DEMG :: Volume #18

#1780: spiritual arteries

Chapter 1775 第1775章 spiritual arteries 灵脉 Chapter 1790 spiritual arteries 第1790章灵脉 „Does here have the treasure?” “这里有宝贝?” Paul one looks toward all around, shrugs saying: Boss of respect, around this except for primitive jungle, only then that already abandoned bare mine...... em/hiccup!” 保罗向着四周一望,耸了耸肩说道:“尊敬的老板,这周围除了原始密林,就只有那个已经被废弃的光秃秃的矿山了……!” In his brain the miraculous glow flashes, suddenly has thought of anything, points at not far away that bare mine saying: Your meaning is, mine that abandoning?” 他脑中灵光一闪,突然想到了什么,指着不远处那座光秃秃的矿山说道:“您的意思是,那座废弃的矿山?” Good.” “不错。” Ling Yun smiled, pats the shoulder of Paul, satisfaction said: You do not have so to be in vain long with me finally.” 凌云笑眯眯,拍了拍保罗的肩膀,满意说道:“你总算没有白跟我这么久。” Position that Ghost Poison Sect is, is the northeastern part of Burmese country's, here from Yunnan Burma border line, already less than 200 kilometers. 鬼毒宗所在的位置,是缅国的东北部,这里距离滇缅边境线,已经不足200公里了。 But north the Burmese country, is rich in various types of emerald jades, this is the renown matter. 而缅国北部,盛产各种翡翠玉石,这是举世皆知的事情。 Ling Yun exterminates Ghost Poison Sect time, because nearby Ghost Poison Sect Main Altar is covering infinite Yin Energy and malevolent aura, these Yin Energy are extremely thick, almost entirely has camouflaged other world spiritual energy, Ling Yun that harms has nearly neglected this point. 凌云剿灭鬼毒宗的时候,由于鬼毒宗总坛附近笼罩着无穷的阴气煞气,这些阴煞之气太过浓厚,几乎完全遮蔽了其他的天地灵气,害的凌云差点儿忽略了这一点。 But who lets his physique and Cultivation Technique heaven-defying? After he refining up these everything in disorder Yin Energy complete extinctions, a Ghost Poison Sect surroundings world pure brightness, he felt to have massive jade spiritual energy to continue immediately to float from north side, Ling Yun routine swept with Spiritual Thought, immediately had found the origin of spiritual energy. 可谁让他体质功法逆天呢?当他将那些乱七八糟阴煞之气全部吸光炼化之后,鬼毒宗周围天地一片清明,他立即就感受到了有大量的玉石灵气从北边方向持续飘来,凌云习惯性的用神念一扫,立即找到了灵气的来源。 North side that bare mine hundred li (0.5 km) away. 正是北边百里之外的那座光秃秃的矿山。 However such matter, Ling Yun where will also tell Kun Lunwei, therefore sent back him directly, brought own Blood Clan servant Paul. 但是这样的事情,凌云又哪里会告诉坤伦威,所以直接将他送了回去,把自己血族奴仆保罗带了过来。 Our goals, may incessantly be that small mine, but is......” “不过我们的目标,可不止是那一座小小的矿山,而是……” The Ling Yun vision flashes, is confident, he no longer talks too much, but soars directly: We walk!” 凌云目光闪动,信心十足,他不再多言,而是直接腾空而起:“我们走!” Shua! 刷! After a half minute, Ling Yun and Paul arrived at this to abandon in the mine, felt that surrounding spiritual energy, was richer than a moment ago immediately much. 半分钟后,凌云保罗来到了这座废弃矿山之中,感觉到周围的灵气,比刚才立即浓郁了不少。 Comes with me!” “跟我来!” Bang! 轰! Ling Yun lets loose Spiritual Consciousness, has covered the entire mine directly, judges the in the mine spiritual energy richest place carefully, then the latched position, one step takes, but twinkling. 凌云放开神识,直接笼罩了整座矿山,仔细判断矿山里灵气最为浓郁的地方,然后锁定位置,一步迈出,瞬息而至。 Was here!” “就是这里了!” After falling to the ground, Ling Yun stimulates to movement Yin-Yang Energy Secret Art, revolution Yin-Yang Divine Eyes, around towards carelessly the rock of stack, the rapid glance, simultaneously lifts the hand, flies high empty absorbs! 落地之后,凌云催动一气阴阳诀,运转阴阳神眼,对着四周胡乱堆砌的山石,迅速扫视,同时抬手,凌空虚摄! Receives!” “收!” Present Ling Yun, has reached the Qi Practicing 8-layer peak, magical powers big accomplishment, already was not initially in the jade shop of jade prince stared big eye choice spirit stone one after another. 现在的凌云,达到了练气八层巅峰,神通大成,早已不是当初在玉王爷的玉石店里瞪大眼睛一块一块的挑选灵石的时候了。 Present he, tyrannical Spiritual Consciousness, is more and more formidable Yin-Yang Divine Eyes, or is the clairvoyant, can completely understand with ease the stone the interior, can in the innumerable stones, pick up the genuine emerald jade directly. 现在的他,无论是强横的神识,还是越来越强大的阴阳神眼,或者是天眼通,都可以轻松看透石头的内部,能够在无数的石头之中,直接就挑出真正的翡翠玉石。 Moreover is the eye, hand. 而且是眼到,手到。 Naturally, as a result of the relations of Yin-Yang Energy Secret Art, to Ling Yun, his Yin-Yang Divine Eyes is most formidable, is he most feels relieved. 当然,由于一气阴阳诀的关系,对凌云来说,他的阴阳神眼才是最强大的,也是他最放心的。 Crash-bang...... 哗啦啦啦…… Whiz whiz whiz whiz whiz...... 嗖嗖嗖嗖嗖…… Under the Spiritual Thought stimulation of movement, emerald raw stone that various sizes vary, flew toward him from Ling Yun, even many stones, from abandoning in the stone pile drill comes out, around the Ling Yun body, piled up a rocky mountain quickly. 神念催动之下,各种大小不一的翡翠原石,从凌云四周向着他飞了过来,甚至有许多石头,是从废弃的石头堆里“钻”出来的,很快在凌云身体四周,堆积成了一座石山。 Was similar.” “差不多了。” After several minutes, Ling Yun stopped, took a look at an under foot, selects together the football size casually, the shape anomalous gray stone, making it soar, float at present, then uses the thought that offered a sacrifice to Azure Shadow Flying Sword cutting. 几分钟后,凌云停了下来,瞅了一眼脚下,随便选中一块足球大小,形状不规则的灰色石头,令它腾空而起,悬浮眼前,然后动用意念,祭出青影飞剑一阵切割。 stone skin falls in abundance, has shown the green fluorescence quickly, rays of light is getting more and more abundant, when Ling Yun cuts completely, a bulk emerald has revealed its appearance/portrait finally. 石皮纷纷掉落,很快透出了绿色的荧光,光芒越来越盛,等到凌云完全切完,一大块翡翠终于露出了它的真容。 This best quality Laokeng glass plants the emerald together, passes all over the body green, the quality of material does not have the slight defect exquisitely purely, the color is pure, rich even, is high-grade in emerald. 这是一块极品的老坑玻璃种翡翠,通体透绿,质地细腻纯净没有瑕疵,颜色纯正明亮,浓郁均匀,已经是翡翠中的上品 Hehe...... Had these jadeites, from now on the jade prince and Song Zhengyang they, did not need to be worried to be out of stock.” “嘿嘿……有了这些翡翠,今后玉王爷和宋正阳他们,就再也不用担心断货了。” Ling Yun talked to oneself with a smile, then grasps at fingertips, receives Universe Ring this emerald, the thought moves, of under foot rocky mountain, in total revenue pouch. 凌云笑着自语,然后信手一抓,将这块翡翠收入太虚戒指,紧接着意念一动,将脚下的那座“石山”,全部收入囊中。 These many emerald raw stone, are certainly impossible to open completely is high-grade or best quality, but has big using to Ling Yun, at least, manufactures these to be used to put Medicine Pill or spirit liquid bottles of cans of again, he does not need to waste the own Monarch Emerald emerald. 这么多的翡翠原石,当然不可能开出来全部都是上品或者极品,但对凌云来说却有着大用,至少以后再制作那些用来盛放丹药或者灵液的瓶瓶罐罐,他就不需要浪费自己帝王绿翡翠了。 Otherwise, every time sends out time Medicine Pill, must make contact with a Monarch Emerald jade bottle, the Ling Yun family property is big, loves dearly! 不然的话,每送出一次丹药,就要搭上一个帝王绿的玉瓶,凌云就算家业再大,也心疼啊! Boss of respect, you make a masterly opening move, has harvested all of a sudden these many emerald jades.” “尊敬的老板,您真的是出手不凡,一下子就收获了这么多翡翠玉石。” Paul stands in the one side, looks with great interest, cannot bear say: Does not know really that has discarded these raw stone miners, after seeing this, how to think.” 保罗站在一旁,看的津津有味,忍不住说道:“只是真不知道,那个丢弃了这些原石的矿主,看到了这一幕之后,会怎么想。” How he wants to be useless!” “他怎么想都没用!” Ling Yun glanced his one eyes with a smile, said the truth of matter: Here is away from Ghost Poison Sect Main Altar, was really too near, happen to was in the Ghost Poison Sect these Spirit Cultivator spheres of action, he should suffer frightening, but, has to give up this mine, therefore we can pick up a bargain.” 凌云笑着瞟了他一眼,说出了事情的真相:“这儿距离鬼毒宗总坛,实在是太近了,正好处于鬼毒宗那些灵修者的活动范围之内,他应该是遭受了惊吓,无奈之下,才不得不放弃了这座矿山,所以咱们才能捡了便宜。” So that's how it is.” “原来如此。” Paul one hear, immediately suddenly realize: We now?” 保罗一听,顿时恍然大悟:“那我们现在?” Ling Yun laughs: Naturally is continues!” 凌云哈哈大笑:“当然是继续啊!” He lifts hand forward one finger/refers: Saw that the front that mine tunnel does not have, the true treasure, in inside, comes with me!” 他抬手向前一指:“看到前面那个矿洞没有,真正的宝贝,就在里边,跟我来!” The mine tunnel entrance is enormous, looks from afar looks like a tunnel access, black, but this is dark, to Ling Yun and Paul, does not distinguish with the daytime. 矿洞入口极大,远远望去就像是一个隧道入口,黑黢黢的,但这点儿黑暗,对凌云保罗来说,跟白天毫无区别。 The two people moving quickly has crashed in the mine tunnel, after leading the way 300 meters, the mine tunnel starts to incline, extends to the tread , after 200 meters, all stop suddenly. 两人飞身冲进了矿洞,前行300米之后,矿洞开始倾斜,向着地面之下延伸,又过200米之后,一切戛然而止。 Really is good emerald mineral lode!” “真是好一条翡翠矿脉!” Ling Yun revolution eyesight, seeing through / X-ray front dike, even if away from the thick stone wall, he can also see the dike, everywhere is green light sparkling, cannot help but joyfully acclaimed. 凌云运转目力,透视前方岩壁,哪怕是隔着厚厚的石壁,他也能看到岩壁内部,到处都是绿光莹莹,不由得欣喜赞叹。 Shua! 刷! Azure Shadow Flying Sword offers a sacrifice, will not be forward actually will be in the future, in two people behind hundred meters place, towards mine tunnel all around fast cutting! 青影飞剑祭出,不是向前却是往后,在两人身后百米处,对着矿洞四周一阵快速切割! Bang rumble...... 轰隆隆隆…… Top the mine tunnel, a giant rock was truncated, pounds to fall, exactly stops up the entire mine tunnel solid, airtight. 矿洞顶部,一块巨大的岩石被削断了,砸落下来,恰好将整个矿洞堵的严严实实,密不透风。 Haha, Paul, now, here entire mineral lode, was our.” “哈哈,保罗,现在,这里的整条矿脉,都是我们的了。” Congratulates the boss.” “恭喜老板。” The escape route broke, but Paul was actually not worried, because before midnight time, he intercepted Dragon Veins with Ling Yun, two people once went through more than 100 kilometers in the place bottom, at present is a mineral lode of mine. 后路已经断了,但保罗却丝毫不担心,因为上半夜的时候,他跟着凌云截取龙脉,两人曾在地底穿行100多公里,眼前不过是一座矿山的矿脉罢了。 However Paul has underestimated the difficulty of this matter, because front section of Dragon Veins, Ling Yun goes through in the place bottom, only needs to absorb Dragon Veins spiritual energy then, is now, he actually must take away the mountain bottom entire mineral lode emerald jade completely, does the difficulty far more than increase doubled and re-doubled? 但是保罗还是低估了这件事情的难度,因为前面截龙脉,凌云只是在地底穿行,只需要吸收龙脉灵气即可,可是现在,他却是要将山底的整条矿脉翡翠玉石全部收走,难度何止是成倍增加? Shua! 刷! Ling Yun displays Underworld Earth Emperor Cultivation, front dike surges, he is bringing Paul, submerged in the dike silently. 凌云施展黄泉土皇功,前方岩壁一阵涌动,他带着保罗,无声无息没入了岩壁之内。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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