DEMG :: Volume #18

#1775: You have the light, I have electricity

Chapter 1770 第1770章 You have the light, I have electricity 你有光,我有电 The Ling Yun what kind of vision, his eyes see through the pressure bottom ability that Kun Bayu has shown. 凌云何等眼光,他一眼就看穿了坤巴裕施展的压箱底的本领。 Right, is by the body Buddha. 没错,正是以身化佛。 But luckily, melts Buddha, but does not change Buddha, otherwise, by Ling Yun present cultivation level, can only have many runs away far. 幸好,只是化佛,而不是变佛,否则的话,以凌云现在的修为,只能是有多远逃多远。 By the body Buddha, this Cultivation Technique, if cannot bump into, even if the fight both sides boundary strength quite, even the boundary of match is higher than 1-2 small boundaries compared with Kun Bayu, suddenly displays also to hit opposite party one to be caught off guard, the most important reason does not know how to explain. 以身化佛,这门功法,如果碰到不懂的,哪怕战斗双方境界实力相当,甚至对手的境界比坤巴裕高出一两个小境界,突然施展出来也能打对方一个措手不及,最重要的原因就是不知道如何破解。 But Ling Yun is actually incomparably clear, this by the technique of body Buddha, actually with falling Immortal Technique that Dragon Tiger Mountain Fierce Dragon Daoist displays, Demon Sect Black Evil Demon God of Sikong Tu summon, has the place of equally good results from different methods. 凌云却是无比清楚,这以身化佛之术,其实跟龙虎山烈龙真人施展的降仙术,还有魔宗司空屠召唤的黑煞魔神,有着异曲同工之处。 What daoist sect lecture is the harmony of nature and man, so long as own flesh body cannot withstand, can ask the immortal to arrive at oneself body, borrows own flesh body, or seizes the shed short, comes to oppose the enemy for the own fight, as for falling Immortal Technique strongly, that must look that displayed to fall the Immortal Technique person boundary to be high. 道门讲的是天人合一,只要自己肉身承受得住,就能请仙人降临己身,借用自己肉身,或者说是短暂夺舍,来替自己战斗对敌,至于降仙术有多强,那要看施展降仙术的人境界有多高了。 Devil Sects is on the other hand simplest directly, so long as they consecrate some Demon God daily, understands to summon secret magic, fights near the enemy time, can summon to replace the own fight using Demon God that secret magic will consecrate directly. 魔门相对来说最为简单直接,只要他们日常供奉某尊魔神,又懂得召唤秘法,战斗临敌的时候,就可以利用秘法将供奉的魔神直接召唤出来代替自己战斗。 In the Confucianism , Buddhism , Daoism is most difficult, naturally displays is also fiercest, is the Buddhism by the body Buddha. 三教之中最难的,当然施展起来也是最厉害的,就是佛门的以身化佛了。 Because by the body Buddha, did not ask Buddha to arrive at oneself body, did not invite with secret magic replaces the own fight, but own practice all Buddha strength, transformed a Buddha to fight, so long as transformed successfully, Buddha was own, own was Buddha. 因为以身化佛,既不是请佛降临己身,更不是用秘法把佛请来代替自己战斗,而是将自身修炼的所有佛力,幻化出一尊佛来战斗,只要幻化成功,佛就是自己,自己就是佛。 Therefore, is highest with the threshold of body Buddha. 因此,以身化佛的门槛最高。 First must request Buddhists to complete Building Foundation Realm, at least has achieved Eye Opening Realm, a skill changes into the Buddha strength to display completely purely \; 首先必须要求佛门弟子完成筑基境界,也就是至少达到了开光境,一身功力全部化为纯粹佛力才能施展\; The next request Buddhists must the day and night sutras, in the in the heart view think frequently own the Buddha of melting, that Buddha clear incomparable keeps in the heart, can being near enemy, otherwise, even/including Buddha the appearance unable to remember, what discussed Buddha? 其次要求佛门弟子必须日夜诵经,时时刻刻在心中观想自己所化之佛,将那尊佛清晰无比的留在心中,才能临敌化出,否则的话,连佛的样子都记不住,何谈化佛? Finally is, by the body Buddha, displays one time, own Buddha strength loses inevitably greatly, even if in the fight can live, does not die must restore 35 years, many ten years eight years, can restore to the original boundary. 最后就是,以身化佛,施展一次,自身佛力必然损耗巨大,就算战斗中能活下来,不死也要恢复个35年,多则十年八年,才能恢复到原来境界。 This scariest, but also has the advantage, displays by the body Buddha, so long as boils the years, when restores the boundary, actually was also the date of breakthrough, because of Buddha one time, regarding the benevolence Buddha-nature as well as the Buddha principle wait/etc., understood the degree of understanding, will surpass other people. 这一条最为吓人,但也有好处,施展以身化佛,只要熬得岁月,重新恢复境界之时,其实也就是突破之日,因为化佛一次,对于佛心佛性以及佛理等等,参透理解的程度,会远超他人。 Eye Opening Realm Kun Bayu, displays by the technique of body Buddha outrageously, can only say that is reluctantly, by his cultivation level, can only congeal a Buddha body, then all penetrates in own thought the Buddha body, comes and Ling Yun fight. 开光境坤巴裕,悍然施展以身化佛之术,只能说是勉强而已,以他的修为,只能凝结出一具佛身,然后将自身意念全部贯入佛身之中,来和凌云战斗。 His thought that body of Buddha. 他的意念,佛的身子。 This with falling Immortal Technique of Taoism, the thought of immortal, the body of person, is opposite. 这跟道家的降仙术,仙的意念,人的身子,恰好相反。 Naturally, Devil Sects simply direct, the demon thought that the demon body, to put it bluntly directly asked the big shot who own consecrated to come out to fight. 当然,魔门更干脆直接,魔的意念,魔的身子,说白了就是直接请自己供奉的大佬出来打架。 Also because just holds the Ling Yun body, is the person praying to Buddha body, therefore Ling Yun's Melting Blood Divine Blade cuts ten blades to chop continually motionless, after all, this great big buddha body, is a Kun Bayu Buddha strength congeals, his flesh body intensity, but must above Eye Opening Realm! 也正因为抓住凌云身体的,是人念佛身,所以凌云的化血神刀连斩十刀都砍不动,毕竟,这具巨大佛身,乃是坤巴裕一身佛力凝结而成,他的“肉身”强度,还要在开光境之上! Ka...... 咔啦啦…… Sees own this side, Sect Master Kun Ting, after Light Protector Kun Zhanle makes a move full power, Kun Bayu knows that own does not have the extra worries again, therefore he stimulates to movement full power, tightens the giant finger citron suddenly, grasps full power! 看到自己这一方,门主坤挺,光明护法坤占叻全力出手之后,坤巴裕知道自己再无后顾之忧,于是他催动全力,将巨大佛手猛然收紧,全力握下! Uses strength to bully the weak, does not care about you to have thousand Magic Treasure, all kinds change, so long as a move sufficed! 恃强凌弱,根本不在乎你有千般法宝,万般变化,只要一招就够了! Kun Bayu wants to pinch unexpectedly while still alive Ling Yun! 坤巴裕竟想要把凌云给活活捏死! Un!” “嗯!” Ling Yun in giant palm, bonus has Great Evolving Stars Secret Art not to have the boundary of wound, under such terrifying great strength extrusion, the body also pinched distortion, a bone seemed pushed one group, exudes ka sound, looking deathly pale of his pain! 巨大手掌之中的凌云,饶是拥有大衍聚星宝诀无伤之境,在这样的恐怖巨力挤压之下,身体也被捏的变形,一身骨头仿佛被挤成了一团,发出咔啦啦的响声,把他痛的脸色惨白! This is Ling Yun , since Poyang Lake fights Long Tianfang, first time eats such big owing! 这是凌云自从鄱阳湖大战龙天放之后,头一次吃这么大的亏! Originally, he was also pondering over after coming this, so long as tidies up opposite party several leader characters, then absorbs some skills, has knocked it off to a Myriad Buddhas Sect lesson, therefore he did not have under the pain the killer. 本来,他还思忖着来此之后,只要收拾对方几个首领人物,然后吸收一些功力,给万佛门一个教训就算拉倒了,所以他一直没有痛下杀手。 After all, the opposite party is the Buddhism, the Buddhism of foreign country, after all is the Buddhism Confucian orthodoxy. 毕竟,对方是佛门,外国的佛门,也终归属于佛门道统。 But at this moment, Ling Yun changed the idea. 但这一刻,凌云改主意了。 Chaos Qi Shield!” 混元一气盾!” In the giant palm, Ling Yun under the severe pain, uses Spiritual Thought, displayed peak Chaos Qi Shield suddenly, first was own has opened a space! 巨掌之中,凌云在剧痛之下,动用神念,猛然将混元一气盾施展到了极致,先为自己撑开了一丝空间! Shua! 刷! His Spiritual Thought moves again, recalls Golden Dragon Spear directly! 神念再动,直接召回金色龙枪 This Golden Dragon Spear, after is him, golden spinal column dragon spiritual energy that carries on the back transforms, it may be said that destroys the hardest defenses, so long as returns to within the body, this Buddhism giant palm, wants to tighten to pinch dead Ling Yun again, is impossible. 这杆金色龙枪,乃是他后背上的金色脊柱龙灵气幻化而成的,可谓无坚不摧,只要回归体内,这只佛门巨掌,再想收紧捏死凌云,就不可能了。 However quick, Ling Yun discovered that is not simple, because Kun Bayu also has another hand. 然而很快,凌云就发现并没有那么简单,因为坤巴裕还有另外一只手。 Also does not know that Kun Bayu had discovered really Ling Yun's attempts, he does not wait for Golden Dragon Spear to approach, another giant palm conveniently racket, sweeping flew Golden Dragon Spear! 也不知道坤巴裕是不是真的发现了凌云的企图,他不等金色龙枪靠近,另一只巨掌随手一拍,就把金色龙枪给扫飞了! Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Superhuman hand turns into a fist, Kun Bayu is grasping Ling Yun, starts to pound the earth fiercely, he must pound one group of meat sauce Ling Yun! 紧接着,巨掌成拳,坤巴裕握着凌云,开始猛砸大地,他要把凌云砸成一团肉酱! Golden Dragon Spear does not come back, other Ling Yun Magic Treasure do not certainly come back, he changed the idea decisively, is controlling own four Magic Treasure, simultaneously attacks to airborne, sits cross-legged to sit well motionless Kun Bayu! 金色龙枪回不来,凌云其他的法宝当然也更加回不来,他果断改了主意,控制着自己的四件法宝,同时攻向空中,盘膝端坐不动的坤巴裕 Person praying to Buddha body, since complete thought of Kun Bayu on Buddha, then his own flesh body naturally with lying down corpse not different, so long as has killed Kun Bayu, the Buddha body that he condenses, naturally also abandoned! 人念佛身,既然坤巴裕的全部意念都在佛身上了,那么他自己肉身自然就跟躺尸无异,只要杀了坤巴裕,他凝聚出来的佛身,自然也就废了! Shua! 刷! Kun Zhanle has made a move, his valuable mirror in airborne enlarges suddenly once more, revolving, that say/way flaming white light beam covered Kun Bayu flesh body unexpectedly thoroughly! 坤占叻出手了,他的宝镜在空中猛然再次放大,一个旋转,那道炽盛的白色光柱竟然彻底笼罩住了坤巴裕肉身 Clank clank! 铮铮铮铮! Although the Ling Yun Magic Treasure speed is fast, may also quickly the speed of light, four Magic Treasure attack Kun Bayu again quickly, was actually blocked by the white light beam, bumps flies, cannot moisten the body of Kun Bayu. 凌云法宝的速度虽然快,可再快也快不过光速,四件法宝攻击坤巴裕,却被白色光柱挡住,一碰即飞,根本沾不到坤巴裕的身体。 Sees this, Ling Yun has to acknowledge, Myriad Buddhas Sect inherits the millenniums, can stand erect in the southern coastal provinces throughout not but actually, and becomes the mainstay of southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance, truly reasonable. 看到这一幕,就连凌云都不得不承认,万佛门传承千年,能够在南洋始终屹立不倒,并且成为南洋散修联盟的中流砥柱,确实是有道理的。 No matter what, at least Ling Yun in China, highest boundary Cultivator that meets, is Heavenly Sword Sect Building Foundation peak Expert Di Heyi, has not seen above Building Foundation the boundary. 不管怎么说,至少凌云华夏的时候,遇到的最高境界的修炼者,也不过是天剑宗筑基巅峰高手狄鹤翼,至今也没见到一个筑基之上境界。 Naturally, now Ling Yun already understands, above Building Foundation boundary Cultivator, China definitely has, he has not met, is only others desirably hidden world. 当然,现在凌云早已明白,筑基之上境界的修炼者,华夏绝对有,他没遇到,只是人家刻意隐世不出罢了。 Now he here, copes may incessantly be, even can be said as strongest Cultivator of country's, meets above several Building Foundation, is very it may be said that normal. 他现在在这里,对付的可不止是一宗,甚至可以说是一国的最强修炼者,遇到几个筑基之上,可谓正常得很。 A valuable mirror, a canopy, cannot think that Myriad Buddhas Sect really also has such treasure! Can be able to resist my four Magic Treasure unexpectedly! 一枚宝镜,一顶华盖,想不到万佛门竟然还有这样的宝贝!竟然能抵挡得住我四件法宝 Such being the case, that do not blame me not being impolite!” “既然如此,那就别怪我不客气了!” shua~ shua~ shua~ Shua! 刷刷刷刷! Ling Yun gave up attacking the Kun Bayu flesh body thought with Magic Treasure decisively, transferred four Magic Treasure, simultaneously pounded to Kun Ting that has camouflaged half square canopy! 凌云果断放弃了用法宝攻击坤巴裕肉身的念头,调动四件法宝,同时砸向坤挺的那件遮蔽了半个广场的华盖! Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Human King Seal of two zhang (3.33 m) square, the towards giant canopy pounds to fall suddenly, the giant canopy that only pounds sinks suddenly! 两丈见方的人王印,对着巨大的华盖猛然砸落,只砸的巨大的华盖猛然一沉! At the same time, Golden Dragon Spear, Azure Shadow Flying Sword, Yin-Yang Astral Qi Sword, turns toward the giant canopy to puncture swiftly and violently! 同一时刻,金色龙枪,青影飞剑,阴阳罡气剑,也都向着巨大华盖迅猛刺去! This canopy, obviously is defense class Magic Treasure, changes to half square to be so big, the goal was too big, evades not to be possible to evade, therefore can only withstand the attack. 这件华盖,显然是一件防御类法宝,化作半个广场那么大,目标太大了,避无可避,因此只能承受攻击。 Kun Ting is critical situation, supports full power painstakingly. 坤挺如临大敌,全力苦撑。 „Can Sect Master, be able to resist?” Kun Zhanle is looking at the canopy sinking reprecipitation of top of the head, some worries asked. 门主,能抵挡得住吗?”坤占叻望着头顶的华盖一沉再沉,有些担心问道。 Light Protector felt relieved, my this five colors canopy, compared with your bright valuable mirror Rank difference, he a short time cannot break through. So long as you protect good Kun Bayu Master flesh body then.” 光明护法放心,我这五彩华盖,不比你那光明宝镜品阶差,他一时半会儿攻不破的。你只要保护好坤巴裕上师肉身即可。” Good, Kun Bayu Master by the body Buddha, powerful three times continues, that China loose cultivator, how long should unable to insist!” “好,坤巴裕上师以身化佛,实力强大三倍不止,那个华夏散修,应该坚持不了多久了!” Light Protector Kun Zhanle, the heart has had the faint trace hope. 光明护法坤占叻,心头生出了丝丝希望。 Myriad Buddhas Sect two against one attacks, three pairs one! 万佛门两防一攻,三对一! The fight hence, under Building Foundation Realm, could not meddle. 战斗至此,筑基境界之下,根本就已经插不上手了。 Ling Yun sneers, in the heart meditates: thunder pond!” 凌云冷笑,心中默念:“雷池!” Dantian thunder pond opens, Ling Yun from thunder pond, pulled out a Tribulation Thunder energy to come out, towards airborne Kun Bayu has divided! 丹田雷池打开,凌云雷池之中,抽了一道劫雷能量出来,对着空中的坤巴裕就劈了过去! You have the light, I have electricity, has a look at this invisible strength, can your light beam resist? 你有光,我有电,看看这无形的力量,你那光柱能否抵挡? crack! 咔嚓 The airborne thunderclap resounds, the arm thick or thin lightning, divided Kun Bayu flesh body together solid! 空中炸雷响起,一道胳膊粗细的闪电,结结实实地劈中了坤巴裕肉身 flesh body that only this, Kun Bayu sits cross-legged suddenly is shaken, posture that the lightning chops sat cross-legged perfectly, became lax many! 只这一下,坤巴裕盘坐的肉身就被闪电劈的猛然一抖,原本完美盘坐的姿势,变得松垮了不少! Similarly, is grasping the Ling Yun body to pound crazily to the giant palm of ground, stagnates suddenly, a strength also suddenly loosen, the Ling Yun instantaneous feeling pressure reduced! 同样的,正握着凌云身体疯狂砸向地面的巨掌,猛然一滞,力道也骤然一松,凌云瞬间感觉压力减少了许多! Is effective!” “管用!” The Ling Yun great happiness, immediately gave up using the thoughts of other cards in a hand again, he used crossed the Tribulation Thunder energy that the tribulation absorbed couple days ago, a lightning met a lightning, divided ruthlessly to airborne Kun Bayu! 凌云大喜,立即放弃了再用其他底牌的念头,他动用前几天渡劫吸收来的劫雷能量,一道闪电接一道闪电,狠狠劈向空中的坤巴裕 Consecutively after six thunder and lightning, Kun Bayu already whole body burned black, by looking awful of electricity, the buddhist monk's robes vanished into thin air, the big figure is unable to maintain the sitting cross-legged condition, presents the big font, must fall shortly in the sky! 连续六道雷电之后,坤巴裕早已浑身焦黑,被电的不成样子,僧衣化为乌有,高大的身形也无法保持盘膝状态了,呈现大字型,眼看就要掉落当空! But he has not actually died. 但他却还没有死。 After all passed the Heavenly Tribulation person, was Eye Opening Realm Expert, flesh body exceptionally was naturally tyrannical. 毕竟是度过天劫的人,又是开光境高手,肉身自然异常强横。 But his main body suffered the heavy losses, that Buddha body natural buckle is not small, by consolidation empty, grasped the Ling Yun's palm unable to create to injure to Ling Yun again. 可他本体遭受了重创,那具佛身自然折损不小,由实变虚,握着凌云的手掌也不能再对凌云造成伤害了。 „This...... How is this possible?! Thunder and lightning where comes?!” “这这……这怎么可能?!哪里来的雷电?!” After Kun Zhanle sees this, unavoidably dumbstruck, he looks at each other one with Kun Ting, even feeling with amazement! 坤占叻看到这一幕之后,不免目瞪口呆,他跟坤挺对视一眼,均感骇然! Dies to me!” “给我死!” Opportunity must not be lost, loses no longer comes, Ling Yun aims at the opportunity, displays the natural feet to pass one step to step forward, appeared before the body of Kun Bayu instantaneously! 机不可失,失不再来,凌云瞅准机会,施展天足通一步跨出,瞬间出现在了坤巴裕的身前! Melting Blood Divine Blade blade glow flashes continually, lying this way and that Ling Yun has chopped into pieces the Buddha shadow giant palm suddenly, blade glow flashes again, a blade divided into the Kun Zhanle valuable mirror light beam! 化血神刀刀芒连闪,横七竖八,凌云眨眼劈碎了佛影巨掌,紧接着刀芒再闪,一刀劈入了坤占叻的宝镜光柱之中! Does not hinder! 毫无阻碍! Ling Yun has guessed right, the light beam of this valuable mirror, is only really useful to Magic Treasure. 凌云猜对了,这宝镜的光柱,果然只对法宝有用。 In other words, can affect Cultivator to be attached to Spiritual Thought on Magic Treasure, therefore Ling Yun's Magic Treasure meets the light beam to have no alternative. 换言之,能够影响修炼者附在法宝上的神念,所以凌云的法宝遇到光柱无可奈何。 shua~ shua~ shua~! 刷刷刷 After three blades have cut, the Kun Bayu body is split up, death! 三刀斩过之后,坤巴裕身体四分五裂,死! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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