DH :: Volume #14

#1324: Imperial palace fox flame

The palace Yuexia general spear/gun do not place in the pliable but hard to break powerful waist, later started to dance in circles, but the star spear/gun in hand was such as together the air/Qi of part of great bear is more common, formed cover of the golden red spear/gun wind, impregnable, endured compared with together mountain crystal. 宫月霞将星枪别在柔韧有力的腰身处,随后开始旋舞了起来,而手中的星枪更是如一道天罡之气一般,形成了一个金红色的枪风之罩,固若金汤,堪比一块山晶。 Keng Keng Keng clang!!!!” “铿铿铿铿!!!!” The lance point and fox blade produced the grating whining noise, the palace Yuexia's magnificent physique caused the surrounding person to praise, several immortals long were conducting an appraisal to palace Yuexia's god every strength, felt her strength absolutely in the Celestial and place. 枪尖与狐刃产生了刺耳的鸣声,宫月霞华丽的身姿引得周围的人啧啧称赞,已经有几位仙长更是对着宫月霞的神凡之力进行了一番评价,觉得她的实力绝对是在天人与地者之中的。 In the south forehead also the has god every immortal is naturally long, the strength that here all rivers run into sea, palace Yuexia erupts makes her instantaneously the focus, some were only the way here blue sky island cultivators also stopped, in tall building distant is waiting and seeing. 南天庭中自然也有神凡者仙长,此处可谓海纳百川,宫月霞爆发出的实力让她瞬间成为了焦点,就连一些只是途径此处的碧落岛修行者们也都停了下来,在高楼上远远的观望着。 Nine dragons are attempting the cover of waving breaks palace Yuexia, but did not say no wound to this palace Yuexia, even own claw was almost damaged sharp. 九尾龙尝试着破掉宫月霞的舞动之罩,但没有伤到这宫月霞不说,甚至自己的爪尖都差点被损坏了。 But palace Yuexia when seeing nine god attacks has the stagnation slightly, suddenly changed the spearplay, both hands are gripping tightly the Star God spear/gun unexpectedly fiercely one selects moon/month toward the front!! 而宫月霞在看到九尾神攻击稍有停滞时,忽然改变了枪术,竟双手紧握着星神枪猛的朝着前方一挑月式!! This selects the strength to be extremely powerful, the surrounding air current presented fierce revolving, but on palace Yuexia that is twining the gas hood changed into a terrifying mosasaurus volume, toward nine dragon Meng assault!! 这一挑力量极其强大,周围的气流出现了剧烈的旋转,而宫月霞身上那缠绕着的气罩更是化为了一股恐怖的沧龙卷,朝着九尾龙猛的袭去!! The mosasaurus volume action speed that this spear/gun picks up is fast, swift and violent is at the position that to blow from nine dragons . Moreover the powerful force, has the strength of absorption. 这枪挑出的沧龙卷行动速度非常快,迅猛的从九尾龙所在的位置刮过,而且威力强大,更具备吸附之力。 Nine dragons withdraw without enough time, by this mosasaurus volume entangling, the body is one after another was thrown into higher in the air. 九尾龙来不及退避,被这沧龙卷给缠了进去,身体更是一圈一圈的被抛到更高的空中。 Also at this time, palace Yuexia both eyes swift and fierce sweeps, her body was very pliable but hard to break, just like a long bow to bend backward, but the star spear/gun in her hand was similar to builds a sharp arrow on her! 也就是在这时,宫月霞双目凌厉的一扫,她身体无比柔韧,犹如一张长弓般向后弯了下去,而她手中的星枪就如同是搭在她身上的一根锐箭! Broken of Li Shu!” “黎曙之破!” A spear/gun punctures to the day, although the long spear/gun to the hand, the entire root long spear/gun has not actually seemed like a bright red roaring flame god arrow oblique cutting to enter in the sky, the goal was naturally curled the nine dragons of high place! 一枪向天刺出,长枪虽未离手,整根长枪却像是一根鲜红的烈焰神箭斜插入到了天空中,目标自然就是被卷到了高处的九尾龙! Nine dragons lose the balance in the midair, was good extracted a tail because of it finally, and tied down the Black Tortoise copper column of not far away with this tail, this was worked loose this powerful mosasaurus volume by oneself slightly, but just the mosasaurus volume, a roaring flame god spear/gun shot from the ground, the potential of that air-splitting cracking day was fearful!! 九尾龙在半空中失去平衡,好在它终于抽出了一条尾巴,并且用这尾巴缠住了不远处的玄武铜柱,这才让自己稍稍挣脱出了这强大的沧龙卷,可刚刚沧龙卷,一杆烈焰神枪从地面上射来,那破空裂天之势更是可怕!! Luckily in white Qilin teaches especially, nine dragons mastered some avoidance critical skills, it is relying on the strengths of nine tails such as a giant hand tight entangled to grip the Black Tortoise copper column, then ruthlessly threw in another direction! 幸好在白麟的特训下,九尾龙掌握了一些躲避要害的技巧,它凭借着九条尾巴的力量如一只巨大的手紧紧的缠握住了玄武铜柱,然后狠狠的将自己朝着另外一个方向抛了出去! „!!!!” “唰!!!!” Wipes the bloodstain from the sky to split open, on nine dragons presented a long scar. 一抹血迹在空中绽开,九尾龙身上出现了一道长长的伤痕。 It avoided, but was also injured. 它躲开了,但也受伤了。 Such attack, if stabbing important spot, basically is not possible to live! 那样的攻击,若是刺中重要部位,基本上是不可能活的! Nine dragons came under attack recently also suffer to be used to it, it is not fragile like before, this point injury to it is not anything. 九尾龙最近挨打也挨习惯了,它已经不像之前那么娇气,这一点伤势对它来说并不算什么。 Returned the ground, in nine dragon that eyes has been full of the fighting spirit, the flame of Yin fox its scenery black hair and whole body stimulated danced in the air together, nine monster flame monster qi were such as an ice-cold undercurrent are turning with nine well up. 重新回到了地面,九尾龙那双眼睛里已经充满了斗志,它那山水墨色的毛发与全身激发出来的阴狐之焰共同飞舞了起来,九尾妖焰与九尾妖气更是如一场冰冷的暗潮在翻涌。 Uses own advantage.” How the Zhu Minglang explicit direction nine dragons should not fight, what way but told nine dragons to adopt. “利用好自己的优势。”祝明朗没有明确的指挥九尾龙该怎么去战斗,而是告诉九尾龙该采取什么样的方式。 Nine dragon and palace Yuexia maintained certain distance. 九尾龙与宫月霞保持了一定的距离。 Wū wū!!!!!” “呜呜呜!!!!!” Long cried, the nine god fox-fires of flew upwards, and presented three way of circling the link flew to palace Yuexia. 一声长啼,九尾神身上的狐火飞扬了起来,并呈现三道绕环的方式飞向了宫月霞。 The palace Yuexia shadow has the spear/gun extremely, tries striking the powder with the supernatural power of long spear/gun these three types of different luster Yin fires unexpectedly, what a pity palace Yuexia underestimated the strength of this type of fox Yin fire. 宫月霞极影出枪,竟试图用长枪的神力将这三种不同色泽的阴火给击散,可惜宫月霞低估了这种狐阴火的力量。 The fire, Yin deep pool fire and the azure quiet burning sun dead incantation looked like the resin oil to sprinkle in the land, they will not only not be given to suppress by the strong strength, held to be similar to the boost of strong winds to be the same in in addition of other energies, making them burn down more and more prosperously. 死咒之火、阴潭之火与青幽毒火就像是树脂油泼在了大地上,它们不仅不会被强劲的力量给扑灭,在其他能量的加持下就如同狂风的助力一般,让它们焚烧得越来越旺。 Palace Yuexia immediately by three types of Yin fires to surrounding, the region that she can move becomes very limited. 宫月霞立刻被三种阴火给包围,她所能够活动的区域变得非常有限。 Palace Yuexia starts to tread spatially, she can fly high to fly unexpectedly to flash, the consecutively four flying shades make one even somewhat unable to see clearly her form. 宫月霞开始踏空,她竟然可以凌空飞闪,连续四段的飞影让人甚至有些看不清她的身影。 The Yin fires of nine dragons same can ignite in the air, therefore on nine dragons stimulated the fox-fire again, and arranged a quite crowded fire Yin net, again palace Yuexia surrounding! 九尾龙的阴火一样可以在空气中引燃,所以九尾龙身上再次激发出了狐火,并布置出了一张相当密集的火阴网,再一次将宫月霞给困住! The Yin fire is piercing, palace Yuexia has tasted this ache taste. 阴火刺骨,宫月霞已经品尝到了这种疼痛的滋味。 She seemed compelled somewhat anxiously, did not attend to front flaming fire diving toward nine dragons unexpectedly! 她似乎被逼得有些焦急了,竟不顾面前的熊熊之火朝着九尾龙俯冲了过来! Flows cloud drop!!” The long spear/gun before, palace Yuexia, produced naked eye objective air waves because of her dive strength, later was such as a day hot meteor same numerous bang approached nine dragons! “流云落!!”长枪在前,宫月霞在后,因为她的俯冲力量而产生了一道道肉眼客观的气浪,随后更是如一颗天火陨星一样重重的轰向了九尾龙! But nine dragons do not resist with it directly, are relying on oneself nine shadow sorceries, it spread out with palace Yuexia again. 但九尾龙并不与之正面对抗,凭借着自己的九影妖法,它再一次与宫月霞拉开了一段距离。 Palace Yuexia passes through massive Yin hot storms, in the end nine fox flashed far, this made her suffer Yin fire piercing suffering again, the brow screwed tight 宫月霞可是穿过大量的阴火强攻的,到头来九尾狐又闪远了,这让她再次遭受到了一次阴火刺骨的折磨,眉头都拧紧了 Palace Yuexia is angry, she adopted attacked hardly! 宫月霞愤怒,她采取了硬攻! Unceasing personal, unceasing near body preying, unceasing ties down nine dragons. 不断的贴身,不断的近身搏杀,不断的缠住九尾龙。 Nine dragon movements are strange and strange, and its nine tails are seemingly soft flexibly, at crucial moment same can act as the weapon and palace Yuexia's long spear/gun spells hardly. 九尾龙身法离奇而古怪,并且它的九条尾巴看似柔软灵活,关键时候一样可以充当兵器与宫月霞的长枪硬拼。 Finally, palace Yuexia cuts the wind to sweep, dividing to fly nine dragons, squeezed a faint trace smile on the palace Yuexia cheeks reluctantly, actually discovered that was divided nine dragons that flies the same as dissipate like the smoke cloud by oneself unexpectedly! 终于,宫月霞一记斩风扫,将九尾龙给劈飞了出去,在宫月霞脸颊上勉强挤出了一丝丝笑容时,却发现被自己劈飞的九尾龙居然如烟云一样消散了! That is together the phantom, is full of the law of fraudulent monster god! 那是一道魅影,充满欺诈性的妖神之法! Palace Yuexia realized oneself were deceived, her subconscious lowering the head looked at one, actually discovered in the land that oneself stand appeared suddenly Lo Shu Square, the under land probably light paper of that Lo Shu Square place, could not have covered the Yin hot magma that will soon spew out suddenly!! 宫月霞意识到自己被欺骗了,她下意识的低头看了一眼,却发现自己所站的这块大地上忽然浮现出了九宫图,那九宫图处的大地忽然间像是薄薄的一张纸,已经盖不住下方即将喷涌而出的阴火岩浆!! „!!!!!” “呜!!!!!” Stands beyond incantation, nine dragons raised head to Tianchang recited one. 站在图咒外,九尾龙仰头对天长吟了一声。 Rumbling rumbling rumbling!!!!!” “轰轰轰轰轰轰轰轰轰!!!!!” Lo Shu Square has nine flying inflammations simultaneously, spout toward the sky , the bright red day pavilion that fox inflammations broad grand such as rise straight from the ground, shines incomparably brilliantly blue sky island god this hundred clan street views!! 九宫图同时出现九道飞炎,朝着天空中喷涌,那一道道狐炎恢弘壮丽如拔地而起的朱红天阁,将碧落岛神都这一片百族街景照耀得无比绚烂!! People praised to the heavens, and lifted the head, looks at the palace Yuexia whole person to leaping by this energy. 人们纷纷叹为观止,并抬起了头,看着宫月霞整个人被这股能量冲跃了起来。 She nearly lies low in the imperial palace flame, was rumbled most apex, finally with disappearance of imperial palace flame, but dropped layer on layer/heavily. 她近乎平躺在九宫炎中,被轰到了最顶点,最后又随着九宫炎的消失而重重的跌落了下来。 Her dress material was burnt entirely completely. 她身上的衣料统统被焚尽了。 But her war immortal helmet actually protected her, making her be insufficient to carry the severe wound. 但她身上的战尊仙盔却护住了她,让她不至于身负重伤。
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