DMWG :: Volume #20

#1938: Is fair 【Before down】

Has seen wind Hall Master.” “见过风堂主。” Yuan to become and Li Yuan do not dare to neglect, was saluting to Feng Jingyang, even if Dragon Hall and Leopard Hall usually in relations are poor, but faces Feng Jingyang such great person, Yuan to become does not dare to have slight neglecting, after all the disparity of strength there pendulum. 袁成和李源不敢怠慢,对着风景阳施了一礼,纵然龙堂豹堂平日里的关系并不怎么好,但面对风景阳这样的大人物,袁成还是不敢有丝毫的怠慢,毕竟实力的差距在那里摆着呢。 Two old fogies, run over to bully a newly arrived disciple, your shamelessness?” “两个老家伙,跑过来欺负一个新来的弟子,你们的老脸呢?” Feng Jingyang speech unusual is impolite, even if Yuan to become is the Leopard Hall person, is a face does not give. 风景阳说话非常的不客气,纵然袁成是豹堂的人,也是一点面子都不给。 Reasonable! 靠谱! Jiang Chen has smiled at heart immediately, this Feng Jingyang conformed to his taste, the powerful was overbearing, the strength was formidable, if such character can win over Heavenly Emperor, that is simply good, moreover Jiang Chen can look, among these three special hall mouths, the relations were also as if poor. 江尘心里立刻笑了,这个风景阳太符合他的口味了,强势霸道,实力还强大,这样的人物要是能够拉拢到天帝这边的话,那简直是再好不过,而且江尘能够看得出来,这三个特殊的堂口之间,关系似乎也并不怎么好。 Since has the contradiction and battle, that is good, if Immortal Courtyard by the monolithic bloc of Star Emperor rule, that Jiang Chen were instead thought is unable to start. 既然彼此间有矛盾和争斗,那就再好不过了,若是仙庭星帝统治的铁板一块,那江尘反而觉得无从下手了。 Wind Hall Master, this Jiang Chen comes first day newly, beats savagely other disciples and elders, you can have a look, now the ground also lies down that many people, like this extremely arrogant generation, if not punish, our Immortal Courtyard dignity where?” “风堂主,这个江尘新来第一天,就暴打其他弟子和长老,你可以自己看看,现在地上还躺那么多人呢,这样的狂妄之辈,要是不加以惩罚的话,我们仙庭的威严何在?” Saying that Li Yuan is filled with righteous indignation. 李源义愤填膺的说道。 „The Immortal Courtyard dignity, you could not have represented.” 仙庭的威严,你还代表不了。” Feng Jingyang coldy looked at Li Yuan one, afterward looks to Jiang Chen, as if must make Jiang Chen speak the explanation. 风景阳冷冷的看了李源一眼,随后看向江尘,似乎要让江尘出言解释。 Jiang Chen has seen Hall Master, disciple beats savagely these people are the fact, but the disciple is also only the justifiable defense, said that the disciple is a victim, is most undeserved.” 江尘见过堂主,弟子暴打这些人是事实,但弟子也只是正当防卫罢了,说起来,弟子才是受害者,是最冤枉的。” Jiang Chen serious saying. 江尘一本正经的说道。 Hears the victim and treats unjustly several characters, many people soon spurted the blood, particularly lay down in ground Li Song and the others, thrashed the ground with the fist directly, was not concerned about face, was too not concerned about face. 听到受害者和冤枉几个字,很多人都快要喷血了,尤其是躺在地上的李嵩等人,直接拿拳头捶打地面啊,不要脸啊,太不要脸了。 Said how you do treat unjustly?” “说说,你如何冤枉?” Feng Jingyang opens the mouth saying that seems interested in this newly arrived disciple, naturally, if not interested, his solemn Dragon Hall Hall Master, how will be all right to run here to shake. 风景阳开口说道,似乎对这个新来的弟子非常感兴趣,当然,如果不感兴趣的话,他堂堂龙堂堂主,岂会没事跑这里晃悠。 Jiang Chen reorganized the clothing pretentiously, had the absolute assurance at heart, Feng Jingyang paid attention to the beginning to end of this matter obviously in secret, now also wants saying that must to oneself a reason, probably guarantee itself, Jiang Chen is intelligent, naturally cannot disappoint Feng Jingyang. 江尘装模作样的整理了一下衣衫,心里已经有了绝对的把握,风景阳明明暗中已经关注了这件事情的始末,现在还要自己说,那就是要给自己一个理由,是要保自己,江尘何等聪明,自然不能够让风景阳失望。 Immortal Courtyard takes Fengchi Immortal Territory supreme existence, definitely has own natural law, since the Li Yuan elder said that I hit the person extremely arrogantly, then I must ask actually that Immortal World has that natural law to stipulate the newly arrived disciple can probably pay the protection money?” 仙庭作为风驰仙域至高无上的存在,肯定是有着自己的规则,既然李源长老说我狂妄打人,那么我倒是要问问,仙界有那一条规则规定新来的弟子必须要要交保护费的?” Jiang Chen was saying to Li Yuan loudly. 江尘对着李源大声说道。 Volume ~ 额~ Li Yuan is stunned, wants to refute not to be actually able the lower jaw, because Immortal Courtyard does not have this natural law. 李源愕然,想要反驳却也无从下嘴,因为仙庭真的没有这个规则 Li Song and the others, see several of us is newly arrived, runs over to bully us, threatened wants each of us to hand over 200,000 Venerable Immortal Yuan Stone as the protection money, otherwise gives us to be attractive, I may be the solid person, this unreasonable matter definitely will not manage, then Li Song they run over to look for our troubles, but also wants take action to teach us, this is rampant extremely arrogant, the disciple cannot allow to be oppressed does not revolt, therefore the disciple take action has hit them, must say that this's words , can only blame their strength being bad, I want to ask that I do this, what have. Does? If changes into is your two elders, you will do? Before some people project on your gates, do you also extend to call them the face?” 李嵩等人,见我们几个是新来的,就跑过来欺负我们,扬言要我们每人交出200000的尊品仙元石作为保护费,不然的话就给我们好看,我么可都是实实在在的人,这种无理的事情肯定是不会理的,然后李嵩他们就跑过来找我们的麻烦,还要出手教训我们,这才是嚣张狂妄吧,弟子总不能任人宰割不反抗,所以弟子才出手打了他们,要说这的话,也只能怪他们实力不济,我想问问,我这样做,有什么。做?如果换成是你们两位长老,你们会怎么做?有人打到你们的门前,你们难道还把脸伸过去给他们打吗?” The Jiang Chen sound is frank, neither arrogant nor servile, the words that said were well-founded, letting the person is unable to refute. 江尘声音爽朗,不卑不亢,说出的话更是有理有据,让人无从反驳。 Listened to the Jiang Chen words, Yuan to become complexion suddenly in addition changes incomparable is ugly, his split vision stared Li Yuan one, this Li Yuan moves own time, but said that formidable Monster Emperor need his take action, has not given him to explain that the long and short of the story of matter, now Feng Jingyang meddled, moreover hasn't the truth in others there, this made his Yuan to become disgraced? 听了江尘的话,袁成的脸色突然加变的无比难看起来,他余光瞪了李源一眼,这李源去搬自己的时候,只是说有一尊强大的妖帝需要他出手,可没有给他说明事情的来龙去脉,现在风景阳插手了,而且道理还在别人那里,这不是让他袁成丢人吗? Li Yuan, what words did you have to say?” 李源,你还有什么话说?” Feng Jingyang said that is actually highly praises, the purity that the performance of Jiang Chen he looks at just now in secret to Jiang Chen at heart, has the stratagem bravely, moreover natural talent Bufan (extraordinary), can describe with heaven defying that made Feng Jingyang like simply. 风景阳说道,心里却是对江尘大加赞赏,适才江尘的表现他暗中都看的一清二楚,有勇有谋,而且天资不凡,可以用逆天来形容,简直让风景阳太喜欢了。 This matter wrong in Li Song, such being the case, that such considers as finished.” “这件事情错在李嵩,既然如此,那就这么算了吧。” Li Yuan said that these words are almost to clench teeth saying that no matter what everyone can listen to his depression, but Li Yuan is not a fool, the appearance of Feng Jingyang very obviously to help Jiang Chen comes, if he continues unwilling to forgive, that does not give the Feng Jingyang face, it is well known, this Dragon Hall Hall Master temperament became famous is not good, if annoyed him to be angry , a palm of the hand clapped itself, that was also dies in vain, Star Emperor not for he will punish Feng Jingyang, even a blame will not say. 李源说道,这句话几乎是咬牙说出来的,任谁都能够听出他心里的郁闷,但李源也不是傻子,风景阳的出现很明显是为了帮助江尘而来的,如果他继续不依不饶的话,那就是不给风景阳面子,众所周知,这个龙堂堂主的脾气可是出了名的不好,要是真惹了他生气,一巴掌拍死自己,那也是白死,星帝都不会为了他处罚风景阳,甚至连一句责备的话都不会说。 Jiang Chen, do you think?” 江尘,你觉得呢?” Feng Jingyang looks to Jiang Chen. 风景阳看向江尘 „The Li Yuan elder thought that like this calculates, but the disciple was unable such to calculate that according to the beforehand view, the Li Yuan elder must put out 5.6 million Venerable Immortal Yuan Stone to be good, Li Song they ask us to trouble in the name of protection money, now makes Elder Li with the ransom money not excessive, must know, because this time gathers the protection money event, my these newly arrived Junior Brother, have scared, before coming, they to Immortal Courtyard are the incomparable expectation, can become a Immortal Courtyard disciple by, but felt that to the incomparable pride, has not thought of first day on suffering the so huge attack., On attack is hard to make up at heart very much, will make them feel that one does not have the feeling in Immortal Courtyard, might as well does not come, these ransom money that Elder Li puts out, happen to can make up for the numerous position Junior Brother mental scar.” 李源长老觉得这样算来,但弟子还不能就这么算,按照之前的说法,李源长老要拿出5600000的尊品仙元石才行,李嵩他们是以保护费的名义来找我们麻烦的,现在让李长老拿赎金也不过分吧,要知道,因为这次收取保护费事件,我这些新来的师弟们,都吓坏了,来之前,他们对仙庭都是无比的憧憬,以自己能够成为一个仙庭弟子而感觉到无比的骄傲,没想到第一天就遭受了如此巨大的打击。,心里上的打击是很难以弥补的,会让他们觉得自己在仙庭毫无存在感,还不如不来,李长老拿出的这些赎金,正好可以弥补众位师弟的心灵创伤。” That that Jiang Chen every single word or phrase, said called righteousness words, that called one to take for granted. 江尘一字一句,说的那叫一个义正言辞,那叫一个想当然。 However listens to the Jiang Chen words, many person one types must thoroughly the feeling of fainting dish, this is too not really concerned about face, is pays a visit to get online simply, to this time, has not forgotten to blackmail one. 不过听完江尘的话,很多人都有一种要彻底晕菜的感觉,这实在是太不要脸了,简直就是上杆子上线啊,都到了这个时候,还不忘敲诈一笔。 A 6 mountain they grin, for them, this matter can settle a quarrel and make peace with the parties involved was very good, where can also think wants Li Yuan Immortal Yuan Stone, perhaps after , Jiang Chen had such guts. 就连6一山他们都直咧嘴,对他们来说,这件事情能够息事宁人就已经很不错了,哪里还敢想着要李源仙元石,恐怕也之后江尘才有这样的胆量了。 Jiang Chen, do not reach out for a yard after taking an inch.” 江尘,你不要得寸进尺。” Li Yuan is angry. 李源大怒。 Li Yuan, this King thought that Jiang Chen said is actually very reasonable, you collect his protection money first, now draws cash the person carries off, is very fair.” 李源,本座觉得,江尘说的倒是很有道理啊,你们先收他的保护费,现在拿钱把人带走,也很公平。” Feng Jingyang opens the mouth saying that not cares a whoop the Li Yuan present feeling at heart. 风景阳开口说道,丝毫不在意李源现在的心里感受。 The surrounding person starts with pitying gaze looks to Li Yuan, accepts fate, who makes him meet Feng Jingyang, in overbearing that Immortal Courtyard Dragon Hall became famous, now the fools can look that Feng Jingyang must lead into Dragon Hall to arrive Jiang Chen, by the disposition that Feng Jingyang doting parent, Jiang Chen is any him to think fair. 周围的人开始用怜悯的目光看向李源,认命吧,谁让他遇到风景阳呢,在仙庭龙堂可是出了名的霸道,现在傻子都能够看出来,风景阳一定是要将江尘带入龙堂到了,以风景阳护犊子的性格,江尘做什么他都会觉得合情合理。 The perfect broken security chapter, please + come to + pavilion with the search engine search keyword cloud, no matter what various types of novels you watch 完美破防盗章节,请用搜索引擎搜索关键词云+来+阁,各种小说任你观看
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