DH :: Volume #14

#1327: The toy of small gluttony

I, does not want to waste the too much time with you, had a matter you possibly to forget......” Zhu Minglang said. “我呢,也不想与你浪费太多时间,有件事你可能忘记了……”祝明朗说道。 Spoke these words, Zhu Minglang was opening Spirit Domain. 说着这番话,祝明朗打开了灵域 In everyone thinks when Zhu Minglang will summon nine god kings, walks from inside is a whole body is actually covered by the muscle of dark green copper, is flooding share of air/Qi of say/way revering immortal dragon to come from top to bottom. 就在所有人都认为祝明朗会召唤出九尾神王时,从里面走出来的却是一头全身被苍铜之肌覆盖,浑身上下充斥着一股道尊之气的仙龙来。 The gluttony lunar eclipse dragon shook the head, appearance that just awoke. 饕餮月食龙晃了晃脑袋,一副刚刚睡醒的样子。 Its special flaminging eyeball shot a look at this time opponent, two star dragon Shenwang, had a big yawn later! 它特殊的炽睛瞥了一眼此次的对手,两位星龙神王,随后打了一个大大的哈欠! Gluttony Ancestral Dragon??” “饕餮祖龙??” Roar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ gluttony lunar eclipse dragon toward white Jueao a throat, told him with an energetic language, calls the dragon that you can hit. “呜吼~~~~~”饕餮月食龙朝着白珏嗷了一嗓子,用一种精神语言告诉他,把你能打的龙都一口气唤出来。 This gluttony, must hit over ten!! 本饕餮,要打十个以上!! The white two pieces of jade put together can the clear feeling the provocation from small gluttony, same his two star dragon Shenwang also be stand ignited the anger. 白珏能够清晰的感受到来自小饕餮的挑衅,同样的他的那两条星龙神王也是立燃起了怒火。 Two Star God Dragon King one on the left and other on the right, approach toward the small gluttony simultaneously, what they adopt is a winding lethal way, was similar to is a terrifying ancient times big python, once after the long body restrained the strategic point of prey, is unable to move, finally living strangling to death. 星神龙王一左一右,同时朝着小饕餮靠近,它们采取的是一种缠绕致死的方式,就如同是一条恐怖的远古大蟒,一旦长长的身躯勒住了猎物的要害之后就根本无法动弹,最后会被活生生的给勒死。 These two star dragon Shenwang coordinate flawlessly, Zhu Minglang even has to notice an abdominal scale department head of Star God Dragon King a careful fabric thorn, this type of fabric is puncturing slightly cannot check, so long as with a it contact, that fabric will puncture will dig to the flesh of prey, and will produce the extremely strong results paralysis! 偏偏这两条星龙神王配合得可谓天衣无缝,祝明朗甚至有留意到其中一条星神龙王的腹鳞处长着一种细细的绒刺,这种绒刺微不可查,但只要与之一接触,那绒刺就会扎入到猎物的肌肤中,并产生极强的麻痹效果! First part paralysis, then to whole body, in other words small gluttony, so long as were approached by these two star dragon Shenwang will face the danger, they planned that uses primitively is also the most effective preying on way overpowers the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon. 先麻痹局部,再到全身,也就是说小饕餮只要被这两只星龙神王靠近了就会面临危险,它们打算使用最原始也是最有效的捕食方式来制服饕餮月食龙。 A gluttony lunar eclipse dragon as before not sparing a glance appearance, in two god king dragon must twine fatally, the small gluttony lifted the foreleg, toward land in optional such a steps on! 饕餮月食龙依旧一副不屑一顾的样子,就在两只神王龙要致命缠绕时,小饕餮抬起了前肢,往大地上随意的那么一踩! „!!!!!” “嘣!!!!!” thunder Huoru a great lotus is in full bloom, formed intense thunder irritable breaths around the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon, flew to the town/subdues two Star God Dragon King instantaneously. 雷火如一朵巨莲般怒放开,在饕餮月食龙周围形成了一道道强烈的雷火爆息,瞬间将两只星神龙王给镇飞了出去。 When both fellows fly, the small gluttony form flashes, caught up with that to have the dark green star poisonous dragon that the abdomen punctured unexpectedly, later came a move of spin body donkey to kick, that heavy/thick two copper kicked to trample in the abdomen of dark green star poisonous dragon, nearly its abdomen kicking flatly! 在两个家伙都后飞之时,小饕餮身影一闪,竟追上了那有腹刺的苍星毒龙,随后来了一招旋身驴踢,那厚重的两只铜踢踹在了苍星毒龙的腹部,险些将它的腹给踢扁了! A big blood spat, dark green star poisonous dragon Meng lift-off, gluttony lunar eclipse dragon the kicks the angle is also cunning, looks like that chromosphere before lion dance...... 一大口鲜血吐了出来,苍星毒龙猛的升空,饕餮月食龙的这一踢角度也非常刁钻,就像是舞狮子前的那个彩球…… Sure enough, has not waited for the dark green star poisonous dragon to crash, the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon flies high, using the tripod dragon corner/horn of military might to come a flying in circles dragon again at the most! 果不其然,未等苍星毒龙坠落下来,饕餮月食龙凌空而起,用自己威武的三鼎龙角再来了一个翔龙顶天! As before is the abdomen! 依旧是腹部! The dragon grain that the dark green star poisonous dragon eats must vomit completely. 苍星毒龙才吃的龙粮都要全部呕了出来。 Poisonous star, are you doing, hit back!” white Jue sees own dragon unexpectedly by the opposite party, when the rubber ball kicks, extremely doubts and puzzled exclaiming. “毒星,你在干什么,还手啊!”白珏看到自己的龙居然被对方当皮球踢,万分疑惑和不解的吼道。 At this time, another grey fabric star dragon slow the god has come, saw that own companion was punched, quickly toward in the air put out a star to extinguish dragon breath! 这时,另外一只灰绒星龙缓过神来,看到自己的同伴被揍,急急忙忙朝着空中吐出了一道星灭龙息! This dragon breath looks like light of one bunch of stars, has extremely strong penetrating power, the speed is fast, but the range is not big. 这龙息就像是一束星辰之光,具有极强的穿透力,速度快,但范围不算大。 The grey fabric star dragon can emit continuously 20 such destruction light breaths, if makes it all put out, the god king will also make into the flesh lump. 灰绒星龙可以连续喷吐二十道这样的毁灭光息,若是让它全吐出,神王也会被打成肉块。 The gluttony lunar eclipse dragon still from the sky catches a ball, after it uses the dragon angular point to end, pats with own tail, in brief hits that dark green star poisonous dragon radically unable to be well-grounded. 饕餮月食龙还在空中接球,它用龙角顶完之后又用自己的尾巴来拍,总之打得那苍星毒龙根本无法着地。 The gluttony lunar eclipse dragon so beat savagely the picture of dark green star poisonous dragon to make people stunned very much, what is more shocking is the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon in in the air relaxed is hiding from fatal dragon Guangxi who shoots from, while continues to fly high to meet the dragon, does not know many back and forth...... 原本饕餮月食龙如此暴打苍星毒龙的画面就已经很令人愕然了,更震惊的是饕餮月食龙在空中一边轻松的躲着从下方射来的致命龙光息,一边继续凌空接龙,已经不知多少个来回了…… The gluttony lunar eclipse dragon looks like a hot tempered urchin completely, other little friend, when the ball kicks, the footwork is very specialized, does not have a wee bit mistakes, plays delighted. 饕餮月食龙完全就像是一个暴躁的野孩子,将别的小朋友当球来踢,偏偏脚法还很专业,没有丁点失误,玩得不亦乐乎。 As for was treated as the dark green star poisonous dragon that the lion dance chromosphere plays after lifts off time and time again, has used the mind reading dialog two pieces of jade put together to send out the entreaty. 至于被当做舞狮彩球玩的苍星毒龙在一次又一次升空后,已经用心灵感应对白珏发出哀求了。 Can not let the following that fellow spit the dragon breath, takes me one dead? 能别让下面那家伙吐龙息了吗,上来接我一下会死吗? The white two pieces of jade put together complexion is ugly, he felt that oneself was shamed. 白珏脸色难看至极,他感觉到自己被羞辱了。 He lets the grey fabric star dragon also flying, is good to prevent gluttony lunar eclipse dragon that adept top chromosphere trick. 他让灰绒星龙也飞天,好阻止饕餮月食龙那娴熟的顶彩球戏法。 The grey fabric star dragon good and evil is also the god king, under interfered with the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon unable to play directly again. 灰绒星龙好歹也是神王,正面干涉下饕餮月食龙也无法再玩耍下去了。 Helpless, the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon has to return to the ground. 无奈,饕餮月食龙只好回到了地面上。 Finally the dark green star poisonous dragon can be no longer bumpy, it looked at a scale of underbelly, broke to pieces completely did not say, the entire full and martial-looking dragon body was flat likely the strip hunger for a long time wilderness python, the power and prestige of soulless king. 终于苍星毒龙可以不再颠簸了,它看了一眼自己腹下的鳞,全部都碎了不说,整条饱满而英武的龙躯扁得像条饥饿已久的荒野蟒蛇,毫无神王的威风。 It spat the gentian bile crazily, later spat the trashes in some internal organs...... 它狂吐了龙胆胆汁,随后又吐了一些内脏里的破碎物…… Obviously the dark green star poisonous dragon injures also heavily. 显然苍星毒龙伤得也不轻。 Gluttony lunar eclipse dragon that eye is staring at the grey fabric Star God dragon, having several points to harbor evil intentions. 饕餮月食龙那双眼睛盯着灰绒星神龙,带着几分不怀好意。 It seemed like saying to grey fabric Star God dragon, was one's turn you! 它就好像是在对灰绒星神龙说,轮到你了! Sure enough, the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon displayed the speed of wind spreading battery, when that charged into the hunter seemed like storm thunderstorms to raid suddenly, the momentum was enormous and powerful. 果不其然,饕餮月食龙施展出了风驰电池的速度,那冲向猎人之时就好像是一场风暴雷雨豁然袭来,声势浩荡。 The dark green star poisonous dragon was frightened, subconscious in the future will shrink. 苍星毒龙被吓到了,下意识的往后缩。 But the small gluttony avoided turning river Daowei of grey fabric star dragon agilely, later unexpectedly a tail that bit the grey fabric star dragon! 而小饕餮敏捷的躲开了灰绒星龙的翻江蹈尾,随后居然一口咬住了灰绒星龙的尾巴! The grey fabric star dragon could not work loose, when will display the magical powers repelled the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon, suddenly it felt that oneself was flung fiercely!! 灰绒星龙挣脱不了,正要施展神通来击退饕餮月食龙时,忽然它感觉自己被猛的甩了起来!! !” “呼!” Whistling!!” “呼呼!!” whistling!!!!!!” “呼呼呼!!!!!!” The small gluttony transferred same place, and treats as a leaf of air vane to play the grey fabric star dragon. 小饕餮原地转了起来,并把灰绒星龙当做一扇风车叶来玩。 The small gluttony revolutions is quicker, the grey fabric star dragon body more flings is straighter, the quick joint was flung the sound of dislocation to pass on. 小饕餮越转越快,灰绒星龙身体越甩越直,很快骨关节被甩脱臼的声音都传了出来。 white Jue looked is dumbfounded! 白珏看得都傻眼了! How did oneself two dragons...... become the toy on others hand?? 自己的两条龙……怎么成为别人手上的玩具了?? They are so usually weak! 它们平时有这么弱吗! The opposite party are also god king Xiuwei!! 对方也不过是神王修为啊!! Breaks through quickly, breaks through quickly!!” white Jue to dark green star poisonous dragon say/way. “快解围,快解围!!”白珏对苍星毒龙道。 The dark green star poisonous dragon raises the head immediately, and summoned a piece of magnificent meteor meteorite, its whole body exuded the incomparably radiant star light. 苍星毒龙立刻扬起了头颅,并召唤出了一片华丽的流星陨石,它全身都泛起了无比璀璨的星光。 But still in the process of summon, the small gluttony saw through its intention, when it grey fabric star dragon cast off to this one side, suddenly loosened the mouth, later the grey fabric star dragon looks like a flying arrow of off-line, goes toward dark green star poisonous dragon to launch who summoned!! 可还在召唤的过程中,小饕餮就识破了它的意图,当它将灰绒星龙甩到这一侧时,忽然松开了嘴,随后灰绒星龙就像是一根离线的飞箭,朝着施法召唤的苍星毒龙射去!! Two dragon collisions ruthlessly in one, then entangled in one, flew together, hit seven faint eight elements. 两条龙狠狠的撞在了一起,然后缠在了一起,一同飞了出去,撞的七晕八素。 The entire process looked like two stupid python essences to meet the Saint beast in the open country, was hit by the Saint beast does not have the strength to hit back! 整个过程就像是两条愚笨的蟒精在野外遇到了圣兽,被圣兽打得毫无还手之力! This scene long gave to be startled the numerous immortals! 这场面把众仙长都给惊到了! More than 20 immortals long do not even know how should make the appraisal to those images and scenes, they somewhat inconceivable looks at Zhu Minglang, looked at the gluttony lunar eclipse dragon...... 二十位多位仙长甚至不知道该如何对此情此景做评价,他们有些不可思议的看着祝明朗,又看了眼饕餮月食龙……
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