DMWG :: Volume #30

#2946: Dreamboats

Each new student enters Profound Connection Divine Palace, always some people act recklessly, want to challenge senior student, sets up the prestige by this.” “每一次新生进入通玄神府,总有人不知死活,想要挑战老生,以此立威。” But each time, is doomed to end in failure, defeats senior student truly, as if never has, newborn genius again startled certainly colorful, after all is also only a youth.” “但是每一次,都注定会以失败而告终,真正击败老生的,似乎就从未有过,新生天才再惊才绝艳,毕竟还只是个愣头青而已。” Their load bearing too many glory, have naturally not wanted to occupy under the person, the names of their genius were held for a long time, often will lose the cognition, thinks oneself infallible, has a swelled head, but finally, will be doomed dead a tragic death.” “他们承载过太多的荣耀,自然不想要屈居人下,他们的天才之名被捧得太久了,往往就会丧失认知,自以为是,妄自尊大,而结果,注定都会死得很惨。” „The name of genius is unquestionable, the senior student honor, similarly is also inviolable.” 天才之名不容置疑,老生荣誉,同样也是不容侵犯。” In senior student, secretly shakes the head, in addition ordinary senior student is not easy to cope, the idle talk is Heaven Ascension Ranking 500 strong peerless expert. 老生之中,都是暗自摇头,普通老生尚且不是那么容易对付的,更遑论是登天榜500强的绝世高手 You are genius, am I a coward? Liu Zhe won on the victory has practiced the 100,000 year in him compared with Jiang Chen, although was God King Realm late stage, was expert of same rank, placed beside Profound Connection Divine Palace, he can by one versus five, this then be his self-confident origin absolutely. 你是天才,难道我就是孬种?刘哲胜就胜在他比江尘多修炼了十万年有余,虽然是神王境后期,可是同等级的强者,放在通玄神府之外,他绝对能够以一敌五,这便是他自信的来源。 Since you insist on asking, I then help you.” “既然你执意求死,那我便成全你。” Jiang Chen indifferently said, both engage in hand-to-hand combat instantaneously, incur a move of fatality, ruthless spicy, Liu Zhe has not kept the hand, Jiang Chen did not dread that the fist wind, ear-splitting, howls, with irresistible force. 江尘淡淡说道,两者瞬间短兵相接,招招致命,狠辣非常,刘哲并未留手,江尘也毫不忌惮,拳风所向,震耳欲聋,呼啸而过,势如破竹。 Has saying that the Liu Zhe strength, the unusual, strong method, made the person palpitation, the tacks in the sole swept away, as if can break out void. 不得不说,刘哲的实力,非同一般,强势手段,令人心悸,铁掌横扫,似乎能够劈开虚空。 Five Thunder Palm!” 五雷掌!” Liu Zhe approaches step by step, the God King Realm late stage strength, displayed extreme, went all out must whole-heartedly, Liu Zhe did not have the meaning of least bit having a low opinion of the enemy, because he knows that Liu Yingfeng can be repelled by the Jiang Chen three moves, will have his skill inevitably, if had a low opinion of the enemy, could not do well to play inextricably involved, that may lose face. 刘哲步步逼近,神王境后期的实力,发挥到了极致,狮子搏兔尚需全力以赴,刘哲没有半点轻敌之意,因为他知道刘英峰能够被江尘三招击退,势必有他的本事,如果轻敌的话,搞不好打得难解难分,那可就丢脸了。 Therefore , Liu Zhe makes every effort to strike to kill, the powerful makes, if still likes a sudden thunderclap general, but the thunderclap rolling , the Five Thunder Palm palm lives the thunder, the electricity snake surges, Jiang Chen motionless as mountain, across the sky a fist, does not have any gaudiness, the flesh and blood, endures compared with the diamond. 所以说,刘哲力求一击必杀,强势打出,犹若五雷轰顶一般,雷声滚滚而至,五雷掌掌心生雷,电蛇涌动,江尘不动如山,横空一拳,毫无任何的花哨,血肉之躯,堪比金刚。 Five Thunder Palm makes three palms continuously, kept off by the Jiang Chen complete standard, moreover both no one has taken the slight advantage, fearful and apprehensive that Gu Maolu looks, Jiang Chen is the idle courtyard is free, as if deals with Liu Zhe to come, to accomplish a task with ease. 五雷掌连续打出三掌,被江尘全部格挡,而且两者谁都没有占到丝毫的便宜,顾茅庐看的胆战心惊,江尘却是闲庭自若,似乎应对起刘哲来,游刃有余。 Startled feather sword!” “惊羽剑!” Liu Zhe is unable to defeat Jiang Chen shortly, offered a sacrifice to his Origin God Tool divine weapon, sword rain like the hook, the air/Qi, if suspension fiber, shatter feathers, irresistible. 刘哲眼看无法击败江尘,祭出了他的元神器神兵,剑雨如钩,气若悬丝,落花飞羽,势不可挡。 True Dragon's Seal!” 真龙之印!” Jiang Chen gaze like the torch, like the frost, he did not have the thoughts to pester indifferently with this fellow, Heaven Ascension Ranking 500 how? In my Jiang Chen eye, the class of genius, unable to withstand a single blow, I then must travele across all genius, welcomed empties on, this was expert should have the stance that. 江尘目光如炬,冷眼如霜,他也没有心思跟这家伙纠缠下去了,登天榜500强又如何?在我江尘眼中,天才之流,不堪一击,我便是要踏遍所有天才,迎空而上,这才是强者该有的姿态。 Transformation of True Dragon Great Handprint, causes Jiang Chen to True Dragon's Seal, handy, Mad Dragon howls, dragon Houru, prints the Secret Art to fight the extension, is disillusioned void, the meaning of ruling by force, the air/Qi to/clashes Nine Heavens. 真龙大手印的蜕变,也使得江尘真龙之印,更加的得心应手,狂龙呼啸,龙吼如雷,印诀斗转,破灭虚空,霸道之意,气冲九天 Jiang Chen's True Dragon's Seal, facing startled feather sword, is similar to swallows the day to accept the place Mad Dragon to be ordinary, easily accomplished broke Liu Zhe Origin God Tool, at that moment, the Jiang Chen seal Secret Art turns over, then has made the potential of heaven-shaking, many senior student, with the complexion big change, who can think that a new student, a palm crushed Liu Zhe Origin God Tool, Liu Zhe is also unceasing exploding draws back to go, the complexion is ugly, Jiang Chen's True Dragon's Seal, Origin God Tool that not only easily accomplished crushing he has been proud, but also the body was oppressed enormously, this seal, making him be seriously battered deeply. 江尘的真龙之印,面对惊羽剑,如同一头吞天纳地的狂龙一般,摧枯拉朽的震碎了刘哲元神器,那一刻,江尘印诀翻转,便是打出了惊天之势,不少老生,都跟着脸色大变,谁能想到一个新生,一掌击碎了刘哲元神器,刘哲也是不断的爆退而去,脸色难看,江尘的真龙之印,不仅摧枯拉朽的击碎了他引以为傲的元神器,而且身体更是受到了极大的压迫,这一印,让他深受重创。 This fellow, too terrifying! Not enemy!” “这家伙,太恐怖!不可敌!” In Liu Zhe heart imposing, draws back draws back again, the discerning people can look, the Jiang Chen's offensive such as 3000 floods were common, burst a dike, but, fierce in this way. 刘哲心中凛然,一退再退,明眼人都看得出来,江尘的攻势已经如3000洪水一般,决堤而至,凶猛如斯。 I admit defeat!” “我认输!” Liu Zhe raises hand saying that the complexion is pale, staggers to draw back, almost by Jiang Chen by the series fist potential, thoroughly was destroyed its potential, since has not beaten, the truth that again has not then fought, keeps green mountain not to fear that does not have the firewood fever. 刘哲举手说道,脸色铁青,踉跄而退,几乎被江尘以连环拳势,彻底将其势摧毁,既然已经不敌,那便没有再战下去的道理,留得青山在不怕没柴烧。 Late, from your take action that moment, you died.” “晚了,从你出手的那一刻,你就已经死了。” Jiang Chen cold voice said that killing intent like rainbow, Liu Yingfeng is frightens the whole body to tremble. 江尘冷声说道,杀意如虹,刘英峰更是吓得浑身一颤。 Not “不” The fear in Liu Zhe innermost feelings arises spontaneously. Jiang Chen not only does not draw back, but also powerful, nine fight with the fists, his body meridians were shaken completely, the skeleton smashing, enormously was damaged including the soul, is almost the severe wound is critically-ill. 刘哲内心之中的恐惧油然而生。江尘不仅不退,而且还更加的强势,九拳打出,他的身体经脉全部被震断,骨骼粉碎,连灵魂都是受到了极大的损伤,几乎已经是重伤垂危。 Punishes one as a warning to others, sets up prestige with you.” “杀鸡儆猴,拿你立威。” The Jiang Chen's words, said unusual is light, may listen in the Liu Zhe heart, was actually judging of death, the Jiang Chen's words, did what has said that has not waited for Liu Zhe to respond that Jiang Chen's Five Elements Divine Fire, changed to a flame, patted on the body of Liu Zhe, all people have held breath a cold air/Qi, in senior student, many person complexion pale, was looking at this, cannot believe completely, Heaven Ascension Ranking 500 strong Liu Zhe, unexpectedly in this new poor hand, unable to withstand a single blow, moreover by heartless obliterate. 江尘的话,说的非常平淡,可听在刘哲心中,却是死亡的宣判,江尘的话,言出必行,还未等刘哲反应过来,江尘的五行神火,已经化作一道火光,拍在了刘哲的身上,所有人倒吸了一口冷气,老生之中,不少人面色苍白,望着这一幕,完全不敢相信,登天榜500强的刘哲,竟然在这个新生手中,不堪一击,而且被无情抹杀 The flame combustion completely, Liu Zhe roars crazily, the soul and body, perform all change into the flying ash. 火焰燃烧殆尽,刘哲疯狂怒吼,灵魂与身体,尽皆化为飞灰。 Gu Maolu has shocked, he has not thought that the Jiang Chen's strength can achieve this step, is plays the role of the pig to eat the tiger seriously the fellow. 顾茅庐震惊了,他没想到江尘的实力可以达到这一步,当真是个扮猪吃老虎的家伙。 Liu Yingfeng was also scared, his elder brother, is he in the Profound Connection Divine Palace backer, the Big Brother dies, he in Profound Connection Divine Palace, these people who offends, perhaps all can look for his trouble, oneself in the future in the Profound Connection Divine Palace day, extremely sad. 刘英峰也傻眼了,自己的哥哥,可是他在通玄神府的靠山,大哥一死,他在通玄神府之中,得罪的那些人,恐怕全都会来找他的麻烦,自己日后在通玄神府的日子,将会极其的难过。 Big Brother...... Big Brother......” “大哥……大哥……” Liu Yingfeng muttered was saying, but Liu Zhe has vanished into thin air. 刘英峰喃喃着说道,可是刘哲已经烟消云散。 You , if not walk, next dies, is you.” “你若不走,下一个死的,便是你。” Jiang Chen has not struck to kill Liu Yingfeng, is only indifferently said, this news, needs him to take to many senior student, making the person know that his Jiang Chen is not affable. Liu Yingfeng frightens scared shitless, looks deathly pale, in the innermost feelings shivers, when Jiang Chen said these words, such as attains the pardon, fled in Heavenly Dragon Prison. 江尘并未击杀刘英峰,只是冷漠的说道,这个消息,需要他带给更多的老生,让人知道,他江尘可不是好惹的。刘英峰吓得屁滚尿流,脸色惨白,内心之中颤抖不已,在江尘说完这番话的时候,如获大赦,逃离了乾龙狱之中。 This new student is not common.” “这个新生不一般啊。” Yes, Liu Zhe died, it seems like that this for fear that counts genius that the 100,000 year is difficult to meet newly.” “是啊,刘哲已死,看来这新生怕是数十万年难遇的天才啊。” This new student, indeed is makes the person quite shock.” “这一届的新生,的确是让人颇为震撼啊。” In senior student, sighed, the death of Liu Zhe, although is not necessarily able to raise the big storm in Profound Connection Divine Palace Outer Palace, but Jiang Chen this war, makes many people dread, punishes one as a warning to others, in order to avoid there is the person of enlarging ones vision not to disturb oneself cultivation again. 老生之中,一阵唏嘘,刘哲之死,虽然未必能够在通玄神府外府之中掀起多大的风浪,但是江尘这一战,却让不少人都为之忌惮,杀鸡儆猴,以免有不开眼之人再来打扰自己修行 Jiang Chen Jiang Chen, I was really look down on you, in the future I must call you Senior Brother. Your strength, should be able to place on a par with Bai Ying Brother Bai.” 江尘江尘,我真是小看你了,日后我恐怕要叫你一声师兄了。你的实力,应该能够与白英白兄相提并论了吧。” Gu Maolu is long breathed a sigh of relief finally, worry in heart, dissipated thoroughly. 顾茅庐总算是长舒了一口气,心中的担忧,也是彻底消散了。 Jiang Chen smiles not to speak, shakes the head, two people entered in cultivation respectively, however the heart of Gu Maolu, is actually for a very long time cannot be tranquil, this Jiang Chen, making him fill curiously, in his heart raised suddenly a curiosity, the death of Hun Shaoqian, hasn't related with him really? 江尘笑而不语,摇摇头,两人分别进入了修行之中,但是顾茅庐的心,却是久久不能平静,这个江尘,让他充满了好奇,他心中突然间升起一丝好奇,魂少谦之死,难道真的跟他没关系吗? In Heavenly Dragon Prison, Jiang Chen enters in cultivation, one year, actually still very tranquil, Gu Maolu already via awaking, a Jiang Chen practice is one year, many senior student cannot achieve. 乾龙狱中,江尘进入修行之中,一年有余,却仍旧是十分的平静,顾茅庐早已经转醒,江尘一修炼便是一年,许多老生都是达不到的。 Jiang Chen by Heavenly Dragon Prison layer upon layer, felt oneself place oneself in the dream, as if saw a person, a steel and iron form, the rock waste breadth of spirit, the back such as the mountain ridge is common, is strong and vertical, carries on the back actually the locked nine boiling hot scarlet-red steel wires, has locked in his shoulder blade, the severe pain is incomparable, shouts oneself hoarse, Jiang Chen even can feel that desperate anger and pain, Divine Soul that unyielding will, does not extinguish, is attacking the shackles of dying. 江尘透过一层层的乾龙狱,感觉自己置身在梦中,仿佛看到了一个人,一个钢铁般的身影,顽石般的气魄,背影如山脊一般,坚挺而立,背上却锁着九道滚烫赤红的钢索,锁住了他的琵琶骨,剧痛无比,声嘶力竭,江尘甚至能够感受到那股绝望的愤怒与痛楚,那股不屈的意志,不灭的神魂,冲击着绝命的枷锁。 I will be why grieved.” “为什么我会心痛。” Jiang Chen brow tight wrinkle, extends take action, traces own chest, in the heart actually pains. 江尘眉头紧皱,伸出手,摸了摸自己的胸口,心中却隐隐作痛。
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