DH :: Volume #14

#1332: Advantage of being close to somebody

After working, Zhu Minglang was certainly also thanking a present youngster leather bag at heart, the human and animals are simply harmless, most fairy maidens will feel oneself are the boy who that type does not need to guard against! 得逞后,祝明朗当然也在心里感谢了一番自己现在的少年皮囊,简直人畜无害,绝大多数仙子都会觉得自己是那种不太需要防备的男孩子! Heard the reply of Vega immortal, palace Yuexia and Qin Wu stares in a big way the eye. 听到织女星仙的回答,宫月霞和秦梧都瞪大了眼睛。 Also really can be admitted to zither | Jean Yungong?? 还真能住进琴云宫?? If we had known, they also with the master stay together! 早知道,她们也跟师父住在一起了! Is more intimate with master's relations, the love that in the future will obtain will be more! 与师父的关系越亲近,将来得到的宠爱就越多啊! Really, cultivating the behavior must be bold, didn't the lyra fairy maiden rather too haggle over with too will not reject the person? 果然,做人就得没脸没皮,天琴仙子未免也太不计较和太不会拒绝人了吧? In the female weaver starry eyes, the disciple is the disciple, the men and women is indiscreet, had not thought from the start like this has what improper. 还是在织女星眼里,弟子就是弟子,男女并无分别,也压根没有觉得这样有什么不妥。 You go back to rest, has anything not to understand can inquire that defends to present.” The Vega immortal said. “你们回去休息吧,有什么不懂的可以询问守奉。”织女星仙说道。 Two Junior Sisters, will see tomorrow.” Zhu Minglang fired off greeting with palace Yuexia, Qin Wu with a smile, later followed close on the step of Vega to go to zither | Jean Yungong. “两位师妹,明天见。”祝明朗笑着与宫月霞、秦梧打完招呼,随后就紧跟着织女星的步伐前往了琴云宫。 Palace Yuexia and Qin Wu naturally somewhat lost, may make the choice unable to renege on a promise, so as to avoid left a poor impression by the master. 宫月霞和秦梧自然有些失落,可做了选择又不能反悔,免得被师父留下不好的印象。 Looks at Zhu Minglang to villains hold sway, Qin Wu was very discontented. 看着祝明朗小人得志,秦梧很是不满。 ...... …… Zhu Minglang followed the Vega immortal to enter zither | Jean Xiangong, there had two to defend to present is waiting, a man and a woman. 祝明朗跟着织女星仙进了琴仙宫,那里有两位守奉在候着,一男一女。 The men have an imposing appearance, god glow some are dazzling, the Zhu Minglang god knew to distinguish this instantaneously is powerful gods. 男子气宇轩昂,神芒有些过于耀眼,祝明朗的神识瞬间就识别出了这是一个实力非常强大的神明。 The females cultivate/repair to general, but will be able to look at her and Vega immortal will be more intimate. 女子修为一般,但看得出来她与织女星仙会更加亲近。 „Is this youngster?” The male defend to offer sacrifice to ancestors open the mouth to ask. “这位少年是?”男守奉先开口问道。 „The disciple who I receive, arranging him to live in the west courtyard occupies.” Vega said. “我收的弟子,安排他住在西庭居吧。”织女星说道。 There fears to disturb you calmly to cultivate/repair.” The male defend to present to say. “那里恐会打搅到您静修。”男守奉说道。 Nearby, the female defended to present actually smiled saying with a smile: Also might as well, I will teach his custom , ensure he is well-mannered.” 一旁,女守奉却笑了笑道:“也无妨,我会教导他规矩的,也保证他规规矩矩。” Vega actually stopped the footsteps in this time, she looked at eye oneself two to defend to present, said lightly: He is not only my disciple, was also taught by me including the custom.” 织女星却在此时停下了脚步,她看了眼自己的两位守奉,淡淡道:“他既是我的弟子,包括规矩在内也由我来教导。” The female defends to present one hear, immediately realizes own speaking incorrectly words. 女守奉一听,立刻意识到自己说错话了。 The being in direct line disciple, the position is actually higher than defends to present. 既是嫡传弟子,地位其实是高于守奉的。 Before Vega had not received the disciple, this is first, the female defended to present also knows oneself were harebrained, partly knelt on the ground hastily. 以前织女星并未收过弟子,这是第一届,女守奉也知道自己冒失了,连忙半跪在地上。 Phoenix Sichuan, you walk to another two being in direct line disciple that settles them.” The Vega immortal defends to present to say to that male. “凤川,你到另外两位嫡传弟子那走走,安顿好她们。”织女星仙对那位男守奉说道。 Yes.” The male defend to present to nod. “是。”男守奉点了点头。 The female defends to present lowers the head, walks toward zither | Jean cloud Gongwang in Zhu Minglang and Vega. 女守奉一路低着头,跟着祝明朗和织女星往琴云宫往里面走。 In fact zither | Jean Yungong is also very big, but does not have many popularity, is lonely looks like the Moon Palace. 事实上琴云宫也很大,只是没有多少人气罢了,冷清得就像是广寒宫。 Even if dwells in cloud Gongnei, actually the great distance bedroom palace still has the big quadrangle and cloud Lang, Zhu Minglang also thinks that on the separation of one wall, midnight has to cultivate/repair for the puzzled place can shout a throat, inquired master elder sister who this has the self-control. 即便是栖居在一个云宫内,其实相隔寝殿也有大大的中庭与云廊,祝明朗还以为就一墙之隔呢,半夜有修为困惑的地方可以喊一嗓子,询问这位有涵养的师父姐姐。 Doing , after being calmly good, Zhu Minglang realized that shouted a throat was unlikely to hear, this and lived in the street and outskirt does not have much difference, the deity and god boldly like the excessive waste space. 奈何,安顿好后,祝明朗意识到喊一嗓子是不大可能听得见了,这和住在街头与街尾没有太大的区别,神仙与神豪就是喜欢过度的浪费空间。 ...... …… Zhu Minglang has inquired, south forehead is actually grasping the six technique of god of journeys washing, but generally was in direct line in this share some qualifications to understand and obtain, but must be the performance very outstanding being in direct line disciple. 祝明朗有打听过,南天庭其实是掌握着一种六道神涤之术的,但一般只有到了嫡传这个份上才有资格了解与获得,还得是表现非常优异的嫡传弟子。 Also no wonder south the forehead is during this honored day few top immortal sects, regarding cultivates for the card the gods of Star God boundary, six gods of journeys wash are the key to moon/month shining god, south forehead grasped together, can say that in the person of promotion moon/month shining god must be higher than compared with the outside world! 也难怪南天庭是这钧天之中为数不多的顶级仙宗,对于许多修为卡在星神境的神明来说,六道神涤就是他们通往月耀神的钥匙,南天庭就掌握了其中一道,可以说门内晋升月耀神的人就比外界要高出许多! The special secret-key, actually the technique of god washing is anything, the present is Zhu Minglang most curious and hope. 独门秘钥,神涤之术究竟是什么,现在是祝明朗最为好奇和渴望的了。 Nine dragons and small gluttonies arrived at god king level, becoming the summit god king is also the issue of time, in this zither | Jean Yungong spiritual energy so abundant place, Zhu Minglang does not need to be worried about them to the summit position. 九尾龙和小饕餮都到了神王级,成为巅位神王也不过是时间的问题,在这琴云宫灵气如此充沛的地方,祝明朗根本不需要担心它们到不了巅位。 The difficult problem that needs to solve is these six gods of journeys washes. 需要攻克的难题就是这六道神涤。 Uses force study the words that the way understands, are to make a connection with the six special god holes of dragon, this can make the star dragon change into the moon/month dragon. 用武学的方式去理解的话,就是要打通龙的六个特殊的神穴,这才能够让星龙化为月龙。 The small nine dragons have white Linxu egg Lord key. 小九尾龙已经拥有了白麟虚卵这枚主钥。 Next also breakthrough pill of immortality, can be six gods of journeys to wash. 其次还有一枚突破仙丹,也可以作为六道神涤。 The high godship and under good luck bestowed by heaven, Zhu Minglang can omit two gods of journeys to wash. 高神格与鸿运天赐下,祝明朗可以省去两道神涤。 If being in direct line disciple here of southern forehead can obtain together, that in addition obtains the position that rewards in the years ratio together, rounding up was complete! 如果南天庭的嫡传弟子这里可以获得一道,再加上自己在年比中获得的名次所奖励的那一道,四舍五入就是圆满了! The moon/month shining god boundary of small nine dragon, feared that is not far! 小九尾龙的月耀神境,怕是不远了! The years ratio reward will provide eventually. 年比的奖励终究会发放下来的。 Other essential factors also had, now on difference last, is here obtains from master elder sister obviously...... 其他要素也具备了,现在就差最后一道,显然是得从师父姐姐这里来获得…… Therefore must hit the intimate relation with Vega, the most important thing is the understanding is clear about that solar flare the true origin! 所以务必与织女星打好亲密关系,最重要的是得了解清楚那耀斑的真正来历! ...... …… Rested for day, next morning Zhu Minglang will be called by Vega nearby. 休息了一天,第二天清早祝明朗就被织女星叫到了跟前。 Besides him, another three girl students, they were palace Yuexia, Qin Wu as well as one let the Zhu Minglang quite accidental/surprised young Junior Sister respectively, Nie 77! 除了他之外,还有另外三名女弟子,她们分别是宫月霞、秦梧以及一个让祝明朗相当意外的小师妹,聂七七! Wish......” Nie 77 to see Zhu Minglang, that small crescent moon eye glistened, smile also especially delightful. “祝……”聂七七看到祝明朗,那双小月牙眼睛都闪亮了起来,笑容也格外的甜美。 Old three Junior Sisters are you.” Zhu Minglang quickly broke her, then rapid hands over the meaningful glance to her. “原来三师妹是你呀。”祝明朗急忙打断了她,然后迅速的给她递去眼色。 Nie 77 extremely bright, quick understands in own name has the issue. 聂七七冰雪聪明,很快就明白了自己的称呼上有问题。 77, do you recognize vermilion wave this fellow?” Palace Yuexia asked. “七七,你认得朱浪这家伙?”宫月霞问道。 Yes, the palace elder sister, I and...... vermilion wave is a good friend, frequently plays together, its gluttony lunar eclipse dragon, carries off from our Nie Spirit Mountain there!” Nie 77 said. “是呀,宫姐姐,我和……朱浪是好朋友,经常一起玩,它的饕餮月食龙,还是从我们聂灵山那里带走的呢!”聂七七说道。 Waits, vermilion wave, what meaning you called 773 Junior Sisters a moment ago is, with you had bragged that was our big Senior Brother? I am earlier than you cross the threshold, you are the entrance door disciple time, I am an interior door.” Qin Wu discovered this point, some disgruntled say/way. “等一等,朱浪,你刚才叫七七三师妹是什么意思,和着你已经自诩是我们的大师兄了?我比你早入门,你是外门弟子的时候,我已经是内门了。”秦梧发现了这一点,有些不悦道。 Our gesticulation gesture, did you win you are a Senior Sister?” Zhu Minglang is not used to Qin Wudao. “那我们比划比划,你赢了你是师姐?”祝明朗也不惯着秦梧道。 Qin Wu was very discontented, she wants to say anything, but was so overbearing facing Zhu Minglang, she truly did not have that courage to accept a challenge, particularly after white Jue was devastated by this fellow violence . 秦梧很是不满,她想说些什么,但面对祝明朗这般霸道,她也确实没有那个勇气应战,尤其是白珏被这家伙暴力蹂躏了之后。 Qin Wu did not speak, naturally tacitly approved. 秦梧不说话,自然就默认了。 Four disciples of Vega, three are the girls, that is not whatever Zhu Minglang this big demon does bully? 织女星的四个弟子,三个都是女孩子,那还不是任由祝明朗这位大魔头欺负的? Let alone was these three Junior Sisters, can the Vega immortal be able to withstand tossing about of Zhu Minglang this old fox not saying that Zhu Minglang in Dragon Gate also did the matters of some feudal bullies a lot. 别说是这三个师妹了,织女星仙能不能经受得住祝明朗这只老狐狸的折腾都不好说,在龙门祝明朗也没少做一些恶霸之事。 Says that you as the responsibility of my being in direct line disciple, as running one of the world gods, I will give you some authorities, this authority is close to the strength of god.” The Vega immortal said. “说一说你们作为我嫡传弟子的职责,作为掌管人间的神明之一,我会赋予你们一些职权,这个职权接近于正神之力。”织女星仙说道。 She obviously to whom, when Senior Brother who when the Junior Sister is not interested. 她显然对谁当师兄谁当师妹不感兴趣。
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