DMWG :: Volume #20

#1939: Enters Long Tang

A Li Yuan balsam pear face, at heart was not to mention aggrieved, the good and evil he is also 2-Tier Great Emperor, is quite also well known in Immortal Courtyard, today was face completely loses. 李源一张苦瓜脸,别提心里多憋屈了,好歹他也是一个二级大帝,在仙庭内也算是颇有名望,今日算是颜面尽失了。 What's wrong? Do you have objection to the this Seat words?” “怎么?你对本座的话有异议吗?” The Feng Jingyang expression sinks. 风景阳语气一沉。 Doesn't dare.” “不敢不敢。” The whole body that Li Yuan frightens hits to quickly grasp the meaning of something, Feng Jingyang is exist(ence) that he cannot offend, if disobedient Feng Jingyang, even if today is all right, later does not feel better in the Immortal Courtyard day, other Dragon Hall people will not let off him. 李源吓的浑身打一个激灵,风景阳可是他得罪不起的存在,要是忤逆了风景阳,就算自己今日没事,以后在仙庭的日子也不好过了,龙堂其他人也不会放过他。 Afterward, a helplessness of Li Yuan face, took out storage ring, threw to Jiang Chen directly, Jiang Chen received, Divine Sense has strafed casually, discovered that in storage ring happen to was 5.6 million Immortal Origin Stone, was nothing more or less. 随后,李源一脸的无奈,取出了一枚乾坤戒,直接扔给了江尘,江尘一把接过,神念随便扫射了一下,发现乾坤戒里面正好是5600000尊品仙元石,不多不少。 This is Elder Li to the spiritual compensation of brothers, you took away to divide.” “这是李长老给兄弟们的精神补偿,你们拿去分了吧。” Jiang Chen throws conveniently, Jiang Chen storage ring threw to 61 mountains, but he now the local tyrant, this 5 million Immortal Origin Stone in his eyes is a drop in the bucket, reason that he wanted these Immortal Origin Stone, because must display own strong side, otherwise, how can attract the attention of Feng Jingyang. 江尘随手一扔,江尘乾坤戒扔给了61山,他现在可是土豪,这5000000的仙元石在他眼中就是九牛一毛,他之所以一定要这些仙元石,只是因为要把自己强势的一面表现出来,不然的话,如何能够吸引风景阳的注意呢。 Jiang Chen is clear, character like Feng Jingyang, vision very harsh, if solely has the formidable talent, its will not have a liking, besides talent, courage and wisdom, has the person who the stratagem adds on the heaven defying talent again bravely, can become the genuine great person, these factors, displayed on Jiang Chen, therefore Feng Jingyang reckless will appear, must Jiang Chen such genius character, buy to Dragon Hall. 江尘清楚,像风景阳这样的人物,眼光非常的苛刻,如果单单有强大的天赋,也不会被其看上,除了天赋之外,还有有胆识,一个有勇有谋再加上逆天天赋的人,才能够成为真正的大人物,这些因素,在江尘身上都表现出来了,所以风景阳才会不顾一切的出现,要把江尘这样的天才人物,吸纳到龙堂去。 Was good, Elder Li, person you carry off, while convenient, teaches your grandson much, after letting him, works by the point spectrum, is all right do not look for trouble.” “行了,李长老,人你带走吧,顺便以后多多教教你的孙子,让他以后做事靠点谱,没事不要来找麻烦。” Jiang Chen open the mouth and said. 江尘开口说道 The Li Yuan big hand wields, an energy air wave sweeps across, Li Song and the others directly whirling away. 李源大手一挥,一股能量气浪席卷开来,将李嵩等人直接给卷走了。 Li Song stands in the Li Yuan side, has cried: Grandfather, Jiang Chen has robbed my Longyang pill.” 李嵩站在李源的身旁,又哭了起来:“爷爷,江尘抢走了我的龙阳丹。” Be quiet, the waste, goes back to face the wall to think of faults well.” “住嘴,废物,回去好好面壁思过。” Li Yuan stared Li Song maliciously, gets angry him not to struggle, today has made him lose completely the honor, now Feng Jingyang came, his anything did not do. 李源狠狠瞪了一眼李嵩,怒其不争,今日已经让他丢尽了脸面,现在风景阳都来了,他什么都做不了。 Wind Hall Master, we said goodbye.” “风堂主,我们告辞。” Yuan Chengdui Feng Jingyang was holding holding the fist in the other hand once more, the preparation turned around to depart, he most does not want to treat now here, because today the Li Yuan master grandson's matter gave to lose including own honor. 袁成对着风景阳再次抱了抱拳,准备转身离去,他现在最不想待在这里,今日因为李源爷孙的事情连自己的脸面都给丢了。 Holds on a minute, when I announced that a matter walks again.” “且慢,等我宣布一件事情再走。” Feng Jingyang open the mouth and said, then looked to Jiang Chen, on the face reappears a rare smiling face: Jiang Chen, you may be willing to join my Dragon Hall, becomes my Dragon Hall disciple?” 风景阳开口说道,然后看向江尘,脸上浮现出了一丝难得的笑容:“江尘,你可愿意加入我龙堂,成为我龙堂的弟子?” Crash-bang... 哗啦… Such remarks, even if the people early have the preparation, but cannot bear sighed get up, enters Dragon Hall, that is the what kind glory, that is the Immortal Courtyard innumerable disciple yearn for something even in one's dreams matter. 此话一出,纵然人们早有心理准备,但还是忍不住唏嘘起来,进入龙堂,那是何等的荣耀,那是仙庭无数弟子梦寐以求的事情啊。 Fierce, this Jiang Chen really walked dog deng transporting, comes first day to enter Dragon Hall, I heard that the Dragon Hall elder and disciple add together less than 30 people, exist(ence) that but conceited soars to the heavens, moreover this hall mouth unusual unity, therefore dares to bully them in Immortal Courtyard nobody, only then they bully others' share.” “厉害啊,这江尘真是走了狗屎运,才来第一天就能够进入龙堂,我听说龙堂长老和弟子加在一起都不到30人,但一个个都是牛气冲天的存在,而且这个堂口非常的团结,所以在仙庭没有人敢欺负他们,只有他们欺负别人的份。” „Can this call dog deng transporting? The Jiang Chen's skill you have to see, Immortal Venerate middle stage cultivation base, a fist hit to fly Half Emperor, such strength, did you have?” “这怎么能叫狗屎运呢?江尘的本事你们不是没有看到,仙尊中期修为,一拳就将半帝打飞了,这样的实力,你有吗?” Is, Jiang Chen such monstruous talent, enter Dragon Hall to be also normal, otherwise you think that Dragon Hall Hall Master will come personally?” “就是,江尘这样的妖孽,进入龙堂也正常,不然你以为龙堂堂主会亲自现身吗?” Really is enviable, entered Dragon Hall, the later status is different, it seems like we must find the way to become friends with it, if can be on good terms with the Dragon Hall disciple, that is really a very good matter.” “真是让人羡慕,入了龙堂,以后的地位就不一样了,看来我们得想办法与之结交了,要是能够和龙堂弟子交好,那实在是一件很不错的事情。” ...... …… Nobody does not envy, since, has been able to enter the Dragon Hall practice, is everyone yearn for something even in one's dreams matter, Dragon Hall, as the heads of three great hall mouths, is in itself the symbol of status and status. 没有人不羡慕,一直以来,能够进入龙堂修炼,都是每一个人梦寐以求的事情,龙堂,作为三大堂口之首,本身就是地位和身份的象征。 The Li Song master grandson hears this news is actually gloomy of face, if Jiang Chen entered Dragon Hall, that indicates that they lost thoroughly found the opportunity that Jiang Chen revenged, today this resentment , can only swallow. 李嵩爷孙听到这个消息却是一脸的阴沉,如果江尘真的入了龙堂,那就预示着,他们彻底失去了找江尘报仇的机会,今日这口怨气,也只能够自己咽下去了。 Disciple wants.” “弟子愿意。” Jiang Chen was holding holding the fist in the other hand to Feng Jingyang, the clear and resonant voice said that at this time must say words that did not want, immediately Feng Jingyang such great person offending . Moreover, joins result that Dragon Hall Jiang Chen wanted, if can the Immortal Courtyard first mouth winning over Heavenly Emperor, that simply was good. 江尘对着风景阳抱了抱拳,朗声说道,这个时候自己要说不愿意的话,岂不是立刻就将风景阳这样的大人物给得罪了,而且,加入龙堂正是江尘想要的结果,要是能够将仙庭第一堂口给拉拢到天帝这边,那简直是太好不过了。 Good, you tidy up, tomorrow will go to the Dragon Hall report directly.” “好,你收拾一下,明日直接去龙堂报道。” Feng Jingyang nodded, then the body vanishes to disappear in a flash. 风景阳点了点头,然后身躯一晃就消失不见了。 Good deed that Humph! you do.” 哼!你做的好事。” Yuan Chengdui Li Yuan coldly snorted, the sleeves were then flinging walked directly, Leopard Hall and Dragon Hall relations were not good, since three hall mouth establishments time started, three hall mouths have struggled, today because of Li Yuan master grandson, was not only lost the honor by oneself, but also made Dragon Hall also many a heaven defying genius character. 袁成对着李源冷哼一声,然后衣袖一甩直接走了,豹堂龙堂彼此间的关系本来就不好,自从三个堂口建立的时候开始,三个堂口彼此间就一直明争暗斗,今日更是因为李源爷孙,不但让自己丢了脸面,还让龙堂又多了一个逆天天才人物。 A Li Yuan face sank, bringing Li Song also to leave, what we definitely know is that this at present must stop to the master grandson, since Li Song in the ordinary disciple has been arrogant, today is taught by Jiang Chen maliciously, later wants to be difficult rampantly. 李源一脸的一沉,带着李嵩也离开了,可以肯定的是,这对爷孙这一阵子都要消停下去了,李嵩一直以来在普通弟子中都是飞扬跋扈,今日被江尘给狠狠教训,以后想要嚣张都难了。 A Immortal Courtyard important matter was ended, the entire process won total victories to end by Jiang Chen. 仙庭的一件大事算是落幕了,整个过程以江尘大获全胜而结束。 Moreover in people opinion, if no Li Song to come to disturb, Jiang Chen did not have the opportunity to enter Dragon Hall, at least so will not be quick, from another perspective, Li Song has helped Jiang Chen. 而且在人们看来,要是没有李嵩前来捣乱的话,江尘还没有机会进入龙堂呢,起码也不会这么快,从另一个角度来说,李嵩算是成全了江尘 Senior Brother Jiang, clouds below Wang that later also asked Senior Brother Jiang to look after much.” 江师兄,在下王云,以后还请江师兄多多关照啊。” „Below Liang Miao, gives Senior Brother Jiang to try to get close.” “在下梁秒,也来给江师兄套套近乎。” ...... …… Disciples arrived above the Jiang Chen's mountain peak, starts to give Jiang Chen to try to get close, Jiang Chen 11 greeting, performance is very humble, absolutely did not have beforehand extremely arrogant overbearing, during spoken languages very comfortable a feeling to person, although entered Dragon Hall, but has not displayed any rack as before. 一个个弟子来到了江尘的山峰之上,开始给江尘套近乎,江尘11招呼,表现的很是谦逊,完全没有了之前的狂妄霸道,言语间给人一种很舒服的感觉,而且虽然进入了龙堂,但依旧没有表现出任何的架子。 This situation Jiang Chen loves, establishes own dignity, fundamentally establishes own strength little, even fundamentally little disintegrates the Star Emperor influence, helping heaven and earth return, this first step, oneself are walks was very correct. 这种情况正是江尘喜闻乐见的,建立自己的威严,从根本上一点点建立自己的实力,甚至是从根本上一点点瓦解星帝的势力,帮助天地回归,这第一步,自己算是走的很正确了。 Next day! 翌日! Jiang Chen said good-bye 61 mountain and the others, bringing Big Yellow Dog toward Dragon Hall. 江尘辞别了61山等人,带着大黄狗向着龙堂而去了。 Senior Brother Jiang, you walked, we what to do?” 江师兄,你走了,我们怎么办?” Wei Yun puts on a long face, they were acquainted one day time, but experienced yesterday's matter, the people psychologically started to have one to rely on to Jiang Chen. 魏云哭丧着脸,他们才相识了一日时间,但经历了昨天的事情,众人从心理上已经开始对江尘产生一丝依赖了。 Relax, this mountain top as before is my Jiang Chen's, you well practice by all means here, some people do not dare to bully you absolutely, if had, you come Dragon Hall to look for me.” “放心吧,这山头依旧是我江尘的,你们只管在这里好好修炼,绝对不会有人敢欺负你们,要是真有了,你们就来龙堂找我。” Jiang Chen has patted the shoulder of Wei Yun, then brings Big Yellow Dog to turn around to depart. 江尘拍了拍魏云的肩膀,然后带着大黄狗转身离去。 Today six, body also not completely good, finished eating the medicine to prepare to rest earlier, thank in Brother Shisan and micro letter hitting of many brothers enjoys, tomorrow continues.】 【今天就六更了,身体还没有完全好,吃完药准备早点睡,感谢十三哥和微信上不少兄弟的打赏,明天继续加更。】
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