DSED :: Volume #6

#587: Bloodlines

In the dim light of night, the gently beautiful night light shines in the inspection lamp construction. 夜色中,柔美的夜光照射在提灯建筑上。 The central spot of inspection lamp construction is flashing luminously, will construct the interior and periphery illuminates translucently. 提灯建筑的中心部位正闪着光亮,将建筑内部及其周围照得透亮。 Kane sits on the sofa of hall is looking at the jade sign in hand. 凯恩坐在大厅的沙发上看着手中的玉牌。 Secret meeting invitation 【秘密聚会邀请函】 Transmits item 【传送道具】 Luster: Golden color 【色泽:金色】 Attribute: Firm 【属性:坚固】 Skill: Receives and instructs transmission( When secret meeting starts, invitation will prompt, if willing to participate, expenditure charm inputs in invitation, will enter meeting place.) 【技能:接引传送】(当秘密聚会开启时,邀请函将会进行提示,如果愿意参加,花费魔力输入进邀请函内,将会进入聚会地点。) Introduced: Has the time remote meeting, the member all grasped personal dungeon Adventurer, they exchange the experience, exchanges the knowledge, exchanges the information.】 【介绍:一个存在时间久远的聚会,成员皆是掌握了私人地牢的探索者,他们相互交流经验,交流学识,交流情报。】 From the appraisal on equipment, truly was such as Bagrij says does not have any issue, but a transmission item that was used to conduct the exchange meeting. 从装备上的鉴定上来看,确实是如鲍格里所说没有任何的问题,只是一个用来进行交流聚会的传送道具。 At this time sound of footsteps transmitted from side, is also mixing with the sound of horse's hoof. 这时候一阵脚步声从旁边传来,其中还夹杂着马蹄的声音。 They must walk from side quickly. 克蕾雅他们快步得从旁边走了过来。 Before after receiving the pass on message of Kane, they are making the preparation respectively, guarded that Kane had the accident/surprise. 之前接到凯恩的传讯后他们就各自做着准备,谨防凯恩出现意外。 After determining Kane to be all right, they walked. 确定凯恩没事后他们才走了过来。 What's all this about?” Walks to ask. “这是怎么回事?”克蕾雅走过来问道。 As a result of the time press, Kane detailed had not just explained these things with them. 由于刚刚时间紧迫,凯恩并没有详细和他们说明这一些事情。 Heard words, Kane just matter, detailed narration listened to them. 听到克蕾雅的话,凯恩将刚刚的事情,详细的讲述给他们听。 After listening, Lombe nods to ask: In other words now you have joined their slightly to get together, right?” 听完后隆贝点点头问道:“也就是说现在你已经加入了他们的那个小聚会了,是吗?” It can be said that.” Was saying Kane shook the jade sign in hand: If this equipment sent out the information, expressed that the meeting started, specifically more detailed information true participates to be able to know to the meeting one time.” “可以这么说。”说着凯恩晃了晃手中的玉牌:“如果这装备发出了信息,就表示聚会开始了,具体更详细的信息只有真正的去往聚会参加一次才能够知晓。” If really such as Bagrij said that that joins this meeting truly to be a good deed.” Said. “如果真如鲍格里所说的话,那加入这聚会确实算得上是一件好事。”克蕾雅说道。 Regarding words, Kane nods. 对于克蕾雅的话,凯恩则是点点头。 Although Kane had the dungeon, but many aspects truly can be said as inexperienced, simply does not have the message source. 虽然凯恩拥有了地牢,但是许多方面确实可以说是毫无经验,也根本没有情报来源。 Like having dungeon information, is almost various Gossip and rumors, which cannot distinguish is real, which are the vacations. 像掌握地牢这种信息,几乎都是各种流言蜚语和谣言,根本分辨不出来哪些是真,哪些是假。 Had this meeting, truly could be solved Kane urgent matter, now thinks that this meeting was very necessary. 有了这聚会,确实算得上是解了凯恩的燃眉之急,现在想想这个聚会还是非常有必要的。 The person who grasps the dungeon is few, therefore needs to stick together mutually can better gains the information and information. 掌握地牢的人本身就是极少数,所以需要相互抱团才能够更好的获取需要的信息和情报。 Right, we just the bloodlines condensed.” At this time said suddenly. “对了,我们刚刚血脉凝聚出来了。”这时候克蕾雅突然说道。 Hears words Kane to think, now is 7 days later, according to the time calculated, yesterday should condense. 听到克蕾雅的话凯恩才想起来,现在已经是七天之后了,按照时间来推算,昨天应该就凝聚出来了。 Now, their bloodlines should truly condense. 现在,克蕾雅他们的血脉确实已经应该凝聚出来了。 They were busy with the dungeon recently various business, the association as well as Original Skill these things pile up, spent they too much time, did Kane to almost forget this matter 他们最近都在忙于地牢的各项事务,还有公会以及本源技能的这些事情堆积起来,花费了他们太多的时间,搞得凯恩都快忘了这件事情 Thinks of here, Kane opens directly Book of Ventures, Here can intuitively examination their bloodlines information. 想到这里,凯恩直接打开【冒险之书】,这里能够更加直观的查看他们的血脉信息。 Bloodlines type of thing, even if they feel, possibly does not have Book of Ventures to demonstrate intuitively. 血脉这种东西,就算是他们自己感觉出来,可能都没有冒险之书显示出来更加的直观。 First sees is bloodlines. 首先看见的便是克蕾雅的血脉。 Bloodlines: Death favor( All with the death related strength, can play a bigger might, is easier to study and its related knowledge and skill. 【血脉:死亡青睐】(所有与死亡有关的力量,都将能发挥出更大的威力,更容易学习与其有关的知识和技能。 All will have certain resistance with the death related strength, the immunity the dead attack, reduces the soul injury.) 所有与死亡有关的力量将具有一定的抵抗性,免疫即死攻击,减少灵魂伤害。) Really had the bloodlines of relations with the death, after all died this strength, no matter how looked can be called is the top rank. 果然是跟死亡有关系的血脉,毕竟死亡这种力量,不管怎么看都称得上是顶级的级别。 Year to year had to do, the bloodlines that with the strength of death condensed does not close up toward the strength of death accidentally/surprisingly. 常年与死亡的力量打交道,凝聚出来的血脉也毫不意外地向着死亡的力量靠拢。 Results that but this bloodlines produce, truly also not accidental/surprised can be called is the top. 但这血脉产生出来的效果,确实也毫无意外的能够称得上是顶级。 Bloodlines, were it can be said that perfect, although Kane does not know other fiercer bloodlines, but according to his view bloodlines, can be called is the peak that batch. 克蕾雅的这血脉,可以说是非常的完美了,凯恩虽然不知道有没有其他更厉害的血脉,但按照他的看法这血脉,称得上是最顶尖的那一批。 Afterward Kane then looks to Li path path, Li groups of situated in had the bloodlines, the bloodlines that now presents are the change. 随后凯恩便看向莉路路的,莉路路处于本来就拥有血脉的,现在出现的血脉属于改变。 Bloodlines: The spirit of fairy tale( Is born in the spirit body of fairy tale, the myriad things cannot first to its have the hostility, newborn of fairy tale element. 【血脉:童话之灵】(诞生于童话的灵体,万物不会首先对其抱有敌意,童话元素的初生者。 One in the nihility being born, will have the suppresive to other fairy tale lifeform, the element of fairy tale will give loyalty to automatically, the strength of fairy tale convergence alignment.) 虚无中诞生的一,对其余的童话生物带有压制性,童话的元素将自动效忠,童话的力量将自动汇聚。) Before the Li path path bloodlines originated from it race bloodlines, did not have too many special capabilities, thing of the nature first to its will not only hold the hostility function. 之前莉路路的血脉来源于其本身种族的血脉,没有太多的特殊能力,唯有一个自然之物不会首先对其抱有敌意的功能。 Now the bloodlines renew Li groups of exclusive bloodlines abilities, but feels and does not seem like enhancement of ability, but probably to Li path path an approval of status. 现在血脉则更新成莉路路专属的一个血脉能力,但感觉并不像是能力的加强,而像是对莉路路一种身份的认同。 Thinks of here, Kane looks to Lombe, Lombe similarly is in the bloodlines change, then after Lombe changes before bloodlines, differently what will have? 想到这里,凯恩看向隆贝,隆贝同样是血脉改变中,那么隆贝改变后的血脉和以前会有什么不同呢? Bloodlines: Titan's blood( Inheritance in top race bloodlines, physical quality integrity enhancement, various resistances small dramatic increase. Obtains the thunder and lightning automatically the strength, the ability in addition powerful of thunder and lightning.) 【血脉:泰坦之血】(传承于顶尖种族的血脉,身体素质将全面性提高,各种抗性将小幅度上涨。自动获得雷电的力量,雷电的能力加更加的强力。) Lombe's Original Skill continuously with giant Titan and so on can have the relations, perhaps Lombe's some ancestor has Titan's bloodlines, now is possibly similar to conducting the atavism. 隆贝的本源技能一直都跟巨人泰坦之类的能够扯上关系,或许隆贝的某一个祖宗拥有泰坦的血脉吧,现在可能类似于进行了返祖。 The present bloodlines superpose with oneself skill highly, has not brought any new ability and skill to Lombe, but actually advanced an altitude Lombe's Original Skill again upwardly. 现在的血脉与本人技能高度重合,并没有给隆贝带来什么新的能力和技能,但是却将隆贝的本源技能再次向上推进了一个高度。 This bloodlines were the usability were extremely high, belongs the degree of getting quick results becomes effective immediately. 这血脉算是实用性极度的高了,属于是立竿见影立马生效的程度。 Almost coordinates with Lombe perfectly. 几乎跟隆贝完美配合。 Finally Kane looks to look like Medsker. 最后凯恩看像梅兹克的。 Bloodlines: The strength of gold metallurgy( Regarding the studies of various gold metallurgy technologies handy, various gold metallurgy goods that make, have a higher attribute as well as a higher success rate.) 【血脉:炼金之力】(对于各种炼金技术的学习和掌握将会更加的得心应手,制造出来的各种炼金物品,具有更高的属性以及更高的成功概率。) Looked that the effect of this bloodlines can be said as very practical, but Kane thought that this bloodlines possibly affects the descendant who are bigger than its later probably to have regarding Medsker. 看这血脉的效果可以说是非常的实用,但是凯恩觉得这血脉对于梅兹克来说可能作用更加的大于其以后可能拥有的后裔。 Various species that this bloodlines provide regarding Medsker, can only say that is the better than nothing. 这血脉提供的各种属性对于梅兹克来说,只能够说是聊胜于无。 But if such bloodlines inherit to his descendant on, Medsker has the possibility to put in order a gold metallurgy aristocratic family very much. 但这样的血脉如果遗传到他的后裔身上,那梅兹克很有可能整出一个炼金世家。 Has such bloodlines, the issue that the idea of Kane has no completely, the occupation delivers various gold metallurgy talents. 有这样的血脉,凯恩的这个想法完全没有任何的问题,职业产出各种炼金人才。 What kind of help however makes concrete to he has and promotion, this is Medsker feels can know. 不过具体对他自身有着怎样的帮助和提升,这还是得梅兹克自己去感受才能够知道。 In the writing truly cannot manifest to have what too big change. 文字上确实体现不出来有什么太大的改变。 Bloodlines are good.” Kane said with a smile. “血脉都不错呀。”凯恩笑着说道。 They know that Kane can detect their attributes through the method of appraisal, therefore regarding the praise of Kane, the people smiles. 他们都知道凯恩能够通过鉴定的方法察觉到他们身上的属性,所以对于凯恩的夸赞,众人都笑了笑。 However at this time asked: Kane, have we been waiting for opening of link of the world on this now?” 不过这时候克蕾雅却问道:“凯恩,我们现在就这样一直等待着世界之环的开启吗?” Does not know.” Kane somewhat helpless saying. “不知道。”凯恩有些无奈的说道。 Afterward continues to say. 随后继续说道。 I can now the positive news pointed out that opening of link of the world in half year to one year within.” “我现在能够得到的确切消息指出,世界之环的开启就在这半年到一年的时间之内了。” This matter definitely cannot miss, and you also know that I must become the most important opener, when the link of the world will open, I will definitely become the 1st batch of learning news person.” “这件事情肯定是不能错过的,并且你们也知道我必须成为首要开启者,世界之环何时会开启,我肯定会成为第一批获知消息的人。” Must conduct dungeon again an exploration of time, only after can wait for the notice that starts, can know.” “到底要不要再进行一次地牢的探索,只能去等待开启的通知下来后才能够知道。” Moreover the news and Burton that words before received said that the dungeon exploration mean times of golden rank in a half year and above, if could not catch up with opening of link of the world when the time comes, the dense fog can look for trouble absolutely.” “而且之前获得的消息和伯顿的话都说了,黄金级别的地牢探索平均时间都是在半年及以上的,如果到时候赶不上世界之环的开启的话,迷雾绝对会来找麻烦的。” Naturally, the premise is the most important opener is truly important. 当然了,前提是首要开启者确实很重要。 After hearing the explanation of Kane, nod that the people understand, now they truly were the card at an a little awkward time point. 听到凯恩的解释后,众人都了解的点点头,现在他们确实是卡在了一个有点尴尬的时间点。 The words that does not explore, will at least waste for several months. 不去探索的话,至少都会浪费好几个月的时间。 Words that however explores, there is a very big probability to miss opening of link of the world, others will be good, but the slow person one step will not have the advantage that first entered. 但是去探索的话,又有很大的几率会错过世界之环的开启,别人还好,只是慢人一步没有了首批进入的优势。 However Kane is different, Kane is shouldering the responsibility of 1st opener, has the important responsibility. 但是凯恩不一样,凯恩肩负着第一个开启者的职责,有着重要的责任。 Although Kane still does not know why wants 1st opening, does not know that really meaningful symbolizes significant to be bigger. 虽然凯恩至今都不知道,为何要自己第一个开启,不知道是真的有意义还是象征意义性更大。 If really meaningful, perhaps will present everyone and other Kane situations. The people in the whole world wait for him, Kane may be unable to receive such responsibility. 如果真的有意义的话,说不定会出现大家都在等凯恩的情况。整个世界的人都等他,凯恩可受不起这样的责任。 But said no matter how, Kane must spare the long time to wait for opening of link of the world, no matter for others so. 但不管怎么说,凯恩必须要腾出长串的时间来等待着世界之环的开启,不管是为了别人还是自己都将如此。 Perhaps really may appear, Kane is exploring the dungeon, then the link of the world opened, the dense fog kicks out Kane directly. 说不定真有可能会出现,凯恩正在探索地牢,然后世界之环开启了,迷雾直接将凯恩踢出去。 This possibility Kane ponders, unexpectedly also really has the possibility. 这种可能性凯恩思考一下,居然还真有可能。 Waits for, waits.” At this time Lombe made noise. “等一下,等一下。”这时候隆贝出声了。 Sees vision that the people cast, Lombe asked: We continuously such hurried conducts the exploration and entry of dungeon, how does the middle hardly rest for what?” 看见众人投来的目光,隆贝问道:“我们一直这么急急忙忙的进行地牢的探索和通关,中间几乎不怎么休息是为了什么?” Naturally to become gold a bit faster.” Li path path rushes to reply. “当然是为了快点成为黄金了。”莉路路抢着答道。 Yes.” Lombe lets go to say. “是吧。”隆贝摊手说道。 Now we have become the gold, why must irritable such, the gold level with my brother's words be the stage that time wears down, is not unusual in this stage expenditure much time.” “现在我们已经成为了黄金,为什么还要这么的急躁呢,用我哥哥的话来说黄金级就是一个时间消磨的阶段,在这个阶段花费再多的时间都不稀奇。” Truly does not have any issue that this saying said that after the normal Adventurer majority is explores a dungeon, must rest for at least 1-2 months will conduct the next exploration. 这话说的确实没有什么问题,正常的探索者大部分都是探索完一个地牢后,要休息至少1-2月的时间才会进行下一次的探索。 1-2 months of this rest ; first, to adjust own condition, heals from a wound or studies. 这休息的1-2月,一是为了调整自身的状态,养伤或是学习。 Second, to grasp own strength, own strength enhancement one. 二是掌握自己的实力,将自己的实力更加的提高一节。 Said over and over again, Kane the strength in the following several dungeons assumed the steamroll the condition, the merit originate from most probably clone the graciousness the arena. 说来说去,凯恩他们之所以在后面的几座地牢中实力呈碾压的状态,功劳大半都来源于艾克隆恩的竞技场。 They stayed for a year in inside, because the dungeon grasps, in clones the reason in graciousness hand, the dislocation of therefore in the time and dungeon having. 他们在里面待了一年的时间,因为地牢掌握在艾克隆恩手中的原因,所以外界的时间与地牢中产生的错位。 But has saying that is because this year training makes Kane their strength promotion so arrive. 但不得不说,就是因为这一年的训练才让凯恩他们的实力提升到如此之多。 Why will have such big promotion, originates from Kane completely they, before continuously keeping conducts the exploration of dungeon, simply does not have the time to stop the footsteps, neat own strength well. 为何会有这么大的提升,完全都来源于凯恩他们,之前一直在不停的进行地牢的探索,根本没有时间停下脚步来,好好的规整自身的力量。 That year time, was equivalent to Kane their beforehand accumulation complete digestions, therefore created such effect, as if in a year strength leap-style growth. 那一年的时间,相当于将凯恩他们之前的积累全部的消化掉,所以才造成了这样的效果,仿佛一年之间实力跳跃式的增长。 Very difficult not to ponder whether is because cloned saw Kane their issue, kept one year there them intentionally. 很难不去思考是否是因为艾克隆啊看出了凯恩他们的问题,故意将他们在那里留了一年的时间。 After all cloned the graciousness truly to treat as the final disciple them. 毕竟艾克隆恩确实将他们当做了自己最后的弟子。 Earliest he does not know why Kane they must promote fast to become the gold, but also criticizes them extremely in irritable may have the accident/surprise like this. 最早他不知道,凯恩他们为何要快速升级成为黄金,还批评过他们太过于急躁这样有可能会发生意外。 But on us lacks the equipment of gold.” Said. “可是我们身上缺黄金的装备呀。”克蕾雅说道。 Golden rank most important is the equipment of regular comprehension and golden rank. 黄金级别最重要的就是规则的领悟与黄金级别的装备。 The regular comprehension must be much more than demand of equipment. 规则的领悟要远远的大于装备的需求。 But cannot do without equipping. 但又不能没有装备。 Now the comprehension of most important rule, they can without going to dungeon has the opportunity of comprehension. 现在最重要的规则的领悟,他们可以在不去地牢的情况下获得领悟的机会。 But equipped to be possible not to have the means that even if can buy is still very difficult to buy suits their equipment, after all the equipment of golden rank one was the circulation of market is few . Moreover the price was extremely high. 但装备可就没办法了,即便能买也很难能够买到适合他们的装备,毕竟黄金级别的装备一是市场的流通很少,而且价格极度高昂。 To have suitably is truly difficult. 想要有适合的确实挺难。
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