DH :: Volume #14

#1325: Looked at one high?

Her clothes are by the dress material and war helmet splicing , without the dress material naturally to appear some expositions, but palace Yuexia did not care about these sections, even if revealed the thigh, revealed the big half waist, the collar bone had no covering up with the both arms, she had not felt that any illness, instead saw the similarly lit fighting spirit from her eye! 她的衣裳本身就是由衣料与战盔拼接而成,没有了衣料自然会显得有些暴露,不过宫月霞根本不在乎这些小节,哪怕露出了大腿,露出了大半截腰身,锁骨与双臂没有任何的遮掩,她也没有感到任何的不适,反而从她那双眼睛里看到了同样被点燃的斗志! The Yin fire cannot fire the flesh of person, her flesh as before snow white, shelters her key place the war immortal helmet is to make her add for several points with attracting beautifully, the person who surroundings these wait and see has an eyeful. 阴火不会灼烧人的肌肤,她的肌肤依旧雪白至极,庇护住她关键部位的战尊仙盔更是让她平添几分美艳与魅惑,周围那些观望的人可谓大饱眼福。 This stature was also too irritable!” “这身材也太火爆了吧!” Slender is not soft, I like this stature a little being wild young!!” “苗条却不柔软,我就喜欢这种身材有点小野性的!!” „, Palace Sister Yuexia deeply concealed!!” “啧啧,宫月霞师妹深藏不露啊!!” How you are paying attention to palace Yuexia, doesn't have to feel that day transporting child vermilion wave strength also some anomalies?” “你们大家怎么都在关注宫月霞啊,难道没有觉得那个天运之子朱浪实力也有些变态吗?” Right, right, this person is much stronger!” “对哦,对哦,这个人怎么也强得离谱!” Chen Yihui, yellow Xi, Song Hao, picked sentiment and the others also to look at each other in blank dismay skillfully, they read a consensus from the look of opposite party: 陈逸辉、黄昔、宋浩、巧采情等人也是一个个面面相觑,他们都从对方的眼神中读到了一个共识: The young Junior Brother is so unexpectedly strong!!! 小师弟居然这么强!!! Especially Chen Yihui and picks the sentiment skillfully, they enter the southern forehead with Zhu Minglang together, then from entrance door to interior door. 尤其是陈逸辉和巧采情,他们可是与祝明朗一同进入南天庭,然后从外门到内门的。 Although their strengths also mix in the disciple now, but they can actually the clear feeling at this moment with the Zhu Minglang power gap! 虽说他们两个人的实力如今也混到了内门弟子,但他们却可以清晰的感受到此刻与祝明朗的实力差距! Strength that displays by palace Yuexia, in hundred male disciples most probably is not her opponent. 以宫月霞所表现出来的实力,百雄弟子里大半都不是她对手。 Zhu Minglang has not only been defeated, but also hits so distressedly her. 祝明朗不仅没有败下阵来,还将她打得如此狼狈。 That every day lies on the Zhu Minglang shoulder may love little moe fox lovably, acting crazy is also nine god kings of being insufferably arrogant!! 那每天就趴在祝明朗肩膀上的可可爱爱小萌狐,发飙起来也是不可一世的九尾神王啊!! Has wanted to look Zhao Xuangeng who Zhu Minglang disastrous defeat was scared. 一直想要看祝明朗惨败的赵绚更是傻眼了。 This fellow, stronger dragon?? 这家伙,还有更强的龙?? This fellow not by luck?? 这家伙不是靠运气的?? This fellow not only has the day to transport, is above the strength of average man! 这家伙不仅有天运,还有超乎常人的实力! Also made one live, his Zhao Xuan was also the having god-given wisdom rare talent of spica!! 还让不让人活了,他赵绚也是角宿的天纵奇才啊!! ...... …… Zhu Minglang are also very accidental/surprised. 祝明朗自己也特别意外。 This miss, but also very anti- punches! 这姑娘,还挺抗揍的啊! The war helmet that directs the person daydream has so strong asylum effect unexpectedly, was rumbled a chock full matter not to have by the imperial palace fox flame unexpectedly. 那引人遐想的战盔居然有如此强的庇护效果,被九宫狐炎轰了一个满满当当竟一点事都没有。 It seems like this can be a fierce battle! 看来这会是一场恶战了! Zhu Minglang handed over a meaningful glance to nine dragons. 祝明朗给九尾龙递了一个眼色。 Nine dragons understood quickly, therefore also nods. 九尾龙很快就懂了,于是也点了点头。 It wielded oneself tail, that furry nine boundless growth, between the change and swing, will find that these tails just like are the mighty waves are flowing. 它挥动起了自己的尾巴,那毛绒绒的九尾无垠的生长,翻动与摇摆之间,会发现这些尾巴犹如是波涛在流淌。 Palace Yuexia looks dignified, her is completely the fox fabric, shortly after she looked like stands in deity fox the on the tail of meandering, but oneself tiny like insect. 宫月霞神情凝重,她脚下全部都是狐绒,没多久她就像是站在了一只天神狐的迤逦之尾上,而自己渺小如虫。 She knows that this as before is the monster techniques of nine gods, even possibly blended some imaginary techniques! 她知道这依旧是九尾神的妖术,甚至可能参杂了一些幻术! Her sinking calm air/Qi, before no longer resembles, that rash going storm. 她沉心静气,不再像之前那么冒失的去强攻了。 Calm deals with the deceitful techniques of nine gods, palace Yuexia soon found the flaw of this sorcery. 冷静的应对九尾神的狡诈之术,宫月霞很快找到了这种妖法的破绽。 She fled the monster meandering mountain, and fierce shot own star spear/gun toward nine dragons! 她逃离出了尾妖迤逦山,并猛的朝着九尾龙掷出了自己的星枪! Mountains and rivers imprison!!” “山河囚!!” The star spear/gun released a more astonishing strength, shot god spear/gun in falling from the sky on the way of broke up suddenly, such as the meteor fragment same delimited to fall! 星枪释放出了更加惊人的力量,掷出的神枪在陨落的途中忽然崩解,如流星碎片一样划落! These meteor fragments are an ancient spear/gun soul, they when touching the land changed to immortal milestones, but all immortal monument great spears/guns encircle a shackles, was stranded in fully this to the nail nine dragons is in the spear/gun tablet jail forest! 这些流星碎片正是一杆一杆古老的枪魂,它们在触碰到了大地之时化作了一座座不朽的丰碑,而所有的不朽丰碑巨枪更是围成了一个牢笼,将九尾龙给钉困在了这满是枪碑的牢林里! Nine dragons cannot move. 九尾龙动弹不得。 Even if it displayed nine shadow dispersions to escape, the technique of this fearful god spear/gun still blocked the way that all may escape. 即便是它施展出了九影分散逃脱,这可怕的神枪之术也封死了所有可逃的方式。 Between the spear/gun tablets and spear/gun tablets still have the strength of some suppression obviously, can see that shades of the dark green ancient red shackles chains entangled on this giant spear/gun tablet, this strength kept nine dragons from moving again. 枪碑与枪碑之间显然还存在着某种镇压之力,可以看到一道道苍古的红色镣链之影缠在了这巨大的枪碑上,也正是这股力量让九尾龙无法再移动了。 At this time, palace Yuexia fell the ground. 此时,宫月霞落到了地面。 In her hand completely empty. 她手中空空如也。 This threw is her pressure bottom style, if cannot its uniform/subdue, she be also equal to losing. 这一掷是她的压箱底的招式了,如果不能够将其制服,那她也等于是输了。 Was good is suppresses because of these nine dragons! 好在这九尾龙是镇压住了! Incense stick|Fragrant perspiration on wiping the face cheek, palace Yuexia surface toward Zhu Minglang, as before cold Aodao: You owe me a precious silk clothes!” 擦了擦脸颊上的香汗,宫月霞面朝着祝明朗,依旧冷傲道:“你欠我一件名贵的丝衣!” Said, that receiving let.” Zhu Minglang arched said submissively. “好说,那承让了。”祝明朗拱了拱手道。 What does your receiving let??” The palace Yuexia angry say/way, was wins obviously. “你承让什么??”宫月霞恼怒道,明明是自己赢了。 However, the words just spat, palace Yuexia then realized that behind has anything. 但是,话刚吐出去,宫月霞这才意识到身后有什么。 When she must avoid, icy Chong Shoulong her from behind has knocked down late, and gives to press her with the thick claw. 她要躲避时已经晚了,一只冷冰冰的崇兽龙将她从后面扑倒在地,并用厚厚的爪子将她给摁住。 Even the god every, the not possible ratio in the strength to have resulted in the dragon. 即便是神凡者,在力气上也不可能比得过龙。 Palace Yuexia was pressed but actually, could not have moved, moreover her long spear/gun was not in the hand, is more difficult to counter-attack. 宫月霞被摁倒,已经动弹不得了,而且她的长枪还不在手上,更难反击。 The big tongue licked, stuck on the palace Yuexia's cheeks, palace Yuexia closed the eye, she very clear, if this dragon wanted to bite to death itself, oneself were has no way to revolt, moreover it really wants to nip, oneself neck has been spurting the blood. 大大的舌头舔了过来,糊在了宫月霞的脸颊上,宫月霞闭上了眼睛,她很清楚如果这只龙想要咬死自己,自己是根本没法反抗的,而且它真的想咬,自己脖子已经在喷血了。 little Chong, comes back.” Zhu Minglang said. “小崇,回来吧。”祝明朗说道。 Chong Wanglong loosened palace Yuexia, like big stone lion that only lives, returned to the Zhu Minglang side gruffly. 崇亡龙松开了宫月霞,像只活过来的大石狮子,憨憨的回到了祝明朗的身边。 Palace Yuexia drew out the body, wipes off Chong Wanglong the saliva with the hand, that pair of phoenix eye showed for several points to be vexed and ashamed and unwilling! 宫月霞起了身,用手擦掉崇亡龙的口水,那双凤眼透出了几分恼羞与不甘! When you summoned!” Palace Yuexia asked. “你什么时候召唤的!”宫月霞质问道。 When the imaginary tail is continuous, knows you to be fierce, my nine dragons possibly cannot take you, therefore has to summon a helper again.” Zhu Minglang said. “就在幻尾连绵的时候,知道你厉害,我的九尾龙可能拿不下你,所以只好再召个帮手。”祝明朗说道。 You and your fox are equally sly!” Say/Way that palace Yuexia is not convinced. “你和你的狐狸一样狡猾!”宫月霞不服气的道。 Younger sister, I am Dragon Herder, how is you invests obviously to defeat my nine dragons, but the one who neglected you to resist was Dragon Herder.” “妹妹,我是牧龙师,明明是你过于投入在如何战胜我的九尾龙,而忽略了你对抗的是一名牧龙师。” I am not younger than you!” Palace Yuexia nursed hatred to the field, although Zhu Minglang truly said is reasonable, when she could still not be bearing say after the Zhu Minglang side, I remembered you!” “我不比你小!”宫月霞含恨离场了,尽管祝明朗说得确实有道理,她在经过祝明朗身边时仍旧忍不住道,“我记得你了!” That looks at my one eyes high?” Zhu Minglang teased with a smile. “那算不算高看我一眼了?”祝明朗却笑着打趣道。 No!” “没有!” „......” “……” Also very proud tender. 还挺傲娇的。 In the Zhu Minglang heart is thinking, does not know Li Yunzi young girl period time, is also such proud tender lovable...... 祝明朗心中不由在想,也不知道黎云姿少女时期的时候,是不是也会这么傲娇可爱…… ...... …… Fierce, this vermilion wave won unexpectedly, beat such strong person.” “厉害啊,这朱浪居然又胜了,还是击败了这么强的人。” That palace Yuexia feared that is the background is also big, referring to erratically is the clans of other day of wild God.” “那宫月霞怕也是来头不小吧,指不定是其他天野的天帝之族。” vermilion wave somewhat was rather mean, felt that palace Yuexia somewhat loses was a pity.” “朱浪未免还有些卑鄙了一些吧,感觉宫月霞输得有些可惜。” What is despicable, the Dragon Herder dragon gangs up on god every this matter to call despicable!” “什么叫卑鄙,牧龙师的龙群殴神凡者这种事情能叫卑鄙吗!” Yes, the ability has the difference respectively, how made good use of own advantage becomes despicable?” “就是,能力各有不同,善用自己的优势怎么成卑鄙了?” God every can control the thunder and lightning to lead recklessly in a complete mess, but we can only hide in the dragon beast following crazy mouth artillery, where on our Dragon Herder reasons things out??” “神凡者可以肆意掌控雷电帅得一塌糊涂,而我们只能够躲在龙兽后面疯狂嘴炮,我们牧龙师上哪说理去??”
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