DMWG :: Volume #51

#4954: Calamity to the Dongchen mountain

Who?” “谁?” The Chen fine jade brow tight wrinkle, the entire Dongchen mountain, this time is becoming tight, countless Chen family members look to the horizon, the dense piece, making everyone feel to suffocate. 辰璐眉头紧皱,整个东辰山,都在这个时候变得紧张起来,无数辰家人望向天际之上,黑压压一片,让所有人感到窒息。 Ominous reactionary forces in the ascendant, horizon changes countenance. 黑云压城,天际变色。 Chen family members hurry to hurry back, on the face of everyone wrote all over dignifiedly, cannot believe completely, because of this dark clouds, absolutely is not the weather natural change, but is a terrifying influence, covers to come, this lets everyone is unusual shock, such matter, their Dongchen mountain first meeting, even if were besieged by another two big influences previous time, not this constriction. 辰家人都是慌忙赶回来,每个人的脸上写满了凝重,完全不敢相信,因为这股黑云,绝对不是天气自然的变化,而是一股恐怖的势力,笼罩而来,这让每个人都是非常的震撼,这样的事情,他们东辰山还是第一次遇到,即便是上一次被另外两大势力围攻的时候,都没有这种压迫感。 What person won't have to our Dongchen mountain to start?” “不会是又有什么人想要对我们东辰山下手吧?” Shuts your crow mouth , our Dongchen mountain now not does not want not to strive, does not fight with any influence, some people will not ask us to trouble absolutely.” “闭上你的乌鸦嘴,才不会呢,我们东辰山现在无欲无求,不跟任何势力作斗争,绝对不会有人来找咱们麻烦的。” Said is also, but on shy sits in home, pot from space.” “说的也是,但是就怕人在家中坐,锅从天上来呀。” You looked, many expert have flown the summit of sky.” “你们看,好多的强者飞过天空之巅。” Chen family member is looking at this silently, in the innermost feelings becomes unusual struggles to intertwine, does not know to should do, regarding their these common people, so long as does not erupt the war, then did not matter, if erupts the war, will be the field littered with corpses, the pitiful condition will be incredible. 辰家人默默的望着这一幕,内心之中变得非常的挣扎纠结,根本不知道该如何是好,对于他们这些老百姓而言,只要不爆发大战,那么就无所谓了,但是一旦爆发大战,就会是尸横遍野,惨状让人难以置信。 At this time, Jiang Chen is also suddenly raised the head, gaze gloomy and cold, is staring void above. 这个时候,江尘也是霍然间抬起头,目光阴冷,凝视着虚空之上。 Should come, after all came. 该来的,终归还是来了。 Jiang Chen worried only, is the Zhou family will vent anger because in Chen family/home, now looks like, this is the inevitable matter, these people who because will come, almost will be the Zhou family. 江尘唯一担忧的,便是周家人会因为自己而迁怒于辰家,现在看来,这已经是无可避免的事情了,因为来的这些人,几乎都是周家人。 The strength of Zhou family, that is relative, even if ranks among the best in the entire big thaungdut, in Xijiang, no one is their opponents, such war, to Chen family/home, likely is to perish, even previous three clan wars, without this danger. 周家人的实力,那可是相当之强的,即便是在整个大唐都是数一数二的,在西疆之中,无人是他们的对手,这样的大战,对于辰家来说,很可能就是要灭亡的,就算是上次三族大战,都没有这一次危险。 In the Jiang Chen heart has mixed emotions, furious, but things have gotten to this point, the had nothing means that confront soldiers with generals and stem water with earth, was only choice. 江尘心中百感交集,怒不可遏,但是事已至此,已经没有任何的办法了,兵来将挡水来土掩,就是唯一的选择 This sound, the shake is void, Jiang Chen is also incomparably familiar, precisely week Lingyin. 这声音,震荡虚空,江尘也是无比熟悉的,正是周灵隐的。 The elder of Zhou, Zhou Lingtang was killed by oneself, these looks like the person of leading time, impressively is week Lingyin, but week Lingyin dares so to track down itself to come on a grand scale, then reason, only then one, that was Zhou Yun also participated inevitably, without week yun came, then oneself can definitely steamroll week Lingyin, but there is nebula level expert to join, then oneself were basic does not have any strength to hit back. 周家的长老,周灵堂被自己所杀,这一次看来带队之人,赫然是周灵隐,而周灵隐敢如此大张旗鼓的追寻自己而来,那么原因只有一个,那就是周赟必然也是参与了进来,如果没有周赟前来,那么自己完全可以碾压周灵隐,不过有星云级强者加入进来,那么自己就根本没有任何的还手之力了。 The tragedy, must be repeated at this time after all, Jiang Chen's at heart, unusual feeling sorry, complexion also very gloomy. 悲剧,终归还是要在这个时候重演,江尘的心里,非常的过意不去,脸色也是十分的阴沉。 newcomer who!” 来者何人!” Chen Batian from the summit, flies to shoot, at this time the father has closed up, entire Dongchen mountain all things, are Chen Batian are running. 霸天从山巅之中,飞射而出,这个时候父亲已经闭关了,整个东辰山所有的事情,都是辰霸天在掌管。 This time Chen Batian, the strength has also achieved star level 9-layer Heaven peak, but to Zhou, is completely futile attempt, cannot play any role. 此时的辰霸天,实力也已经达到了恒星级九重天巅峰,但是对于周家而言,完全就是杯水车薪,起不到任何的作用。 Chen Batian? In the past that Chen family/home boys? Hehe, without thinking of you have become the chancellor person of Chen family/home, but also is really the landscape generation has the talent to leave, only pitifully, today, no one can prevent my footsteps.” “辰霸天?当年那个辰家小子吗?呵呵呵,没想到就连你都已经成为了辰家的主事人,还真是江山代有人才出呀,只可惜,今日,没有人能够阻挡我的脚步。” Week Lingyin coldly said, the sound is overbearing, completely having absolute power over somebody terrifying aura. 周灵隐冷冷的说道,声音霸道,完全给人一种生杀予夺的恐怖气息 Week...... senior!” “周……前辈!” Chen Batian complexion sinks, the whole body trembles, including the entire Dongchen mountain, is becomes the palpitation, Chen Batian entered Tang informed and experienced time in the past, is famous, but at that time, week Lingyin is the backbone of Zhou, so many years passed by, Chen Batian does not have to think oneself and week Lingyin meet, meets unexpectedly in Dongchen above the mountain, among wars that this wind and rain wants. 霸天脸色一沉,浑身一颤,包括整个东辰山,都是变得心悸不已,辰霸天当年进入大唐历练的时候,也算是颇负盛名,而那个时候,周灵隐就已经是周家的顶梁柱了,这么多年过去了,辰霸天没想到自己跟周灵隐见面,竟然会是在东辰山之上,这场风雨欲来的大战之间。 „Did week senior, how my Chen family/home offend you? Why does Zhou so drag in lots of people? If seniors some instruction, my Chen family/home surely effect serve somebody faithfully, why so.” “周前辈,我辰家到底是怎么得罪你们了?周家何必如此兴师动众?前辈若有吩咐,我辰家必当效犬马之劳,何必这般。” Chen Batian is low and deep was saying, to him, this fellow, is sends a punitive expedition completely . Moreover the such big weaponry, oneself do not know completely the goal of opposite party where, Jiang Chen just came back, he has not gotten one to put in an appearance with himself. 霸天低沉着说道,对于他来说,这个家伙,完全就是来兴师问罪的,而且这么大的阵仗,自己完全就不知道对方的目的何在,江尘刚刚回来,他跟自己还没有打上一个照面。 Speed such rapidness of Zhou, Jiang Chen has not even thought, originally he has arranged, but now looks like, as if all these, some are too late, so long as is Zhou Zhou Yun take action, then the entire Dongchen mountain, definitely will become a sea of fire, countless people die without the burial ground, the Dongchen mountain, the flames of war burn again, person who when the time comes died, far more than first 1 million. 周家的速度如此之快,连江尘都没有想到,本来他是有所安排的,但是现在看来,似乎这一切,都已经有些太迟了,只要是周家的周赟一出手的话,那么整个东辰山,势必会成为一片火海,无数人死无葬身之地,东辰山,战火再燃,到时候死去的人,就何止前百万了。 Chen Batian stance is puts quite lowered, after all at this time, others strength was stronger, Tang Zhou, above the entire day Mercury, wanted with family also not exist(ence) that they began, that can only court death. 霸天的姿态已经是放得相当低了,毕竟这个时候,人家实力更强,大唐周家,在整个天辰星之上,想要跟他们动手的家族还不存在,那只能是找死。 Now the person of Zhou turns out in full strength, but, surrounding expert like clouds, the strengths of several people, makes Chen Batian feel to suffocate, if this fights them, oneself perhaps link one move unable to insist, this is the disparity of strength, although father's strength has reached the Half Step nebula level, stabilized, but during just entered closed up, within the short time definitely cannot be disturbed. 如今周家的人倾巢而至,周围的强者如云,好几个人的实力,都让辰霸天感到窒息,这要是跟他们打起来,自己恐怕连一招都坚持不住,这就是实力的差距呀,父亲的实力虽然已经达到了半步星云级,稳定了下来,但是刚刚进入了闭关之中,短时间之内肯定是不能够被打扰的。 However drew back 10,000 steps saying that even if the father went out, coped with them, almost did not have odds of suc­cess, a week Lingyin, made the father have no strength to hit back sufficiently, so many people, might become the catastrophe of Dongchen mountain. 不过退一万步说,就算是父亲出关,对付他们,几乎也是毫无胜算的,一个周灵隐,就足以让父亲没有任何的还手之力了,这么多人,很可能就会成为东辰山的浩劫。 Therefore, Chen Batian does that also to own people plea, oneself even is humble, still might as well. 所以,辰霸天这么做,也是为了给自己的子民求情,自己就算是低贱一点,也是无妨的。 So long as Zhou not with Dongchen mountain Weidi, his Amitabha. 只要周家不与东辰山为敌,他就阿弥陀佛了。 Oh? Right? Such being the case, I am not willing to take up arms again, makes to kill the evil, hands over Jiang Chen, so long as your Dongchen mountain hands over Jiang Chen, my Zhou will not feel embarrassed absolutely your, otherwise, kill without mercy!” ?是吗?既然如此,我也不愿意再动干戈,多造杀孽,将江尘交出来吧,只要你们东辰山把江尘交出来,我周家绝对不会为难你们的,否则的话,杀无赦!” Zhou Lingyin gives a calm smile, aura that but in the look murders coldly, makes Chen Batian feel pumped up. 周灵隐淡然一笑,但是眼神之中冷冽杀伐的气息,却让辰霸天为之一振。 What? Jiang Chen? 什么?江尘 Chen Batian heart shakes greatly, never expected that at this time, the goal of Zhou, unexpectedly was Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen was the obligation person of their entire Dongchen mountain, if gave them Jiang Chen, then oneself weren't the ungrateful generation? 霸天心头巨震,没想到这个时候,周家的目的,竟然是江尘,江尘可是他们整个东辰山的大恩人,如果说将江尘交给了他们,那么自己不是忘恩负义之辈了嘛? But if said a non- character, possibly own Dongchen mountain, will beset with a crisis in life and death, when the time comes the innumerable innocent people, will become cannon fodder same exist(ence). 但是如果说一个不字,可能自己的东辰山,就会陷入生死危机之中,到时候无数无辜的子民,将会成为炮灰一样的存在 In Chen Batian heart has mixed emotions, even is somewhat rapid, although oneself present is the leader of entire Dongchen mountain, but Jiang Chen returns, he also just knew, moreover Jiang Chen actually offended Tang Zhou such colossus , is really makes Chen Batian unthinkable. 霸天心中百感交集,甚至有些急促,虽然自己现在是整个东辰山的领导者,但是江尘归来,他也是刚刚知晓的,而且江尘竟然得罪了大唐周家这样的庞然大物,实在是让辰霸天匪夷所思。 However, betrays own benefactor, this matter, Chen Batian cannot do. 不过,出卖自己的恩人,这种事情,辰霸天还是做不出来的。
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