DH :: Volume #14

#1326: Old gratitude and grudges

...... …… Seven victories, mean that ranking of Zhu Minglang has approached the Celestial and place. 七胜,意味着祝明朗的排名已经非常靠近天人与地者了。 Even if the later competition Zhu Minglang loses completely, that does not need to be worried that did not have the immortal to want steadily. 哪怕之后的比试上祝明朗全部都输掉,那也不用担心没有仙长会要了。 In any case being in direct line disciple status was very steady, being to look that which immortal chose to be long. 反正嫡传弟子身份是很稳了,就是要看选择哪一位仙长了。 More loses face/shows off, is naturally easier to be given to have a liking for by the immortal long, Zhu Minglang is also clear about in hundred hero to have the larger part to enter the Vega hanger-on, but Vega only receives four being in direct line disciples, such words, do not infiltrate to the Celestial echelon, is very dangerous. 越出彩,自然就越容易被仙长给看上,祝明朗也清楚百雄之中有一大半都希望入织女星门下,而织女星只收四名嫡传弟子,如此的话,不打入到天人梯队中,还是很悬。 The palace Yuexia's strength is a little truly strong, if behind also has her is fiercer, Zhu Minglang could press the bottom the small gluttony summoning. 宫月霞的实力确实有点强,如果后面还有比她更厉害的,祝明朗可能就得将压箱底的小饕餮给召出来了。 The Zhu Minglang original intention does not want to make the small gluttony enter the stage, the good and evil must keep such several points of strengths, if bumps into plays the Yin person also calmly to deal. 祝明朗本意是不想让小饕餮出场的,好歹得保留那么几分实力,万一碰到一些玩阴的人也可以从容的应对。 But if cannot preserve the small gluttony, that is lets on it the battlefield, after is, handles affairs low-key is as far as possible more careful, own complete strength has exposed under the sunlight, but once Spirit Sword Dragon takes turns on duty, cannot safeguard own security. 但如果保不住小饕餮,那还是让它上战场吧,就是以后行事尽量低调小心一些,自己的全部实力已经暴露在阳光之下了,而剑灵龙一旦轮值,就不能保障自己的安全了。 Made some adjustments, Zhu Minglang also started to greet the eighth competition. 做了一些调整,祝明朗也开始迎接第八场比试了。 Do not watch the competition, only then eight, but can achieve the winning streak not many, in the disciple is not only then these enters the interior door this year, in the south forehead already each brick traveled across old in the disciple, some in disciples treated very long time through some special ways here. 别看比试只有八场,但是能做到连胜的并没有多少,内门弟子之中又不是只有那些今年才入内门的,还有一些在南天庭已经把每一块砖都踏遍了的老内门弟子,有些内门弟子更是通过一些特殊的方式在这里待了很长的时间。 In south forehead such place, can enter the interior door has certain background, strength and talent, the time of stay is longer, their cultivating to be deeper. 在南天庭这样的地方,能进内门的都有一定的背景、实力与天赋,逗留的时间越长,他们的修为越深厚。 Zhu Minglang this type enters in disciple to have result so in this year, relative was rare. 祝明朗这种这一年进的内门弟子能有这般成绩的,相当之罕见了。 After Zhu Minglang beat palace Yuexia, he received many disciple and immortal long attention, has become a small focus that the inside and outside disciples discussed. 所以当祝明朗击败了宫月霞之后,他就受到了诸多弟子与仙长们的关注了,已然成为了内外门弟子谈论的一个小焦点。 Does to also more abnormal existences, young has the unequalled strength this year, this person is high night/lodge stars Nie Ti. 奈何今年还有一个更变态的存在,年纪轻轻就已经有着无与伦比的实力,这个人就是亢宿星官聂提。 Nie Tigai crossed the rays of too many, Zhu Minglang this type in the past very conspicuous seemed ordinary this year. 聂提盖过了太多人的光芒,以至于祝明朗这种在以往非常冒尖的在今年都显得平凡了。 Nie Ti has no accident/surprise, he has captured the nine victories in a row. 聂提没有任何的意外,他已经斩获九连胜了。 Any in disciple who bumps into has not supported five rounds. 碰到的任何内门弟子都没有撑过五个回合的。 Zhu Minglang also knows that by own score, will bump into Nie Ti sooner or later, therefore he was also ahead of time Black Tortoise platform center, watched a Nie Ti competition in the tide of people. 祝明朗也知道以自己的战绩,迟早会碰上聂提的,所以他也提前到了玄武台中,在人潮之中看了一场聂提的比试。 I will not occupy you to be cheap, I first pressure cultivate/repair am.” Nie Ti the clothing or the bearing, could be called are the radiant immortal stars, in the boundless tide of people from beginning to end was that dazzling. “我不会占你便宜的,我先自压修为。”聂提无论是着装还是气度,都称得上是璀璨的仙星了,在茫茫人潮中至始至终都是那么耀眼。 His today's opponent is one in the disciple is quite famous, and is also holding the post of the guarding a gate god of the world! 他今日的对手是一位在内门弟子中相当有名的,并且还担任着人间的守门神! At holidays, some common people will paste on the color painting of guarding a gate god in the gate, but some highly placed people are to spend the large sum of money build the guarding a gate statue, exorcises evil spirits to exorcism and protect the house from demons protects the people. 逢年过节,一些平民百姓会在门上贴上守门神的彩画,而一些达官贵人更是花重金打造守门石像,辟邪驱魔、镇宅护民。 The god, naturally is the future is limitless. 既是正神,自然是前途不可限量。 I cultivate/repair for am inferior to you, but my magical powers actually not necessarily are inferior to you, since you must use such way with my showdown, that comes!” God of Shen Tudao guarding a gate. “我修为是不如你,但我的神通却未必不如你,既然你要用这样的方式与我对决,那就来吧!”守门之神沈荼道。 Two people fight, Bi dragon who folk that god of Shen Tu guarding a gate calls believes that left him for Bi Shoulong, the right for the Swiss beast dragon, two dragons is tacit, acts is almost consistent...... 两人交手,守门之神沈荼唤出的正是民间所信仰的庇龙,他左边为庇兽龙,右边为瑞兽龙,两龙非常默契,就连动作几乎是一致的…… Relaxedness that high night/lodge stars Nie Ti disputes the process that has not imagined with it. 亢宿星官聂提与之较量的过程也没有想象的那么轻松。 But can look at this high night/lodge stars strength is also odd, the magical powers that he displays can let some common order inversions, lets the space about with exchanges up and down. 但看得出来这个亢宿星官实力也非常离谱,他施展的神通可以让一些寻常的秩序颠倒,让空间的左右与上下调换。 Gate god Shen Tu is defeated eventually, even if cultivated/repaired to suppress the same level, he was not the high night/lodge stars Nie Ti opponent. 门神沈荼终究还是败下阵来,即便修为压制到了同一个水平,他也不是亢宿星官聂提的对手。 However, Shen Tu was only one hit 30 people back and forth with the high night/lodge stars. 不过,沈荼是唯一一个和亢宿星官打了三十个来回的人。 ...... …… This fellow is a little strong, hopes that do not run into him.” Zhu Minglang also becomes doubtful at heart. “这家伙有点强,希望不要遇到他。”祝明朗心里也犯嘀咕。 By present own strength, does not call Spirit Sword Dragon is really not this Nie Ti opponent. 以现在自己的实力,不唤剑灵龙真不是这聂提的对手。 However, oneself are the person of a few winning streak, the war of Celestial has also been able to meet with him, if when the time comes lost, possibly misses into the opportunity of Vega hanger-on. 然而,自己也是少数一直连胜的人,天人之战一定会与他相遇的,到时候如果输了,就可能丧失入织女星门下的机会。 Headache! 头疼! How to run such goods. 怎么就跑出一个这样的货色来。 Why this fellow must deliberately run up to the southern forehead to work as the disciple, he himself opens sect Lipai to have more than enough to spare. 这家伙为什么要刻意跑到南天庭当弟子呢,他自己开宗立派都是绰绰有余。 ...... …… Eighth also calculates very smoothly, Zhu Minglang own luck halo came, bumped into nine dragons to cope. 第八场还算很顺利,祝明朗自己的运气光环又来了,碰到了一个九尾龙能够对付的。 Is god king who just promoted, moreover there is a spoiling by trying is too helpful flavor, cultivating for is not very stable, the strength naturally has, but cannot stand off nine dragons. 是一个刚刚晋升上来的神王,而且有拔苗助长的味道,修为不是很稳固,实力自然是有,只是敌不过九尾龙。 Eight won, opponent certain Celestial and in place who Zhu Minglang goes. 八场都胜了,祝明朗接下去的对手一定天人与地者中的。 This thinks that the ninth very big probability will meet with Nie Ti of oneself same completely winning streak, but Zhu Minglang discovered that the God cares own. 本以为第九场很大概率会遇到和自己一样全部连胜的聂提,但祝明朗发现老天爷还是眷顾自己的。 3/4 probabilities will run into Nie Ti, is that 1/4, Zhu Minglang ran into a Celestial, white Jue! 四分之三的概率会遇到聂提,偏偏就是那四分之一,祝明朗遇到了一位天人,白珏! This white Jue, the Zhu Minglang impression is very profound. 这个白珏,祝明朗印象是很深刻的。 He seized picked the sentiment skillfully the merit. 正是他抢占了巧采情的功劳。 Although after Zhu Minglang swallowed bigger rain, afterward island...... 虽说祝明朗后来吞了一个更大的雨后岛…… But since ran into the person of celebrating a holiday, Zhu Minglang happen to calculates this account with him well! 可既然遇到有过节的人了,祝明朗正好跟他把这笔账好好算一算! ...... …… Relies on nine dragons to stand here, you are also a rare talent, just your legend stopped.” white Jue said to Zhu Minglang. “凭借着一只九尾龙能站在这里,你也算是一个奇才,只不过你的传奇到此为止了。”白珏对祝明朗说道。 white Jue has not recognized Zhu Minglang from the start. 白珏压根没认出祝明朗 That entrance door disciple, how he possibly records. 那种外门弟子,他怎么可能会去记着。 The person who Zhu Minglang paid attention to recently truly are also many, these among the contest with white Jue, attracted lots of disciples to wait and see, received the immortal of being in direct line disciple to be long including these, they also appeared in observed seat spot. 祝明朗最近关注的人也确实蛮多的,这一场与白珏之间的较量,更是引来了大量的弟子来观望,包括那些收嫡传弟子的仙长,他们也都出现在了观席处。 The immortal long must choose the disciple from these people after all . Moreover the being in direct line disciple status was equivalent to half heir, either gave as much support as possible, either spent the large sum of money to cultivate, is equal to the last student. 仙长们毕竟是要从这些人里面挑选弟子的,而且嫡传弟子身份相当于半个子嗣了,要么倾囊相授,要么花重金培育,等同于关门弟子。 Each immortal long cared to the contest of present this rank very much, was very afraid to elect mistakenly the disciple, wasted oneself many years of pains cultivations in vain. 每一个仙长对现在这个级别的较量都很在意了,深怕选错了弟子,白白浪费自己多年的苦心栽培。 Zhu Minglang has actually watched this white Jue competition. 祝明朗其实有看过这白珏的比试。 This fellow is truly strong, he has two god Wang Xinglong, cultivated/repaired to also compare nine dragons high first-order. 这家伙确实很强,他拥有两条神王星龙,其中一只修为还比九尾龙高了一阶。 Worthily is the Celestial echelon, this strength then can present in the initial Beidou divine land for the control. 不愧是天人梯队的,就这实力便可以在当初的北斗神州奉为主宰了。 However, the disciple who walks from the south forehead, in the future will also be one of the honored day running gods, will compare wildness of in Juntian , the Beidou divine land was too truly small. 不过,从南天庭中走出来的弟子,将来也是这钧天的掌管神之一,相比于钧天之野,北斗神州确实太小了。 Zhu Minglang also knows, this possibly was last that can win. 祝明朗也知道,这可能是自己能胜的最后一场了。 This is ninth, once wins, is the nine victories in a row. 这是第九场,一旦获胜,就是九连胜。 Now the person of only ten victories in a row is Nie Ti. 如今唯一一个十连胜的人是聂提。 Therefore these won, the person who Zhu Minglang runs certainly into finally certainly is Nie Ti. 所以这一场赢了,祝明朗最后一定遇到的人一定是聂提。 Also wants to maintain a strength, but is hopeless at present, in these of south forehead the disciple strength is quite exaggerating. 原本还想保存一番实力,可眼下是没戏了,南天庭的这些内门弟子实力相当夸张。 Must many to Zhu Minglang one year, pouring to excel all other competitors, at present...... also indifferent, perhaps one year later retrieve Longbao treasure who some only roamed about outside, standing start! 要多给祝明朗一年时间,倒可以技压群雄,眼下……不过也无所谓,没准一年后自己找回了某只在外流浪的龙宝宝,原地起飞! ( Is loaf, today only has one chapter ~ ~) (偷个懒,今天只有一章咯~~)
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