DH :: Volume #16

#1506: horse dough figurine

wo!!!!!!!!!” “嚄!!!!!!!!!” The shouting sound that shocks the soul transmits from nearby nine quiet water suddenly, saw in nine quiet water that deathly stillness had a whole body to present golden skeleton shape the dragon of deep Yan to find out the head and body slowly! 一声震破心魂的嘶吼声突然从一旁的九幽水中传来,紧接着就看到死寂的九幽水中有一头全身上下呈现金色骸骨状的冥阎之龙缓缓的探出了头颅与身躯! Dragon of whole body this deep Yan is exuding a quiet cold glow ray, the countless deep moth becomes its physical body, when it lifted that giant deep claw, the deep moth also danced in the air, curled up the vast potential, is carrying the terrifying death flame! 这冥阎之龙全身上下都泛着一种幽冷萤火光芒,数之不尽的冥蛾成为了它的肉体,当它抬起了那巨型的冥爪时,冥蛾也随之飞舞,卷起了浩瀚之势,载着恐怖的死焰! Almost all people can feel dragon of that this deep Yan to run out of the resentful anger outside body, has the dead souls instinct of hostility to all living creatures, it must not crash into to all living creatures of this netherworld carefully stays here entirely, and servant who changes into this place!! 几乎所有人都可以感受到这冥阎之龙那冲出躯体之外的怨怒,是对一切活物都有着仇视的死灵本能,它要将不小心坠入到这阴间的所有活物统统留在这里,并且化为此地的奴仆!! The might of this claw is extraordinary, the powder that even/including Shenji a boundary has not achieved cultivates under this dead flame is swallowed instantaneously. 这一爪子的威力非凡,其中一名连神级境都没有达到的散修在这股死焰下被瞬间吞噬。 The surrounding person attended to him, displays the magical powers self-preservation, this powder cultivates the finally swallowed its pair of panic-stricken incomparable eyes, he never has thought this at midnight Buddhist ceremony unexpectedly so bad risk, even also immerses in having boundless prospects joyful and in excited, can work to be pleased with oneself with land Hou such immortal master for oneself together, has not actually thought that was treated as the cannon fodder. 周围的人根本顾不及他,纷纷施展神通自保,这名散修最后被吞噬的正是它那双惊恐无比的双眼,他从未想过这个午夜的“法事”竟会如此凶险,甚至还沉浸在前途无量的喜悦与兴奋之中,更为自己能够与陆侯这样的仙师一同做事而沾沾自喜,却没有想到被当做了炮灰。 Those who make him unable to think, will not unravel in the netherworld death thoroughly. 更让他想不到的是,在阴间死亡并不会彻底灰飞烟灭。 After his body was burnt down completely, his soul will receive the extradition of surrounding deep moth. 当他的躯体被焚烧殆尽了之后,他的灵魂会受到周围冥蛾的引渡。 His soul first scatters outside, then by the innumerable immature deep moth captures, pieced together finally in one, such as a soul bead threw into nine quiet water generally. 他的魂魄先飘散到外,再由无数幼小的冥蛾捕捉,最后拼凑在了一起,如一枚魂珠一般丢入到了九幽水中。 Nine quiet aquatic have other similar soul beads, but after breeding the time of enough grew, this soul bead will split, and is born from inside jumping for joy deep moth!! 九幽水上还有其他类似的魂珠,可当孕育的时间足够长了之后,这魂珠就会裂开,并且从里面诞生出一只“活蹦乱跳”的冥蛾!! In other words, the living creature that here died, will change into the base and low deep moth finally! 也就是说,在这里死去的活物,最终都将化为卑微的冥蛾! At first these were flickered to work as the powder of recruit to cultivate/repair had not realized, when companion died, after under their eyelids changes into the deep moth, they start to be anxious and scared! 起初这些被忽悠来当壮丁的散修们还没有意识到,当身边的同伴一个一个死去,在他们眼皮底下化为冥蛾之后,他们开始不安和恐慌! Land immortal master, invited to lead us to leave here!!” Female martial cultivate uses several points of entreaty taste. “陆仙师,请带我们离开这里吧!!”一名女武修用几分哀求口味。 Although she has cultivating of half god for with the strength, but in such environment, the gods same is the ordinary flesh and blood, that terrifying the dragon of deep Yan is the true god demon, they are too eventually tiny! 她虽然拥有半神的修为与实力,但在这样的环境下,神明一样是普通的血肉之躯,那恐怖的冥阎之龙才是真正的神魔,他们终究太渺小! Sect will always remember your!” On land Hou the face showed a gentle smile to come, but this smile looked like in the surrounding person is such to terrify person! “教派会铭记你的!”陆侯脸上露出了一个慈祥的笑容来,只是这个笑容在周围的人看来又是那么的瘆人! Wū wū!!!!!!!!” “呜呜!!!!!!!!” The yelling sound transmits from the top of the head suddenly, the boundless darkness seems like a substantive mountain, pressed toward the gasped for breath people. 啼叫声忽然从头顶上空传来,紧接着磅礴的黑暗像是实质性的一座大山,朝着已经喘不过气来的众人压了下来。 When they approach completely, netherworld dragon Yapu arrived on these faces, they peck toward the faces of these cultivators on, many powder cultivate/repair is grasping the weapon obviously, but actually seemed like calls back the soul of the deceased stood there generally is motionless, whatever the dragon crows of these hook mouths are enjoying on their faces heartily, covered with blood and facial features festered, could not detect a faint trace probably the sensation of pain! 当它们完全靠近的时候,一只一只阴间龙鸦扑到了那些人脸上,它们朝着这些修行者的脸上啄去,不少散修明明手持着武器,但却像是被摄魂了一般站在那里一动不动,任由这些钩嘴的龙鸦在他们的脸上尽情享用着,血肉模糊、五官溃烂,也好像察觉不到一丝丝的痛觉! This netherworld dragon crow quantity is extremely big, they even coiled black storm cloud cluster sky over the top of the head of people, the strength of terrifying calling back the soul of the deceased will make most willpower weak people be bewitched general, eye stubbornly will stare at these dragon crow to gather to form moves the chart surreptitiously, will just like can learn the enlightenment of Heaven in this grand community path! 这种阴间龙鸦数量极其庞大,它们甚至在众人的头顶上空卷成了一个黑色的风暴云团,恐怖的摄魂之力让绝大多数意志力薄弱的人都会着魔一般,眼睛死死的盯着这些龙鸦聚集形成的诡秘动图,犹如在这壮丽的群体轨迹中可以获知上苍的启示! However most enlightenment are, the eyeball will come out to eat to the pecking by them, this group of netherworld dragon crow are very fond of the eyeball of human! 然而多数的启示就是,眼珠子会被它们给啄出来吃掉,这群阴间龙鸦酷爱人类的眼球! land Hou and his these Yin spirit master Men in the center of Buddhist temple, the strategy that they arrange is actually impregnable, the person but who these were induced actually becomes the pitiful netherworld tribute. 陆侯与他的那些阴灵师们在道场的中央,他们所布置的阵法倒是固若金汤,可那些被诱导来的人却成为了可怜的阴間贡品。 Shortly, in nine quiet water crawled massive deep frogs, these deep frogs similarly were the carnivorous lifeform, has one after another ideal young cultivator was towed to entrain to nine quiet water. 没多久,九幽水中爬出了大量的冥蛙,這些冥蛙同样是食肉生物,一名又一名怀揣着理想的年轻修行者被拖拽到九幽水中。 Nine quiet water books are the thing of dead souls hot spring, the spoiled acid of living creature, merely was the immersion in is the punishment of hell, not to mention was also given to tear into shreds by these greedy deep frogs, bone sediment not remaining!! 九幽水本就是死灵之物的温泉,活物的腐酸,仅仅是浸泡在里面就是地狱之刑了,更不用说还被那些贪婪的冥蛙给撕碎,骨头渣子都不会剩下!! After thing of looting these netherworld, came the capable person of integrity in this Buddhist temple then dead the larger part, can live basically cultivated/repaired to achieve the god boundary! 这几种阴间之物一番洗劫后,前来这道场中的能人志士便死去了一大半,能夠活下来的基本上都是修为达到了神者境界! In the world that but the god boundary in this fairy is in flood does not calculate most peak, still had takes the hunting fairy to plant as the ancient god demon of food, they once overawed existences of eight sides in the world of the living, even to the netherworld still absolutely is the sovereign of Yin ghost! 可是神者境界在这个神鬼泛滥的世界里并不算最顶端,仍旧有许多以狩猎神鬼为食的古老神魔种,他们曾经在阳间就是威震八方的存在,即便是到了阴间也绝对是阴鬼之皇! The tribute of Yin sovereign were not these powder cultivated/repaired, soul of god they wanted! 阴皇的贡品可不是那些散修了,它们要的正是神者的灵魂! In the darkness, Zhu Minglang saw a giant horse dough figurine, it has the Djinn body, whole body was given the winding by the chains of blood-stained! 黑暗中,祝明朗看到了一只巨大的马面人,它拥有着巨灵身躯,全身上下被血迹斑斑的锁链给缠绕! This pockmarked face person does not know violated many in the world of the living the sin, died the later these sins instead to become its netherworld weapon! 这麻面人不知在阳间犯下了多少的罪孽,死亡之后这些罪孽反而成为了它的阴间武器! Yin Real Madrid dough figurines optional grasps, such as cooks soup same optional tasting the residuals of ground these covered with blood. 阴皇马面人随意的一抓,将地上那些血肉模糊的残渣如炖汤一样随意的品尝。 After tasting the appetizer, the horse dough figurine vision staring landing marquis, the Yin spirit master and powder stubbornly cultivate/repair god, these are its main course! 品尝了开胃小菜后,马面人目光死死的盯着陆侯、阴灵师以及散修神者们,这些才是它的主菜! This is the hell's messengers god, do not provoke it!” At this time land Hou said. “这是阴差神,不要去招惹它!”这时陆侯说道。 Do not provoke is what meaning, it is walking toward us.” A black flag soul flag master said. “不要招惹是什么意思,它正在朝着我们走来。”一位黑旗魂旗师说道。 Do not provoke!” land Hou urged side everyone again. “就是不要招惹!”陆侯再一次叮嘱身边所有人。 The horse dough figurines looked like a wicked Buddha, its appearance was fierce, the build was huge, but these cultivators before it was some ants mortals, it does not need to look straight at to look. 马面人像极了一尊恶佛,它面目狰狞,体型巨大,而在它面前的这些修行者不过是一些蝼蚁凡人,它根本不需要正眼去看。 Live person god of surface place, is similar to puts the delicacies of every kind on its tribute table, tastes at will! 面地的活人神者,就如同是摆在它贡桌上的山珍海味,随意品尝! The horse dough figurines held a say/way to cultivate/repair god at will, after relying on the power of gripping its crumb the spine, threw own mouth this person like one group of meatballs, then chewed satisfied. 马面人随意的抓住了一名道修神者,凭借着握力将其捏碎了脊骨后,像一团肉丸一样把此人丢到了自己的嘴里,然后惬意的嘴嚼了起来。 The meat of mouth has not chewed swallows rottenly, its vision has fallen on another goddess. 嘴里的肉还没有嚼烂吞下,它的目光已经落在了另外一名女神者身上。 This goddess obviously is rune/symbol cultivate, she wears the plain Daoist robe, the whole body has red flame rune/symbol Lu to revolve, blessing that forms is seemingly sacred and powerful, may in the eyes of horse dough figurine be the light of glow, the hand of horse dough figurine easily passed through this goddess the symbol of asylum, and must seize her! 这位女神者显然是一位符修,她穿着古朴的道袍,周身有红色的火焰符箓在旋转,所形成的庇佑之界看上去神圣而强大,可在马面人的眼里不过是萤火之光,马面人的手轻易的穿过了这女神者的庇护之符,并要将她掐住! However the horse dough figurine thought obviously this female rune/symbol cultivate is extremely slender, cannot satisfy own taste bud, therefore its another hand grasps toward one person of not far away. 不过马面人显然觉得这女符修太过苗条,并不能满足自己的味蕾,于是它的另外一只手朝着不远处的一人抓去。 This person sees a play for a long time Zhu Minglang! 此人正是看戏已久的祝明朗 The horse dough figurine vision starts to rotate, when the eyeball of its terrifying glances at will, the body stiffened suddenly! 马面人目光开始转动,当它那恐怖的眼珠子随意一瞥时,身体忽然间就僵住了!
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