DMWG :: Volume #26

#2584: The treasured sword presents as a gift the hero

The looks at sloppy middle age that Jiang Chen interested, this person made him have the strong interest. 江尘饶有兴趣的看着邋遢中年,这个人让他产生了浓厚的兴趣。 Why with me?” “为什么跟着我?” The sloppy middle age said in a low voice. 邋遢中年低声说道。 Because I am very curious to you.” “因为我对你很好奇。” „Should you not be the Eastern Emperor Sect's person? Otherwise, how you are also possible to be so long with me, run beyond the thousand li (500 km).” “你应该不是东皇宗的人吧?否则的话,你又怎么可能跟着我这么久,跑出千里之外呢。” The sloppy middle age as if also has been full of the alert to Jiang Chen. 邋遢中年似乎也对江尘充满了戒备。 Good, I am want to ask for advice, your sword fierce.” “不错,我就是想要领教一下,你的剑有多厉害。” Jiang Chen brings to light the purpose in coming directly, his intention is such simple. 江尘直接挑明来意,他的意图就是这么简单。 That is all?” “仅此而已?” The sloppy middle age shakes the head with a smile. 邋遢中年笑着摇头。 That is all.” “仅此而已。” Your strength compared with me, I am not your match.” “你实力比我强很多,我不是你的对手。” Then, the sloppy middle age has drunk liquor , to continue. 说完,邋遢中年喝了一口酒,继续前行。 That may be beyond control you.” “那可就由不得你了。” Jiang Chen sneers, he wants experience, the sword of this sloppy middle age, actually fierce. The terrifying degree of sloppy middle age, surpasses his imagination, but Jiang Chen wants to complete the transformation, must such do, because he realm above Sword Technique, is well below this sloppy middle age, Jiang Chen wants to seek breakthrough, this sloppy middle age, is most important. 江尘冷笑一声,他就是想要见识一下,这个邋遢中年的剑,究竟有多厉害。邋遢中年的恐怖程度,也是远超他的想象,但是江尘想要完成蜕变,就必须要这么做,因为他在剑法之上的境界,远远不及这个邋遢中年,江尘想要寻求突破,这个邋遢中年,就是重中之重。 Jiang Chen stretches across, the foot steps on void, he has not offered a sacrifice to Heavenly Dragon Sword, but took handle peak Divine Tool. 江尘横跨而出,脚踩虚空,他并没有祭出天龙剑,只不过是拿了一柄巅峰神器 The Jiang Chen's sword, mysteriously appears and disappears, castrates terrifying, moreover his strength, strove to excel to be too more than sloppy middle age. 江尘的剑,神出鬼没,去势恐怖,而且他的实力,也比邋遢中年要强出太多了。 The sloppy middle-aged look selects, the expression incomparable dignity, the Jiang Chen sword potential is fierce, flying of dragons and dancing of phoenixes, the sword shade fills the air void, soul-stirring. 邋遢中年眼神一挑,神色无比的凝重,江尘剑势凶猛,龙飞凤舞,剑影弥漫虚空,荡气回肠。 The sloppy middle age does not dare to neglect, that moment that rapid take action, the sword shade offers a sacrifice, Jiang Chen then feels the huge threat, but he, although startled was not chaotic, after all of the strength of sloppy middle age compared with him, after all was too weak, Jiang Chen fortified at every step, Sword Technique of sloppy middle age, was quicker than Jiang Chen, under heart and sword unites, the perfect union of that speed and strength, has almost achieved a extreme apex. 邋遢中年不敢怠慢,迅速出手,剑影祭出的那一刻,江尘便是感觉到了巨大的威胁,不过他虽惊不乱,毕竟邋遢中年的实力跟他比,终归还是太弱了,江尘步步为营,邋遢中年的剑法,比江尘更快,心剑合一之下,那种速度与力量的完美结合,几乎是达到了一个极致的顶点。 The sloppy middle age by the Half Step Heavenly God Realm strength, can actually make Jiang Chen so dignified, is really not simple, moreover his sword, has given a Jiang Chen atmosphere boundless feeling, although has filled dismal and solitary, but the wildness in sword shade, is actually deep exist(ence). 邋遢中年以半步天神境的实力,竟然能够让江尘如此的凝重,着实是不简单,而且他的剑,给了江尘一种大气磅礴的感觉,虽然充满了悲凉与孤独,但在剑影之中的狂怒,却是深深存在的。 Jiang Chen can feel that this sloppy middle age turns into today this appearance, absolutely is not his ignore freely intentionally for it, deeply was injured surely, can so. 江尘能感觉到这邋遢中年变成今天这一副样子,绝对不是他放任自由故意为之,必定是受到了极大的伤害,才会如此。 Jiang Chen has no interest to injure him, but Sword Technique of sloppy middle age, is actually several degrees compels Jiang Chen to whole-heartedly, Jiang Chen corner of the mouth outlined to wipe the light smiling face, from beginning to end, was he in the passive defensive, the strength of this sloppy middle age, closed right up against terrifying Sword Realm to display completely. 江尘并无心想要伤他,但是邋遢中年的剑法,却是几度逼得江尘不得不全力以赴,江尘嘴角勾勒出一抹淡淡的笑容,从头至尾,都是他在被动防御,这个邋遢中年的实力,完全是靠着一手恐怖剑境所施展而出的。 Startled is Celestial, the tyrant world, the swordsmanship Venerable certainly alone, nobody may keep off. 惊为天人,霸绝天下,剑道独尊,无人可挡。 This is Jiang Chen to his appraisal. 这就是江尘对他的评价。 person and sword unites!” 人剑合一!” Jiang Chen opens greatly gathers greatly, the Sword Technique change of the seasons, was compels to draw back the sloppy middle age finally, but he also displays 70% strengths, in fighting, Jiang Chen also benefitted greatly, his Sword Technique was similar to the Nine Heavens stars is ordinary, nobody can grasp, even if were Jiang Chen is not good. 江尘大开大合,剑法斗转星移,终于是逼退了邋遢中年,但他自己也是施展出了七成力道,在刚才的交手之中,江尘也是受益匪浅,他的剑法如同九天繁星一般,没有人能够抓得到,哪怕是江尘也不行。 In the heart only has the sword, in the sword only has a mind, is this heart and sword unites realm? Jiang Chen muttered, but he did not understand this heart and sword unites realm. 心中只有剑,剑中只有心,这就是心剑合一境界吗?江尘喃喃自语,但是他还是参不透这心剑合一境界 The sloppy middle age was compelled to draw back by Jiang Chen, the look narrows the eyes slightly, coldy said: 邋遢中年被江尘逼退,眼神微微眯起,冷冷道: Technique is inferior to the person, I am not your match.” “技不如人,我不是你的对手。” „Did you such wholeheartedly strive for?” “你就这么一心求死吗?” Jiang Chen deeps frown, is staring at sloppy middle age. 江尘眉头紧锁,凝望着邋遢中年。 Life first is, lives for what, unimportant?” “人生一世,为了什么而活,难道不重要吗?” The sloppy middle age smiles bitterly, regarding the life, has as if filled desperately. 邋遢中年苦笑一声,对于生活,似乎充满了绝望。 I do not know why you are unable to recover, but by your skill, don't said that will be the future achievement is limitless, even if now, under God King Realm, could not find the match, I can say that you will be ten thousand years swordsmanship genius that will be difficult to meet, realm of sword, will be able not hold a candle including me, you will be I see only have exceeded my person above the swordsmanship.” “我不知道你为何而一蹶不振,但是以你的本事,莫说是将来成就不可限量,即便是现在,神王境之下,都找不到对手,我可以说,你是万年难遇的剑道奇才,剑之境界,连我都是望尘莫及,你是我唯一见过在剑道之上超越我的人。” Jiang Chen somewhat sighed wan. 江尘有些叹惋。 Person is living, must somewhat read thinks, if most basic reading wants not to have continually, that also does have the significance that what goes on living?” “人活着,总要有些念想,如果连最基本的念想都没了,那还有什么活下去的意义呢?” Sloppy middle-aged light say/way. 邋遢中年淡淡道。 Actually did Eastern Emperor Sect how offend you?” 东皇宗究竟怎么得罪了你?” In the Jiang Chen heart understands clearly, this fellow heard that three people are the Eastern Emperor Sect's people, kills people in invisible, does not have any pity, the foresight, he hates Eastern Emperor Sect to hate to the marrow of the bones sufficiently. 江尘心中了然,这个家伙一听说那三个人是东皇宗的人,杀人于无形,毫无任何的怜悯之心,足以预见,他恨东皇宗可谓是恨之入骨。 If the lifetime, I had this skill, I extinguished completely Eastern Emperor Sect surely.” “若有生之年,我有这个本事,我必定灭尽东皇宗。” Since you are not willing saying that I do not force you. I just somewhat envy you, boundary of such terrifying swordsmanship, wants to compare notes with you.” “既然你不愿意说就算了,我不勉强你。我只不过是有些羡慕你,剑道之境如此的恐怖,想要与你切磋而已。” Jiang Chen was not willing saying that after all this was his privacy, moreover he filled to the sloppy middle age regretted that this and other peerless swordsmen, if built one generation of swords Venerable, then the alone this one world, will sweep away all obstacles surely. 江尘不愿多说,毕竟这是他的隐私,而且他只是对邋遢中年充满了惋惜而已,这等绝世剑客,如果真的修成一代剑尊,那么必定会独孤天下,所向披靡的。 Jiang Chen looked in a sloppy middle-aged hand rusty stain stained azure steel sword, but also full is the gap, the corner of the mouth forced smile, sword in the hand, threw directly to the sloppy middle age, that was handle peak Divine Tool, Jiang Chen can instill into own sword intent to this handle peak Divine Tool in completely, because was Divine Tool that he refined, therefore regarding the acting bashful degree of sword, surpassed any Refiner Master, he was a dedicated in sword swordsman, although this handle sword was only peak Divine Tool, but can actually fight with common Heavenly God Tool, was a cinch absolutely. 江尘看了一眼邋遢中年手中锈迹斑斑的青钢剑,还满是缺口,嘴角苦笑,直接将自己手中的剑,抛向了邋遢中年,那是一柄巅峰神器,江尘能够将自己的剑意完全灌输到这柄巅峰神器之中,因为是他所炼制的神器,所以对于剑的拿捏程度,远超任何的炼器师,他本身就是一个执着于剑的剑客,这柄剑虽然只是巅峰神器,但却能够与寻常的天神器争锋,绝对不在话下。 „Are you?” “你这是?” The sloppy middle age stares slightly. 邋遢中年微微一愣。 Were many to offend a moment ago, treasured sword presents as a gift the hero, let alone you understand it compared with me.” “刚才多有得罪,宝剑赠英雄,更何况你比我更懂它。” This handle sword is middle-grade of nature best 108 peak Divine Tool, Jiang Chen without hesitation. 这柄剑是108把巅峰神器中品质最好的一把,江尘毫不犹豫。 Idle work not by wealth.” “无功不受禄。” Coming out that Jiang Chen looks, this sloppy middle age, to the affection of this handle sword, reveals in speech and appearance, at least under God King Realm, this handle sword enough followed his several hundred over a thousand years. Naturally the premise is he has to surmount the God King Realm strength. 江尘看的出来,这邋遢中年,对这这柄剑的喜爱,溢于言表,至少在神王境之下,这柄剑足够伴随他数百上千年了。当然前提是他有跨越神王境的实力。 That when I give your reward, accompanies me to practice one month of sword, how?” “那就当我给你的酬劳,陪我练一个月的剑,如何?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 江尘笑道。 The sloppy middle age has not spoken, nod of silently, expression is tranquil, but Jiang Chen looks comes out he regarding the affection of this handle sword, from deep in one's heart, the treasured sword presents as a gift the hero absolutely, Jiang Chen not any heartache, because only then this sword cannot be joined to his share, but does not have him not to be joined to the share of this sword. 邋遢中年没有说话,默默的点了点头,神色平静,但是江尘看的出来他对于这柄剑的喜爱,绝对是发自内心深处的,宝剑赠英雄,江尘没有任何的心疼,因为只有这剑配不上他的份儿,而没有他配不上这剑的份儿。 My, Sword Saint.” “吾名,剑圣。” The sloppy middle age said in a low voice that Jiang Chen nods, Sword Saint, this name, he can handle, the saint of sword, peerless unparalleled, the name of Sword Saint, is his lifetime pursue, was he has entrusted with his lifetime Sword Realm. 邋遢中年低声说道,江尘点头,剑圣,这个名字,他当得起,剑之圣者,绝世无双,剑圣之名,就是他一生的追求,也是他赋予了他一生的剑境 My name is Sword Saint, is not I proclaims Sword Saint.” “我的名字叫做剑圣,并非我自封剑圣。” The sloppy youth said that as if feared Jiang Chen has misunderstood him. 邋遢青年说道,似乎怕江尘误会了他。 I know.” “我知道。” Jiang Chen holds the sword once again, fights with Sword Saint, the summit of canyon, the mountains deep place, the Jiang Chen's sword, within this month, never stops. 江尘再度执剑而起,与剑圣相战,峡谷之巅,山川深处,江尘的剑,在这一个月之内,从未停下来过。
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