DEMG :: Volume #18

#1773: Sends the invincible might greatly

Chapter 1768 第1768章 Sends the invincible might greatly 大发神威 The Qi Practicing 7-layer peak, Ling Yun tidies up Myriad Buddhas Sect, has accomplished a task with ease. 练气七层巅峰,凌云收拾一个万佛门,就已经游刃有余。 Before let alone Ling Yun comes, obtained Guanyin to change magically, the sudden enlightenment breakthrough, has entered into the Qi Practicing 8-layer boundary. 更何况凌云来之前,得到了南海观音点化,顿悟突破,迈入了练气八层境界。 The clairvoyants and natural feets pass, although after is Ling Yun enters the Qi Practicing late-stage boundary, develops two big ability that the brain territory obtains, is the own new ability, but, actually opening deva-eye as well as the god passes with buddhism six abilities fully, has the wonder of equally good results from different methods. 天眼通和天足通,虽然是凌云进入练气后期境界之后,开发脑域得到的两大异能,属于自己的新能力,但是,却跟“佛门六通”中的开天眼以及神足通,有着异曲同工之妙。 Depends this difference new ability, Ling Yun, in Myriad Buddhas Sect five top Expert during besieges and pursues to block off, round trip free, vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered the shuttle, flickers to move, far and near by the heart, many Magic Treasure of enemy has attacked his half-day/long time, his lower hem corner has not moistened. 仗着这两样新异能,凌云万佛门五名顶级高手的围追堵截之中,来去自如,纵横穿梭,一步一瞬移,远近由心,敌人的多件法宝攻击了他半天,就连他的衣角都没有沾到。 Ling Yun is raising Kun Pakse, the cat play mouse is common, after having played tricks on Kun Bayu and the others a while, felt that the Buddha strength of Kun Pakse within the body, is been similar, he who he absorbed threw conveniently, Kun Pakse that will suffocate threw to Kun Bayu! 凌云提着坤巴色,猫戏老鼠一般,戏弄了坤巴裕等人一会儿之后,感觉坤巴色体内的佛力,被他吸收的差不多了,他随手一抛,将奄奄一息的坤巴色扔给了坤巴裕! Gives back to you!” “还给你!” Kun Bayu at this time, was controlling own treasure rod to chase down Ling Yun crazily, saw that Ling Yun has thrown his younger brother suddenly, immediately had a big shock, hurrying made own treasure rod transfer the direction, simultaneously a big hand move, the Kun Pakse move in own. 坤巴裕这时候,正控制着自己宝杖疯狂追杀凌云,眼看着凌云冷不丁将他弟弟扔了出来,顿时大惊失色,赶紧让自己宝杖调转方向,同时大手一招,把坤巴色招到了自己手里。 Pakse!” 巴色!” Kun Bayu grasps Kun Pakse to fix the eyes on looked, immediately both eyes anger opens the eyes, feels like a knife twisting in the heart. 坤巴裕抱住坤巴色定睛一看,顿时双目怒睁,心如刀绞。 Kun Pakse is also living, but his Dantian broke, the Buddha strength that within the body self-torture must come is almost nothing left, the surface like the spirit money, both eyes shuts tightly, motionless, with living corpse not different. 坤巴色还活着,可他丹田已经破碎,体内苦修得来的佛力更是几乎荡然无存,面如金纸,双目紧闭,一动不动,就跟活死人无异了。 Kun Bayu in the heart gets angry and hates, his intention moved, holds younger brother's body flickers to move to leave the regiment, returned to the ground square, has given own several disciples Kun Pakse. 坤巴裕心中又怒又恨,他心念一动,抱着弟弟的身体一个瞬移离开了战团,回到了地面广场,将坤巴色交给了自己的几名弟子。 Your several, helping me look after Kun Pakse Master carefully, if discovered that situation is not right, can lead him to leave Myriad Buddhas Sect as soon as possible!” “你们几个,帮我仔细照看好坤巴色上师,如果发现情况不对,可以带着他尽早离开万佛门!” Yes!” “是!” That several disciples received Kun Pakse, is too busy to comply. 那几名弟子接过坤巴色,忙不迭答应下来。 "Ah!" “啊!” At this moment, hears airborne exudes one sad and shrill to shout miserably, originally is Ling Yun after putting aside Kun Pakse, seized a Building Foundation peak, what this time is bad luck is Kun Xin, put in an appearance to be seized by Ling Yun! 就在这时,就听到空中又发出一声凄厉惨呼,原来是凌云在丢开坤巴色之后,又逮住了一个筑基巅峰,这次倒霉的是坤信,一个照面就被凌云擒住了! Ling Yun follows a set pattern, the direct palm pats broken opposite party Dantian , to continue to absorb his within the body huge Buddha strength. 凌云如法炮制,直接一掌拍碎对方丹田,继续吸收他体内庞大的佛力。 Mentioned also strangely, Ling Yun discovered, hid the belief strength in various his within the body acupoints hole, sparkles flaming rays of light changed to small Sun time, absorbed the opposite party Buddha strength to come, was unexpectedly quicker than his Yin-Yang True Qi vortex, moreover rapidness that transformed, these Buddha strength, left the opposite party body time, was the pure Buddha strength, may enter Ling Yun within the body, emerged various acupoints hole time, directly turned into the strength of pure belief. 说来也怪,凌云发现,隐藏在他体内各大窍穴之中的信仰之力,闪耀炽盛光芒化作小太阳的时候,吸收起对方的佛力来,竟然比他的阴阳真气漩涡还要快,而且转化的更快,那些佛力,离开对方身体的时候,还是纯粹的佛力,可进入凌云体内,涌入各大窍穴的时候,就直接变成了纯粹的信仰之力了。 This made certainly him be overjoyed. 这当然令他喜出望外。 Sect Master saves me!” 门主救我!” Kun Xin before losing ability to act, sends out sad and shrill and desperate miserable shouts, then again did not have any sound. 坤信在失去行动能力之前,发出一声凄厉而又绝望的惨呼,便再也没有任何动静了。 Ahem, you claimed without justification the Buddhism, actually six only, did not idle is being all right to eat to the full the brace, put in order this nuisance southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance, wants to cope with my China unexpectedly, if did not give you to teach, from now on has not known that will toss about any matter to come!” “哼哼,你们妄称佛门,却六根不净,闲着没事儿吃饱了撑的,整出这个劳什子南洋散修联盟,竟然想对付我华夏,如果不给你们一点儿教训,今后还不知道会折腾出什么事情来呢!” Ling Yun one step avoided the attacks of opposite party three Magic Treasure, the sound ringing said. 凌云一步躲开了对方三件法宝的攻击,声音朗朗说道。 Shua! 刷! After Kun Bayu the own younger brother settles, flickers to move appears in Myriad Buddhas Sect Sect Master Kun Ting, the Light Protector Kun Zhanle side, he lifts hand finger/refers of airborne vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered free Ling Yun. 坤巴裕自己的弟弟安顿好了之后,一个瞬移出现在了万佛门门主坤挺,光明护法坤占叻的身边,他抬手一指空中纵横自如的凌云 Sect Master, Kun Zhanle, your two people saw, that Lin Tian, the true cultivation level strength had already surpassed Kun Pakse, with Kun Xin they, they come up, is brings death! Arrived this time, you were aloof, isn't willing to make a move to cope with him?!” 门主,坤占叻,你们两人看到了没有,那个林天,真正的修为实力早已超过了坤巴色,和坤信他们,他们上去,就是去送死的!难道到这时候了,你们还无动于衷,不肯出手对付他?!” Kun Ting and Kun Zhanle, the two people complexion is dignified, has looked at each other one mutually. 坤挺坤占叻,两人脸色凝重,互相对视了一眼。 The Kun Bayu violent shouted: If you do not make a move, tonight was the date of our Myriad Buddhas Sect extermination!” 坤巴裕暴喝道:“如果你们再不出手,今夜就是我们万佛门灭门之日!” Then, Kun Bayu does not wait for two people to respond, his golden light rises, the Buddha strength rushes, in that group of dazzling golden light, condensed a big golden empty shadow image of Buddha suddenly, raised from his top of the head slowly! 说完,坤巴裕也不等两人做出回应,他身上金光大盛,佛力澎湃,在那一团耀眼金光之中,忽然凝聚出了一个高大的金色的虚影佛像,自他头顶缓缓升起! When is separated from the Kun Bayu body after the golden empty shadow image of Buddha completely, Kun Bayu single Zhanghe ten, in the mouth mumbled suddenly, then palm outward, towards airborne Ling Yun pushed out slowly. 待到金色虚影佛像完全脱离坤巴裕身体之后,坤巴裕突然单掌合十,口中念念有词,然后掌心朝外,对着空中的凌云缓缓推了出去。 Kills!” “杀!” Golden empty shadow image of Buddha moved, appeared before the Ling Yun's body instantaneously, he stretched out the rush cushion size the golden palm, the towards Ling Yun overhead presses down! 金色虚影佛像动了,瞬间就出现在了凌云的身前,他伸出蒲团般大小的金色手掌,对着凌云当头按下! Un?!” “嗯?!” Until this time, Ling Yun finally felt a pressure, no matter he also the opposite party actual situation, decisive took a step, first was separated from gold/metal empty shadow palm range to say again. 直到这时,凌云才终于感受到了一丝压力,他也不管对方虚实,果断一个迈步,先脱离了金佛虚影的手掌范围再说。 Ling Yun these step moved beyond the kilometer, but that pressure still covered in the top of the head, he did not need to catch the eye to look, knows the gold/metal empty shadow still prevented before his body, their relative positions did not change, the palm of that golden light twinkling, still fell toward his head racket. 凌云这一步就挪到了千米之外,可那一丝压力依然笼罩在头顶,他不用抬眼看,就知道金佛虚影依然阻挡在他的身前,他们的相对位置毫无变化,那金光闪烁的手掌,依然朝着他脑袋拍落下来。 Hehe, you built then Dao Foundation, decides and accompanying.” “呵呵,原来你筑就的道基,是定身和随行。” Ling Yun sneered, all of a sudden selects Kun Bayu this move of essence! 凌云冷笑不已,一下子就点出了坤巴裕这一招的本质! Building Foundation, cultivating true cultivator entire Building Foundation Realm, builds then own the base of Grand Dao, but builds is unuseful, only then broke through Building Foundation Realm, can display own Grand Dao Technique reluctantly, the technique law is different from person to person. 筑基,修真者的整个筑基境界,都是筑就自己大道之基,但只是筑就却不能使用,只有突破了筑基境界,才可以勉强施展自己大道术法,术法因人而异。 Kun Bayu knows that could not injure Ling Yun by the own military force in any event, he has used the own most formidable skill finally, put together the boundary with Ling Yun directly, this was the boundary crush! 坤巴裕知道凭借自己的武力是无论如何都伤不到凌云了,他终于动用了自己最强大的本事,直接跟凌云拼境界了,这是境界碾压! Since were accompanied, Ling Yun knows that he could not avoid the opposite party this to hold, therefore also no longer avoided, has opened Chaos Qi Shield suddenly, simultaneously has pinched Motionless Bright King Seal with the idle palm, met the opposite party this formidable to strike hardly! 既然被随行,凌云知道他躲不开对方这一掌了,于是也就不再躲避,猛然撑开了混元一气盾,同时用空闲的手掌捏了个不动明王印,硬接了对方这强大一击! Bang! 轰! The golden giant palm retook again in the Ling Yun top of the head, his figure illness/quick fell, was fallen 300 meters by the racket in the sky! 金色巨掌重重拍在了凌云头顶,他身形疾坠,被当空拍落300米! shua~ shua~ shua~...... 刷刷刷…… Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Meanwhile, all around flies 78 Buddhism Magic Treasure, hit completely on Ling Yun's, sways figure one that he hit fiercely! 同时,四周又飞来78件佛门法宝,全部打在了凌云的身上,将他撞击的身形一阵剧烈摇晃! However is good because of Ling Yun's flesh body, Motionless Bright King Seal that as well as pinches defends heaven-defying, these Magic Treasure of enemy, cannot injure to his body. 不过好在凌云的肉身,以及捏出的不动明王印防御逆天,敌人的那些法宝,并没能伤到他的身体。 When raised the head again, the golden body image of Buddha still hangs before the Ling Yun body, the giant palm lifts, pats once more violently, Kun Bayu strikes to go well, this time may suppress is spicier! 再抬头时,金身佛像依然悬在凌云身前,巨掌抬起,再次猛烈拍下,坤巴裕一击得手,这一次可就狠辣多了! Courts death!” “找死!” The Ling Yun look is cold, Spiritual Thought moves, body same golden light rises, dragon spiritual energy fills the whole body, Golden Dragon Spear detaches! 凌云眼神冷冽,神念一动,身体同样金光大盛,龙灵气弥漫周身,金色龙枪脱体而出! shua~ shua~ shua~! 刷刷刷 Azure Shadow Flying Sword, Human King Seal, runs out from his forehead, Yin-Yang Astral Qi Sword, departs from his Dantian! 青影飞剑,人王印,从他眉心冲出,阴阳罡气剑,从他丹田飞出! Kills!” “杀!” Ling Yun offered a sacrifice to four Magic Treasure all of a sudden, he used Spiritual Thought to stimulate to movement, attacked instantaneously to the enemy! 凌云一下子祭出了四件法宝,他用神念催动,瞬间攻向敌人! Scoffs! 嗤嗤嗤! Bang! 轰! Really was too quick, has not waited for that golden palm to pat to the Ling Yun top of the head once more, four Magic Treasure already simultaneously severe wound four Building Foundation peak! 实在是太快了,还不等那金色手掌再次拍到凌云头顶,四件法宝已经同时重伤了四名筑基巅峰! "Ah!" "Ah!" “啊!”“啊!” two people that airborne only remains, Kun Sai and Kun Lunwei, separately pierced the body by Golden Dragon Spear and Azure Shadow Flying Sword, the two Building Foundation peak in ground, was pounded to fly by Human King Seal, another was punctured by Yin-Yang Astral Qi Sword passed the heart to be cool! 空中仅剩的两人,坤塞坤伦威,分别被金色龙枪青影飞剑刺穿了身体,地面上的两名筑基巅峰,一个被人王印砸飞,另一个被阴阳罡气剑刺了透心凉! Shua! 刷! Above Ling Yun left hand, were many Melting Blood Divine Blade, he looked that does not look, brandishing a blade, scarlet blade glow flashes through conveniently, cut 67 the golden palm instantaneously! 凌云左手之上,多了一把化血神刀,他连看都不看,随手挥刀,猩红色刀芒闪过,瞬间将金色手掌斩成了67段! Un!” “嗯!” Kun Bayu in ground, this thinks that Ling Yun was at the end of the rope, will follow up a victory with hot pursuit, has not actually thought that Ling Yun also has a more terrifying method, after the gold/metal empty shadow that he transforms cut off the palm, own such as was also struck by lightning, backs up one after several other steps, reluctantly has anchored the figure. 地面上的坤巴裕,本以为凌云已经技穷,正要乘胜追击,却没想到凌云还有更加恐怖的手段,他幻化出的金佛虚影被砍断手掌之后,自己也如遭雷击,接连倒退好几步,才勉强停住了身形。 This...... This......” “这……这这……” The Kun Bayu surface like the spirit money, dumbstruck, time had forgotten unexpectedly makes a move once more. 坤巴裕面如金纸,目瞪口呆,一时间竟忘记了再次出手。 He had no way to attack again, because after Ling Yun cut the gold fragments Buddha empty shadow palm, brandishing a blade straight run, lying this way and that suddenly that golden Buddha shadow dividing the powder crushed! 他也没法再攻击了,因为凌云斩碎金佛虚影的手掌之后,挥刀直进,横七竖八,眨眼间就将那个金色佛影给劈的粉粉碎了! The golden empty shadow, changed into the pure Buddha strength, was attracted income within the body by Ling Yun completely. 金色虚影,化为了纯粹的佛力,全部被凌云吸收入体内了。 Fights the present, Myriad Buddhas Sect had two Building Foundation peak to be abandoned, four Building Foundation peak severe wounds, Battle God Sangha Kun Bayu, the battle efficiency also only remaining was less than original half. 战斗到了现在,万佛门已经有两名筑基巅峰被废,四名筑基巅峰重伤,战斗神僧坤巴裕,战斗力也只剩下不到原来的一半了。 Kills!” “杀!” Ling Yun swoops under! 凌云飞扑而下! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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