DMWG :: Volume #26

#2583: One sword from out of the blue, heart and sword unites

Startled certainly colorful, first Qingcheng (beautiful woman). That is the lovable girl of true day.” “惊才绝艳,一世倾城。那才是真正的天之娇女啊。” Yes, the Nine Boundaries Venerable Lord adopted daughter, has performed the distinguished service for Venerable Lord, it is said this Nine Boundaries Venerable Lord adopted daughter, will step Profound Connection Divine Palace.” “是啊,九界尊主的义女,更是为了尊主立下了汗马功劳,据说这一次九界尊主的义女,也是会踏上通玄神府的。” That is the lovable girl of true day, may observe, but cannot profane to play. We exhaust the strength of lifetime, feared that is also hard and stands under same piece heaven and earth.” “那才是真正的天之娇女,可远观而不可亵玩焉。吾等穷尽毕生之力,怕是也难以与站在同一片天地之下。” What said is, I am also want to take a look, this was known as that is the Lone Dragon County number one beauty fairy maiden, is the what kind appearance to be actually peerless.” “说的是啊,我也是想要看看,这号称是独龙郡第一美女的仙子,究竟是何等的容颜绝世。” In the Jiang Chen heart understands clearly, he concluded that this Nine Boundaries Venerable Lord adopted daughter, cannot be inseparable from Yan Qingcheng absolutely, she said that must return to Vast Link Boundary, but in Vast Link Boundary, Jiang Chen is self-confident his woman, can become the focal point that is a focus of public attention absolutely, what background however this Nine Boundaries Venerable Lord and are Profound Connection Divine Palace? 江尘心中了然,他断定这九界尊主的义女,绝对跟燕倾城脱不了干系,她说要回祁连界,而祁连界之中,江尘自信他的女人,绝对是能够成为万众瞩目的焦点,然而这九界尊主通玄神府又是什么来头呢? The Jiang Chen brow selects, what is this is also at? At least, including the person of Vast Link Boundary, all sharpened the head to want, it can be imagined, Nine Boundaries Venerable Lord, was such idea, the mystery of this Profound Connection Divine Palace, it is estimated that compared to Vast Link Boundary these big sect, wanted formidable many. 江尘眉头一挑,这又是一处什么所在呢?至少,连祁连界之人,都是个个削尖了脑袋想要进去,可想而知,九界尊主,也是这样的想法,这通玄神府之玄妙,估计比起祁连界那些大宗门,都要强大的多。 Vast Link Boundary big did not know many times compared with Linhe Boundary . Moreover the Lord of Vast Link Boundary, can be elected as the Venerable Lord level exist(ence), strength absolutely incomparably certainly, even if the strength between monowheel border areas, compared with Linhe Boundary and Vast Link Boundary, is the difference of heaven and earth. 祁连界比起临河界大了不知道多少倍,而且祁连界之主,能够当选尊主级的存在,实力绝对无比强绝,即便是单轮界域之间的实力,临河界祁连界相比,也是天壤之别。 It seems like that oneself must go to this Profound Connection Divine Palace to walk one. 看来,自己也要去这通玄神府走一遭了。 Old beggar, do not hinder this Young Master to drink wine.” “老叫花子,别妨碍本公子吃酒。” A hand grasps the handsome youth of azure front, a foot kicks, the air wave shakes void, separates hits the cow spatially, side not far away the table of middle-aged man the wineshop, kicks the pulp. 一个手握青锋的俊朗青年,一脚踢出,气浪震荡虚空,隔空打牛,将酒肆之旁不远处的中年男子的桌子,踢得稀巴烂。 Middle-aged man thick wooden hempen garments, carried the upper back incomplete azure steel sword, was the opening, simply is not worth a red cent everywhere, was not including False God Tool. 中年男子一身粗木麻衣,背上背了一把残缺不全的青钢剑,到处都是豁口,根本就是一文不值,连伪神器都算不上。 On the face of middle-aged man is leading sloppy reckless Cha, the look is lax, expression drifts from place to place, the hand grasps a gigantic wine pot, before that handsome youth kicked breaks to pieces his body the furniture a moment ago, the middle-aged man actually does not have to protect itself, but is holding the wine pot in bosom, has suffered a youth attack, as before selfish is holding own wine pot , to continue to drink. 中年男子的脸上带着稀松的胡茬,眼神涣散,神色飘忽不定,手握一只硕大的酒壶,在刚才那个俊朗青年踢碎他身前桌椅的时候,中年男子竟然没有去保护自己,而是抱着怀中的酒壶,挨了青年一记攻击,依旧自顾自的抱着自己的酒壶,继续喝酒。 „Does mother, you dare to disregard me? You know who especially the father is?” “妈的,你敢无视我?你特么知道老子是谁吗?” Handsome youth suddenly, coldly looks at a sloppy middle age of hempen garments. 俊朗青年霍然而起,冷视着一身麻衣的邋遢中年。 Ok, Senior Brother, but is the beggar who Heavenly God Realm does not arrive , do you why feel embarrassed him?” “算了,师兄,只不过是个连天神境都不到的要饭花子而已,你又何必为难他呢?” A azure-clothed female, is making two adorable braids, saying with a laugh. 一个青衣女子,扎着两个可爱的辫子,笑呵呵的说道。 We later must go to the eastern territory. Do not cause trouble.” “我们待会儿还要去东域呢。不要惹是生非。” Another steady youth, the sinking sound said. 另外一个稳重的青年,沉声说道。 Calculates that your this smelly beggar assigns, otherwise I must kick you, snort/hum, my Eastern Emperor Sect, never kills generation of the legal proceeding.” “算你这臭叫花子命好,不然的话我非踢死你不可,哼,我东皇宗,从不杀籍籍无名之辈。” Jiang Chen looked at that middle-aged man one eyes, his look, suddenly becomes sharp. 江尘看了那中年男子一眼,他的眼神,陡然间变得犀利起来。 Above garret, only then their three groups of people, Jiang Chen and middle-aged man respectively one group, another three youth are one group, other people when handsome youth take action, rapidly had paid up to leave a moment ago outrageously. 阁楼之上,只有他们三伙人,江尘与中年男子各一伙,另外三个青年是一伙的,其余人在刚才俊朗青年悍然出手的时候,就已经迅速的结账走人了。 „Are you Eastern Emperor Sect's people?” “你们是东皇宗的人?” The look of middle-aged man suddenly becomes indifferent, flavor that even is bringing withering. 中年男子的眼神陡然间变得冷漠起来,甚至是带着一丝肃杀的味道 Since knows that hasn't gone? father hang does not change name, sits does not change surname, Donghuang Fanghua.” “既然知道,还不快滚?老子行不改名,坐不改姓,东皇芳华。” The handsome youth sneers saying that looks at sloppy middle age of occupying a commanding position, incomparable rampancy. 俊朗青年冷笑道,居高临下的看着邋遢中年,无比的嚣张。 Jiang Chen also laughs at one, but also married the name of woman, no wonder aura of cream puff, but has not waited for the Donghuang Fanghua sword to refer to Jiang Chen, the sloppy middle age is once again impatient asking: 江尘也是嗤笑一声,还娶了个娘们的名字,怪不得一身奶油小生的气息,不过还没等东皇芳华剑指江尘,邋遢中年便是再度不耐烦的问道: Your three are?” “你们三个都是?” you musn't refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, we do not want to cause trouble today, you go.” 你不要敬酒不吃吃罚酒,今日我们并不想惹是生非,你快滚吧。” The words of steady youth, although does not have directly to acknowledge, but explained all. They are the Heavenly God Realm middle stage strengths, naturally is the incomparable self-confidence, copes with one to be inferior to the old beggar including Heavenly God Realm, naturally is the murder invisible, but they have the important matter in the body, therefore the steady youth has not planned to create side issues. 稳重青年的话,虽然没有直接承认,但是却已经说明了一切。他们三人都是天神境中期的实力,自然是无比的自信,对付一个连天神境都不如老叫花子,自然是杀人无形,可是他们还有要事在身,所以稳重青年并没打算横生枝节。 That was, the Eastern Emperor Sect's person, all damn.” “那便是了,东皇宗的人,全都该死。” Middle-aged man suddenly raised the head, the liquor bottle gourd in hand, by the gā gā straight sound that he grasps, but there are divine power in addition to hold, not thorough disintegration. 中年男子陡然间抬起头,手中的酒葫芦,被他握的嘎嘎直响,但是有神力加持,并未彻底崩碎。 Jiang Chen sees in the look of middle-aged man, brings to wipe killing intent, exceedingly high killing intent. 江尘看到中年男子的眼神之中,带着一抹杀意,通天的杀意 Conceited, it seems like today to you a lesson, you do not know that anything is called profoundly. Lives in the world, looks like to you are luxurious.” “狂妄自大,看来今天不给你一点教训,你是不知道什么叫做天高地厚。活在世上,对你来说看来都是奢侈的。” Donghuang Fanghua one step treads, at daggers drawn, then must cut to kill the sloppy middle age directly. 东皇芳华一步踏出,剑拔弩张,直接便要斩杀邋遢中年。 Perhaps, I already damn.” “或许,我早就该死了。” The middle-aged man muttered was saying that at once the palm moves slightly, sword-light dodged, the Donghuang Fanghua three people, there, Jiang Chen also slightly gawked completely, the hand of middle-aged man, grasped above azure steel sword that in that handle damaging could not withstand, but the next second, Jiang Chen felt that deathly stillness aura, looked in an instant, the Donghuang Fanghua three people, died completely, the Jiang Chen heart shook, was too quick, this sword, has surmounted the boundary of own swordsmanship completely, but his strength, unexpectedly insufficient Heavenly God Realm. 中年男子喃喃着说道,旋即手掌微微一动,剑光一闪,东皇芳华三人,全部愣在那里,江尘也是微微一愣,中年男子的手,握在那柄残损不堪的青钢剑之上,而下一秒,江尘感觉到一阵死寂般的气息,转眼一看,东皇芳华三人,全部已死,江尘心头一震,太快了,这一剑,已经完全超越了自己的剑道之境,而他的实力,竟然不足天神境 In the Jiang Chen's heart raises a difficult situation, such sword, was really too quick, really true precisely shocked this to achieve person and sword unites realm him. 江尘的心中掀起一股惊涛骇浪,这样的剑,实在是太快了,真真正正是震撼了这个已经达到了人剑合一境界的他。 The Donghuang Fanghua three people of strengths are not strong, but also has Heavenly God Realm middle stage, actually does not have the strength to hit back, even any indication does not have continually, instance that three people pour completely, even above the sword mark including nape of the neck, cannot see, if quickly gust of wind lightning. 东皇芳华三人的实力并不强,但也有天神境中期,竟然毫无还手之力,甚至连任何的征兆都没有,三人全部倒下去的瞬间,甚至连脖颈之上的剑痕,都看不到,快若疾风闪电。 Jiang Chen could feel that his strength is really not strong, however Sword Technique realm, can actually such terrifying, practice extreme, shocks including him extremely, that sword, Jiang Chen avoids, can whole-heartedly, actually this person be what kind of legend? 江尘感觉得到,他的实力是真的并不强,但是剑法境界,却可以如此的恐怖,练到极致,连他都是极为震撼,那一剑,江尘避开,都得全力以赴,这个人究竟是一个怎么样的传奇? A sword from out of the blue, ten thousand/myriad Jianchao sect , a way swords, shocking highest heaven. 一剑破空,万剑朝宗,剑之一途,震惊九霄。 Jiang Chen knows that above Sword Technique realm, can not hold a candle including oneself. Jiang Chen sees his desolate form, cannot find out such one so to fill the desperate person to the life, can be saint of the so shocking sword unexpectedly. 江尘知道,在剑法境界之上,连自己都是望尘莫及。江尘看到他落寞的身影,想不出这样一个如此对生活充满绝望的人,竟然会是一个如此骇人听闻的剑之圣者。 Look that goes down in the world miserably, the soul of solitary deathly stillness, this body is similar to a good-for-nothing, but actually sword startled wind and cloud. 凄凉落魄的眼神,孤独死寂的灵魂,这躯体就如同行尸走肉,但却一剑惊风云。 Jiang Chen has not admired any person, but this sloppy middle age makes him hold in high esteem. 江尘从来没敬佩过任何一个人,但是这个邋遢的中年让他刮目相看。 heart and sword unites!” 心剑合一!” Jiang Chen muttered said that this was his yearn for something even in one's dreams realm, true melted with the sword for wholeheartedly, had one's wish, even if has experienced Dragon Sword Unites, person and sword unites Jiang Chen, is unable to hope to attain heart and sword unites realm. 江尘喃喃说道,这是他梦寐以求境界,真正的与剑融为一心,随心所欲,即便是经历过龙剑合一,人剑合一江尘,至今都是无法企及心剑合一境界 The sloppy middle age looked at Jiang Chen one, but has not actually stayed, but is taking the liquor bottle gourd, sets out to leave. 邋遢中年看了江尘一眼,不过却并未停留,而是拿着酒葫芦,起身离开。 Jiang Chen with the sloppy middle age, went out of the Spirit Jade City western region. Spirit Jade City surrounding area several thousand miles, are divided into the east, west, south, and north territory, in the western region area, is the entire Eastern Emperor Sect's domain, killed people, therefore the sloppy middle age needs choice escape. 江尘跟着邋遢中年,一路走出了灵珏城西域。灵珏城方圆数万里,分为东西南北域,在西域地区,便是整个东皇宗的地盘,杀了人,所以邋遢中年必须要选择远遁。 Under one green water green mountain, the sloppy middle age turns head to look, he felt some people with him, but does not know that was actually. 一片绿水青山之下,邋遢中年回头一望,他感觉到了有人跟着他,只是不知道究竟是谁而已。 Killed people, wants to leave?” “杀了人,就想离开吗?”
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