DMWG :: Volume #51

#4950: Passes on sword art

Courts death! It seems like that you must fight with me, the person who my Zhou, has not feared, wants to make me retreat, you did not have this qualifications.” “找死!看来,你是要跟我斗到底了,我周家,还从来没有怕的人,想让我退却,你还没这个资格。” Zhou Yun is sneering. 周赟冷笑着。 Since you do not want the true colors to show, I give on you well a class, suffers to death.” “既然你不愿意真面目示人,那我就好好给你上一课,受死吧。” Week yun coldly snorted, since things have gotten to this point, simply had no choice leeway, then he also can only speak with the strength. 周赟冷哼一声,既然事已至此,根本就没有任何选择的余地了,那么他也就只能用实力来说话了。 Old Ancestor, must win!” 老祖,必胜!” Old Ancestor, must win!” 老祖,必胜!” The week mourning hall three people give Old Ancestor keep it up to inflate in the one side, but they also can only feel powerless and frustrated at this time, because three people had been shaken the severe wound by Jiang Chen, simply did not have the strength to hit back. 周灵堂三人在一旁给老祖加油打气,不过这时候他们也只能望洋兴叹了,因为三个人早就被江尘震成重伤,根本就没有还手之力了。 But at this time, Jiang Chen in the side, stared at the purple robe man, in the look was covering entirely the brilliance, this person he will not forget absolutely, own help benefactor, but Jiang Chen could not think through, was actually this person who? Why he at crucial moments, will rather break off with Zhou Jia, can save itself? 而这个时候,江尘只身在侧,凝望着紫袍男子,眼神之中布满了光彩,这个人他绝对不会忘记的,自己的救命恩人,只是江尘想不通,这个人究竟是谁呢?为什么他会在关键时刻,宁愿跟周家决裂,也一定要救自己呢? Offends nebula level expert, is not during the imagination is so simple, moreover in Tang, rising Zhou, even in the entire day Mercury, that still absolutely is Overlord general exist(ence). 得罪一个星云级强者,可不是想象之中那么简单的,而且还是大唐之中,如日中天的周家,即使是在整个天辰星之中,那也绝对是霸主一般的存在 Jiang Chen does not remember, oneself has had such friend, but this person, the strength also surely is the nebula level, his appearance, lets this fight, becomes confusing. 江尘并不记得,自己有过这样的朋友,而这个人,实力也必定是星云级,他的出现,让这场战斗,变得扑朔迷离起来。 Made me open your camouflage, looked that you can continue to get down free and unrestrained, my Zhou, fought to the end absolutely with you.” “让我揭开你的伪装,看你能不能继续逍遥自在下去,我周家,绝对与你抗争到底。” After Zhou Yun said that then takes the purple robe man, two forms, fight to fight heaven-shaking, true shrieks and howls wildly to be the same, the fight scene of shocking everybody, making Jiang Chen praise to the heavens, it seems like before , a war, Zhou Yun cannot put out the complete method to cope with itself, otherwise, he is also not necessarily able to insist that for a long time. 周赟说完之后,便是直取紫袍男子,两道身影,斗战惊天,真正的鬼哭狼嚎一样,惊世骇俗的战斗场面,让江尘叹为观止,看来之前一战,周赟还是没能拿出全部的手段对付自己,否则的话,他也未必能够一直坚持那么久。 Regarding Jiang Chen, this absolutely is a rare fight scene, to him, can definitely a stabler own strength, he in the future the breakthrough nebula level , is definitely of great help, cannot let off. 对于江尘来说,这绝对是一场不可多得的战斗场面,对于他来说,肯定能够更加稳固自己的实力,他日后突破星云级,也肯定是大有裨益的,决不能放过。 Jiang Chen is observing cautiously, sees only the purple robe man hand to grasp the long sword, sweeps away the horizon, seemingly lithe Rufeng (such as wind), vibrates ten thousand li (0.5 km) Shanhe (mountains and rivers) actually, although the sword is common, but the mystery in Sword Technique, is to make him be able not hold a candle, when your strength achieves certain realm, enough powerful time, every action and every movement, pecking and sipping, can communicate heaven and earth to be the same, quite powerful. 江尘小心翼翼的观察着,只见紫袍男子手握长剑,横扫天际,看似轻盈如风,实则是震动万里山河,剑虽一般,但是剑法之中的奥秘,却是令他望尘莫及,当你的实力达到一定境界,足够强悍的时候,一举一动,一饮一啄,都能够沟通天地一般,相当的强大。 The purple robe man is best manifestation, his movement skill and imposing manner, seemingly averagely not wonderful, but the powerful power and influence of nebula level, makes Zhou Yun not dare to belittle, between two people crazy to bumping, does not have hesitation of least bit, frequents each other, murders resolute, under the collision, fighting intent is imposing, vibrates Shanhe (mountains and rivers). 紫袍男子就是最好的体现,他的身法与气势,看起来平平无奇,但是星云级的强大威势,却让周赟丝毫不敢小觑,两个人之间的疯狂对碰,也是没有半点的迟疑,你来我往之间,杀伐果决,碰撞之下,战意凛然,震动山河 Surrounding void, was totally blocked probably was the same, no matter their two among the onset and retreat, make people unable to evade, probably locked the opposite party to be the same, but each two people can actually be calm time, without so many hōng hōng was fierce, but actually in invisible, gave the opposite party to suppress enormously. 周围的虚空,都像是被彻底封锁了一样,他们两个不管进退之间,都让人无法逃避,好像是锁定了对方一样,但是每一次两人却都能够非常从容,没有那么多的轰轰烈烈,但是却在无形之间,给了对方极大的打压。 Nine big day of puppet surrounded the purple robe man, but the sword of purple robe men's, such as just scratches the surface to be the same, each sword truncates, can happen to catch the distance of day of puppet attack, flashes the revolutions to organize, the speed is astonishing, feared that has exceeded itself to ascend the speed of tall ladder. 九大天傀围住了紫袍男子,但是紫袍男子的剑,如蜻蜓点水一样,每一剑削下去,都能够正好卡住天傀攻击的距离,闪转腾挪,速度惊人,怕是已经超越了自己登天梯的速度。 Jiang Chen displays to ascend the control of tall ladder also being able to escape nebula level expert now, if when can breakthrough the nebula level, it is estimated that the speed have the large scale promotion, therefore by the situation of suppression, will not have odds of suc­cess everywhere. 江尘如今施展登天梯也逃不掉星云级强者的掌控,什么时候如果能够突破了星云级,估计速度就会有大幅度的提升,所以在被处处压制的情况之下,才会毫无一丝的胜算 Reviews the purple robe man, among the fights with nine big day of puppet, accomplishes a task with ease actually, moreover looks like the solo dance above knife point to be the same, calmly deals, nine big day of puppet were instead played jokes upon by him, there is no spiritual wisdom, even were controlled by Zhou Yun, after all is only the puppet. 反观紫袍男子,与九大天傀之间的战斗,倒是游刃有余,而且就像是刀尖之上的独舞一般,从容应对,九大天傀反而是被他戏耍,毫无任何的灵智可言,即便是被周赟控制,终归只是傀儡而已。 Your day puppet technique, it seems like also no more than so.” “你的天傀术,看来也不过如此吧。” The purple robe man gives a calm smile, calmly to deal, nine big day of puppet step by step retreat, making on the week yun face also very ugly. 紫袍男子淡然一笑,从容应对,九大天傀步步后退,让周赟的脸上也变得十分难看。 Hateful!” “可恶!” The week yun look is swift and fierce, the coordinate day of puppet technique, starts the crazy attack to the purple robe man, in the hand a horned dragon stick, the sidewise compression horizon, the purple robe man is critical situation, both's fight, is becomes gets stronger and stronger, entered superheating. 周赟眼神凌厉,配合天傀术,开始疯狂的攻击向紫袍男子,手中一把虬龙棍,横压天际,紫袍男子如临大敌,两者的交手,也是变得愈演愈烈,进入了白热化的境地。 Although Zhou Yun the imposing manner is very strong, but is undeniable, the purple robe man is calmer, as the passive defense, gradually takes the lead, center the fight truly the person who is worth treating. 虽然周赟的气势很强,但是却不可否认,紫袍男子更加淡定,作为被动防守,逐渐占据主动,在战斗之中才是真正值得正中对待的人。 The Jiang Chen eye is looking above the sky, the form that two shuttle back and forth unceasingly, profits a great deal, but wants the breakthrough nebula level, is need many efforts, many cultivation, more source air/Qi are good , absolutely is in one single day impossible to complete. 江尘眼望着天空之上,两道不断穿梭的身影,受益良多,不过想要突破星云级,还是需要更多的努力,更多的修炼,更多的源气才行,一朝一夕,绝对不可能完成的。 Puts out a real skill, do not let my look down on you.” “拿出点真本事吧,别让我小看你们。” The purple robe man does not draw back instead enters, among interlocking with Zhou Yun, the life and death struggles, becomes gradually anxious and urgent. 紫袍男子不退反进,与周赟之间的交错,生死挣扎,渐渐变得紧张而急迫。 Jiang Chen discovered, although Sword Technique of purple robe man is exquisite, but lacked Soul Movement, although own strength is inferior to him, is in Sword Technique cultivation base this, oneself are not the least bit off. 江尘发现,紫袍男子的剑法虽然精湛,但是缺少了一丝的魂动,虽然自己的实力不如他,可是在剑法修为这一块,自己可是丝毫不差的。 As the saying goes, can not make bricks without straw, the Jiang Chen Sword Technique talent and attainments, are absolutely second to none, but the strength is placed there, a strength falls ten brightness, no matter what your thousand methods, are less than others steamroll charge, choice that at that time you had no. 俗话说得好,巧妇难为无米之炊,江尘剑法的天赋与造诣,绝对无出其右,但是实力摆在那里,一力降十慧,任你千般手段,都不及人家的碾压式冲锋,那个时候你就没有任何的选择了。 Sword moves as one desires, the mind like the sword, a sword leaves, ten thousand Jiandong, only has Sword Technique such as one, sword qi such as one, Sword Soul such as one, can ten thousand sword normalizing!” “剑随心动,心眼如剑,一剑出,万剑动,只有剑法如一,剑气如一,剑魂如一,才能够万剑归一!” The Jiang Chen's sound, reverberates above the vault of heaven, at this time, the purple robe man was surprised, looked at Jiang Chen one, four eyes contact, Jiang Chen also gawked, but the look of that purple robe man, was actually becomes even more long and narrow, narrowed the eyes slightly, making Jiang Chen ascertain airtight. 江尘的声音,回荡在天穹之上,这个时候,紫袍男子一脸惊讶,看了江尘一眼,四目相对,江尘也是一愣,不过那紫袍男子的眼神,却是变得越发狭长,微微眯起,让江尘捉摸不透。 Good sword to move as one desires, mind like sword!” “好一个剑随心动,心眼如剑!” The purple robe man muttered was saying, the Jiang Chen's words, let his Sword Technique, had the enormous promotion in the flash, he rigidly adhered to the power of Sword Technique, actually neglected the sword position in his mind, neglected the genuine sword, was the heart sword, only the having a mind sword can true governing law ten thousand sword, ten thousand law normalizing, sword broken ten thousand laws! 紫袍男子喃喃着说道,江尘的话,让他的剑法,在一瞬间有了极大的提升,他太拘泥于剑法的强盛,却忽略了剑在他心目之中的地位,忽略了真正的剑,就是心剑,只有心剑才能够真正的御法万剑,万法归一,一剑破万法! Such comprehension ability, it can be said that quite powerful, but compares understanding of Jiang Chen to Sword Technique, he knew or felt dwarfed, the fellow of this insufficient nebula level, can actually have seeing of such terrifying to Sword Technique attentively, simply is without parallel in history. 这样的领悟能力,也可以说是相当强悍了,但是相比江尘剑法的理解,他知道还是小巫见大巫了,这个不足星云级的家伙,竟然能够对剑法有着如此恐怖的见谛,简直是空前绝后。 The male look is swift and fierce, in the heart shocks, in the extreme, corner of the mouth brings to wipe excitedly with shocking, this time, the mighty waves begin, Sword Technique , the purple robe man obviously compared with won three points again a moment ago, the Sword Technique offensive, with irresistible force, making Zhou Yun feel that a big pressure, this boy trivial few words, let the strength of purple robe man unexpectedly, had qualitative breakthrough, his Sword Technique, had the huge change can it be that starts becomes opens greatly gathers greatly, becomes the invisible victory visible. 男子眼神凌厉,心中震撼,无以复加,嘴角带着一抹激动与震撼,这一次,波澜再起,剑法再至,紫袍男子明显比刚才更胜三分,剑法的攻势,势如破竹,让周赟感觉到了不小的压力,这小子区区三言两语,竟然让紫袍男子的实力,有了质的突破,又岂是他的剑法,有了巨大的改变,开始变得大开大合,变得无形胜有形。
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