DMWG :: Volume #51

#4949: Persevering

This person refuses to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality, Old Ancestor, cannot make him organically be possible absolutely to take advantage!” “这种人就是不见棺材不落泪,老祖,绝对不能够让他有机可趁!” Yes, kills then quickly, can raise my Zhou to be dignified! Overwhelming cannot die in vain.” “就是,杀之而后快,才能扬我周家威严!浩然不能白死呀。” Can it be that he thinks our Zhou really doesn't dare to kill him? Snort, courts death.” “他莫不是以为咱们周家真不敢杀他嘛?哼,找死而已。” Zhou spirit just three people does not spare a glance, things have gotten to this point, Old Ancestor also plans to give him unexpectedly an opportunity, Jiang Chen has hated their three teeth to be itchy. 周灵甫三人都是不屑一顾,事已至此,老祖竟然还打算给他一次机会,江尘已经恨得他们三牙痒痒。 If Jiang Chen does not eliminate, they three face, will lose, three Half Step nebula levels, are not the Jiang Chen's opponents, said that didn't laugh aloud? Even in Zhou, some people will still definitely direct to them. 江尘不除,他们三个的颜面,也会损失的,三个半步星云级,都不是江尘的对手,说出去,那不是被人笑掉大牙啊?就算是在周家内部,也肯定会有人对他们指指点点的。 My this tendency bright moonlight, does to the bright moonlight according to the drainage ditch, your unable to tell good from bad, I can only deliver you dead, adds up to ten big day of puppet, is led my God puppet formation by you. Hahaha.” “我本将心向明月,奈何明月照沟渠,你不识好歹,那我就只能送你去死了,凑成十大天傀,就由你来引领我的天傀阵法吧。哈哈哈。” Zhou Yun sneers was saying, is controlling nine big day of puppet, approaches Jiang Chen again, the flames of war begins, the beacon is unconstrained, Jiang Chen fierce does not fear, catches up, charges into nine big day of puppet. 周赟冷笑着说道,操控着九大天傀,再度逼近江尘,战火再起,烽烟跌宕,江尘悍不畏死,后来居上,冲向九大天傀。 The bang kills, Jiang Chen retreat, whole face the color of Yan Jun (severe), nine tribulations imprison the day to refer to step by step, does not have to use, because of Jiang Chen own strength, differed with week yun too, therefore Jiang Chen's battled continually, got sucked during by oneself is exhausted, the war of present death, is inevitable. 轰杀之间,江尘步步后退,满脸的严峻之色,九劫囚天指,也是一无所用,因为江尘自身的实力,与周赟相差太多了,所以江尘的连番激战,才让自己深陷困顿之中,如今的死亡之战,已经是无可避免。 Jiang Chen can only try the best, fights to win or die, but now, life-force is very uncertain. 江尘只能尽其所能,背水一战,但是现在,生机却很渺茫。 The nebula level, is the difference of rank makes people unable easily to span, Jiang Chen also never has really thought that nebula level expert will take to his pressure so to be strong, this Zhou Yun, will not be simple. 星云级,真的是一个让人无法轻易跨越的等级之差,江尘也从未想过,星云级强者带给他的压力会这么强,这个周赟,绝不简单。 Jiang Chen at this moment, has been ready, plans to resort to all methods, rips open the star essence forcefully the seal, attacks the nebula level. 江尘此时此刻,已经做好了准备,打算动用所有的手段,强行撕开恒星内核的封印,冲击星云级。 Although Jiang Chen does not know, can accomplish, although he under the ramming of star essence, in addition the suppression of yun, might assign/life the mourning dwelling place of the dead again last week, but he is absolutely impossible to let go the last chance. 虽然江尘也不知道,能不能办到,虽然他很可能会在恒星内核的冲压之下,再加上周赟的镇压,命丧九泉,但是他绝对不可能放弃最后的机会。 However at this time, Jiang Chen saw suddenly, together purple light shadow, shooting up to the sky, beyond the flying immortal like the day was ordinary, shoots through nine big day of puppet, Jiang Chen can pant for breath, withdrew rapidly, a key war, he can be saved from death, let in his heart is sighed, complexion incomparable dignity. 不过就在这时候,江尘突然间看到,一道紫色的光影,冲天而起,如同天外飞仙一般,射穿了九大天傀,江尘得以喘息,迅速后撤,关键一战,他得以死里逃生,让他心中都是唏嘘不已,脸色无比的凝重。 But under the impact of that purple form, nine big day of puppet was shaken draws back, this is the first time, on week yun face, becomes dignified. 而在那道紫色身影的冲击之下,九大天傀被震退,这还是第一次,就连周赟的脸上,也变得凝重起来。 This person who? Actually can drive back the Old Ancestor day puppet technique?” “这人谁呀?竟然能够逼退老祖的天傀术?” „It is not simple! Evidently probably is also nebula level expert, we can not hold a candle.” “不简单!看样子好像也是星云级强者,吾等望尘莫及呀。” Did not say, did this fellow really have the helper?” “不好说,这家伙竟然还有帮手?” A week mourning hall and the others face compels, to look at each other in blank dismay ignorant. 周灵堂等人一脸懵逼,面面相觑。 The Jiang Chen mind moves slightly, what background is this person? Oneself do not seem to become friends with the nebula level expert, but the crucial moment, this person indeed rescued a oneself life, this is without a doubt. 江尘心神微动,这个人是什么来头?自己似乎并没有结交到星云级的强者,不过生死关头,这个人的确是救了自己一条命,这是毋庸置疑的。 Who comes this? Matter that dares to keep off my Zhou Yun.” “何人来此?敢挡我周赟的事情。” Zhou Yunchen the sound said that does not look askance, is staring at the purple form of distant place, that form whole person covers in the purple long gown, as if own aura also hidden went, letting the person is unable to ascertain, at this time Jiang Chen was also very curious. 周赟沉声说道,目不斜视,盯着远处的紫色身影,那道身影整个人都笼罩在紫色的长袍之中,似乎就连自己的气息也隐去了,让人无法捉摸,这个时候江尘也很好奇。 Zhou Yun knows, this person, likely was the person in their Tang, but is actually not willing to show by the true colors, otherwise, was not necessary hidden to go to own aura, but might also be outsider, all had the possibility. 周赟知道,这个人,很可能就是他们大唐的人,但是却不愿意以真面目示人,否则的话,大可不必隐去自己的气息,但是也有可能是外来者,一切皆有可能。 This Jiang Chen, unexpectedly such helper? Really is to make in his heart quite depressed. 这个江尘,竟然还有这样的帮手?实在是让他心中极为郁闷。 Who I am, is unimportant, today, you cannot kill him.” “我是谁,不重要,今天,你不能杀他。” Purple robe man indifferently said, sound ice-cold, brings low and deep flavor, neither arrogant nor servile. 紫袍男子淡淡说道,声音冰冷,带着一丝低沉的味道,不卑不亢。 Can't kill him? Hahaha, I do not believe that today who can block me, this fellow kills my patriarchal clan genius, I must cut him, avenges a grievance for my descendant, raising my Zhou is dignified, if Gods block, kill the Gods, Buddha keeps off to kill Buddha!” “不能杀他?哈哈哈,我就不信,今天谁能拦得了我,这个家伙杀我宗族天才,我必斩他,为我儿孙报仇雪恨,扬我周家威严,神挡杀神,佛挡杀佛!” Zhou Yunchen the sound said, corner of the mouth filled laughing, the look is swift and fierce, murders resolute, as if wants on the body of this purple robe man, discovers traces. 周赟沉声说道,嘴角充满了嗤笑,眼神凌厉,杀伐果决,似乎想要在这个紫袍男子的身上,找出一丝蛛丝马迹。 Today, has me, you were very possibly difficult to understand his fine hair.” “今日,有我在,那你可能就很难懂他一根汗毛了。” The purple robe man said. 紫袍男子说道。 Right? I not am quite satisfied, between you and me, whether to have slight enmity? For such trash, offends nebula level expert, you may think.” “是吗?那我可不太满意呀,你我之间,可否有丝毫的过节?为了这么一个垃圾,得罪一个星云级强者,你可想好了。” Week yun whole face gloomy and cold. 周赟满脸阴冷 Agreed, you said does not calculate, who that must look at our two to be able even better.” “同不同意,你说了可不算,那就要看咱们两个谁能够更胜一筹了。” The purple robe man also refuses to admit being inferior, at this time, blocked completely in front of Jiang Chen's, as if not plan to retreat. 紫袍男子也是不甘示弱,这个时候,完全拦在了江尘的面前,似乎并不打算退却。 Week yun tight is gripping the fist, in the heart heat of the moment, this bastard, does not know where from runs, now actually also wants dead to knock with oneself. 周赟紧紧的攥着拳头,心中悲愤交加,这个混蛋,不知道从哪跑出来的,现在竟然还想要跟自己死磕到底。 This Jiang Chen, I must kill today without doubt!” “这个江尘,我今天必杀无疑!” Week yun categorical saying. 周赟斩钉截铁的说道。 You have may want my pass/test.” “那你可能要过了我这一关了。” The purple robe man is self-confident, the link chest stands, speaks with confidence. 紫袍男子自信从容,环胸而立,侃侃而谈。 This fellow what background? I do not know him probably.” “这家伙什么来头?我好像并不认识他呀。” In the Jiang Chen heart also slandered, but was definitely advantageous regarding him at this time, moreover oneself were impossible to abandon the purple robe man, departed, after all others blocked Zhou Yun, otherwise, oneself present situation, it can be imagined. 江尘心中也是不禁诽谤起来,不过这个时候对于他肯定是有利的,而且自己也不可能抛弃紫袍男子,就此离去,毕竟人家拦住了周赟,否则的话,自己现在的处境,可想而知。 You court death!” “你找死!” Zhou Yun does not look askance, facing between nebula level expert, that frequently wants destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth, this war, might get stronger and stronger, making people be inconceivable. 周赟目不斜视,星云级强者之间的对垒,那可是动辄就要毁天灭地的,这一战,很可能会愈演愈烈,让人难以想象。 Jiang Chen was also ready, no matter goes to remain, must mediate. 江尘也是做好了准备,不管是去是留,总要有个了断。 Courts death, must contest knows, in brief, you want to slaughter today, is impossible, either, you put him to depart, either, we do not die continuous!” “是不是找死,要过过招才知道,总之,今日你想要大开杀戒,根本不可能,要么,你放他离去,要么,我们不死不休!” In the purple robe man look is to also project wipes terrifying rays of light, presses up to Zhou Yun to go. 紫袍男子眼神之中也是射出一抹恐怖光芒,直逼周赟而去。 Week yun expression Yan Jun (severe), in the heart is puzzling, this fellow is anything relates with Jiang Chen, does not hesitate to with oneself make war unexpectedly, nebula level expert fights, that may be quite terrifying, unless it is absolutely essential, is absolutely not possible take action, but this purple robe man obviously held oneself soft rib, but he wants to rob the person from oneself, that indulged in fantasy. 周赟神色严峻,心中百思不得其解,这个家伙跟一个江尘到底是什么关系,竟然不惜要跟自己开战,星云级强者交手,那可都是相当恐怖的,不到万不得已,是绝对不可能出手的,而这一次紫袍男子明显是抓住了自己的软肋,不过他想要从自己手里抢走人,那就太异想天开了。 You thought oneself infallible, you think, I will really let your scared out of one's wits character? You really want to save him, that depending on the skill, defeats me respectively, today I give you this face.” “你太自以为是了,你以为,我真的会让你吓破胆字吗?你真想救他,那就各凭本事吧,打败我,今天我就给你这个面子。” Zhou Yun is hands tied and vertical, has prepared fight, wants defeating the enemy without fighting, lets his retreat, is absolutely impossible! 周赟束手而立,已然做好了战斗的准备,想要不战而屈人之兵,让他后退,绝无可能! Good, it seems like only under the expert saw the true facts, today, looks at your me, who can even better.” “那好,看来只能手底下见真章了,今日,就看你我,谁能更胜一筹了。” Purple robe man and confrontation of Zhou Yun fingertip, had started, the Jiang Chen heart sinks, subconscious goes to retreat, but he will not run away, if escaped at this time, where the purple robe man then puts in? 紫袍男子与周赟指尖的对峙,也已经开始了,江尘心头一沉,下意识的向后退去,不过他并不会逃走,如果在这个时候逃掉了,那么又将紫袍男子置于何地呢? The people cannot do without the dignity, without the spirit, has not persevered. 人不能没有尊严,没有志气,没有坚守。
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