DEMG :: Volume #18

#1778: Fights the Dingnan ocean

Chapter 1773 第1773章 Fights the Dingnan ocean 一战定南洋 Satisfaction.” “满意。” Ling Yun has grasped the valuable mirror, observes with Spiritual Thought, discovered that Kun Zhanle before loose merit, has cut off and this Magic Treasure the life on own initiative relates, in the heart kills intent to disappear. 凌云抓过宝镜,用神念一察,发现坤占叻在散功之前,已经主动斩断了和这件法宝的本命联系,心中杀意全消。 This bright valuable mirror, at least is also Magic Treasure of best quality Treasure Item rank, but is different from Kun Ting that five colors canopy, is not the Buddhism exclusive thing, Kun Zhanle can use it, but has achieved Eye Opening Realm, own Buddha strength irrigation, reluctantly displayed his primary function. 这面光明宝镜,至少也是一件极品宝器级别的法宝,但却跟坤挺那件五彩华盖不同,并非佛门专属之物,坤占叻能使用它,不过是达到了开光境,将自身佛力灌注其中,才勉强发挥出了他的基本作用而已。 Ling Yun unrestrained/no trace of politeness, the thought moves, received the valuable mirror Universe Ring, then looked at facial color tranquil Kun Zhanle. 凌云毫不客气,意念一动,就将宝镜收入太虚戒指之中,然后看了看面色平静的坤占叻 My this person of working, which did, will not look for the true, did not like others looking for my true. Therefore, your Myriad Buddhas Sect, deserves this tribulation.” “我这人做事,哪儿做哪儿了,不会找后账,也不喜欢别人找我的后账。所以,你们万佛门,该当此劫。” Kun Lunwei hurries to translate. 坤伦威赶紧翻译。 Kun Zhanle after waste cultivation level, has wiped the tears of blood on face, his dry well does not have the wave, calm single Zhanghe ten: This poor monk understood.” 坤占叻自废修为之后,已经擦去了脸上的血泪,他枯井无波,从容单掌合十:“贫僧了解。” If not understand, he will not do is so simple, was so thorough. 要是不了解的话,他也就不会做的这么干脆,这么彻底了。 Kun Bayu fights vigorously, Kun Ting goes to generously, your Light Protector is willing from waste cultivation level, rather endures the humiliation to live, must be Myriad Buddhas Sect hands down the Confucian orthodoxy, actually makes me be moved and appreciate, your actions, are Cultivator are built on the basis between world.” 坤巴裕力战到底,坤挺慷慨赴死,还有你光明护法甘愿自废修为,宁肯忍受着屈辱活着,也要为万佛门传下道统,其实都让我感动和欣赏,你们的所作所为,都是修炼者立于天地之间的根本。” Trades to be any person, Ling Yun said this words at this time, has the shedding crocodile tears false mercy meaning, but Kun Zhanle was practice to the Eye Opening Realm character, he knows that the Ling Yun's words were from the heart. 换做任何一个人来看,凌云这时候说出这种话,都有猫哭耗子假慈悲的意思,但坤占叻到底是修炼到了开光境的人物,他知道凌云的话是发自内心的。 Understood that naturally understands. 懂得自然懂。 In turn, if the Ling Yun strength is insufficient, Myriad Buddhas Sect certainly will also tear to shreds him, will not show mercy. 反过来,如果凌云实力不够,万佛门也一定会将他碎尸万段,绝不会手下留情。 both sides win are the victory and defeat victories and losses. 双方争得不过是胜负输赢而已。 Many thanks, but we do not evade the destiny eventually.” “多谢,可我们终究躲不过天命。” Kun Zhanle raises head to look at the day, sighs with regret. 坤占叻仰头望天,慨叹。 Divine intervention so. 天意如此。 Ling Yun said suddenly: But my also matter must do.” 凌云突然说道:“但我还有一件事要做。” Donor does as you please is.” “施主请便就是。” Shua! 刷! Azure Shadow Flying Sword leaves, changes to a great sword instantaneously, under the Ling Yun Spiritual Thought control, in Myriad Buddhas Sect vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered shuttles back and forth. 青影飞剑出,瞬间化作一柄巨剑,在凌云神念操控之下,在万佛门里一阵纵横穿梭。 Bang rumble...... crack...... 轰隆隆隆……咔嚓…… Quick, inside and outside Myriad Buddhas Sect these big images of Buddha, the golden light shining temple, has simultaneously sent out loudly loud noise, is the sound of collapse, then the earth shivers, the dust flies upwards everywhere. 很快,万佛门内外的那些高大佛像,金光灿灿的庙宇,同时发出了轰然巨响,是倒塌的声音,然后大地颤抖,到处尘土飞扬。 Ling Yun razed Myriad Buddhas Sect! 凌云万佛门夷为了平地! Since frightens, that frightened thorough, the person died being quietly to bury has been OK, but Myriad Buddhas Sect was razed, can actually long-time stirring! 既然是震慑,那就震慑个彻底,人死了悄无声息的埋了就可以了,但万佛门被夷为平地,却能够长久的震撼人心! Kun Zhanle facial color tranquil looks that these images of Buddha fall, the temple avalanche, did not say a word. 坤占叻面色平静的看着那些佛像倾倒,庙宇崩塌,一言不发。 Receives!” “收!” A Ling Yun big hand move, various Magic Treasure that scatters ground, so long as is he can have a liking for the eye, took in Space Ring completely. 凌云大手一招,将地面上散落的各类法宝,只要是他看得上眼的,全部收进了空间戒指 Finally he flies high empty absorbs, has grasped Kun Lunwei: This person I must carry off.” 最后他凌空虚摄,又把坤伦威抓了过来:“这个人我要带走。” Donor.” “施主。” Kun Zhanle turns the head suddenly, two are looking straight ahead Ling Yun. 坤占叻突然转过头来,两眼直视着凌云 Ling Yun sprinkles however one happily: What's wrong, didn't you agree?” 凌云洒然一乐:“怎么,你不同意?” Kun Zhanle shakes the head: Processes Kun Lunwei, all decided depending on the donor intention, this poor monk will not meddle.” 坤占叻摇头:“怎么处理坤伦威,全凭施主心意决定,贫僧不会插手。” I want before the donor leaves, asked that you do have to listen to a few words.” “我只是想在施主离开之前,问您有没有听过一句话。” What words?” “什么话?” Kun Lunwei also knew the own life and death at this time, all in Ling Yun in an instant, therefore does not dare to be ambiguous, no matter two people said anything, immediately translates. 坤伦威这时候也知道自己的生死,全在凌云一念之间了,因此不敢含糊,不管两人说什么,都是立即翻译出来。 Kun Zhanle turns around slowly, the surface stood firm in northwest, gazed at for enough several seconds, suddenly said: Day leans the northwest, southeast the subsidence of the earth.” 坤占叻缓缓转身,面朝西北方向站定,注视了足足十几秒钟,才突然说道:“天倾西北,地陷东南。” Ling Yun is startled suddenly. 凌云突然怔住。 He knew certainly, antiquity time, the Gong Gong anger touched Buzhou Mountain, the day leans southeast the northwest subsidence of the earth, this was the China legend! 他当然知道了,上古时期,共工怒触不周山,天倾西北地陷东南,这是华夏的神话传说! Such words, here, were said by Myriad Buddhas Sect Light Protector, Ling Yun thought somewhat unthinkably. 只是这样的话语,在这里,由一个万佛门光明护法说出来,凌云觉得有些匪夷所思。 What meaning?” “什么意思?” Ling Yun maintains composure to ask. 凌云不动声色问道。 Donor do not think, but Myriad Buddhas Sect also has the inheritance of own, this poor monk as Myriad Buddhas Sect Light Protector, naturally many have listened to something.” “施主不要多想,只是万佛门也有自己的传承,贫僧身为万佛门光明护法,自然多少听过一些东西。” As far as I know, the northwest should refers to China Kunlun, southeast finger/refers naturally was our southern coastal provinces.” “据我所知,西北应该是指华夏昆仑,东南指的自然就是我们南洋了。” Ling Yun: „......” 凌云:“……” He waited for good half-day/long time, discovered that Kun Zhanle did not speak, has to ask: „?” 他又等了好半天,发现坤占叻再不说话,只好问道:“还有呢?” Did not have.” “没了。” Kun Zhanle turns around slowly: Because you are the destiny should tribulation the person, therefore this poor monk thinks these words, should say that listens to you.” 坤占叻缓缓转身:“因为你是天命应劫之人,所以贫僧觉得这句话,应该说给你听。” Many thanks!” “多谢!” Ling Yun deeply is staring at Kun Zhanle: I to your Myriad Buddhas Sect, this matter of doing have completed, so long as you observe the agreement, I will again not feel embarrassed you. But looked in the share of these words, in you finally said that if some people dare to move your Myriad Buddhas Sect Confucian orthodoxy in the future, you can look for me.” 凌云深深地盯着坤占叻:“我对你们万佛门,该做的事都做完了,只要你们遵守约定,我就不会再为难你们。但看在你最后说的这番话的份上,如果将来有人敢动你们万佛门的道统,你可以找我。” A few words are the good reason. 一句话就是善缘。 Kun Zhanle solemn and respectful nod, to Ling Yun single Zhanghe ten: Takes one's leave the donor.” 坤占叻肃穆点头,对凌云单掌合十:“拜别施主。” Ling Yun also to/clashes him to nod, form disappears instantaneously does not see. 凌云也冲他点了点头,身影瞬间消失不见。 Bang! 嘭! After waiting for Ling Yun to depart, Kun Zhanle was similar to is found time the strength to be ordinary instantaneously, fell in the place directly, the figure dispirited, the corners of the mouth overflow massive blood. 凌云离去之后,坤占叻如同瞬间被抽空了力气一般,直接跌坐在地,身形萎靡,嘴角溢出大量鲜血。 From waste cultivation level, where does not have the principle of pain. 自废修为,哪有不痛之理。 Destiny should tribulation the person born, this world, if really must welcome the great change!” “天命应劫之人出世,这番天地,果真要迎来巨变了!” ...... …… Similar to in the missile attack of Heavenly Spirit Sect bitter experience, really has not repeated in Myriad Buddhas Sect. 如同在天灵宗遭遇的导弹攻击,果然并没有在万佛门重演。 This with the Ling Yun judgment is the same. 这跟凌云判断的一样。 He sprinkled however departed, has only carried off Kun Lunwei, this was the southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance high level, spoke the China language, had certainly the big use to Ling Yun. 他洒然离去了,只带走了坤伦威,这是南洋散修联盟的高层,又懂华夏语,对凌云当然有大用处。 Heavenly Spirit Sect, Myriad Buddhas Sect already thorough destruction, southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance main Sect influence, already only remaining two. 天灵宗,万佛门已经彻底覆灭了,南洋散修联盟的主要宗门势力,已经只剩下了两个。 Divine Tame Sect, Ghost Poison Sect. 神降宗,鬼毒宗 Kun Lunwei, Divine Tame Sect where?” 坤伦威,神降宗在哪里?” Ling Yun is raising Kun Lunwei, governing goes south spatially, asks something already known. 凌云提着坤伦威,御空南下,明知故问。 He must have a look at Kun Lunwei to dare to him to lie. 他要看看坤伦威敢不敢对他撒谎。 North, north Thai-Burman border......” “北,北边的泰缅边境……” „, That looked like our going astray direction.” “哦,那看来我们走错方向了。” Ling Yun then turns back, changes to flies to north, directly soars the Divine Tame Sect den. 凌云这才折返,改为向北飞行,直奔神降宗的老巢。 If I have not guessed that wrong, you send to confuse that Kun Ba of Haojiang, should be the Divine Tame Sect person?” “如果我没有猜错的话,你们派出去搅乱濠江的那个坤巴,应该就是神降宗的人吧?” „, He is not only formidable loose cultivator, but really also has the relations of Ghost Poison Sect to be closer with Divine Tame Sect.” “不是的,他只是一个强大的散修,但确实跟神降宗还有鬼毒宗的关系更为密切一些。” Since there is a better translator to guide, Ling Yun has not gone to look for Paul, at his speed, within one minute can fly in any case the Thailand entire border, when has gotten through the matter, led him to leave again in the past is also same. 既然有了更好的翻译带路,凌云就没有去找保罗,反正以他的速度,一分钟之内就能飞遍T国整个国境,等把事情办完了,再过去带他离开也是一样。 two people reached the destination quickly, Ling Yun has anchored in the upper air. 两人很快到达了目的地,凌云在高空停住。 Grandmaster Ling, here I have come several times, Divine Tame Sect Main Altar, in the mountain forest of under that mountain range. However my present cultivation level completely loses, they make concrete in any position, I do not know.” “凌大师,这里我来过几次,神降宗总坛,就在下面那座山脉的山林里面。不过我现在修为尽失,他们具体在什么位置,我就不知道了。” Kun Lunwei already by the Ling Yun's invincible might awe into submission submissive, simply was the knowledge all word expressed oneself fully. 坤伦威早已被凌云的神威慑服,简直是知无不言言无不尽。 Un, I saw.” “嗯,我已经看到了。” Shua! 刷! Ling Yun does not hide the figure, direct governing empties, swoops Divine Tame Sect Main Altar! 凌云也不隐藏身形,直接御空而下,飞扑神降宗总坛 Kills!” “杀!” Ling Yun descended center Main Altar directly, was disinclined to say including a few words, slaughtered directly! 凌云直接降落在了总坛正中,连一句话都懒得说,直接大开杀戒! shua~ shua~ shua~ Shua! 刷刷刷刷! Azure Shadow Flying Sword, Yin-Yang Astral Qi Sword, Golden Dragon Spear, Human King Seal, four Magic Treasure are uneven, sees the person to kill! 青影飞剑,阴阳罡气剑,金色龙枪,人王印,四件法宝齐出,见人就杀! So-called Divine Tame Sect, is actually southern coastal provinces these Flying Tame Head Master strongly, this Sect may be different from Myriad Buddhas Sect, they start from practice, must the critical humane life, evil incomparable. 所谓的神降宗,其实就是南洋那些飞头降师的集中地,这个宗门可跟万佛门不一样,他们从修炼开始,就必须要害人性命,邪恶无比。 Especially has the qualifications to arrive at this Divine Tame Sect Main Altar Tame Master, at least practice to the Tame Master 2-layer boundary, Ling Yun completely has not needed to be worried that wrong will kill! 尤其是有资格来到这神降宗总坛降师,至少都修炼到了降师的第二层境界,凌云完全不用担心会错杀! Here, Ling Yun disdains to absorb their skills! 在这里,凌云都不屑吸收他们的功力! Azure Shadow shuttles back and forth, dragon lantern, great seal suddenly takes off and lands! 青影穿梭,金龙飞舞,大印倏然起落! Flying Head were penetrated, the each and everyone corpse was cut the broken, sad and shrill miserable call, the painful calling out sound, resounds through the primitive jungle! 一颗颗飞头被穿透,一个个尸身被斩碎,凄厉的惨呼声,痛苦的嚎叫声,响彻原始密林! Divine Tame Sect Main Altar these Flying Tame Head Master, even responded radically without enough time, had been cut to kill by Ling Yun most probably! 神降宗总坛的那些飞头降师,甚至根本来不及反应,就已经被凌云斩杀了大半! After Ling Yun has reached the Qi Practicing 8-layer peak, Divine Tame Sect one person has not been his gathering, is almost killed to the second by Ling Yun. 凌云达到了练气八层巅峰之后,神降宗没有一人是他的一合之将,几乎都被凌云给秒杀了。 After three minutes, Divine Tame Sect does not have a live person again, belongs to thoroughly silent. 三分钟之后,神降宗再无一个活人,彻底归于寂静。 Directly, such crazy slaughtering, dumbstruck that Kun Lunwei looks at! 这么直接,这么疯狂的杀戮,把坤伦威看的目瞪口呆 Until now, Kun Lunwei finally understands, Ling Yun to their Myriad Buddhas Sect, is how showing mercy. 直到现在,坤伦威才终于明白,凌云对他们万佛门,到底是多么的“手下留情”了。 No matter what, Myriad Buddhas Sect about hundred disciples lived, has saved the life. 不管怎么说,万佛门还是有近百名弟子活了下来,好歹保住了性命。 But Divine Tame Sect, Ling Yun came not to say including a few words, killed here cleanly. 可是神降宗呢,凌云来了连一句话都没说,就把这里杀干净了。 Bang! 轰! After Ling Yun kills the complete human, offered a sacrifice to Fire Spirit Phoenix directly, the emitting roaring flame, Divine Tame Sect Main Altar, together with Flying Head of these shape terrors, as well as these headless corpses, has fired the flying ash completely! 凌云杀完人之后,直接祭出了火灵凤凰,喷吐烈焰,将神降宗总坛,连同那些形态恐怖的飞头,以及那些无头尸,全部烧成了飞灰! Kun Lunwei, such big Main Altar, does here such select the person? Their Sect Master Kun Ganha?” 坤伦威,这么大一座总坛,这里怎么就这么点儿人?他们的宗主坤干哈呢?” Although has razed Divine Tame Sect Main Altar, clarity that but Ling Yun calculates, he altogether has killed 39 Flying Tame Head Master, practice to 5-layer boundary Flying Tame Head Master, is one had not seen, his natural heart lives to be discontented. 虽说已经将神降宗总坛夷为平地,可凌云算的清楚,他一共杀了39名飞头降师,修炼五层境界的飞头降师,更是一个都没见到,他当然心生不满。 Returns...... Reply Grandmaster Ling, Tame Master of southern coastal provinces, although are many, but Flying Tame Head Master is actually extremely few, has the qualifications to hide here practice, altogether also 40 people, your killed similar......” “回……回禀凌大师,南洋的降师虽多,可飞头降师却是极少,有资格在这里藏身修炼的,一共也就40来人,您已经杀的差不多了……” Kun Lunwei endures the high temperature to roast roasts, said gingerly. 坤伦威忍受着高温炙烤,战战兢兢说道。 Forty people?” “到底四十几人?” Grandmaster Ling forgives, this villain is not really clear.” “凌大师恕罪,这个小人真不清楚。” Ling Yun nods, the heart said that this issue truly felt embarrassed him, did not investigate, immediately asked: Then Divine Tame Sect Sect Master Kun Ganha? How not here?” 凌云点点头,心说这个问题确实为难他了,也不追究,立即问道:“那么神降宗宗主坤干哈呢?怎么不在这里?” Possibly was closes up...... Also possibly already received the message, frightened ran away......” “可能是去闭关了……也可能早就收到消息,吓得逃走了……” Regarding the Kun Ganha trend, Kun Lunwei does not talk clearly, can only by guessing. 对于坤干哈的动向,坤伦威也说不清楚,只能靠猜。 Calculates that he is intelligent!” “算他聪明!” Ling Yun cold snort/hum, grabs Kun Lunwei to shoot up to the sky, left here instantaneously, directly soars Ghost Poison Sect. 凌云冷哼一声,抓着坤伦威冲天而起,瞬间离开了这里,直奔鬼毒宗 Ghost Poison Sect is not far from Divine Tame Sect Main Altar, 300 kilometers remote, Ling Yun twinkling. 鬼毒宗距离神降宗总坛不远,也就300公里之遥,凌云瞬息即至。 Understood according to Ling Yun's, in addition Kun Lunwei related in detail, this Ghost Poison Sect is worse, their Sect directly from being pregnant in the pregnant woman belly of October/ten months refines the holy child or the clever infant, he is certainly more impolite. 根据凌云的了解,加上坤伦威的详细诉说,这个鬼毒宗更加邪恶,他们宗门直接从怀胎十月的孕妇肚子里炼制灵童或者鬼婴,他当然更不客气。 After the quarter of an hour, Ghost Poison Sect vanishes in a puff of smoke, fate is the same with Divine Tame Sect. 一刻钟之后,鬼毒宗灰飞烟灭,下场跟神降宗一样。 That night, composition southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance main four big Sect, Heavenly Spirit Sect, Myriad Buddhas Sect, Divine Tame Sect, Ghost Poison Sect, the complete destruction, disintegrates! 这一夜,组成南洋散修联盟的最主要的四大宗门,天灵宗,万佛门,神降宗,鬼毒宗,全部覆灭,土崩瓦解! Ling Yun fights the Dingnan ocean! 凌云一战定南洋! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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