DEMG :: Volume #18

#1781: Harvests to look for spiritual root

Chapter 1776 第1776章 Harvests to look for spiritual root 一路收获找灵根 Boss, this experience is very strange, always gives me one type extremely illusory, not real feeling.” “老板,这种体验真的很奇怪,总是给我一种极其虚幻,不真实的感觉。” Once again after Ling Yun submerges hard dike, Paul closes the eye, adapted diligently, after opening the eye once more, said unbelievable. 又一次跟着凌云没入坚硬的岩壁之后,保罗闭上眼睛,努力适应了一番,再次睁开眼睛之后,难以置信地说道。 Said honestly, drills into the hard dike by flesh and blood, Paul repels in the heart, if guides is not Ling Yun, will kill him not to attempt. 坦白说,以血肉之躯钻入坚硬的岩壁,保罗是在心底里排斥的,如果带路的不是凌云,打死他都不会尝试。 If the magic arts of boss expired, long in inside, what to do can that? 万一老板的法术失效了,“长”在里边了,那可怎么办? But, after bracing oneself entered the dike, Paul not only cannot feel any resistance, and has one to accommodate his standing activity the space, where Ling Yun arrives, where wraps his space to follow to arrive, two people really optional going through in rock. 可是,硬着头皮进入了岩壁之后,保罗非但感受不到任何的阻力,而且还拥有一个可以容他站立活动的空间,凌云走到哪里,包裹着他的那个空间就跟到哪里,两人真的就是在岩石之中随意的穿行。 Paul can breathe, the eye can regard the thing, can see beyond the space these touching hand to be possible and hard dike, but can also in this space and Ling Yun dialogue exchange, all these all, makes him feel the infinite surprise and illusory! 保罗可以呼吸,眼睛可以视物,能够看到空间之外那些触手可及的坚硬的岩壁,还可以在这个空间之内和凌云对话交流,这一切的一切,都让他感觉到无限的惊奇和虚幻! This has not put on wall technique, after all puts on the wall technique to put on, but in this dike, is similar to the person's skin-dive in the deep sea, no matter how hovers, all around as before is the sea water like that two people everywhere one visit, besides that space, everywhere is the rock! 这已经不是穿墙术了,毕竟穿墙术只是一穿而过,而在这岩壁之中,就如同一个人在深海之中潜泳,不管怎么游动,前后左右依旧都是海水那般,两人所到之处,除了所处的那个空间之外,到处都是岩石! Hehe, this is anything, so long as were used to be good, do not want to be too many, when walked in the ground with me as before is good.” “呵呵,这算什么,只要习惯了就好了,你不要想太多,就当依旧跟我在地面上行走就好了。” Ling Yun goes through in the dike rapidly, place that he passes through along the way, so long as discovered that in all around dike has the emerald jade of picking, immediately displays the Underworld Earth Emperor Cultivation fossil for the technique of water, at fingertips a move, these emerald jades, are similar to the sea-monster in water are again common, leaves the original position rapidly, took in the space that own is by him, was received Universe Ring by Ling Yun. 凌云在岩壁中急速穿行,他沿途经过的地方,只要发现四周的岩壁之中有相中的翡翠玉石,立即施展黄泉土皇功的化石为水之术,再信手一招,那些翡翠玉石,就如同水中的游鱼一般,迅速离开原处,被他摄入到自己所在的空间之内,然后被凌云收入太虚戒指 Paul does not understand, but Ling Yun but big expert. 保罗不懂,但凌云可是大行家。 By his boundary of present Qi Practicing 8-layer peak, Underworld Earth Emperor Cultivation had already achieved the fossil for the degree of water . Moreover the range has been able to cover around the body a about hundred meters surrounding area. 以他如今练气八层巅峰的境界,黄泉土皇功早已达到了化石为水的程度,而且范围已经可以笼罩身体四周近百米方圆了。 As the matter stands, displays Myriad Water Immortal Secret Arts with Ling Yun in water, uses the technique of water gate opening to be greatly ordinary, two people goes through in the dike recklessly fast, is actually earth gate wide open that” Ling Yun displays the technique, the truth is the same. 这样一来,就跟凌云在水中施展万水仙诀,使用水门大开之术一般,两人在岩壁中肆意地快速穿行,其实就是凌云施展的“土门大开”之术,道理是一样的。 Naturally, the rock after all and water is different, water for delicate, rock Shi Jian is hard, therefore, Ling Yun uses the technique of earth gate wide open, needs to consume massive Soul Yuan to support continuously, the consumption was huge, is good just refine to melt that many True Qi because of him, own condition just when the peak, in forehead Sea of Consciousness Soul Yuan was full, suffices him to spend freely recklessly, otherwise, for these emerald jades, such did not spare no expense consumption Soul Yuan, was gains owes, that also really two said. 当然,岩石毕竟和水不同,水为柔弱,岩石坚硬,因此,凌云施展土门大开之术,需要持续不断地消耗大量的神元来支撑,消耗巨大,好在他刚刚炼化了那么多的真气,自身状态正值巅峰,眉心识海之中神元满满,够他肆意挥霍的,否则的话,为了这些翡翠玉石,就这么不惜血本的消耗神元,到底是赚是亏,那还真得两说呢。 This spiritual arteries, extends probably from northwest, but we more proceed, entered underground is deeper. Moreover this mineral lode resembled......” “这条灵脉,好像是从西北方向延伸过来的,只是我们越往前,就进入地下越深了。而且这条矿脉好像断了……” Ling Yun after this mineral lode goes through a distance rapidly, although harvest already very huge, but as if has actually been cut off spiritual arteries to here, spreads the emerald jade on all around ore deposit, obviously becomes scattered, scarce incomparable, sometimes goes through hundred meters, including can have a liking for the eye emerald not to have together. 凌云沿着这条矿脉急速穿行一段距离之后,收获虽然已经十分巨大,但灵脉到这里却似乎断掉了,散布在四周矿床上的翡翠玉石,明显变得零零散散,稀少无比,有时候穿行百米,连一块看得上眼的翡翠都没有。 Boss, our harvests were many, I estimated that you received in the emerald jade in entire mountain the pouch, or...... Do we exit first?” “老板,咱们的收获已经不少了,我估计您已经把整座山里的翡翠玉石都收入囊中了,要不……我们先出去?” Paul put forward the proposal. 保罗提出了建议。 „It is not good.” “不行。” Ling Yun shakes the head decisively, sips lip angle was saying with a smile: If for this emerald, where is worth under me such big strength?” 凌云果断摇头,抿着唇角儿笑道:“如果只是为了这点儿翡翠,哪里值得我下这么大的力气?” In the Ling Yun eye, this may not only be a emerald mineral lode, is spiritual arteries, the mountains earth, as long as there is the place of spiritual arteries, must have spiritual root! 凌云眼里,这可不仅仅是一条翡翠矿脉,更是一条灵脉,山川大地,但凡有灵脉之地,必有灵根 In Ling Yun this thorough underground precipice, has spent such big strength, naturally possibly to not collect this emerald jade, is used to manufacture these bottles of cans, or goes to the jade jewelry to sell for money with them, he to seek for this spiritual arteries spiritual root! 凌云这趟深入地下山岩之中,花费了这么大的力气,当然不可能是为了收集这点儿翡翠玉石,用来制作那些瓶瓶罐罐,或者说用它们去玉石珠宝卖钱,他是为了寻找这条灵脉灵根 That is in the Ling Yun eye the true treasure! 那才是凌云眼里真正的宝贝! But is very obvious, after arriving here, the surroundings jade vanishes, the mineral lode broke, means that spiritual arteries broke, Ling Yun either continues to seek, either exits in light of this, does not have other choices again. 但很显然,来到这里之后,周围玉石消失,矿脉已经断了,也就是意味着灵脉断了,凌云要么继续寻找,要么就此出去,再无其他选择。 I look to look!” “我找找看!” Ling Yun is not willing, he takes the place of mineral lode break as the basic point, bringing Paul to go through rapidly, searched all around one kilometer range, did not have any discovery as before. 凌云不甘心,他以矿脉断裂之处为基点,带着保罗迅速穿行,搜索了四周一公里范围,却依旧没有任何发现。 Yeah, spiritual arteries on this Earth, really with the difference of Cultivation Big World, was really too shatter!” “哎,这地球上的灵脉,真的跟修真大世界的不同,实在是太破碎了!” Ling Yun frowned, was sighing at heart, the feeling was quite helpless. 凌云皱眉,在心里叹息,感觉颇为无奈。 Can not make bricks without straw, appointed your huge skill, did not fear unable to find, feared that did not exist! 巧妇难为无米之炊,任你天大本事,不怕找不到,就怕不存在! Ling Yun stands firm, has put in a big way own Spiritual Consciousness, goes all out to seek for spiritual energy, actually makes a futile effort. 凌云站定,把自己神识放到了最大,拼命寻找着灵气,却还是徒劳无功。 Is impossible, according to the view of jade prince, I picks Monarch Emerald Stone King that leaks, that string super candied fruit, is he buys from the Burmese country, if no spiritual root, how here possibly does breed to have jade essence Stone King?” “不可能啊,根据玉王爷的说法,我捡漏的帝王绿石王,还有那串超级糖葫芦,都是他从缅国北部买回去的,如果没有灵根的话,这里又怎么可能孕育出拥有玉髓石王?” Ling Yun lowers the head the ponder, is braces oneself to continue to look, must give up decisively, for a while fell into the beauty battle. 凌云低头沉思,是硬着头皮继续找,还是要果断放弃,一时陷入了天人交战。 Unexpectedly, in the Ling Yun mind sudden miraculous glow flashes! 蓦地,凌云脑海中突然灵光一闪! Day leans the northwest, southeast the subsidence of the earth!” “天倾西北,地陷东南!” He has remembered Myriad Buddhas Sect Light Protector Kun Zhanle suddenly, reminded his those words specially. 他忽然想起了万佛门光明护法坤占叻,特意提醒他的那句话。 Ling Yun has remembered the jade prince and Song Zhengyang repeatedly with he has raised several most famous jade habitats, they in the northwest direction of here! 紧接着,凌云就想起了玉王爷和宋正阳反复跟他提过的几个最为著名的玉石产地,它们都在此处的西北方向! Thinks of here, Ling Yun suddenly sees the light, he smiles brightly: Paul, we walk!” 想到这里,凌云豁然开朗,他灿烂一笑:“保罗,我们走!” Then, Ling Yun no longer continues thoroughly underground, but is maintaining this depth, in the original direction, by per second hundred meters speed , to continue to set out toward the front. 接下来,凌云不再继续深入地下,而是保持着这个深度,沿着原来的方向,以每秒百米的速度,继续向着前方进发。 Then, after entire 20 minutes, Ling Yun has consumed hundreds of thousands drops of Soul Yuan, has led the way enough more than 100 kilometers, finally felt that existence of jade spiritual energy, and is getting more and more thick. 就这样,整整过了20分钟之后,凌云消耗了十几万滴神元,前行了足足100多公里,终于又感觉到了玉石灵气的存在,而且越来越浓。 But at this time, they had already been far away from the range of that mine. 而此时,他们早已远离了那座矿山的范围了。 We in the river bottom, under river bed go through now.” “我们现在在河底,河床之下穿行。” The judgment is correct, this makes Ling Yun delighted, his self-confident saying. 判断正确,这让凌云眉飞色舞,他自信满满的说道。 After all in Clear Water City, has Song Zhengyang they to exchange with Yu Shengjin, Ling Yun knows, the quality good emerald, is the Laokeng emerald, but so-called „the Laokeng jade, mostly mines on the fluvial deposit ore deposit. 毕竟在清水市的时候,跟玉生金还有宋正阳他们交流过很多,凌云知道,质量上佳的翡翠,都是老坑翡翠,而所谓的“老坑玉”,大多都是在河流沉积矿床上开采出来的。 They arrive at the river bottom now, Ling Yun have felt front spiritual energy, can he not be happy? 他们现在来到了河底,凌云又感受到了前方的灵气,他心里能不高兴么? Really , after going through for several minutes, all around spiritual energy suddenly becomes extremely rich, in the Ling Yun's Spiritual Thought range, the front red light is dazzling! 果然,又穿行了几分钟之后,四周灵气突然变得极为浓郁,凌云的神念范围之中,前方大片大片的红光耀眼! This is red emerald! 这是红色翡翠! Receives!” “收!” Has consumed that big energy, finally also has the harvest, Ling Yun will be absolutely impolite at this time, he leads the way collects, the place visited, clears off these red jade ores! 耗费了那么大的精力,总算又有收获,凌云这时候绝对不会客气,他一路前行一路收集,所过之处,将那些红翡矿石一扫而光! These red jadeites qualities, even if cannot compare his string super candied fruit, actually could not miss to be too many, but actually won in the quantity, Ling Yun already happily blossomed at heart. 这些红色翡翠的品质,纵然比不上他的那串超级糖葫芦,却也差不了太多了,但却胜在了数量上,凌云心里早就乐开了花。 Received this mineral lode, spiritual energy once more changed pale, but the Ling Yun's confidence the bursting, he simply was bringing facing set of Paul from the river bed, entered in the turbulent river water, along the rivers against the current on, continued to plunder! 收完了这处矿脉,灵气再次变淡了,但凌云的信心却已经爆棚,他干脆带着保罗从河床下面钻了出来,进入了汹涌的河水之中,沿着河流逆水而上,继续搜刮! This, whenever he felt that river bed following spiritual energy condensates, immediately enters under the river bed, various jadeites of bottom will sweep across, plundered to come out again , to continue. 这一路,每当他感觉到河床下面的灵气变浓,就立即进入河床之下,将地底的各种翡翠席卷一空,搜刮完了再出来,继续前行。 Ling Yun consumes greatly, the harvest is huge, more proceeds, besides the green, the red, the purple, the white wait/etc. planted the good emerald respectively, he has also discovered true spirit stone, moreover centralized that more and more presents, is getting more and more crowded. 凌云消耗巨大,收获更是巨大,越往前走,除了绿色,红色,紫色,白色等等各种上好的翡翠之外,他还发现了真正的灵石,而且出现的越来越集中,越来越密集。 Regarding this condition, Ling Yun is very clear means anything. 对于这种状况,凌云很清楚到底意味着什么。 He is away from this spiritual arteries spiritual root, was getting more and more near! 他距离这条灵脉灵根,已经越来越近了! But similarly, two people swims against the stream, more proceeds, by the rivers mountain peak are getting more and more, the elevation is also getting higher and higher, they entered the mountainous area once more. 而同样的,两人逆流而上,越往前走,河流两旁的山峰越来越多,海拔也越来越高,他们再次进入了山区。 Shua! 刷! Ling Yun after receiving several hundred meters spiritual arteries, ran out of the water surface directly, he turns on communication, looked at the own position. 凌云在收完了一条几百米长的灵脉之后,直接冲出了水面,他打开通讯器,看了一下自己的位置。 Hehe, is really here.” “嘿嘿,果然是在这里。” Myitkyina, curbing a horse arch. 密支那,勒马拱。 Yu Shengjin has said that the Burmese country most famous several Laokeng, basically is distributed in the town near Myitkyina, but curbs a horse the meaning of arching, is digs down one inch to produce jade! 玉生金说过,缅国最负盛名的几个老坑,基本上都分布在密支那附近的镇上,而勒马拱的意思,就是“挖下一寸就产玉”! But after arriving here, surrounding spirit stone spiritual energy was very instead pale, even was inferior richness that all around vegetation spiritual energy comes. 但到达这里之后,周围的灵石灵气反而很淡了,甚至都不如四周的草木灵气来的浓郁。 Ling Yun does not worry, because he is clear, here is not only the Burmese country most famous emerald production area, but had been mined for several hundred years, ore that can mine, already mined was similar. 只是凌云并不着急,因为他清楚,这里既是缅国最负盛名的翡翠产区,可已经被开采了几百年,能够开采的矿石,早已被开采的差不多了。 If he wants to look for spiritual root, can only go to the underground deep place to look! 他要想找灵根,只能去地下深处去找! Reached the destination, Ling Yun is not naturally anxious, moreover at this time is the late in the morning, Ling Yun looked under time, the rough estimate, this collects the mineral lode, went through several hundred kilometers unexpectedly, has used five hours of time! 都已经到达目的地了,凌云自然不急了,而且这时已经是日上三竿,凌云看了下时间,粗略估计,他这一路采集矿脉,竟穿行了几百公里,用了五个小时的时间 Other did not say, the Ling Yun light is consumption Soul Yuan, had several hundred thousand drops! 其他不说,凌云光是消耗的神元,已经有几十万滴了! This was really too crazy! 这实在是太疯狂了! Ling Yun is bringing Paul, looked for an unmanned mountain forest casually, first is satiated with food and wine, then takes out over a thousand spirit stone to sit in meditation with single-hearted devotion, Soul Yuan that entire practice a daytime, will have consumed has supplemented. 凌云带着保罗,随便找了一处无人的山林,先吃饱喝足,然后取出上千颗灵石专心打坐,整整修炼了一个白天,才将消耗掉的神元补充了回来。 Arrived evening, after quiet at dead of night, Ling Yun condition when peak! 到了晚上,夜深人静之后,凌云状态恰值巅峰! Paul, then you did not use with me, here waited for me.” 保罗,接下来你不用跟着我了,就在这里等我。” After Ling Yun confesses, governing empties on, the bird's eye view following entire mountains topography, after observing one, finally has voted for a mountain valley! 凌云交代完毕之后,御空而上,俯瞰下面整个山川地势,观察一阵之后,终于选准了一处山谷! There is the surrounding area 200 kilometers spiritual energy richest place! 那里是方圆200公里灵气最为浓郁的地方! The Ling Yun moving quickly, arrives in the mountain valley without hesitation, then displays Underworld Earth Emperor Cultivation calmly, submerged underground. 凌云毫不犹豫飞身而下,来到山谷之中,然后从容施展黄泉土皇功,没入了地下。 Looks for spiritual root! 灵根 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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