DH :: Volume #14

#1331: Master elder sister

Junior Brother vermilion wave, the broad ideal really came true unexpectedly!” yellow Xiwang is sending out unique ray Zhu Minglang, a face does not dare to believe. “朱浪师弟,远大的理想居然真的实现了!”黄昔望着身上都散发着独特光芒的祝明朗,一脸的不敢置信。 Person who that several drank initially together, including Song Hao has not thought that at that time Zhu Minglang was not says casually. 那几个当初一起喝酒的人,包括宋浩在内都没有想到当时祝明朗并不是随便说说的。 Vega only being in direct line male disciple! 织女星唯一的嫡传男弟子! Gets there first! 近水楼台先得月啊! Without the moon/month, enjoys looking at the moon every day is still an extremely beautiful matter. 即便是没有得月,每天赏月也是一件极美的事情。 In the morning falls into the window, Vega knocks at a door leisurely, asking you to get out of bed to exercise martial arts.” “清晨落入窗子,织女星款款叩门,叫你起床练功。” At nightfall, your heart had the confusion, can discuss with the young beautiful master as academic as the dawn!” “入夜了,你心有困惑,可以与自己年轻美艳的师父探讨学术到天明!” I have started to envy!” “我已经开始羡慕了!” Chen Yihui saliva soon the class/flow comes out, even has substituted own body the Zhu Minglang status, that picture simply should not be too exciting, the bloodlines inflation! 陈逸辉口水都快要流出来,甚至已经把祝明朗的身份代入到自己的身上,那画面简直不要太激动人心、血脉膨胀! yellow Xi hears Chen Yihui this segment Lingren scene with the disciple who several other have drunk together, was envies to must to fall insanely! 黄昔与另外几个一起喝过酒的弟子听到陈逸辉这段令人场景,更是羡慕得要疯掉了! Not is only yellow Xi, Chen Yihui these Zhu Minglang drinking mates envies, the inside and outside disciples of all southern foreheads eyes were red. 不仅仅是黄昔、陈逸辉这些祝明朗的酒友羡慕,所有南天庭的内外门弟子都眼红了起来。 The disciples in entire blue sky island have witnessed the looks of Vega immortal in the night of seventh night of the seventh lunar month, that is in the true sense nine days of female celestial, does not dye dust the purity, that impeccable perfect appearance, stature and makings, in addition are representing romantic and god giving noble feeling and indistinct feeling of love...... no male disciple are not infatuated. 整个碧落岛的弟子都在七夕之夜目睹过织女星仙的姿容,那是真正意义上九天仙女,不染一丝尘埃的纯净,还有那无可挑剔的完美容貌、身材与气质,再加上代表着浪漫与爱情的神名赋予的神圣感、缥缈感……没有哪位男弟子不为之痴迷。 But she truly such as space Vega, only then can observe in some special night, even this is very to many satisfied. 可她确实如天上织女星,也只有在某个特殊的夜才能够远观,即便这样对很多人来说已经很满足了。 But now actually the person, can follow frequently in such fairy maiden about...... 但如今却有一个人,可以时时刻刻伴随在这样的仙子左右…… Being in direct line is very intimate relations! 嫡传是非常亲近的关系啊! This being intimate with, will perhaps derive an inspiring charming story, leaves a good name for hundreds of generations! 这份亲近,没准会衍生出一段可歌可泣的佳话,流芳百世! Congratulates you, became the entire south forehead disciple public enemy.” Does not know that is which immortal is long, said to Zhu Minglang with a smile. “恭喜你,成为全南天庭弟子公敌了。”不知是哪位仙长,笑着对祝明朗说道。 All right, I can be familiar with.” Zhu Minglang also unflustered replied. “没事,我会习惯的。”祝明朗也从容不迫的回答道。 ...... …… The being in direct line disciple chooses, Zhu Minglang starting today was also the person of Vega immortal. 嫡传弟子选择完毕,祝明朗从今天开始也算是织女星仙的人了。 The Vega immortal led Zhu Minglang and the others to fly into cloud Gong, this cloud Gong and blue sky island have some connected, must therefore come and go out the blue sky island actually quite convenience. 织女星仙带着祝明朗等人飞入到了一座云宫中,这座云宫与碧落岛是有着一些相连的,所以要出入碧落岛其实比较方便。 Moreover this cloud Gong also has Yun Qiao with ten thousand li (0.5 km) day several other gods, must go to ten thousand li (0.5 km) day other sacred place also is very convenient. 另外这云宫还与万里天都的其他几座神都都有云桥,要前往万里天都其他圣地也很便捷。 Obviously within the job duty of Vega immortal solely is not south the forehead, but is the entire ten thousand li (0.5 km) day. 显然织女星仙的职权范围不单单是南天庭,而是整个万里天都。 Immortal is long, after I do obeisance into your hanger-on, but can also go to the place of town/subdues beast?” Zhu Minglang thought of this issue suddenly, therefore inquired the Vega immortal. “仙长,我拜入您门下后,还能去镇兽之地吗?”祝明朗忽然想到了这个问题,于是询问起了织女星仙。 The Vega immortal has not turned head, black Xu of her black hair such as in the fog is dancing in the air, transmitted unique and refined delicate fragrance. 织女星仙也没有回头,她青丝在云雾中如乌絮飞舞着,也传来了一股独特与雅致的清香。 As you like.” “随你。” The sound of Vega is also very of pleasant to hear, solemn is not arrogant, situated in clear spirit young girl and graceful to become woman. 织女星的声音也挺好听的,端庄却不傲慢,介于清灵少女与娴雅成女之间。 Should be the age is not big. 应该是年纪也不大吧。 Immortal is long, I have a mansion garden, there is planting many herbal medicines, when the time comes can also move to construct in this cloud Gong?” Zhu Minglang continues to ask. “仙长,我有一府园,那里种植着许多草药,到时候也可以移建到这个云宫中吗?”祝明朗继续问道。 Ok.” Vega said. “可以。”织女星说道。 Immortal long......” “仙长……” You should call me the master.” Vega investigates the correct path. “你应该称我为师父。”织女星纠正道。 „, Master elder sister, I hears south us the place of forehead has god washing, can obtain own god to wash the chance to there, the direct descendant disciple can obtain the god to wash first looks.” Zhu Minglang then asked. “哦,师父姐姐,我听闻我们南天庭有神涤之地,是不是到了那里就可以获得自己的神涤机缘,嫡系弟子是可以得到神涤优先关照的。”祝明朗接着问道。 Vega is pressed the eyebrow, then looked at Zhu Minglang. 织女星蹙起眉,回头看了一眼祝明朗 Nearby palace Yuexia and another girl student Qin Wu also one face disgruntled is staring at Zhu Minglang, does not understand where Zhu Minglang comes such big courage, but also without the belt/bring crosses the threshold asks big collection of questions, did not fear that annoys the fairy maiden is not impatient? 一旁的宫月霞和另外一名女弟子秦梧也都一脸不悦的盯着祝明朗,不明白祝明朗哪来这么大的胆子,还没有带入门中就问一大堆问题,不怕惹来仙子不耐烦吗? Also, is the master on the master, what master elder sister?? 还有,师父就师父,师父姐姐是什么?? Honors the teacher and respects his teachings but south the most important criterion of forehead, Zhu Minglang this type called many belts to offend. 尊师重道可是南天庭的首要准则,祝明朗这种称呼多少带一些冒犯了。 Matter that you complete being in direct line disciple, the god will wash the chance to grant you.” The Vega immortal has not displayed the impatient meaning temporarily, but somewhat feels strange about that homemade name of Zhu Minglang. “你做好嫡传弟子的事情,神涤机缘会赐予你。”织女星仙暂时没有表现出不耐烦的意思,只是对祝明朗的那个自创称呼有些觉得怪异。 But Vega has not gone to correction desirably, only works as this disciple to be truly young, purely is the youngster disposition. 但织女星也没有去刻意的纠正,只当这个弟子确实年少,纯粹是少年心性。 ...... …… Arrived in evening cloud Gong, Zhu Minglang discovered that this cloud Gong actually piece was as good as the vast place of immortal islet, this was very special, soil clean such as near beach Baisha, took a broad view to look to see many such as the terraced field saline lake common landscape, the distribution of disorder on the ground of this entire cloud Gong...... 抵达了夕云宫,祝明朗发现这云宫其实有一片不亚于仙屿的辽阔之地,这地很特别,土壤干净如海滩边的白沙,放眼望去可以看到许多如梯田盐湖一般的景观,无序的分布在这整块云宫之地上…… When close when together saline lake, Zhu Minglang looked at one downward, but actually inspires! 当靠近其中一块盐湖时,祝明朗往下看了一眼,不由的倒吸了一口气! Ten thousand li (0.5 km) day mammoth scenery suddenly presented in this saline lake!! 万里天都的波澜壮阔之景豁然呈现在了这盐湖中!! Originally these at all are not the saline lake, but does not have the soil, not saying that clump of courtyards, to put it bluntly is the hole, because of them in the space, overlooks from this hole, can see that flower-decked by the world that the thin cloud covers!! 原来这些根本不是什么盐湖,而是一个又一个没有土壤、没有云丛的天井,说白了就是窟窿,因为他们是在天上,从这窟窿俯瞰下去,就可以看到繁花似锦被薄云笼罩的人间!! Ten thousand li (0.5 km) day originally beautiful grand, but these cloud Tianjing from cloud palace looks, particularly such as the cloud courtyard in terraced field saline lake presents the different world mountains and rivers one after another, this picture is true stirring! 万里天都本就秀丽壮阔,而从云宫的这些云天井望下去,尤其是一块一块如梯田盐湖的云天井呈现出不同的人间山河,这画面属实震撼人心! Honored day deity, housing place style really high! 钧天的神仙,居住的地方格调是真的高啊! In the future you will live in evening cloud Gong.” “往后你们就在夕云宫居住。” I like quietly, here has no miscellaneous personnel, you must be familiar with.” “我喜欢清静,这里没有什么闲杂人等,你们也要习惯。” You can choose cloud Courtyard that oneself like to live.” “你们可以挑选自己喜欢的云庭居住。” Vega led three being in direct line new disciples roughly to visit next evening cloud Gong, whatever later they chose in cloud Gong courtyard to occupy. 织女星带着三位嫡传新弟子大致的参观了一下夕云宫,随后任由他们挑选云宫中的庭居。 The courtyard occupies are actually not many, it seems like that the hanger-on person of Vega is not prosperous, but she is prosperous in the temple incense and candle of the world, Zhu Minglang has the experience. 庭居其实也不多,看来织女星的门下人丁并不旺,但她在人间的庙宇香火却非常旺,祝明朗是有见识到的。 Master, I choose that side, Ok?” Qin Wu settled on one, later asked. “师父,我选那一边,可以吗?”秦梧看中了一个,随后问道。 Vega nods. 织女星点了点头。 I choose the south side.” Palace Yuexia said. “那我选南边的。”宫月霞说道。 Zhu Minglang thinks, saw zither | Jean cloud Gong who Vega housing is very big and is very refined, therefore with pointing at referred to zither | Jean Yungong saying: I and master elder sister live together, in the future will have anything to tell also conveniently.” 祝明朗想了想,看到织女星居住的琴云宫很大、很雅致,于是用手指了指琴云宫道:“那我和师父姐姐一起住吧,往后有什么吩咐也方便。” Vega looked at Zhu Minglang, even more thought that this seemingly young disciple is the thoughts is not also pure! 织女星又看了一眼祝明朗,越发觉得这个看上去年少的弟子同样是心思不单纯! Was not you said that liked from oneself?” Zhu Minglang was looked somewhat embarrassed, therefore said. “不是您说选自己喜欢的吗?”祝明朗被看得有些不好意思,于是道。 zither | Jean cloud Gong who Vega is occupied by, the spiritual energy is abundant, moreover obviously compares the shift of livelihood star, the different seasons have the different spiritual energies to gather to well up, this can be turned several times by own Spirit Domain practicing speed on the existing basis again. 织女星住的琴云宫,灵气充沛,而且明显是对照日月星的转移,不同的时节有不同的灵气聚涌,这可以让自己的灵域修行速度在原来的基础上再翻几倍。 Several Longbao treasure is cries for food, Zhu Minglang was not artificial at this time, chooses the spiritual energy to be most perfect directly. 几只龙宝宝都算是嗷嗷待哺,祝明朗这种时候就不矫情了,直接选灵气最完美的。 Resting palace can not approach.” Vega said. “寝宫不得靠近。”织女星道。 Thanks master elder sister.” Zhu Minglang smiled, the smile is bright and clean. “谢谢师父姐姐。”祝明朗笑了起来,笑容灿烂而干净。
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