DMWG :: Volume #52

#5036: Feeling relieved

Did Jiang Chen, really solve the secret of ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart? 江尘,真的解开了古碑山河图的秘密? In Chen Chang Qing innermost feelings was full of the shock, even is with amazement, was this too also inconceivable? Isn't this pure hitting the face? 常青内心之中充满了震惊,甚至是骇然,这也太不可思议了吧?这不是纯纯的打脸吗? The father studied the 100,000 year, cannot say has achieved nothing, only studied pill recipe, your finished up every other day, this according to did not rub on the ground me! The good and evil I am also nebula level expert. 老子可是研究了十万年呀,不能说一无所获,只研究出了一张丹方,你这三天两头就完事了,这不是把我按在地上摩擦嘛!好歹我也是星云级强者呀。 In Chen Chang Qing heart is quite depressed, but in the final analysis, is bigger than excitedly depressed, fulfills their mission after all, the method of master, is shocking everybody. 常青心中颇为苦闷,但是说到底,兴奋还是大于苦闷的,总归是不辱使命,师父的手段,还是更加的惊世骇俗呀。 Chen Chang Qing discovered oneself have not suffered a loss, this Chen Jiang, indeed is to make him be able not hold a candle, this is the method and strength, even if the strength, only then Half Step nebula level, but he opened mind by himself greatly. 常青发现自己并没有吃亏,这个辰江,的确是让他望尘莫及,这便是手段与实力,哪怕是实力只有半步星云级,可是他还是让自己大开了眼界。 „Did big brother really study that ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart the secret?” “大哥真的研究出那古碑山河图的秘密了?” Yuan Ling one happy, from Chen Chang Qing look, she can look, that ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart has is mystical and powerful, even if Chen Chang Qing, has doubts as before. 袁玲一喜,从辰常青的眼神之中,她就能看得出来,那古碑山河图到底有多么的神秘与强大,哪怕是辰常青,依旧还带着一丝疑惑。 Walks!” “走!” In Long Shisan heart steadfast, directly flushed, three people without hesitation, in a flash, then appeared in Jiang Chen's behind, particularly Chen Chang Qing, the excitement of whole face, was very happy, oneself protected 100,000 year Kokurayama, the goal was this, the shocking secret of Kokurayama, now is unexpectedly easy by Jiang Chen breaking, all these, made Chen Chang Qing have a feeling of another era feeling. 龙十三心中坚定不移,直接冲了进去,三人毫不犹豫,转瞬之间,便是出现在了江尘的身后,尤其是辰常青,满脸的兴奋,别提有多开心了,自己守护十万年小仓山,目的就在于此,小仓山的惊世大秘,现在竟然轻而易举就被江尘给破掉了,这一切,都让辰常青有种恍如隔世的感觉。 The 100,000 year accumulates, was inferior that a dynasty rises, this simply is the greatest satire, fortunately, this person is own master, fortunately, oneself well-known that is insufficient to lose disgraced. 十万年积累,不如一朝崛起,这简直是莫大的讽刺,还好,这个人是自己的师傅,还好,自己不至于丢人丢的人尽皆知。 Master, this......” “师父,这……” Chen Chang Qing sees at present this paint black ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, with beforehand widely divergent, but can look as before, this absolutely is the genuine ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, but as if reduced, becomes jet black. 常青看到眼前这漆黑色的古碑山河图,与之前大相径庭,但是依旧看得出来,这绝对就是真正的古碑山河图,只不过似乎缩小了一些,也变得更加的漆黑。 I this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart burning the original real appearance, these 108 pill recipe, performing all was ten above, you were loose to the concealing shape that I looked at before, in these 108 pill recipe, can only be exist(ence) of last stage.” “我将这古碑山河图给烧出了原本的真面貌,这一百零八张的丹方,尽皆是十品之上,你之前给我看的匿形散,在这一百零八张丹方之中,只能算是末流的存在。” Jiang Chen said. 江尘说道。 „Is this possible? I before also once calcine this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, but it does not have the slight change, but...... turns into 108 pill recipe now unexpectedly?” “这怎么可能?我之前也曾煅烧过这古碑山河图,但是它却没有丝毫的变化,可现在……竟然变成了一百零八张丹方?” In Chen Chang Qing heart raised the difficult situation, at this time, he has gawked in same place, unbelievable looks at these 108 pill recipe, Chen Jiang gives as much support as possible, slight retention , without made him admire, requests him to be the master sincerely and honestly, although strength are weak, however in the concocting pills aspect, it is estimated that oneself has huge difference from Jiang Chen. 常青心中掀起了惊涛骇浪,这个时候,他已经愣在原地,难以置信的看着这一百零八道丹方,辰江倾囊相授,没有丝毫的保留,让他更加的钦佩,实心实意的拜他为师,虽然实力比自己还要弱,但是在炼丹方面,估计自己跟江尘有着天壤之别。 prostrate oneself in admiration that master great ability, Chang Qing admires.” “师父大才,常青佩服的五体投地。” Chen Chang Qing heartfelt saying, this is the method, this is the skill. 常青由衷的说道,这就是手段,这就是本事。 Moreover facing 108 pill recipe, the feeling of Jiang Chen value the broom as one's own, has not been one and watches by oneself slightly, these 108 pill recipe, simply are the huge wealth, even if places above entire star, that still lets exist(ence) that innumerable expert move. 而且面对一百零八张丹方,江尘没有丝毫敝帚自珍的感觉,让自己也是一并观看,这一百零八张丹方,简直就是天大的财富,就算是放在整个星界之上,那也是让无数强者动心的存在 A person of Half Step nebula level, can actually be aloof, this strength in meditation, this breadth of spirit, is Chen Chang Qing cannot be anxious, some people, since birth are high-rank, has inherent overbearing since birth, Jiang Chen is such person. 一个半步星云级的人,竟然能够无动于衷,这份定力,这份气魄,都是辰常青所不能急的,有些人,生来就是上位者,生来就有着与生俱来的霸道,江尘就是这样的人。 Just is some pill recipe, you also receive, this thing is very precious, the day know knows you to know me to know, in order to avoid being taken away by others, starts a reactionary reign of terror.” “只不过是一些丹方而已,你也收起来吧,这东西很珍贵,天知地知你知我知,以免被他人夺去,掀起一场血雨腥风。” Jiang Chen looked at Chen Chang Qing one to say. 江尘看了辰常青一眼说道。 Yes, Master!” “是,师父!” Chen Chang Qing heart shakes, hurries to get down these 108 pill recipe rubbings, this is the true peerless treasure, once organically may take advantage by some plotters, absolutely is a Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering war. 常青心头一震,赶紧将这一百零八张丹方拓印下来,这可是真正的绝世宝贝,一旦被有些阴谋者有机可趁,绝对又是一场惊天动地的大战。 Chen Chang Qing has not thought Jiang Chen looks is so thorough, the Jiang Chen's strength is inferior to itself, but realm, is actually aloof in oneself completely. 常青没想到江尘看的这么透彻,江尘的实力不如自己,但是境界,却完全超脱于自己。 When Chen Chang Qing shocks, without is at a loss thoroughly, because he knows, from now on, oneself may become true seven day Overlord, had these pill recipe, own strength, surely a level higher. 常青震惊之余,也没有彻底乱了方寸,因为他知道,从今往后,自己可能就会成为真正的七线天霸主了,有了这些丹方,自己的实力,必定会更上一层楼的。 Naturally, Chen Chang Qing most thanked the person who also most admired, was Jiang Chen, was his master, starting from this moment, this master, was true being worthy of the reputation. 当然,辰常青最感谢也最佩服的人,还是江尘,也就是他的师父,从这一刻开始,这个师父,是真正的名副其实。 Jiang Chen fully realized, Chen Chang Qing 100,000 year waits, finally had the home to return, had the result, to him, is a perfect confession. 江尘深知,辰常青十万年守候,终于是有了归宿,有了结局,对于他来说,也是一个完美的交代。 Except for he himself, it is estimated that also no one knows, this 100,000 year, he experienced anything, this seven day first Alchemist, will really have such standing erect, this is also the approval of Jiang Chen to Chen Chang Qing. 除了他自己,估计也没有人知道,这十万年来,他到底都是经历了什么,这个七线天第一炼丹师,竟然会有这样的屹立,这也是江尘对辰常青的认可。 Each pill recipe, is priceless, 108, that is many Alchemist, the poor its life, the 100,000 year is unable to obtain 1/10, present Chen Chang Qing, obtained pill recipe, early also no longer was once he. 每一张丹方,都价值连城,一百零八张,那是多少的炼丹师,穷其一生,十万年都无法得到十分之一的,现在的辰常青,得到了丹方,早也不再是曾经的他了。 At that moment, Chen Chang Qing rubbing ended all pill recipe, cannot bear the tears. 那一刻,辰常青拓印完了所有的丹方,忍不住老泪纵横。 The sons have the tears non- light shell, but Chen Chang Qing actually felt that had a feeling relieved feeling, this 100,000 year, he seemed like locked here was the same, incessantly was a person, was the heart. 男儿有泪不轻弹,但是辰常青却感觉到有了一种如释重负的感觉,这十万年来,他就像是被锁在了这里一样,不止是人,更是心。 Jiang Chen's appears, perhaps is the turning point and opportunity that rise, no one meets to be willing to defend for a lifetime here, lives in recluse. 江尘的出现,或许就是自己崛起的契机与机会,没有人会愿意一辈子守在这里,偏居一隅。 Chen Chang Qing has the ambition, is the non- common self-confident person, from now on, it is estimated that the road of his concocting pills, broad, Heavenly Moat flexible way. 常青是个非常有野心,也是非常有自信的人,从今往后,估计他的炼丹之路,将会更加的广阔,天堑变通途。 Nearby Long Shisan and Yuan Ling, feels happy for Jiang Chen, but they know, oneself not concocting pills, but that ten medicine pill pill recipe, they know, the value is immeasurable. 一旁的龙十三与袁玲,也是替江尘感到高兴,不过他们知道,自己不会炼丹,但是那十品丹药丹方,他们还是知道的,价值无可估量。 Big brother’s vision and mind/bosom, making them feel admiring, Chen Chang Qing had no words to say completely, in the eye was full of the awe and feeling. 大哥的眼界与胸怀,让他们感到钦佩,辰常青完全没有任何话说,眼中充满了敬畏与感慨。 This is the disparity among people, the 100,000 year years, Chen Chang Qing felt oneself are wastes time, if Jiang Chen comes earlier, it is estimated that oneself did not need to protect here is being so long. 这就是人与人之间的差距,十万年岁月,辰常青感觉自己都是虚度光阴的,要是江尘早点儿来的话,估计自己也就不需要一直在这里守护着这么久了。 Master obligation, Chen Chang Qing never forgets, after this, the master is my one's savior. Please be done obeisance by Chen Chang Qing.” “师父大恩,辰常青永世难忘,从此之后,师父便是我的再生父母。请受辰常青一拜。” Saying, Chen Chang Qing then did obeisance without hesitation, Long Shisan and Yuan Ling look at each other one, never expected that Chen Chang Qing is adaptable to the situation, the knees kneel unexpectedly, the rituals of line of big doing obeisance. 说着,辰常青便是毫不犹豫的拜了下去,龙十三与袁玲对视一眼,没想到辰常青能屈能伸,竟然双膝跪地,行大拜之礼。 Struggling and intertwining in Chen Chang Qing innermost feelings, only then he himself understands, the 100,000 year waits, finally defended cloud open/start to see moon/month clear(ly), Jiang Chen was own one's savior, Chen Chang Qing this did obeisance, hesitation that had no completely. 常青内心之中的挣扎与纠结,只有他自己明白,十万年守候,终于守得云开见月明,江尘就是自己的再生父母,辰常青这一拜,完全没有任何的犹豫。 Gets up, I have the matter to ask you.” “起来吧,我还有事要问你。” Jiang Chen accepts with pleasure, nebula level 3-layer day expert is extremely the apprentice, moreover is seven day first Alchemist, this is the unsurpassed glory. 江尘欣然接受,有一个星云级三重天的绝顶高手做徒弟,而且还是七线天第一炼丹师,这可是无上的荣耀呀。
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