DSED :: Volume #6

#588: Green sign gold dungeon

Held the helpless mood, Kane they were entering the association hall. 抱着无奈的心情,凯恩他们进入了公会大厅。 As a result of the time some, in this time association hall still had been drinking the person who late chatted, has been short. 由于时间已经有些晚了,此时的公会大厅中还在喝酒聊天的人,已经少了很多。 Now you must sleep to me!” “现在你们必须给我去睡觉!” Just sees Nona to raise own two daughters, vanishes in the association hall. 刚好看见波诺娜正提着自己的两个女儿,消失在公会大厅中。 Present Lumina can be called in the entire association is the mischievous model, their mischievous degrees will only make Nona feel the headache. 现在的米露米娜在整个公会中称得上是调皮的典范,不过她们的调皮程度只会让波诺娜觉得头疼。 Kane has turned the head, just looks at this, later turns the head, takes up drinks in the hand to continue to drink. 凯恩转过头去,刚好看着这一幕,随后又转过头来,拿起自己手中的饮品继续喝着。 Also can see your 5 late, but also is really unusual.” “这么晚了还能看见你们五个,还真是稀奇。” Burton scratches wine glass in the hand to say. 伯顿擦着自己手中的酒杯说道。 Oh.” Lombe sighed in side, later big filled in beer in the cup the entrance completely. “唉。”隆贝在旁边叹了口气,随后一大口的将自己杯中的啤酒全部灌入口中。 Burton, what kind of the dungeon of golden rank is?” Li path path asked on the shoulder of Kane. 伯顿,黄金级别的地牢是怎样的呢?”莉路路在凯恩的肩膀上问道。 Burton thinks saying: Feelings and other dungeons have no difference, however inside lifeform has the wisdom. Must say that also has the words that anything distinguishes besides this, is the dungeon not that heavy rivalrousness of gold level.” 伯顿想了想说道:“感觉和其他的地牢没什么区别吧,但是里面的生物都有着智慧。要说除了这个外还有什么区别的话,就是黄金级的地牢没有那么重的敌对性。” What do you mean?” Lombe asked. “什么意思?”隆贝问道。 Kane helpless explanation: In other words will not seem like brass silver this, dungeon inside person sees us to come up to us two blades.” 凯恩无奈的解释道:“就是说不会像是黄铜白银这样,地牢里面的人看见我们就要上来给我们两刀。” Regarding the explanation of Kane, Burton is nods to express that truly is this. 对于凯恩的解释,伯顿则是点点头表示确实是这样。 It is said because of the dungeon of gold level, many world wills has produced the individual consciousness and dense fog reached the agreement, therefore compared with living in peace with each other.” “据说是因为黄金级的地牢,许多的世界意志已经产生了个体意识和迷雾达成了协议,所以比较相安无事。” Real false?” Kane somewhat curious question and answer. “真的假的?”凯恩有些好奇的问答。 Burton shrugs: I not am quite definite, after all I have not gone through customs the dungeons of many golden ranks, if on my experience, the possibility of this saying to be extremely high, the form that but displays is not quite possibly same.” 伯顿耸耸肩:“我也不太确定呀,毕竟我也没通关多少黄金级别的地牢,如果就我的经验来说的话,这话的可能性极高,只不过表现出来的形式可能不太一样。” Right, oh.” “是吗,唉。” Listens to the Burton words, Kane also to sigh. 听完伯顿的话,凯恩也叹了口气。 You today what's the matter? How to look distressed, now you should not very rejoice is right?” Burton strange question and answer. “你们今天怎么回事啊?怎么愁眉苦脸的,现在你们不应该很高兴才对吗?”伯顿奇怪的问答。 After all Kane they were promoted the gold, formed the association, now is waiting for the start of link of the world. 毕竟凯恩他们晋级成了黄金,组建了公会,现在就等待着世界之环的开始了。 Because of our time......” “因为我们时间……” Why Lombe is explaining they such reason in side. 隆贝在旁边解释着他们为何这样的原因。 Listens to younger brother's explanation, Burton to nod: That truly is nothing the means.” 听完自己弟弟的解释,伯顿点点头:“那确实是没有什么好办法。” Also has the good way, can look for that short cycle , fast return , high effectiveness the dungeon.” “也不是没有好办法啦,可以去找那种短平快的地牢啊。” At this time in nearby onstage, just packed the thing Entoma to hear their words to say. 这时候在旁边的前台,刚刚收拾完东西的艾多玛听见了他们的话说道。 Hears the Entoma words, people simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform casts the vision: What do you mean.” 听到艾多玛的话,众人齐齐的将目光投过去:“什么意思。” Entoma looks at Kane saying: You had not gone before, is the green target copper level dungeon is called of rookie dungeon.” 艾多玛看着凯恩说道:“你之前不是去过吗,就是绿标的铜级地牢被称为新人地牢的那种。” You meant, the dungeon of golden rank also does have like this?” Kane asked. “你的意思是说,黄金级别的地牢也有像这种的一样吗?”凯恩问道。 Right, has, each rank has this to farm firmly, is only silver and copper color rarest. You should know the golden rank the dungeon actually preserves most, because Adventurer of golden rank are quite few. “对,有的,每个级别都有这种地牢,只是银色的和铜色的最稀有罢了。你们应该知道黄金级别的地牢其实留存的最多,因为黄金级别的探索者比较少。 A year not necessarily has a dungeon to go through customs to vanish, therefore existence quantity and copper level can be orthogonal, dozens years have perhaps also been able instead over. ” 一年都不一定有一座地牢能被通关消失,所以存在量与铜级能够平齐,过个几十年说不定还能够反超一下。” In this case, will have to seem like the rookie dungeon same gold dungeon. The strength is not strong, the monster are not many, the hostility is also weak, what is more important is the time of expenditure is also few.” “在这种情况下,就会有像是新人地牢一样的黄金地牢。实力不强,怪物不多,敌意也弱,更重要的是花费的时间也很少。” Was saying Entoma turns to look under own counter, turned looked for quite a while, finally found a magazine to give them. 说着艾多玛在自己的柜台下方翻找起来,翻找了半天,终于找到了一份杂志递给了他们。 Is that on this magazine writes, golden dungeon that last year presented. Adventurer of many gold levels are willing to explore, the time of after all spending are less, therefore this farms firmly is also that type that in the gold level dungeon is easiest to vanish.” “就是这杂志上面写的这个,去年才出现的黄金地牢吧。许多黄金级的探索者都愿意去探索一下,毕竟花费的时间少,所以这种地牢也是黄金级地牢中最容易消失的那一类型。” Hears the Entoma words, the people start to read the magazine in his hand. 听见艾多玛的话,众人开始翻看其手中的杂志。 The gold level popular dungeon, in the northwest direction, on average the time of each team of Adventurer expenditures is less than one month. 黄金级热门地牢,处于西北方向,平均每队探索者花费的时间不到一个月。 This speed is a little truly fast, must know the Adventurer team that golden rank is very difficult to be able volume of simultaneous/uniform 5 people. 这速度确实有点快呀,要知道黄金级别的探索者队伍就很难能够集齐五个人呢。 Majority is three people forms a team, without the means that 5 people of teams, very difficult whole staff arrives at the gold after all. 大部分都是三人组队,没办法,毕竟一支五人队伍,很难能全员到达黄金。 Therefore the golden rank is also alone wolf most ranks, two people of teams are also many. 所以黄金级别也是独狼最多的级别,二人队也不少。 Them the whole staff like Kane is the team of gold is the rare species on the contrary. 反倒是像凯恩他们这样全员都是黄金的队伍属于稀有品种。 Why this suggested that as far as possible when copper level, there is talent should better be able with having talent forms a team together. 这就是为何尽量建议在铜级时,有天赋者最好能跟有天赋者一起组队。 Kane they continue to read the magazine, this above basically the information of this dungeon gave post one by one above. 凯恩他们继续翻看杂志,这上面基本上将这地牢的情报给挨个的贴在了上面。 Looks at this flow, Kane knows why will spread the golden rank the world will, possibly has had the transaction rumor with the dense fog. 看着这流程,凯恩才知道为何会传出黄金级别的世界意志,可能与迷雾有过交易的谣言。 This dungeon is overcomes an obstacle, does not have any slightly blames and wastes the time unexpectedly directly the place, but is precisely the pattern of very obvious establishment desirably. 这地牢居然直接就是闯关,没有任何的小怪和浪费时间的地方,而且是非常明显的刻意设置的模式。 Altogether three passes/tests, three leader level monsters. Closed one to win one by one went through customs even. 一共三关,三个首领级怪物。一关一个挨个打赢了就算通关。 If needs to rest and restore the injury, the monster of leader level also met you to rest to fight with you again, manifested the pinnacle user-friendly this point. 要是需要休息和恢复伤势,那首领级的怪物还会等你休息完了再和你打,把人性化这一点体现到了极致。 How this truly saw that seems like with is the same, but also truly just accurate hit that the dense fog reaches an agreement Kane their present demands. 这确实怎么看都像是已经和迷雾商量好的一样,但也确实刚好精准的命中了凯恩他们现在的需求。 This dungeon truly looks well, when we finished the specific opening instant of knowing the link of the world rushes , the time definitely is with enough time.” “这地牢确实看着不错呀,等我们忙完了知道了世界之环的具体开启时间就去闯一下吧,时间肯定是来得及的。” Kane looks that this dungeon the information said. 凯恩看着这地牢的信息说道。 This dungeon truly is very suitable they now this situation, they mainly want to take a look at the golden rank the dungeon, what kind of situation is. 这地牢确实挺适合他们现在这情况的,他们主要是想看看黄金级别的地牢,到底是个怎样的情况。 Also wants to fight ruthlessly one time with the opponent of the same class, bets fight of life, rather than like with Burton is only the training. 也想和自己同级别的对手狠狠的交手一次,赌上性命的交手,而不是像和伯顿这样只是训练。 Regarding the Kane words, the people nod, although the income of this dungeon is not much, but truly met their need. 对于凯恩的话,众人都点点头,虽然这地牢的收益不怎么样,但确实是满足了他们的需求。 „, Right, this is the link's of 2nd period world.” “哦,对了,这是世界之环第二期。” Entoma put out one pack to give them the 2nd issue of magazine. 艾多玛将第二期的杂志拿出了一叠递给他们。 After Kane received, read, has no difference from the information that they know. 凯恩接过后翻看了一下,和他们知道的情报没什么区别。 However this issue of magazine is mainly the ecology of link of introduction world. 不过这一期的杂志主要是介绍世界之环的生态。 Roughly is tells Adventurer, should not be regarded as the new world to explore the link of the world, must treat as dangerous numerous unknown dungeons to explore it. 大致就是告诉探索者们,不要把世界之环当做是新世界来探索,要把它当做一座危险重重的未知地牢来探索。 Particularly told these copper levels and silver level Adventurer of emphasis, the inflexible lifeform that here lifeform same can ponder the intelligent race that rather than that type of dungeon duplicates with them. 特别重点告诉那些铜级和白银级的探索者,这里的生物都和他们一样是能够自己思考的智慧种族而不是地牢的那种那种复制出来的死板生物。 Will deceive to meet the conspiracy, will ambush. 会欺骗会阴谋,会埋伏。 Even the contour is their friends is even same as them, but actually originates from the different races of other world. 即便外形和他们甚至是他们的朋友一样,但是却是来源于其他世界的不同种族。 Said simply straightforwardly, tells the risk of link of Adventurer world, must maintain completely vigilant. 简单直白的说,就是告诉探索者们世界之环的危险性,一定要保持完全的警惕。 Kane sees things in others'shoes, if he in the dense fog world, facing these races of link of the world, might really be negligent since birth. 凯恩换位思考一下,假如他生来就在迷雾世界的话,面对世界之环的那些种族,确实有可能会大意。 The intelligent race characteristics of dense fog world are the injectivity are extremely strong, even the odd thing, still has nothing in their opinion well strange. 迷雾世界的智慧种族特点就是接受性极强,即使是再离谱的东西,在他们看来也没什么好奇怪的。 The dungeon that after all explores what is strange to have. 毕竟探索的地牢奇奇怪怪什么样都有。 The shortcoming also has, besides exploration dungeon, life truly extremely in peace. 缺点也有,除了探索地牢外,外界的生活确实太过于和平。 The faced danger also mostly is very straightforward danger, after all explores these monster hostilities in dungeon dungeon exceptionally obvious, will not exchange to attack with you. 面对的危险也大多是非常直白的危险,毕竟探索地牢地牢中的那些怪物敌意异常的明显,根本不会与你交流上来就是攻击。 Only if the special dungeon, otherwise in the dungeon will actually rarely have the emergence of wisdom Huisheng having good luck ever after range. 除非是特殊的地牢,不然地牢中其实很少会有智慧生命大范围的出现。 Kane their experiences regarding most Adventurer, absolutely do not have the popularization, is a case. 凯恩他们的经历对于大部分的探索者来说,完全没有普及性,属于个例。 Most Adventurer possibly have promoted the gold, what faces will be will only shout that hits dungeon monster that will shout " kill ". 大部分的探索者可能一直升级到黄金,都面对的是只会喊打喊杀的地牢怪物。 At this time once they entered the link of the world, inside environment and dense fog world almost did not have too many differences. Is facing all the full of wisdom individual, various schemes and tricks, the deceit intoxicates the ambush. 这时候他们一旦进入世界之环,里面的环境与迷雾世界几乎没有太多的差别。面对着全是有智慧的个体,各种阴谋诡计,欺骗下毒埋伏。 In surface actually exceptionally genial compatible, in these Adventurer 100 move. 表面上却异常的和善亲和,这些探索者100中招。 If not the reminder of this magazine, Kane has not thought of such issue completely. 如果不是这杂志的提醒的话,凯恩完全没想到有这样的问题。 Turns the head to look at they. 转过头来看着克蕾雅他们。 Without this magazine, many Adventurer will be really deceived and ambushed like this?” “如果没这个杂志的话,真的有很多探索者会被这样欺骗和埋伏吗?” Hears the Kane issue, thinks to nod later. 听见凯恩的问题,克蕾雅想了想随后点点头。 Has the possibility.” “有可能的。” No, is can definitely like this.” Burton said in side. “不,是肯定会这样。”伯顿在旁边说道。 Burton experience probably ordinary Adventurer is the same. 伯顿的经历就非常像是普通的探索者一样。 If I copper level or silver level, even just entered shortly after the gold level, really to such that in this magazine says.” “如果我才铜级或者白银级,甚至是刚刚进入黄金级不久,真的会向这杂志上说的那样。” Reads the magazine in hand, Kane cannot be bearing say: Even but if told these Adventurer like this, so many years customs were impossible to say suddenly change, because definitely such reason presents many dangers.” 看着手中的杂志,凯恩忍不住说道:“可是即便是这样告诉这些探索者,这么多年的习惯也不可能说是说改就改,肯定会因为这样的原因出现许多危险的。” Why therefore this is best is following influence and leader of gold level rank conducts the exploration.” Burton said. “所以这就是为什么最好是跟着势力以及黄金级级别的领头人物进行探索呀。”伯顿说道。 „The dungeon of golden rank, inside majority was the intelligent individual, therefore Adventurer of golden rank has been used.” “黄金级别的地牢,里面大部分都是智慧的个体了,所以黄金级别的探索者已经习惯了。” Afterward Burton looks at Kane they: You should not have such situation, a dungeon strange big pile that after all you experience.” 随后伯顿看着凯恩他们:“你们应该不会出现这样的情况吧,毕竟你们经历的地牢奇奇怪怪的一大堆。” Relax, Elder Brother, we did not deceive others to be good.” Lombe said. “放心吧,哥哥,我们不骗别人已经不错了。”隆贝说道。 Heard younger brother's words, Burton cannot bear look at Kane their eyes: Does not know that your situations, is considered as on is the luck is good.” 听到自己弟弟的话,伯顿忍不住看了凯恩他们一眼:“不知道你们这种情况,到底算不算得上是运气好。” Is the weal and woe relies on one another. Kane cannot bear in the heart thinks. 是福祸相依。凯恩忍不住在心中想到。 You chatted, I first walked.” Entoma is beckoning with the hand to vanish same place to the people. “你们聊,我先走了。”艾多玛对着众人摆摆手消失在了原地。 After the people chatted a while, then returned to the respective space respectively. 众人聊了一会儿后,便各自回到了各自的空间中。 Returns to the space Kane, flung on the whole person cloud bed directly. 回到自己空间的凯恩,直接将自己整个人甩到了云床上。 Rests in the soft cloud layer, closed the eye slowly. 睡在柔软的云层上,缓缓的闭上了眼睛。 The time passes. 时间流逝。 The dawn was just begining to break, at this time late at night. 天还未亮,此时正是深夜。 Lies down Kane on cloud bed, suddenly opened the eye. 躺在云床上的凯恩,突然睁开了眼睛。 Put out a hand to search in the space equipment, tonight's time Bagrij will give his jade sign to take. 伸手探进了空间装备中,将今天晚上的时候鲍格里交给他的玉牌拿了出来。 This time jade sign is flashing the blue light slightly, with can also feel the above heat in the hand. 此时的玉牌正微微闪着蓝光,拿在手中还能够感受到上面的热量。 At this time another, Bagrij once taught his jade also to send out the ray. 这时候另外一颗,鲍格里曾经教给他的玉石也同样在散发着光芒。 Kane thinks, the charm input in that jade. 凯恩想了想,魔力输入进了那颗玉石之中。 Bagrij's voice passed from inside. 鲍格里的声音从里面传了出来。 Received the message of jade sign? The meeting started, if you must come, inputs in the charm enter jade.” “收到玉牌的消息了吗?聚会开始了,如果你要来的话,就将魔力输入进玉牌之中。” This sound is a bit like the message, after the words ended, hung up. 这声音有点像是留言,话语结束后就挂断了。 Kane looked at the jade sign in hand to ponder a while, the form disappeared in the association hall, returned to the room outside association station. 凯恩看着手中的玉牌思考了一会儿,身影消失在了公会大厅之中,回到了外面公会驻地的一间房间内。 Afterward the charm input in the jade sign. 随后魔力输入进了玉牌之中。
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