DEMG :: Volume #18

#1779: Here has the treasure

Chapter 1774 第1774章 Here has the treasure 这里有宝贝 In trampling flat the Ghost Poison Sect process, Ling Yun cuts six Building Foundation Realm Spirit Cultivator continually, kills Qi Practicing late-stage boundary Expert 59, other Qi Practicing boundary Expert hundred! 在踏平鬼毒宗的过程中,凌云连斩六名筑基境界灵修者,杀练气后期境界高手59名,其他练气高手过百! Ghost Qi that Yin Energy and malevolent aura in these human bodies, after as well as they refined to raise these holy child clever infants who died, turns into, has not wasted, by the Ling Yun's Yin-Yang True Qi vortex absorption, was changed into Ling Yun own Yin-Yang True Qi completely. 这些人体内的阴气煞气,以及他们炼制豢养的那些灵童鬼婴死亡之后化成的鬼气,统统都没有浪费,全部被凌云的阴阳真气漩涡吸收,化为了凌云自身的阴阳真气 In addition, because Ghost Poison Sect is located here Main Altar, and does not know that had many years, around this place does not know that accumulated many Yin Energy, was not remained by Ling Yun one drop, complete extinction. 除此之外,由于鬼毒宗总坛设在这里,并且不知道存在了多少年,此地周围不知道积累了多少阴气,也被凌云一滴不剩,全部吸光了。 As the matter stands, had achieved Qi Practicing 8-layer peak Ling Yun, after absorbing these many aura, had the sign of breakthrough shortly. 这样一来,原本就已经达到了练气八层巅峰的凌云,在吸收了这么多气息之后,眼看着又有了突破的迹象。 Therefore, after extinguishing Ghost Poison Sect, Ling Yun has not worried to leave, he looked for a summit casually, uses Yin-Yang Five Elements Fire, first these assorted True Qi that absorbs within the body, refining up completely, does not guarantee any extra worries. 因此,在灭了鬼毒宗之后,凌云并没有着急离开,他随便找了一处山顶,利用阴阳五行火,先将体内吸收来的那些杂七杂八的真气,全部炼化,确保没有任何后顾之忧。 When he refining up, time passed for one hour, approached 4 : 00 am. 等他炼化完毕,时间已经过去了一个多小时,接近凌晨四点了。 Ling Yun opens the eye, took a look has stood in the distant place honestly, the little darling was waiting for his Kun Lunwei one eyes. 凌云睁开眼睛,瞅了老老实实站在远处,乖乖等着他的坤伦威一眼。 Grandmaster Ling, the method of your practice, really makes the villain broaden the outlook!” “凌大师,您的修炼之法,真是让小人大开眼界!” Kun Lunwei saw Ling Yun to stop practice, immediately walked, the squatting down body, thrust out the face to flatter to say. 坤伦威看到凌云停止修炼了,立即屁颠屁颠走了过来,蹲下身体,腆着脸拍马屁说道。 Although his cultivation level was abandoned, but after all was practice to the Building Foundation peak character, has not eaten the pork, saw the pig to run. 虽说他修为被废,但毕竟是修炼到了筑基巅峰的人物,没吃过猪肉,也见过猪跑的。 Kun Lunwei, you to my flattering useless.” 坤伦威,你对我拍马屁没有用。” Ling Yun smiled indifferently, said directly: Said that you do want to die exactly?” 凌云无所谓笑了笑,直接说道:“说吧,你想活还是想死?” passes! 噗通! Kun Lunwei one hear, knows immediately finally was one's turn own, the life and death in Ling Yun's in an instant, he hurried to kneel down, bang bang bang knocked the knock to Ling Yun. 坤伦威一听,立即知道终于轮到自己了,生死存亡就在凌云的一念之间,他赶紧跪倒在地,砰砰砰给凌云磕响头。 Said honestly, is seriously injured in Kun Lunwei, and cultivation level by the Ling Yun extinction time, he thinks at that time own must die without doubt, particularly when Ling Yun leaves Myriad Buddhas Sect, takes away after him alone. 坦白说,就在坤伦威身受重伤,并且一身修为凌云吸光的时候,他那时以为自己必死无疑了,尤其是在凌云离开万佛门的时候,单独将他带走之后。 But comes being together of hour through these two, the Kun Lunwei indistinct discovery, Ling Yun, although murders decisively, is actually not the person of that pure bloodthirsty, particularly did not discuss life and death time, Ling Yun is actually not difficult to be together. 但通过这两个来小时的相处,坤伦威隐约发现,凌云虽然杀伐果断,却不是那种纯粹的嗜杀之人,尤其是不谈生死的时候,凌云其实不难相处。 Because on going to the Divine Tame Sect road, Ling Yun not only has not suffered him, instead maintained composure to cure his severe wound, making him move usual. 因为在去神降宗的路上,凌云非但没有折磨他,反而不动声色治好了他的重伤,让他行动如常了。 The desperate person does not fear death, but saw the hope after the despair, most fears death. 绝望的人就不怕死了,但从绝望中又看到了希望之后,才是最怕死的时候。 Naturally, Ling Yun therapy for him, is not because has shown the kindness of heart suddenly, but does not think that the side is having one like the dead dog severely wounded dying person, being an eyesore that really he looks, therefore has cured him. 当然,凌云为他疗伤,可不是因为突然发了善心,而是不想身边带着一个如死狗般的重伤垂死之人罢了,他看的着实碍眼,所以才治好了他。 Must kill him in any case again, is a thought matter. 反正再要杀他,也就是一个念头的事情。 „To live! Small wants to live! Asked Grandmaster Ling to show mercy, has forgiven the small life!” “想活!小的想活啊!求凌大师开恩,饶了小的这条性命!” Kun Lunwei kowtows violently, the moist ground will pound a morass, on an upper eyelid moistened completely the soil. 坤伦威猛烈磕头,将潮湿的地面砸出了一个泥坑,头上脸上沾满了泥土。 Un, wants exactly good.” “嗯,想活就好。” Ling Yun nods: You tell me, what position you in southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance are, in your alliance, besides four big Sect that I destroyed completely a moment ago, which influences?” 凌云点点头:“那你就跟我说一说,你在南洋散修联盟是什么职位,还有你们联盟之中,除了我刚才灭掉的四大宗门之外,还有哪些势力?” Grandmaster Ling felt relieved, the small certain knowledge said all, expresses oneself fully!” “凌大师放心,小的一定知无不言,言无不尽!” Kun Lunwei raised the head gingerly, has scratched soil on face carelessly, this hurries saying: Reply Grandmaster Ling, our Loose Cultivator Alliance hegemon, is actually the rotation system, in July of this year, small just took office......” 坤伦威战战兢兢抬起头来,胡乱擦了一把脸上的泥土,这才赶忙说道:“回禀凌大师,我们散修联盟的盟主,其实是轮换制,就在今年七月份,小的刚刚上任……” „?” “哦?” Ling Yun cannot help laughing: My luck may really be good, catches a person carelessly, exactly is the southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance hegemon......” 凌云哑然失笑:“那我运气可真是不错,胡乱抓来一个人,恰好就是南洋散修联盟的盟主……” Kun Lunwei said awkwardly: Actually our southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance hegemon, is the duty of host alliance routine activities, in the alliance all important matters, are the alliance high-level elders together discussed, everybody is a person of ticket.” 坤伦威尴尬道:“其实我们南洋散修联盟的盟主,就是个主持联盟日常活动的职务而已,联盟里所有的大事,都是联盟高层的长老共同商议,大家都是一人一票。” Kun Lunwei to maintain life, downplays the own this hegemon's function in alliance vigorously, naturally, he said is also the fact. 坤伦威为了保命,极力地淡化自己这个盟主在联盟中的作用,当然,他说的也是事实。 Ling Yun naturally also understands this point, is Zhou Wenyi tells him personally, therefore he vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered four country six thousand li (500 km), continually extinguish the southern coastal provinces four large amounts tonight. 凌云自然也了解这一点,是周文易亲口告诉他的,所以今夜他才纵横四国六千里,连灭南洋四大宗。 You continued.” “你继续说。” Yes!” “是!” Grandmaster Ling, today in the evening, you extinguished Heavenly Spirit Sect actually continuously, Myriad Buddhas Sect, Divine Tame Sect, after Ghost Poison Sect, the southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance main influence, Great Elder of alliance, Protector and other Expert, had been killed by you were similar, already survived in name only.” “凌大师,其实今天晚上,您连续灭了天灵宗,万佛门,神降宗,和鬼毒宗之后,南洋散修联盟的主要势力,还有联盟的大长老,护法高手,已经都被您杀的差不多了,早已名存实亡。” The Ling Yun interruption said: May escape several important personages.” 凌云打断道:“可还是逃掉了几个重要人物。” „Is!” Kun Lunwei hurries to supplement: „The noise that because you make in Heavenly Spirit Sect is too big, is also very long in Myriad Buddhas Sect dull time, therefore Divine Tame Sect and Ghost Poison Sect several elders heard a rumor to escape, is now, their Sect were extinguished by you, later again wants to do the matter, besides their own, under hand also again not available person.” “是是!”坤伦威赶忙补充:“因为您在天灵宗闹出的动静太大,在万佛门呆的时间也挺长,所以神降宗鬼毒宗的几个长老闻风逃跑了,可是现在,他们的宗门都已经被您灭了,以后就算再想搞事情,除了他们自己之外,手底下也再无可用之人了。” Moreover I think, you extinguish four large amounts tonight continually, your invincible might also has the thunder method, already made them be panic at the news, within 35 years, I thought that absolutely again they are do not dare to make an appearance......” “而且我想,您今夜连灭四大宗,您的神威还有雷霆手段,早已让他们闻风丧胆,35年之内,我觉得他们是绝对不敢再露面的……” Kun Lunwei at this time brain revolution fast, goes all out to help the Ling Yun analysis. 坤伦威这时候大脑运转的飞快,拼命地帮着凌云分析。 Em, you said reasonable.” “恩,你说的有道理。” Ling Yun in the heart laughs in one's heart, hesitates saying: That several other countries, for example Philippines, Malaya......” 凌云心中暗笑,沉吟道:“那其他的几个国家,比如菲国,马来……” He remembers very clearly, initially when South China Sea chased down Kun Ba, direction that Kun Ba ran away, was the Philippines, there definitely had to aid his Expert. 他可是记得很清楚,当初在南海追杀坤巴的时候,坤巴逃去的方向,就是菲国,那里肯定有能够接应他的高手 Grandmaster Ling felt relieved freely!” “凌大师尽管放心!” Kun Lunwei hurries saying: That several countries do not have what nice Sect, is 1-2 assumes personal command with my boundary similar loose cultivator at most, creates disaster insufficient.” 坤伦威慌忙说道:“那几个国家没有什么像样的宗门,顶多也就是一两个跟我境界差不多的散修坐镇而已,不足为患的。” „, I did not know.” “唔,我知道了。” These that Kun Lunwei said that with Zhou Wenyi with Ling Yun secret Yi time, situation that said is similar, therefore he no longer asked that but is thread of conversation one revolution. 坤伦威说的这些,跟周文易凌云秘议的时候,说的情况差不多,于是他不再多问,而是话锋一转。 Kun Lunwei, you want to make me keep your life, you must tell me, after you live, what can do for me?” 坤伦威,你想让我留你性命,那你得告诉我,你活下来之后,能为我做些什么呢?” This is the key! 这才是关键! Arrived this time, has killed Kun Lunwei, actually did not have the big significance, by his status, making him live is being the own management, instead the advantage are more. 到了这时候,杀死坤伦威,其实已经没有多大意义了,以他的身份,让他活着为自己办事,反而好处更多。 Grandmaster Ling, small can be too many for the matter that you handle!” “凌大师,小的能为您做的事情太多了!” No matter what, Myriad Buddhas Sect also, moreover many disciples spread in the major temples in southern coastal provinces, small comes Myriad Buddhas Sect, even if my cultivation level completely loses, the other influences of southern coastal provinces, cannot shake my status easily.” “不管怎么说,万佛门还在,而且还有很多弟子散布在南洋的各大寺庙之中,小的又是出身万佛门,所以哪怕我修为尽失,南洋的其他势力,也不能轻易撼动我的地位。” By my position, in addition your tonight invincible might frightens, you make me dismiss southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance to be also good, makes me restrain this alliance, I can accomplish for you with ease, and ensure the person of alliance, from now on will no longer harass your China.” “以我的职位,再加上您今夜的神威震慑,无论是您让我解散南洋散修联盟也好,还是让我约束这个联盟,我都能轻松为您办到,并且保证联盟的人,今后不再骚扰你们华夏。” Said these, Kun Lunwei suddenly stops talking, waits for Ling Yun to make the decision eagerly. 说完这些,坤伦威倏然住口,眼巴巴等着凌云做出决定。 Said well.” “说得好。” Ling Yun is these words, he satisfied to nod, lifts the hand to pat the shoulder of Kun Lunwei: Such being the case, I forgive your life, you deferred to you saying that first, did your best, restrained them well.” 凌云等的就是这番话,他满意点头,抬手拍了拍坤伦威的肩膀:“既然如此,我就饶你一命,你先按照你说的,尽你所能,好好约束他们吧。” But, your this Loose Cultivator Alliance, must dismiss to me sooner or later!” “但是,你们这个散修联盟,早晚都要给我解散!” „Is is!” “是是是!” The Kun Lunwei nod such as mashes up garlic: Small certainly with every effort will complete and ensure makes Grandmaster Ling satisfy! Otherwise, you can take my life at any time!” 坤伦威点头如捣蒜:“小的一定会尽力做好,保证让凌大师满意!否则的话,您可以随时来取我性命!” Such decided!” “就这么定了!” Ling Yun stands up, is bringing on the Kun Lunwei straight clouds, delivered him to return to Myriad Buddhas Sect. 凌云站起身来,带着坤伦威直上云霄,送他回到了万佛门 Ling Yun found Paul, two people did not have the old route to return, but arrived at Ghost Poison Sect whereabouts again. 紧接着,凌云找到了保罗,两人并没有原路返回,而是再次来到了鬼毒宗所在之处。 Here has the treasure.” “这里有宝贝。” After falling to the ground, Ling Yun said to Paul of ignorant circle with a smile. 落地之后,凌云笑着对懵圈的保罗说道。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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