DH :: Volume #16

#1507: Old friend form

Its eyeball was held generally, is unable to put aside from the body of Zhu Minglang again. 它的眼珠子被吸住了一般,再也无法从祝明朗的身上移开。 After horse Mianren realized anything, on its fierce long face shows the strange look that a panic actually does not dare to disclose. 等到马面人意识到了什么之后,它的那张狰狞的马脸上露出了一种恐慌却又不敢声张的古怪神色。 It drew back backward several steps, the hand that searched does not dare to have the least bit movement. 它向后退了几步,原本探出去的手更是不敢有半点动作。 Its hurried started to walk the huge step, must enjoy its gluttony feast the god of hell's messengers not to have the stay here courage again, its three and do two steps, maintaining composure is also panic-stricken extremely left here! 它急急忙忙的迈开了巨大的步子,原本要享用它饕餮大餐的这阴差之神再也没有了逗留此处的勇气,它三步并作两步,不露声色又惊恐万分的离开了这里! This horse dough figurine looks like a hungry Buddhist priest, when is enjoying table vegetarian dishes saw a plate of meat meat suddenly, the shock at the same time is reading crime at heart crime, then does not have the little appetite, makes a getaway! 这位马面人就像是一位饥肠辘辘的僧人,正在享受着一桌子斋菜时猛然间看到了一盘荤肉,震惊的同时心里念着“罪过啊罪过”,然后再也没有一点点食欲,逃之夭夭! Although everyone feels puzzled, but fellow daoist is bigger than regarding escaping these joyfully thinks deeply! 尽管所有人都对此感到不解,但对于逃过一劫的这些“道友”们来说已经是欣喜大于深思了! Immortal duke supernatural power, blessed me to wait, this was I a and other good beginning!” land Xianshi worthily is the immortal god brainwashing malignant tumor, immediately gives credit to this unable to explain phenomenon to their founder Ji Yuanye! “仙公法力,庇佑我等了,这是我等的一个好开端!”陆仙师不愧是仙神界的洗脑毒瘤,立刻将这无法解释的现象归功于他们的祖师爷纪远野! The people in this situation will not ponder, starts to thank the founder, these Buddha demon gods who as everyone knows their founders must really be able to shock the netherworld, will then not die a tragic death before so many people. 众人在这种情形下是不会去思考的,一个个开始感谢祖师爷,殊不知他们的祖师爷要真的能够震慑阴间的这些佛陀魔神,便不会在之前惨死了那么多人。 When these people read loudly the founder is blessing, that female symbol cultivates the vision actually to fall on the body of Zhu Minglang. 在这些人高声念着祖师爷庇佑之时,那位女符修目光却落在了祝明朗的身上。 On her fair and clear cheeks has the fear as before, but her eyes as if gradually had oneself sober cognition. 她白净的脸颊上依旧带着恐惧,但她的双眼似乎逐渐有了自己的清醒认知。 Although she does not know how oneself live, but her subconscious approached toward Zhu Minglang that side, to Zhu Minglang, only then half step position, this makes her slightly more relieved. 她虽然不知道自己怎么活下来的,但她下意识的朝着祝明朗那边靠近了许多,一直到离祝明朗只有半步的位置,这才让她稍稍安心一些。 „Do you name?” Zhu Minglang did not mind, was asking one. “你叫什么名字?”祝明朗也不介意,笑着问了一句。 segment Hongwu.” Female rune/symbol cultivate has not recovered from panic-stricken obviously, said low voice. “段红舞。”女符修显然还没有从惊恐中回过神来,非常小声说道。 Read the name in the female instantly, the Zhu Minglang god feeling caught some passing pictures, a graceful and gently beautiful old friend appeared in own at present, and slowly overlaps with this delicate female at present in one. 在女子念出自己名字刹那,祝明朗神感捕捉到了一些过往的画面,一个优雅而柔美的故人浮现在了自己的眼前,并且慢慢的与眼前这柔弱的女子重叠在了一起。 Zhu Minglang looks at this female rune/symbol cultivate, the corners of the mouth floated. 祝明朗看着这位女符修,嘴角不禁浮了起来。 Originally therefore the descendant of person, no wonder met rescuing of mistake arising out of chance circumstances to get down her life. 原来是故人的后代,难怪会阴差阳错的救下了她的性命。 You are why surnamed Duan, is your father a heartless man (Han)?” Zhu Minglang puzzled asking. “你为什么姓段呢,你父亲是个负心汉吗?”祝明朗不解的问道。 Although the female rune/symbol Xiuduan red dance does not know why the opposite party asked such question in this terrifying environment, but she was honest replied, our these orphans, were surnamed along with the chief......” 女符修段红舞虽然不知道为什么对方在这种恐怖环境下问这样的问题,但她还是老老实实的回答道,“我们这些遗孤,都是随院长姓……” Your chiefs, but also is in good health?” Zhu Minglang then asked. “你们院长呢,还健在吗?”祝明朗接着问道。 Un, un, she seems very good, is only lonely, I...... I...... some regrets......” “嗯,嗯,她看上去还很好,只是孤单点,我……我……有些后悔……” How to say?” Zhu Minglang then asked. “怎么说?”祝明朗接着问道。 I should not the gods who comes to here...... I not to disappoint her...... I to want to become to bless a side, is protecting like the chief with the person who me is destitute and homeless, I want to become stronger......” am survivor of disaster, the defense line of segment Hongwu obvious innermost feelings has crashed, her almost instinct revealed these words of oneself innermost feelings to this completely strange man. “我不该来这里……我只是不想让她失望……我想要成为能够庇佑一方的神明,像院长一样守护着很多跟我一样流离失所的人,我只是想要变得更强……”劫后余生,段红舞显然内心的防线已经崩塌了,她几乎本能的对这个完全陌生的男子吐露出了自己内心的这番话来。 You also know did oneself fall into error?” Zhu Minglang asked. “你也知道自己误入歧途了吗?”祝明朗反问道。 I...... I......” segment Hongwu does not know how should reply. “我……我……”段红舞不知该怎么回答。 You are lucky, obtained the forgiveness. Follows side me, you will not have the matter.” Zhu Minglang said to her. “不过你是幸运的,得到了宽恕。跟在我身边,你不会有事的。”祝明朗对她说道。 Why does not know, the words of this strange man has the strength to segment Hongwu at present, before being better than the Buddhist temple land immortal master all passing on the dao the speech! 不知为何,眼前这个陌生男子的话对段红舞来说更有力量,远胜过道场这陆仙师之前的所有传道演说! She keeps close, particularly in such a netherworld world, does not know that will go will have what terrifying femininity to appear, this time each of them will be placed in the tribute of gloomy intersection probably, the ghosts and gods that will travel by night will pass through, will stretch out the claw to carry off 1-2! 她寸步不离,尤其是在这样一个阴间世界里,不知接下去还会有什么恐怖的阴物会出现,此时的他们每个人都像是摆在阴暗十字路口的一盘盘贡品,夜行的鬼神途经,都会伸出爪子来带走1-2! At this time segment Hongwu had affirmed, land Xianshi will convene so many powder to cultivate/repair conducts the Buddhist ceremony together, for them as the tribute sacrificial offering to these hell's messengers of soon running into! 此时段红舞已经肯定,陆仙师之所以会召集那么多散修一同进行法事,就是为了将他们这些人作为贡品祭祀给即将遇到的这些阴差! Finally, this respected the ghost ceremony to end, the spacious Buddhist temple overspread the detritus of living person! 终于,这场敬鬼仪式结束了,宽敞的道场铺满了活人的碎屑! The person who lives only then some powder cultivates the big god and land immortal master that group of people. 活下来的人只有一些散修大神和陆仙师那批人。 Going was our hunting, dragon souls in ten palace were very rare, after Immortal Duke Ji homing, will be certainly joyful for the big ritual that we offered!” land Hou said. “接下去就是我们的狩猎了,十殿内的龙魂无比稀有,想必纪仙公归位后,一定会为我们献上的这份大礼而喜悦的!”陆侯说道。 The surrounding these Yin spirit masters and soul flag masters naturally know that land Hou true goal, on their faces showed the smile, to pitying of residual not faint trace everywhere and regretted! 周围的那些阴灵师和魂旗师们自然都知道陆侯的真正目的,他们脸上露出了笑容,对满地的残渣没有一丝丝的怜悯与惋惜! Yin spirit master Men again, this god law obviously is the careful preparation time, but tribute everywhere and make the hell's messengers god satisfied ceremony of also their group to be qualified to deeper netherworld world! 阴灵师们再度施法,这一次的神法显然是精心准备的,而满地的贡品和让阴差神满意的一场仪式也让他们这群人有资格进入到更深的阴间世界! Buddhist temple ancient Gong sinks again, like abyss layer by layer falls downward, in the process of whereabouts the people watched the different purgatories fortunately, like ordinary with the flame mountain range, inside the valley is flooding the red kerosene purgatory ; Also there is a cleaver, to pick out the bone blade, to put on the skull lance, to roll the blade tooth to pile up with the ten thousand blade purgatories between world densely and numerously ; Has the world of ice and snow nakedly frozen stiff, later one group of little rascal take the bone tool the shivering body frozen meat cold punishment purgatory! 道場古宫再度下沉,如同一層一層深渊的往下落,下落的过程中众人有幸观赏到了不同的炼狱,有如同火焰山峦一般,山谷里充斥着红色火油的炼狱;也有砍肉刀、剔骨刃、穿颅矛、滚刃齿密密麻麻堆满天地间的万刃炼狱;更有冰天雪地赤身被冻僵,随后一群小鬼拿着骨棒上来敲碎身体冻肉的寒刑炼狱! These netherworld purgatories, without exception, were once flooding wailing, is flooding the hate, is flooding the lamentation, is flooding the pain, all sins that they before being thrown into new samsara must repay them this life to violate! 这些阴间炼狱曾,无一例外,充斥着哀嚎,充斥着怨恨,充斥着悔恨,充斥着痛苦,他们在被丢入新的轮回之前必须偿还他们今生犯下的所有罪孽! However the tour has gone sightseeing these purgatories the people of these soul flag religious sects, as everyone knows in these purgatory levels has been scheduled each of them's position, they also think after dying, will arrive at what extremely happy clouds! 然而游览觀光过这些炼狱的这些魂旗教派的人,殊不知这些炼狱层里早就预定了他们每个人的位置,他们还自以为死后会到什么极乐云霄! Passed through the purgatory level, ancient Palace Buddhist temple again by the darkness to the package, around this time no longer was the tranquil nine quiet water, ancient Palace Buddhist temple crashed into a giant ancient tomb palace probably, the surroundings presented Yan pillar, the nearby had sculpture! 穿过了炼狱层,古宫道场再次被黑暗给包裹,这一次周围不再是宁静的九幽水了,古宫道场像是坠入到了一个巨大的古陵殿中,周围出现了一根根阎柱,附近有一尊尊雕塑! The gloomy and strange tomb palace made god in these world of the living seem like will soon be escorted to the criminal in execution grounds, the innermost feelings bore a tremendous pressure. 阴森、诡异的陵殿让这些阳间的神者一个个像是即将被押赴刑场的犯人,内心承受了一种巨大的压力。 segment Hongwu unconscious depended toward Zhu Minglang on, probably Zhu Minglang temperature made she had to plant also living the feeling. 段红舞不自觉的往祝明朗身上靠了过来,好像祝明朗身上的温度才令她有种还活着的感觉。 Zhu Minglang patted her, comforts her temperately: All right, can they live are leaving here me not to know, but we are the affirmation.” 祝明朗拍了拍她,温和的宽慰她:“没事的,他们能不能活着离开这里我不知道,但我们是肯定可以的。” In segment Hongwu the cognition, land marquis immortal master should be in the gods highest level, but from the tone of this strange man, segment Hongwu listens to disdaining with despising at present meaning. 段红舞的认知里,陆侯这种仙师应该是神明中最顶级的,但从眼前这个陌生男子的语气里,段红舞听出了一种不屑与藐视的意味在。 This is actually very inconceivable, after all land Hou is enormous in the northern heavens reputation, is a god of sunglow level boundary reveres, properly speaking segment Hongwu should believe that cultivates for with the strength, but she does not know why the Zhu Minglang words can always take to her the security sense and trust. 这其实是非常不可思议的,毕竟陆侯在玄天都名声极大,是一位日冕级境的神尊,按理说段红舞应该相信修为与实力,可她也不知道为何祝明朗的话总能够带给她安全感、信任感。 I...... I will keep close.” segment Hongwu said. “我……我会寸步不离的。”段红舞说道。 Un, is very clever.” “嗯,很乖。”
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