DMWG :: Volume #52

#5035: Eternity pill

Intermittent stars that in the ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart transmits surge, let the Jiang Chen's heart, becomes shocks more and more. 古碑山河图之中传来的一阵阵星辰激荡,让江尘的心,也变得越来越震撼。 Looks at the mountain is not the mountain, looks at the water is not the water, this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, but also somewhat meaning.” “看山不是山,看水不是水,这古碑山河图,还真有点意思。” Jiang Chen muttered was saying, oneself was also experienced, experience excessively innumerable pill recipe miracles, but this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, Jiang Chen had not really found its true mystery to be, although oneself had watched here for seven days and seven nights, harvest that but had no as before. 江尘喃喃着说道,自己也算是经验十足,见识过无数的丹方神迹,但是这古碑山河图,江尘还真没找到其真正的奥妙所在,尽管自己已经在这里观看了七天七夜,但是依旧还是没有任何的收获。 Experienced about for half a month the study of time, in the Jiang Chen heart is also more and more depressed, flaw that a paternal grandmother bear, this thing actually has no, he could not find the least bit completely the slight defect, how that also discovers this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart the secret. 经历了将近半个月时间的钻研,江尘心中也是越来越郁闷,奶奶个熊的,这东西竟然没有任何的破绽,他完全找不到半点的瑕疵,那还怎么发现这古碑山河图的秘密呢。 Jiang Chen is never the person who easily admits defeat, but this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, is completely a seamless egg, wants to look for the flaw, no, oneself are inconceivable radically, why this thing can exist(ence) in the world. 江尘从不是一个轻易认输的人,但是这古碑山河图,完全就是个无缝之蛋呀,想找破绽,都没有,自己根本难以想象,这东西为什么会存在于世 However turns over to depressed depressed, Jiang Chen not that cruel nature, on the contrary, he clearly is the thing as deep as a well, perhaps mystical even more, had not found the true method. 但是郁闷归郁闷,江尘并不是那种暴戾之性,相反,他更加明白越是难以捉摸的东西,就越发的神异,或许是自己并未找到真正的方法而已。 In brief, this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, making the Jiang Chen's curiosity also increase much. 总之,这古碑山河图,让江尘的好奇心也是增加了不少。 Looks at anything like anything, but changes, reappearing, this most makes him speechless, really wants itself, is not perhaps able to discover for a lifetime mystery, Jiang Chen's at heart, starts gradually becomes dignified, oneself perhaps should trade way again depart. 看什么像什么,但是却一次次的改变,一次次的重现,这才是最让他无语的,真要这样下去,那自己一辈子恐怕都无法发现其中的奥秘,江尘的心里,开始渐渐变得凝重起来,自己或许应该换个方式重新出发了。 After having such idea, the Jiang Chen's complexion becomes especially dignified, eyes closed maintains mental tranquility, has not read this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart again. 有了这样的想法之后,江尘的脸色变得格外凝重,闭目养神,并没有再去看这古碑山河图。 Oneself looked at repeatedly, the harvest that always has no, perhaps from the beginning, he was wrong. 自己看了一遍又一遍,却始终都没有任何的收获,或许从一开始,他就错了。 Perhaps, doesn't this thing need to look with the eye?” “或许,这东西本来就不需要用眼睛去看呢?” Jiang Chen gets a sudden inspiration suddenly, if oneself made a mistake from the beginning, then he has no harvest is also reasonable, why can't oneself trade a direction? 江尘忽然间灵机一动,自己要是一开始就搞错了,那么他没有任何的收获也在情理之中,为什么自己就不能换个方向呢? Has a look at your stele, actually to ban cannot tolerate fire of calcine my stars.” “看看你这石碑,究竟禁不禁得住我的星辰之火煅烧。” Jiang Chen corner of the mouth turns upwards slightly, the palm moves, the fire of stars heads on instantaneously, fell above that ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart directly. 江尘嘴角微微翘起,掌心一动,星辰之火瞬间扑面而至,直接落在了那古碑山河图之上。 The fire of stars is how powerful, without a doubt, the ordinary heaven and earth different fire, can still become the ashes this stone calcine even, let alone the fire of stars. 星辰之火何其强大,毋庸置疑,就算是普通的天地异火,也可以将这石头煅烧成为灰烬,更别说星辰之火了。 Jiang Chen has set firm resolve, since cannot obtain, father on his mother ruins you, looked that you can also be able to support. 江尘已经下定了决心,既然得不到,老子就他娘的毁掉你,看你还能不能撑得住。 However if really ruined this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, it is estimated that Chen Chang Qing this/should spat blood truly. 不过如果真的毁掉了这古碑山河图,估计辰常青就该真正的吐血了。 The fire of stars when above ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart unceasing calcine, on the Jiang Chen's face, filled curiously, fire of package a heavily stars, the ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart gradually presented a fissure. 星辰之火在古碑山河图之上不断煅烧的时候,江尘的脸上,更是充满了好奇,一重重星辰之火包裹,古碑山河图逐渐出现了一丝裂痕。 Interesting.” “有意思。” Jiang Chen corner of the mouth shows a faint smile, the look is blazing, unceasingly intensifies the effort along with the fire of stars, the flaming combustion, at this moment, above that ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, started to have a crack layer upon layer unexpectedly, the area was getting bigger and bigger. 江尘嘴角微微一笑,眼神炽热,伴随着星辰之火不断加大力度,熊熊燃烧,此时此刻,那古碑山河图之上,竟然开始出现了一层层的龟裂,面积越来越大。 Jiang Chen does not look askance, is staring at this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, the time of after burning a joss stick, the ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart is split up thoroughly. 江尘目不斜视,凝望着这古碑山河图,直到一炷香的时间之后,古碑山河图才彻底四分五裂。 However, splits, but is its surface, stone shell after a palm of the hand gradually falls off, when all stone shells fall off completely, finally revealed all over the body a jet black giant stone, at this moment, the above writing, lets Jiang Chen is shocks finally. 不过,裂开的,只不过是它的表面而已,一层巴掌后的石壳逐渐脱落下来,当所有的石壳全部脱落的时候,终于是露出了通体漆黑的一块巨石,此时此刻,上面的文字,让江尘终于是震惊起来。 This is true ancient Beidan......” “这才是真正的古碑丹图……” Jiang Chen muttered was saying, gently is stroking pill in hand, above actually has 108 different pill recipe, moreover change of each pill recipe, extremely careful, finally, Jiang Chen, in a final Zhang Dan attempted on, saw the change of pill recipe gathering. 江尘喃喃着说道,轻轻的抚摸着手中的丹图,上面竟然有着一百零八张不同的丹方,而且每一种丹方的变化,也都是极为的细致,最终,江尘在最后的一张丹图上,看到了丹方汇聚的变化。 108 pill recipe, each is incomparable precious, but Jiang Chen knows, most precious, is finally that Zhang Dan tu, above pill, portrayed tens of thousands of medicinal ingredients, the middle looks like Sun to be the same, the surroundings are radiating each medicinal ingredients, eternally changing, this is the pill success mystery is. 一百零八张丹方,每一个都是无比的珍贵,但是江尘知道,最珍贵的,还是最后那张丹图,丹图之上,刻画了数以万计的药材,中间就像是一个太阳一样,周围辐射着每一种药材,变化万千,这就是成丹的奥秘所在。 This pill, if can comprehend, it is estimated that all medicine pill, were a cinch, moreover can develop medicine pill. Is this...... eternity pill?” “这丹图如果能够参悟的话,估计所有的丹药,都不在话下了,而且可以自己研制丹药。这是……千古丹图?” Although Jiang Chen does not know that this pill and pill recipe are, but this that who stays behind is his entire life is actually not able to forget that these is also a big good fortune time, without the fire of stars, without splits this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart complete calcine, even if it is estimated that gives Chen again the Chang Qing 100,000 year, he is unable to comprehend pill recipe, the ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart is a pretence, true pill, was hidden, overbearing of fire of stars, its will burn down luckily thoroughly. 江尘虽然不知道这丹图与丹方是何人所留下的,但是这却是他一生一世都无法忘记的,这一次也算是一场大造化,如果没有星辰之火,没有将这古碑山河图完全煅烧裂开的话,估计就算是再给辰常青十万年,他都无法参悟其中的丹方,古碑山河图就是一个幌子,真正的丹图,则是被潜藏在了其中,幸亏星辰之火的霸道,才将其彻底烧掉。 Passed through the feeling of one day and one night, Jiang Chen absorbed eternity pill finally thoroughly, that above pill, little vanishing into thin air, but 108 pill recipe, have not actually dissipated, then remained. 经过了一天一夜的感受,江尘终于将千古丹图彻底吸收了,那上面的丹图,一点点的化为乌有,不过一百零八张丹方,却并没有消散,进而留了下来。 pill recipe also, but is pill disappears, but Jiang Chen has remembered In the heart him, but wants itself to study medicine pill now, is not realistic, ever changing of, eternity pill had always remembered, all need Jiang Chen to realize slowly. 丹方还在,只不过是丹图不见了,但是江尘早就已经将他牢记于心了,只不过现在想要自己研究丹药,还不现实,其中的千变万化,千古丹图早就已经铭记,一切都需要江尘去慢慢体会。 108 pill recipe, each is mystical unparalleled, before the concealing shape of Chen Chang Qing comprehension was loose, was one of them, in these 108 pill recipe, can only be the last stage. 一百零八张丹方,每一张都是神异无双,之前辰常青领悟的匿形散,也在其中,不过在这一百零八张丹方之中,只能算是末流了。 Hahaha! Really hard work pays off.” 哈哈哈!真是功夫不负有心人呀。” In Jiang Chen heart excited, completed own wish finally, this ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, not lets people down. 江尘心中激动万分,总算是完成了自己的心愿,这古碑山河图,也是不负众望。 At this time, does not know after outside Chen Chang Qing knew, what response can be, pill recipe that his 100,000 year has not comprehended, needs to reduce fever with the fire unexpectedly, it is estimated that Chen Chang Qing will lament, but Jiang Chen's talent, kept him from imagining absolutely. 这个时候,不知道外面的辰常青知道之后,会是什么样的反应,他十万年没有领悟出来的丹方,竟然是需要用火去烧的,估计辰常青会悔恨不已,不过江尘的天赋,也绝对让他无法想像。 Jiang Chen searched, these really have medicine pill that can enhance the strength, its said nine revolutions of soaring dragon pill! 江尘搜寻了一遍,这其中果然有可以提升实力的丹药,其名曰九转腾龙丹! Nine revolutions of soaring dragon pill can be divided into nine revolutions, has the wonder of equally good results from different methods with ju que pill, but nine revolutions of soaring dragon pill obviously difficult, a mark is one revolution, a revolution may promote time of cultivation base, two revolutions may promote two times of cultivation base, and so on, nine revolutions may promote nine times of cultivation base, making Jiang Chen shock greatly. 九转腾龙丹可以分为九转,跟巨阙丹有着异曲同工之妙,但是九转腾龙丹明显更加的艰难,一纹为一转,一转可提升一倍修为,二转可提升两倍修为,以此类推,九转可提升九倍修为,让江尘都是大为震撼。 This medicine pill, was really good, but needed medicinal ingredients that was also very rare, several types were the Jiang Chen hear have not heard, can only ask Chen Chang Qing later. 丹药,实在是太好了,不过其中所需的药材,也是非常罕见的,好几种都是江尘听都没听说过的,只能稍后问一问辰常青了。 These nine revolutions of soaring dragon pill customize for him simply, oneself refine nine mark medicine pill, can't implement nine revolutions of heaven defying? 这九转腾龙丹简直是为他量身定做的,自己炼制九纹丹药,不就可以实行九转逆天了吗? Jiang Chen is excited, the tour of this Kokurayama, he is the true harvest is many, so many pill recipe, to him come, that is true unsurpassed supreme treasure. 江尘激动不已,这一次小仓山之行,他可谓是真正的收获颇丰,这么多的丹方,对于他来说来,那才是真正的无上至宝 I have untied the secret of ancient tablet Shanhe (mountains and rivers) chart, comes.” “我已解开古碑山河图之秘,进来吧。” Jiang Chen sound transmission, reverberates above the mountain range, when Chen Chang Qing hears this news, the whole person is the whole body trembles, the shock is incomparable, in look excited with amazement, can be seen in speech and appearance. 江尘传音而出,回荡在山峦之上,当辰常青听闻这个消息的时候,整个人都是浑身一颤,震惊无比,眼神之中的激动与骇然,溢于言表。
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