DEMG :: Volume #18

#1774: Really courts death

Chapter 1769 第1769章 Really courts death 真是找死 At this moment, on the square outside Myriad Buddhas Sect main hall, had already made a mess. 此刻,万佛门大殿外的广场上面,早就已经乱作一团。 Because Ling Yun from extinguishing Heavenly Spirit Sect to appearing in Myriad Buddhas Sect, the middle experienced for two hours, during this period, Myriad Buddhas Sect for the governing enemy, has almost summoned in all over the country Expert entire Sect, therefore, now Buddhism Expert in square, is the Myriad Buddhas Sect complete strength. 由于凌云从灭了天灵宗到出现在万佛门,中间经历了两个多小时,在这期间,万佛门为了御敌,几乎把整个宗门全国各地高手都召了回来,因此,现在广场上的佛门高手,已经是万佛门的全部战力。 In more than 200 people, except for met in the main hall a moment ago secret Yi nine Building Foundation Realm, three Eye Opening Realm to the powerhouse beside, the Buddhist priest who achieves the Qi Practicing late-stage boundary, about hundred people, remaining larger part, has achieved the Qi Practicing boundary. 这200多人里面,除了刚才在大殿中开会秘议的九名筑基境界,三名开光境界的至强者之外,达到练气后期境界的僧人,就有近百人,剩下的一大半,也都达到了练气境界。 It looks like in these people, by such battle formation, let alone is the trivial several intruder, is leans Sect even several Sect to come to attack, their Myriad Buddhas Sect also in the same old way has strength of the war. 在这些人看来,凭借这样的阵势,别说是区区几名入侵者,就是倾一个宗门甚至数个宗门前来攻打,他们万佛门也照样拥有一战之力。 Therefore, when Ling Yun comes suddenly, these in Myriad Buddhas Sect enjoy your home to be superior, when Master Buddhism Expert, besides being filled with righteous indignation, what are more is thinks otherwise. 因此,当凌云突然现身之时,这些在万佛门享尊处优,当惯了上师的佛门高手,除了义愤填膺之外,更多的是不以为然。 They do not believe absolutely, the intruder who this presents rashly, can in the own domain, grab a bargain, even the even/including wants like this not to think. 他们绝对不相信,这个贸然出现的入侵者,真的能够在自己的地盘上,讨去一丝便宜,甚至连想都没这样想过。 But after the war starts, they know that idea of own how laughable, that looks like common China loose cultivator, is having the how terrifying strength! 可是当大战开启之后,他们才知道自己的想法是多么的可笑,那个看起来不起眼的华夏散修,又是拥有着多么恐怖的实力! Ling Yun advances freely and quickly, natural round trip, these many people, will not have one person unexpectedly are his gathering, teacher senior who they in incomparably venerated in those days, these Building Foundation Realm Sect will be supreme, suddenly, by others severe wound most probably! 凌云纵横驰骋,潇洒来去,己方这么多人,竟没有一人是他的一合之将,他们往日里无比尊崇的师尊前辈,那些筑基境界宗门至尊,眨眼之间,就被人家重伤了大半! Runs away!” “逃!” Looks at Ling Yun to raise barely alive Kun Xin, from airborne swoops, in the square these Myriad Buddhas Sect disciples, in the heart frightened was already filled up, only remaining escaped this thought! 看着凌云提着半死不活的坤信,从空中飞扑而下,广场上那些万佛门弟子,心中早已被恐惧填满,只剩下了逃跑这一个念头! Running away quickest, Kun Bayu just had confessed that is responsible for looking after Kun Pakse that several to pass on the disciple, they have Qi Practicing 9-layer boundary cultivation level, is bringing Kun Pakse without hesitation, turns toward outside Myriad Buddhas Sect to flush away. 逃的最快的,正是坤巴裕刚刚交代过,负责照看坤巴色的那几个亲传弟子,他们都有着练气九层境界的修为,毫不犹豫就带着坤巴色,率先向着万佛门外冲去。 Bang! 嘭! Ling Yun Spiritual Thought covers, the situation in square to insight that looks, which his allows the enemy to run away easily, loses Kun Xin that in the hand suffocates fiercely at will, flies high one step to step forward, overtook ran away the quickest that several Buddhist priests! 凌云神念笼罩,对广场上的形势看的通透,他哪容敌人轻易逃窜,猛地将手里奄奄一息的坤信随意一丢,凌空一步跨出,就追上了逃得最快的那几个僧人! Present Qi Practicing 9-layer, in the Ling Yun's eye, really with treating butchers the lamb to differ not in a big way, he snaps fingers one after another, causes heavy losses to these people completely, a big hand move, that several people are then ordinary then as if being a go-between puppet, was separated to entrain by him completely spatially! 如今的练气九层,在凌云的眼里,真的就跟待宰羔羊相差不大,他接连弹指,将这几人全部重创,然后大手一招,那几个人就仿佛牵线木偶一般,全部被他隔空拽了回来! „To run away?! Has a dream!” “想逃?!做梦!” Ling Yun experience teaches, just in Heavenly Spirit Sect because of benevolent of the reading, nearly suffered a loss, now may be also softhearted? 凌云吃一堑长一智,刚在天灵宗因为一念之仁,差点儿吃了大亏,现在又怎么可能会心慈手软? Bang! 轰! Spiritual Thought moves, Ling Yun has let loose the Yin-Yang True Qi vortex, the giant vortex almost flash has covered the entire square, starts to absorb under these Building Foundation Realm crazily True Qi of disciple. 神念一动,凌云就放开了阴阳真气漩涡,巨大漩涡几乎一瞬间就笼罩了整个广场,开始疯狂吸收这些筑基境界之下弟子的真气 Regarding Building Foundation above, Ling Yun, although does not facilitate to use this move, but regarding these Building Foundation, whom his Yin-Yang True Qi vortex is catches to attract anyone, does not have the barrier! 对于筑基之上,凌云虽然不方便使用这一招,但对于这些筑基之下,他的阴阳真气漩涡是逮谁吸谁,毫无障碍! The flash, over a hundred people by the huge Yin-Yang True Qi vortex scroll, leaning this way and that cannot help but in the middle of the vortex, within the body True Qi suddenly were only passed, shouted miserably again and again! 只一瞬间,就有上百人被巨大的阴阳真气漩涡卷了进去,在漩涡当中不由自主的东倒西歪,体内真气急剧流逝,惨呼连连! „! Sect Master saves a life!” “啊!宗主救命!” Light Protector saves a life! Aiya! My skill......” 光明护法救命!哎呀!我的功力……” The velocity of whirl of Yin-Yang True Qi vortex was really too quick, as long as was the boundary insufficiently is curled, did not have the ability to run away, quick, inside spread the panic-stricken praying for rescue sound, was similar to shrieks and howls wildly. 阴阳真气漩涡的旋转速度实在是太快了,但凡是境界不够被卷进去的,都没有能力逃出来,很快,里面就传出了惊恐求救声音,如同鬼哭狼嚎。 Ah......” “啊呀呀……” Kun Bayu has a dream has not thought, killing of own incurs gives Myriad Buddhas Sect to bring the so giant disaster unexpectedly, his violent anger to the extreme, has stimulated to movement peak own Spiritual Thought fiercely, attacks toward Ling Yun with own treasure rod. 坤巴裕做梦都没想到,自己的杀招竟然给万佛门带来如此巨大的灾祸,他暴怒到了极点,猛地把自己神念催动到了极致,用自己宝杖向着凌云攻去。 Bang! 轰! Ling Yun Magic Treasure is now uneven, no longer the avoidance, he recalled Human King Seal, blocked Kun Bayu treasure rod directly, the golden light white light has also sparkled, exudes the sound of huge hit, in the True Qi vortex had many people affected, was killed by shock by the terrifying air current unexpectedly while still alive. 凌云现在法宝齐出,不再躲避,他召回了人王印,直接挡住了坤巴裕宝杖,金光白光同时闪耀,发出了巨大的撞击之声,真气漩涡之中有不少人受到了波及,竟被恐怖的气流活活震死了。 Kun Bayu sees the attack of own to be invalid to Ling Yun throughout, flying into a rage of air/Qi, but he loses now greatly, knows that rushes to front of Ling Yun, in vain brings death! 坤巴裕自己的攻击始终对凌云无效,气的暴跳如雷,但他现在损耗巨大,知道就算冲到凌云面前,也不过是白白送死! Shua! 刷! Kun Bayu is helpless, has flown upper air suddenly, he sits cross-legged to sit, the facial color suddenly becomes quiet like the water, said to Kun Ting and Kun Zhanle: Sect Master, Light Protector, this Lin Tian, in my Myriad Buddhas Sect run amuck, kills people like the hemp, to this time, you had also been fantasizing must turn swords into plowshares with him, was fantasizing negotiated with the opposite party?” 坤巴裕无奈,猛然飞到了高空,他盘膝而坐,面色突然变得沉静如水,对坤挺坤占叻说道:“门主,光明护法,这个林天,在我万佛门横行无忌,杀人如麻,难道到了这个时候,你们还幻想着要跟他化干戈为玉帛,幻想着跟对方谈判吗?” My Kun Bayu teaches the god as protecting of Myriad Buddhas Sect the monk, even if tonight died in battle, must draw this person to go to hell!” “我坤巴裕作为万佛门的护教神僧,今夜纵然战死,也要拉着此人下地狱!” Then, Kun Bayu has closed both eyes slowly, his whole body golden light rises, the golden light condensed nearly substantive great big buddha shadow again, the volume compared with big enough two times! 说完,坤巴裕缓缓闭上了双目,紧接着,他周身再一次金光大盛,金光凝聚出了一个近乎实质的巨大佛影,体积比刚才的大了足足两倍! Kun Bayu overdraws the whole body Buddha strength, bleeds profusely from the head, the Buddha shadow exsomatize, the flash appeared in the vortex center slowly, the Buddha shadow big hand has extended, the towards Ling Yun's body grasped suddenly! 坤巴裕透支全身佛力,七窍流血,佛影缓缓离体,一瞬间就出现在了漩涡中心,佛影大手一伸,对着凌云的身体猛然一抓! Really is the insect of centipede, dies, but is not stiff!” “真是百足之虫,死而不僵!” Ling Yun simultaneously is absorbing over a hundred people of True Qi using the Yin-Yang True Qi vortex now, he is enjoying the crisp feeling that the boundary is increasing to bring, naturally does not want to be broken, sees that to sneer, direct brandishing a blade chops! 凌云现在正利用阴阳真气漩涡同时吸收着上百人的真气,他正在享受着境界攀升带来的爽感,当然不想被打断,见状冷笑一声,直接挥刀就劈! Dāng!” “当!” Melting Blood Divine Blade divided solid above the Buddha shadow big hand, sent out loudly loud noise, deafening, the Ling Yun's palm shook somewhat tingles with numbness. 化血神刀结结实实地劈在了佛影大手之上,发出轰然巨响,震耳欲聋,就连凌云的手掌都震得有些发麻。 What a pity, that Buddha shadow big hand slow one slow, was actually continue tighten, towards Ling Yun that Melting Blood Divine Blade prevented has grasped. 可惜,那佛影大手只是被化血神刀阻挡的缓了一缓,却还是在继续收紧,对着凌云抓了过来。 Very obviously, Kun Bayu this, died not awfully must draw the Ling Yun pad back. 很显然,坤巴裕这是不要命了,死也要拉着凌云垫背。 The Ling Yun complexion sinks, chops nine blades like lightning, chops to the fingers/tiger mouth spot of Buddha shadow big hand. 凌云脸色一沉,闪电般劈出九刀,都是劈向佛影大手的虎口部位。 Ding-dong...... 当当当当…… The sound of metal hit resounds fiercely, airborne sits cross-legged motionless Kun Bayu, the body vibrates fiercely, was pounded to fall dozens zhang (3.33 m) instantaneously, the big mouth has spurted the blood, actually as before does not give up! 金属撞击之声剧烈响起,空中盘坐不动的坤巴裕,身体剧烈抖动,瞬间被砸落几十丈,已经大口喷血,却依旧不放弃! Hasn't died unexpectedly?!” “竟然还不死?!” Ling Yun chops ten blades continually, cannot chop into pieces the Buddha shadow big hand unexpectedly, he knew unable to avoid, was not anxious, instead clenched teeth, displayed the limit Great Evolving Stars Secret Art! 凌云连劈十刀,竟没能劈碎佛影大手,他知道躲不开了,却也不急,反而一咬牙,将大衍聚星宝诀施展到了极限! Bang! 轰! Buddha shadow big hand five fingers draw, finally has gripped Ling Yun, only the flash, Ling Yun feels around the body the pressure endless, the four limbs cannot move, breathes becomes difficult, within the body True Qi circulation, is no longer unobstructed. 佛影大手五指收拢,终于握住了凌云,只一瞬间,凌云就感觉到身体四周压力无尽,四肢动弹不得,就连呼吸都变得困难,体内真气流转,也不再通畅。 The Ling Yun within the body True Qi circulation is blocked, outside Yin-Yang True Qi vortex naturally along with it weakening, the velocity of whirl becomes slow incomparable, many people seized the chance to escape. 凌云体内真气流转受阻,外面的阴阳真气漩涡自然就随之削弱,旋转速度变得缓慢无比,有不少人趁机脱逃了。 But their skill is damaged, already strength used up, but escaped from the vortex range, was actually incapable of escaping. 但他们功力受损,早已力竭,只是逃出了漩涡范围,却无力远遁了。 Kun Bayu has surrounded Ling Yun finally successfully, his whole body is bathed in blood, on the face actually revealed grinning fiendishly of terrifying, the violent shouted: 坤巴裕终于成功困住了凌云,他浑身浴血,脸上却露出了恐怖的狞笑,暴喝道: Kun Ting, Kun Zhanle, haven't you two gotten rid?!” 坤挺,坤占叻,你们两个还不出手?!” Kills!” “杀!” Myriad Buddhas Sect Sect Master Kun Ting, Light Protector Kun Zhanle, to this time, knows that both sides are the life and death situations, no longer tries our luck, they set firm resolve finally! 万佛门门主坤挺,光明护法坤占叻,到了这时候,知道双方已经是你死我活的局势了,不再心存侥幸,他们终于下定了决心! shua~shua! 刷刷! Two flowing light run out from their forehead respectively, enlarges instantaneously! 道流光分别从他们的眉心冲出,瞬间放大! To/Clashes from the Kun Ting forehead, is a giant canopy, the multi-colored sunlight is unexpectedly bright, is primarily the golden light, has covered the most square instantaneously! 坤挺眉心冲出来的,竟是一件巨大的华盖,霞光灿烂,其中又以金光为主,瞬间笼罩了大半个广场! The Ling Yun's Yin-Yang True Qi vortex, the range reduced most all of a sudden! 凌云的阴阳真气漩涡,范围一下子缩小了大半儿! Myriad Buddhas Sect all disciples, fast enter under the canopy!” 万佛门所有弟子,速速进入华盖之下!” Expert of Myriad Buddhas Sect these survivals, saw that Sect Master has made a move finally, immediately is joyful such as crazily, the moving quickly has drilled into under the canopy. 万佛门那些幸存的高手,看到门主终于出手了,顿时欣喜如狂,飞身钻入了华盖下方。 But Light Protector Kun Zhanle Magic Treasure, is actually a black color mirror, the other aspect is smooth, appears to emit together the flaming white light beam, shining of entire square illumination like daytime! 光明护法坤占叻法宝,却是一面乌黑色的镜子,另一面光滑明亮,一出现就放射出一道炽盛的白色光柱,将整个广场照射的亮如白昼! shua~ shua~ shua~! 刷刷刷 This valuable mirror is sending out the terrifying Buddha strength, in airborne violent revolving, the white light beam pursued Ling Yun's several Magic Treasure, Ling Yun's Azure Shadow Flying Sword is swept by that white light beam, stagnated unexpectedly suddenly, nearly fell in the sky! 这枚宝镜散发着恐怖的佛力,在空中猛烈旋转,白色光柱追逐着凌云的几件法宝,凌云的青影飞剑被那白色光柱扫了一下,竟然猛然一滞,差点儿掉落当空! You court death really!” “你们真是找死啊!” Ling Yun had been closely gripped by the giant palm, the body is similar to falls into the deep well, could not see to outside situation, but his Spiritual Consciousness actually can also show, therefore, knows that opposite party three Great Expert have gotten rid full power. 凌云被巨大手掌紧紧握住了,身体如同落入深井,对外面情况看不到,但他的神识却还能透出一些,因此,知道对方三大高手已经全力出手了。 Trivial by the body Buddha, wants to surround me? Has a dream!” “区区以身化佛,就想困住我?做梦!” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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