DMWG :: Volume #52

#5045: Here, is my family/home

This......” “这……” „Does week senior, what in this have to misunderstand? Jiang Chen is the help benefactor of our Dongchen mountain, I do not know that now he is where, is your what this word?” “周前辈,这里面是不是有什么误会呀?江尘是我们东辰山的救命恩人,我现在都不知道他身在何处,您这是何出此言呢?” Chen Batian complexion is very ugly, although this war has not broken out, but the facial expression on his face, has become quite gloomy, these people regarding exerting pressure of their Dongchen mountain, that invisible between expert power and influence, get him not to dare to have the slight movement. 霸天脸色十分难看,虽然这场大战还没有爆发,但是他脸上的神情,已经变得相当的阴沉,这些人对于他们东辰山的施压,那种无形之间的强者威势,就领他根本不敢有丝毫的动作。 Misunderstanding? Hahaha! Really laughable, my big brother week mourning hall, our Great Elder of Zhou, were killed by Jiang Chen, you told me, this is the misunderstanding?” “误会?哈哈哈哈!真是可笑,我大哥周灵堂,我们周家的大长老,就是被江尘所杀,你跟我说,这是误会?” Zhou Lingyin laughs was saying, the entire Dongchen mountain, seems reverberating the week Lingyin unscrupulous happy expression. 周灵隐大笑着说道,整个东辰山,似乎都回荡着周灵隐肆无忌惮的笑意。 Chen Batian deeply inspires, in the look filled with amazement with the shock. 霸天深吸了一口气,眼神之中充满了骇然与震惊。 Week mourning hall what kind of person? That is also wants terrifying exist(ence) compared with week Lingyin, Zhou Great Elder, that is completely the character who Tang ranked among the best, although in Xijiang, but in the heart of Chen Batian, the week mourning hall also quite found that like this peerless expert, unexpectedly by Jiang Chen killing? This was also too unthinkable. 周灵堂何许人也?那可是比周灵隐还要恐怖存在,周家大长老,那完全是大唐数一数二的人物呀,而且虽然远在西疆,但是辰霸天的心中,对于周灵堂也是相当了解的,这样的绝世强者,竟然被江尘给杀了?这也太令人匪夷所思了。 This......” “这……” „Did no words say? I also do not think that provoke this war, your Dongchen mountain is actually very sensible, only pitifully, you and Jiang Chen relate the sworn friend, therefore the war of today, is hard to avoid, Jiang Chen, Dongchen must extinguish!” “没话说了吧?我同样不想挑起这场战争,你们东辰山倒是很懂事,只可惜,你们与江尘关系莫逆,所以今日之战,难以避免,江尘不出,东辰必灭!” Zhou Lingyin the hand grasps long spear, points to Chen Batian, Chen Batian felt that oneself was locked completely, such powerful enemy, oneself could not support three moves, that was expert of Half Step nebula level, oneself do not know when can achieve. 周灵隐手握长枪,直指辰霸天,辰霸天感觉到自己完全被锁定了,这样的强敌,自己根本支撑不了三招,那可是半步星云级的强者呀,自己不知道何年何月才能够达到。 Now the entire Dongchen mountain keeps silent, this life and death war, it seems like it is inevitable, the sword has put up on their necks. 现在整个东辰山都是噤若寒蝉,这场生死大战,看来已经是无可避免,刀剑已经是架在了他们的脖子上。 You walk big brother Jiang Chen quickly.” “你快走吧江尘大哥。” Chen fine jade complexion low and deep saying, looks at the father and Zhou family who above the sky are confronting, Chen fine jade is unbearably anxious. 辰璐脸色低沉的说道,望着天空之上对峙的父亲与周家人,辰璐急不可耐。 Walks? I walked, you must die, doesn't your fall I in the non- righteousness?” “走?我走了,你们全都得死,你这不是陷我于不义嘛?” Jiang Chen is smiling bitterly shaking the head, for what it's worth, this war, oneself have no flinching choice. 江尘苦笑着摇头,不管结果如何,这一战,自己都没有任何退缩的选择 This matter and Dongchen mountain relations do not have, is completely and personal grudge between Zhou, therefore Jiang Chen does not want to implicate Chen family/home, now the speed of Zhou family is too fast, therefore he can only the passive defense. 这件事情跟东辰山一点关系都没有,完全是自己与周家之间的私人恩怨,所以江尘根本不想连累辰家,现在周家人的速度太快,所以他只能被动防守了。 „The person of our Dongchen mountain, was all saved by you, big brother Jiang Chen, you do not use any burden, you hurry, even if we die, must protect under foot lands, the Dongchen mountain, is our families/home, we have no place to go radically.” “我们东辰山的人,全都是被你救的,江尘大哥,你不用有任何的负担,你赶紧走吧,我们就算是死,也要守护脚下这片土地,东辰山,是我们的家,我们根本无处可去。” The firmness of Chen fine jade, lets Jiang Chen unusual move, but things have gotten to this point, oneself evade cannot escape, can only face. 辰璐的坚决,让江尘非常的感动,但是事已至此,自己逃避是逃不掉的,只能面对。 The person of Zhou has arrived, oneself want to walk also indulges in fantasy, perhaps where Zhou Yun is hiding now. 周家的人已经亲临,自己想走也只是异想天开,周赟现在说不定就在什么地方隐藏着。 Flinches? That absolutely is not the Jiang Chen's character, the Hundred Battles life and death, is not timid, even if Jiang Chen dies, still wanted that person above dying in battle battlefield, the good intention of Chen family member, he declined with thanks, the man, was bold in undertaking, otherwise, coward? With the generation of up to cunning or petty ruses, there is what difference? 退缩?那绝对不是江尘的性格,百战生死,从无怯懦,江尘就算是死,也是要战死疆场之上的那种人,辰家人的好意,他心领了,男人,就是要勇于承担,否则的话,岂不是胆小鬼?与鸡鸣狗盗之辈,又有何区别? If Zhou is the army fighting in a just cause, will not begin to Chen family/home, but Zhou eats Chen family/home now very much obviously, wants also to compel Chen family/home with oneself to follow to get sucked into the chaos caused by war, this is Jiang Chen cannot permit. 若是周家是正义之师,也不会对辰家动手的,但是现在周家很显然就是吃定了辰家,想要用自己逼得辰家也跟着深陷战乱之中,这是江尘不能够允许的。 Here, is my family/home.” “这里,也是我的家。” The Jiang Chen's words, making Chen fine jade be startled, the next quarter, Jiang Chen had flown the summit of azure clouds, stood in Chen Batian side. 江尘的话,让辰璐为之一怔,下一刻,江尘已经是飞上了青云之巅,站在了辰霸天的身旁。 Jiang Chen, your-- 江尘,你—— Chen Batian complexion sinks, at this time Jiang Chen came out, wasn't this courts death? 霸天脸色一沉,这时候江尘出来,这不是找死吗? „A person works a person to work as, my matter, does not have the least bit to relate with Chen family/home, the person who you want to deal with is I, does not do to feel embarrassed Chen family/home.” “一人做事一人当,我的事情,与辰家没有半点关系,你们想要对付的人是我,休要为难辰家。” Jiang Chen is serious. 江尘一脸严肃。 Good morality reaching up to the clouds, Jiang Chen Jiang Chen, I was really look down on you, knew early today regret past doings? You killed my big brother, this our seven brothers, must revenge for the big brother time. Zhou, will not let off anyone who absolutely wants to tread on our dignity. The enmity of big brother, absolutely irreconcilable, today that then settles here.” “好一个义薄云天,江尘江尘,我还真是小看你了,早知今日何必当初呢?你杀了我大哥,这一次我们七兄弟,就要为大哥报仇。周家,绝对不会放过任何一个想要脚踏我们尊严的人。大哥之仇,不共戴天,今日那便在这里了结吧。” The week Lingyin sinking sound said that he does not want similarly with Chen family/home life and death internecine strife, although Chen Family is inferior to them, but one fights, will also make them lose absolutely seriously, if the biography in the entire day Mercury swings, then their reputations of Zhou, thoroughly with Demon without doubt, therefore slaughter clan matter , they definitely will not unless it is absolutely essential do. 周灵隐沉声说道,他也同样不想跟辰家生死火拼,虽然陈家不如他们,但是一场大战下来,绝对也会让他们损失惨重的,如果在整个天辰星之中传荡开来,那么他们周家的名声,也就彻底与妖魔无疑了,所以屠族这种事情,不到万不得已,他们肯定是不会做的。 The person who Zhou must find only has Jiang Chen, so long as Jiang Chen appeared, then all were easy to do. 周家要找的人只有江尘,只要江尘出现了,那么一切就好办了。 Big of Chen family/home, billion people of life and death, not possible to jumble together with me absolutely, my matter, I alone withstand , there is nothing to do with Chen family/home, everyone withdraws.” “辰家之大,千百万人的生死存亡,绝对不可能与我混为一谈,我的事情,我一个人来承受,与辰家无关,所有人退后。” Jiang Chen looked at Chen Batian one, Chen Batian also wants to say anything, but actually by the Jiang Chen's look frightening, him knows now, the Jiang Chen's strength, has reached the Half Step nebula level, no wonder he can Zhou Great Elder obliterate. 江尘看了辰霸天一眼,辰霸天还想说什么,但是却被江尘的眼神给吓了回去,他现在才知道,江尘的实力,已经达到了半步星云级,怪不得他能够将周家大长老抹杀 Big brother Jiang Chen-- 江尘大哥—— Chen fine jade flushed crazily, but actually by Chen Batian blocking. 辰璐疯狂的冲了上来,但是却被辰霸天给拦住了。 Since Jiang Chen had said that then he did not need this turbid water, was not Chen Batian is selfish, but was the entire Dongchen mountain, was really many people, his simply had no choice, he cannot regard stake with entire Dongchen mountain over a million people, if Zhou were reckless, then here rivers of blood. 江尘既然已经这么说了,那么他也就没必要趟这趟浑水了,不是辰霸天自私,而是整个东辰山,实在是太多人了,他根本就没有任何的选择,他不能拿整个东辰山上百万的子民当成赌注,如果周家不顾一切,那么这里将血流成河。 At this moment, Jiang Chen and Zhou reached the agreement, their Chen families/home can stay out, this is also a quite good matter, even if In the heart has the shame, Chen Batian still no other choice, sometimes as high-rank, is to make disobeys vest the matter of morality and justice to come, were all infamy, how withstood by oneself? So long as he preserves the Dongchen mountain 1 million people on enough, Jiang Chen can bravely step forward at crucial moments, means that he has thought all these, oneself cannot let a Jiang Chen's intention absolutely, puts to Dongliu. 此时此刻,江尘与周家达成了协议,他们辰家能够置身事外,这也是一件相当不错的事情,就算是于心有愧,辰霸天也别无选择,有时候身为上位者,就是要做出一些违背心中的道义的事情来,所有的骂名,就让自己承受又如何?他只要保住东辰山百万子民就够了,江尘能够在关键时刻挺身而出,就意味着他早就已经想好了这一切,自己绝对不能够让江尘的一片心意,付诸东流 Present Chen family/home, although in Xijiang, has just like formed the trend of one-party rule, but has the irreversible disparity with Zhou, fights a hopeless battle, the result will make them unable to undertake. 现在的辰家,虽然在西疆之中,俨然已经形成了一家独大的趋势,但是与周家还是有着不可逆转的差距,以卵击石,结局会让他们根本承担不起的。 Relax, all have me.” “放心,一切有我。” Jiang Chen corner of the mouth turned upwards slightly, looked at Chen fine jade one, but in the eye of Chen fine jade, actually filled anxiously, what Jiang Chen faced was expert of seven Zhou, seven big expert, were completely the Half Step nebula levels, this could be said as Zhou all strengths had all transferred. 江尘嘴角微微翘起,看了辰璐一眼,但是辰璐的眼中,却是充满了焦虑,江尘面对的是七个周家的高手,七大高手,全部都是半步星云级,这可以说是将周家所有的力量全部都已经调动了出来。 „Do all have you? I must have a look but actually, how you can go out of the Dongchen mountain, all by you, died, on death ends all troubles.” “一切有你?我倒要看看,你怎么能够走出东辰山的,一切由你,死了,也就一了百了了。” Saying that Zhou Lingyin snorts at contemptuously. 周灵隐嗤之以鼻的说道。
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