 sides greatly, finally depends upon the strong strength of dragon Fu, lion flag to win. 一身灰遭受金下巴海蛇女的攻击,外在危机,让他们不得不相互妥协,一同作战。一身灰先吸引了主要的注意力,故意示弱,大大麻痹了006一方,最终依靠龙服、狮旗的强大战力获胜。 006 although was captured, but in the deck hears dragon Fu the words, takes risk to expose the status, successfully convinced dragon Fu, the lion flag to participate in the Empire secret duty. 006虽然被俘虏,但是甲板上听到龙服的话,冒险暴露身份,成功说服了龙服、狮旗参与帝国的秘密任务。 Yi Shenhui is also having to turn to Empire. 连带着一身灰也不得不投靠帝国 006 therefore makes the great merit. 006因此立下大功。 dragon Fu seems like sneak attacks twice, gets to know the benefits, therefore does not want to appear in public directly. After they discussed that in the surface was still headed by Yi Shenhui, treated as the bait it. 龙服似乎是两次偷袭,尝到了甜头,因此不想直接抛头露面。他们商量后,表面上仍旧以一身灰为首,将其当做诱饵。 Quick, they tempted Rou Cang. 很快,他们就引诱到了肉藏 They made the combat plan, plans to use coral corner/horn reef Shi Qun, builds trap, copes with the Rou Cang pirate group. 他们制定了作战计划,打算利用海石角礁石群,来搭建陷阱,对付肉藏的海贼团。 By their five Silver Rank extraordinary strengths, should be able to take Rou Cang. 以他们五位白银级超凡者的实力,应该可以拿得下肉藏 After the navy chiefs of staff know this matter, according to the information calculated, the computation obtains this combat plan to succeed very much. 海军参谋们得知此事后,也根据情报进行了计算,计算得出这个作战计划很有可能获得成功。 The navy therefore defers to 006 requests, uses the rapid eagle, transported a number of magic contract scrolls urgently in the past. 海军因此按照006的要求,利用迅鹰,紧急调运了一批魔法契约卷轴过去。 Said, they did win?” Wins to put out a hand. “这么说,他们获胜了?”维胜伸手。 The agents will report hastily hands over in his hand, and replied: „, Lord, they have not defeated.” 谍报人员连忙将报告交到他的手中,并且答道:“并没有,大人,他们战败了。” Won to receive this report, heard this result, the desire of immediately not having looked. 维胜接过这份报告,听到这个结果,顿时就没有看的欲望。 He will report places side of magic checkerboard, the brow slightly wrinkle, the vision observes closely the checkerboard again: Hasn't killed that Rou Cang? According to their strengths, actually may win very much. They believe, fights slightly, can deceive the support of Empire?” 他将报告放在魔法棋盘的旁边,眉头微皱,目光再次盯住棋盘:“没有干掉那个肉藏?按照他们的战力,其实很有可能胜利的。难道他们认为,稍稍打一场架,就能骗得了帝国的支持?” „It is not this, Count Lord. We had discussed this war, has thought can conduct the support of bigger effort to 006 this lines. Concrete combat report, but also asked Lord to read.” Agents like this field of endeavor. “不是这样的,伯爵大人。我们商议过此战,一直认为可以对006这条线进行更大力度的支持。具体战报,还请大人阅览一下吧。”谍报人员如此道。 Wins will report again takes, after glancing over one rapidly, he selects the eyebrow slightly, reveals to wipe the color of accident/surprise. 维胜再次将报告拿到手中,迅速浏览一遍后,他微微挑眉,流露出一抹意外之色。 After the moment, he hesitates saying: According to 006 reports, the Rou Cang strength rises suddenly, in Gold Rank is also the battle efficiency first-class. Cannot be victorious Rou Cang, is very normal.” 片刻后,他沉吟道:“按照006的报告,肉藏实力暴涨,在黄金级中也是战斗力一流的了。打不过肉藏,十分正常。” Although defeats, but they rout more than ten ships that the Rou Cang pirate rolled. The Rou Cang pirate group loses is very big, the entire fleet only had six ships. Indeed has the meritorious military service.” “虽然战败,但他们击溃了肉藏海贼团的十几艘船。肉藏海贼团损失很大,整个舰队只剩下了六艘船。的确是有战功的。” Key is, the entire journey fight actually only has three silver and Rou Cang confrontation. The Golden Chin and Sea Snake Woman have not fully participated to suppressing of Rou Cang kill, they still had potential. Un...... indeed is worth supporting.” “关键是,全程战斗其实只有三位白银肉藏交锋。金下巴海蛇女并没有全力参与对肉藏的剿杀,他们尚有潜力可挖。嗯……的确值得支持。” Won to approve the view of agents. 维胜认可了谍报人员的看法。 He asked suddenly: „The status of dragon clothing/taking and lion flag, was nosing clear?” 他忽然问道:“龙服、狮旗的身份,查探清楚了吗?” The agents gawked, shakes the head: Also no.” 谍报人员愣了一下,摇头:“还没有。” Did not have nosing to be clear, hasn't investigated?” Wins to closely examine. “还没有查探清楚,还是没有调查?”维胜追问。 The agents said impressively: Has not investigated.” 谍报人员赫然道:“是没有调查。” Won un one, nods, has not actually criticized. 维胜嗯了一声,点点头,却是没有批评。 Because has not investigated, is not the dereliction of duty. 因为没有调查,并不算失职。 Shortly after these secret duties just started, the salt sighed wins the assignment, assigned/life him to be responsible for this matter comprehensively. Therefore wins is clear: In the middle of numerous concealed wirings, 006 this lines are very actually common. Even if currently they have five silver. 这些秘密任务刚开始不久,盐叹就将维胜委派,命他全面负责这个事情。因此维胜非常清楚:在众多的暗线当中,006这条线其实很不起眼。哪怕现在他们已经有了五位白银 Must know other concealed wirings, gold expert and Sacred Domain expert that but contacts. 要知道其他的暗线,可是接触的黄金强者圣域强者 Empire recognizes as the world powerful, the pricetag that in addition Empire gathers is very full, the pirates are usually concerned only about profit. But these archcareerists are also glad to draw support from the Empire resources , helping itself compete for pirate god throne. 帝国的强大为世人公认,再加上帝国招揽的价码很足,海盗们又通常都是唯利是图的。而那些大野心家们也更乐意借助帝国的资源,来帮助自己争夺海盗神座。 Therefore, the progress of other concealed wirings are very big. 所以,其他暗线的进展都很大。 If not the Yi Shenhui name, suddenly arranged first of Saint tablet, will win will not have remembered 006 this lines. 如果不是一身灰的名字,忽然排列到了圣碑的第一位,维胜还不会记住006这条线。 But reason that ranking of Yi Shenhui increases sharply, 006 have reported- was he obtains the bone of kings of four generations of pirate to refer. 一身灰的排名激增的原因,006早已经汇报过了-是他获得了四代海盗之王的骨指。 Must be responsible , the concealed wiring of tracing and attention are too many, wins here manpower is very actually limited. 要负责、追踪和关注的暗线太多,维胜这边的人力其实很有限。 Consumes the precious manpower, investigates two silver, is unworthy. 耗费宝贵的人力,去调查两位白银,并不值得。 But wins at heart actually inexplicable feelings, thought that investigates these two people necessary. 但维胜心里却总有一种莫名的感觉,觉得调查这两个人很有必要。 The agents inquired at this time: Count does Lord, need us to begin to investigate them?” 谍报人员这时询问:“伯爵大人,需要我们着手调查他们吗?” Wins to shake the head: Does not use.” 维胜摇了摇头:“不用了。” And does not have any evidence showed that these two have the value of investigation. 并没有任何证据显示这两人有调查的价值。 Their one is half-beast, grasps in the army battle skill. Another is Baihe River battle energy, reason that can melt to turn into a dragon people obviously, should be the sudden change of bloodline. 他们一个是半兽人,掌握军中斗技。另一个是白河斗气,之所以能显化成龙人,应该是血脉的突变。 They built silver, goes hand in hand, must go to Wilderness Continent, seeks the success of life. 他们修成了白银,结伴而行,要去往荒野大陆,谋求人生的成功。 This situation is very common. 这种情况很常见。 In the recent these years, lots of personnel flood into Wilderness Continent. Has unsuccessful gold expert, even there is sent into exile Sacred Domain, person who many dark bosom sinister designs, conceal identity. 在最近的这些年里,大量的人员涌入荒野大陆。这其中有不得志的黄金强者,甚至有被放逐的圣域,还有许许多多暗怀鬼胎、隐姓埋名的人。 dragon Fu, lion flag these two are common. 龙服、狮旗这两人并不起眼。 Clearly, they are low-born. No matter in the army battle skill or Baihe River battle energy, is the thing of rotten avenue, has spread widely.” “很明显,他们出身低微。不管是军中斗技还是白河斗气,都是烂大街的事物,一直广为流传。” If gives them a better equipment, battle skill, Battle Energy Art wait/etc, their strengths will have the remarkable promotion.” “如果给予他们更好的装备、斗技斗气诀等等,他们的实力会有显著提升。” Empire can win over the pirates, let alone these two? 帝国连海盗们都能拉拢,更何况这两人呢? Thinks of here, won to make decided: Processes like this, I authorized. Let them go to the crecent moon port to go to the supplies.” 想到这里,维胜做出了决定:“就这样处理吧,我批准了。让他们去新月港去补给。” Got it, Lord.” The agents ask to be excused respectful and prudent. “明白了,大人。”谍报人员恭谨告退。
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