DEMG :: Volume #18

#1776: A person presses one

Chapter 1771 第1771章 A person presses one 一人压一宗 By the body Buddha how? 以身化佛又如何? According to killing does not harm! 照杀不误! Naturally, what Ling Yun this use is the law of being opportunistic, is not own strength, but the both sides boundary disparity is so big, he does not want to use a stronger card in a hand, can only kill the opposite party to finish up to knock it off like this. 当然,凌云这一次使用的是取巧之法,并非自身实力,但双方境界差距那么大,他又不想使用更强的底牌,只能这样杀死对方完事拉倒。 Bang! 轰! Kun Bayu dies, own thought along with it disappearance, the great big buddha body that condenses, naturally immediately cracks, changes to one group of huge pure Buddha strength! 坤巴裕一死,自身意念随之消失,凝聚出来的巨大佛身,自然立即崩裂,化作一团庞大的纯粹佛力! Ling Yun holds the blade float in this group of purely Buddha strength, within the body all acupoint hole open completely, blossoms in radiant splendor, quick completely absorbs these Buddha strength cleanly. 凌云持刀悬浮于这团纯粹佛力之中,体内所有窍穴全部张开,大放光明,很快就将这些佛力全部吸收干净。 Under regards, Ling Yun sees, these acupoint hole of his within the body, implication the strength of belief, is only the each and everyone independent small Sun, but after having absorbed these Buddha strength, these small Sun started connecting by white dazzling silk threads. 内视之下,凌云看到,他体内的那些窍穴,蕴含的信仰之力,原本只是一个个单独的小太阳,可是吸收了这些佛力之后,这些小太阳开始被一根根白的耀眼的丝线给连接起来了。 Looks, is similar to everywhere Stars/Xingchen, hung on a white big net, each acupuncture point brightly was shining, the strength of these beliefs like True Qi, started to flow in all acupoint hole, but clearly, this was the mysterious channel of independence beyond whole body meridians. 一眼望去,就如同漫天星辰,挂在了一张白色的大网上,每一个穴位都在熠熠发光,那些信仰之力就像真气一样,开始在所有窍穴之间流动起来,但很明显,这是独立于全身经络之外的神秘渠道。 However True Qi of Ling Yun within the body, in the meridians passes, naturally also flows through these acupoint hole, they obtained in acupoint hole shining of these small Sun, or is baptism, each hole, has then expanded a point, finally arrives in forehead Sea of Consciousness, transforms the Soul Yuan speed, quick inconceivable, the minutes and seconds has been giving the Ling Yun's brain territory to provide the energy. 然而凌云体内的真气,在经脉中流转的时候,当然也流经这些窍穴,它们得到了窍穴中那些小太阳的照耀,或者说是“洗礼”,每过一窍,便壮大一分,最后到达眉心识海之中,转化成神元的速度,已经快的不可思议,分分秒秒都在给凌云的脑域提供能量。 „The strength of this belief...... Really also has this effect?!” “这信仰之力……竟然还有这种功效?!” Ling Yun shocks very much, until now, he has discovered the first use of strength of belief. 凌云很震撼,直到现在,他才发现了信仰之力的第一个用处。 Said honestly, Ling Yun could not take a liking to religious belief this type of thing, always thought that this is the gadget of deceiving people, his practice only depends on own, most is tired of this type the way of proper way. 坦白说,原本凌云是瞧不上宗教信仰这种东西的,总觉得这是骗人的玩意儿,他修炼只靠自己,最烦这种不走正途的方式。 Therefore he to these religions, Confucian orthodoxy and so on thing, does not catch cold extremely, repels from the bottom of the heart, throughout keeps at a respectful distance. 所以他对那些宗教,道统之类的东西,极不感冒,从心底里排斥,始终敬而远之。 However now, he realized the advantage of strength of belief personal: Can protect the body, can therapy, can expand Cultivator meridians acupoint hole...... 但是现在,他切身体会到了信仰之力的好处:能护体,能疗伤,能壮大修炼者的经脉窍穴…… Although Ling Yun was unable to use the strength of these beliefs to fight, but then to? 虽然凌云还不能利用这些信仰之力来战斗,但这才到哪儿? He does not have the own Confucian orthodoxy, does not have the own teaching numerous in the true sense, but closes right up against treats the illness to save the patient, to others a little belongings, some Clear Water City people have erected the immortal memorial tablet to him, he had the strength of little belief, now inexplicably has absorbed two big Building Foundation peak, as well as Eye Opening Realm a Buddha strength of eminent monk, went to so the situation! 他没有自己的道统,更没有自己真正意义上的教众,只是靠着治病救人,给别人一点儿财物,清水市有人给他立了长生牌位,他才拥有了一点点的信仰之力,现在又莫名吸收了两大筑基巅峰,以及一个开光境的高僧的佛力,就已经达到了如此地步! If thousand people, ten thousand people, over a hundred million people? Even are more, 1 billion, 10 billion people?! 如果是千人,万人,上亿人呢?甚至更多一些,1000000000,10000000000人呢?! Must know, the Buddhism Confucian orthodoxy appeared for several thousand years on Earth, the Buddhist is found in all over the world , the believers count by hundred million people, does not use many, so long as everyone everyday repeated a Amitabha, these strength of reading aloud gathered...... 要知道,佛门道统在地球上已经出现了几千年,佛教徒遍布世界各地,信众以亿人计,不用多,只要每人每天念一句阿弥陀佛,这些念诵之力汇聚起来…… From this can want to see, situated in Buddhism pyramid topest existence, will be having the what kind of terrifying strength?! 由此可以想见,位于佛门金字塔最顶尖的存在,将拥有着何等恐怖的力量?! Moreover this is also only Earth! 而且这还只是地球! Ling Yun knows, Cultivation Big World also has the Buddhism to exist, there teaches the numerous more, the casual big territory, Buddhists must by 1 billion, 10 billion computations! 凌云可是知道,修真大世界也是有佛门存在的,那里教众更多,随便一个大域,佛门弟子都要以1000000000,10000000000计算! Thinks of here, Ling Yun holds breath immediately cold air, thinks some toothaches unexpectedly. 想到这里,凌云顿时倒吸一口凉气,竟觉得有些牙疼。 Revolving fears! 细思恐极啊! However, now war current, did not ponder these things time, Ling Yun is also sends by the heart, thinks casually. 不过,现在大战当前,可不是思考这些东西的时候,凌云也就是由心而发,随便一想罢了。 The Myriad Buddhas Sect disciple in square, looks helplessly Kun Bayu was cut to kill by Ling Yun, each and everyone frightens keeps silent, does not dare to run out of the extent of protection of five colors canopy. 广场上的万佛门弟子,眼睁睁看着坤巴裕凌云斩杀,一个个吓得噤若寒蝉,没有一个敢冲出五彩华盖的保护范围。 Shua! 刷! Ling Yun places the upper air, discovered that own four Magic Treasure, attacked half Tiandu unable to break open the defense of canopy, took back within the body them simply completely, then one step stepped forward, went to above the square. 凌云身处高空,发现自己的四件法宝,攻击了半天都没能破开华盖的防御,索性将它们全部收回体内,然后一步跨出,来到了广场之上。 He stands beyond the canopy range, is away from the five colors multi-colored sunlight that the circulation non-stop, is looking at inside people, takes up Melting Blood Divine Blade, with knife point one finger/refers, said forward imposingly: Who dares to come out a war?!” 他站在华盖范围之外,隔着流转不停的五彩霞光,望着里面众人,拿起化血神刀,用刀尖向前一指,凛然说道:“谁敢出来一战?!” Although the words to all people said that but the Ling Yun's vision, actually locked on Kun Ting and face of Kun Zhanle two people. 话虽然是对所有人说的,但凌云的目光,却是锁定在了坤挺坤占叻两人的脸上。 Ling Yun also has no need to look at others, fact is obvious, after a war, Myriad Buddhas Sect can also have the qualifications a moment ago becomes his match, remaining this they, except for them, other people in his eyes, were the meat on cutting board. 凌云也用不着看别人,事实明摆着,经过刚才一战,万佛门还能有资格成为他的对手的,也就剩下这俩人了,除了他们,其他人在他眼里,就是案板上的肉。 Blade edge turnover scarlet blade glow, even if away from the multi-colored sunlight of canopy, Myriad Buddhas Sect people, can feel that terrifying malevolent aura that the blade seeps! 刀锋吞吐猩红色刀芒,哪怕隔着华盖的霞光,万佛门众人,也能感觉到那把刀渗透进来的恐怖煞气 Light Protector, now what to do should we?” 光明护法,我们现在应该怎么办?” In the five colors canopy, Myriad Buddhas Sect Sect Master Kun Ting, facing aggressive Ling Yun, is exchanging with Spiritual Thought with Light Protector. 五彩华盖之内,万佛门门主坤挺,面对咄咄逼人的凌云,正在跟光明护法神念交流。 Kun Zhanle naturally listened to the Kun Ting words intent, was actually held responsible him is fights or falls, on his face was bringing a bitterness and astringency: Sect Master, if a moment ago, our two had not gotten rid, at that time surrendered directly, perhaps can also obtain a slim chance of survival, but now, the opposite party kills to read already, at this time surrendered again, did not have the significance.” 坤占叻自然听出了坤挺的话意,其实是问他是战还是降,他脸上带着一丝苦涩,:“门主,如果刚才,我们两个没有出手,那时直接投降的话,或许还能求得一线生机,但是现在,对方杀念已起,这时再投降,已经没有意义了。” Runs away?!” “逃呢?!” I have said that cannot run away, thinks that Sect Master also saw a moment ago, this person practice left the natural feet to pass, his speed, Battle God Sangha cannot overtake.” “我说过,逃不了,想必门主刚才也看到了,此人已经修炼出了天足通,他的速度,就连战斗神僧都追不上。” After Kun Ting hear, looked at front Ling Yun one ruthlessly, clenches teeth suddenly: Is dies in any case in any case, a that at risk of life war!” 坤挺听完之后,狠狠看了前面的凌云一眼,猛然一咬牙:“反正横竖都是个死,那就拼死一战!” Kun Zhanle eyes closed, ponders slightly after slightly, suddenly said: I pass with him discuss, having a look at him to have what request.” 坤占叻微微闭目,略微沉思一番之后,突然说道:“我过去跟他谈一谈,看看他到底有何要求。” two people exchanges, Kun Zhanle moved sideways to appear side Kun Puzha, has grasped firmly his wrist/skill, rashly, jumped out the canopy multi-colored sunlight range directly, arrived in front of Ling Yun. 两人交流完毕,坤占叻一闪身出现在了坤扑乍身旁,一把攥住了他的手腕,不由分说,直接跳出了华盖霞光范围,来到了凌云面前。 Kun Puzha only thinks that body one light, when fixes the eyes on looks again, an inding distance Ling Yun two meters distance, immediately frightens looks deathly pale, nearly must call out in alarm makes noise. 坤扑乍只觉身体一轻,定睛再看时,发现距离凌云不过两米距离,顿时吓得脸色惨白,差点儿就要惊呼出声。 Kun Zhanle single Zhanghe ten, towards Ling Yun salutes slightly: daoist friend, I am Myriad Buddhas Sect Light Protector Kun Zhanle. Your magic power god, my Myriad Buddhas Sect had asked for advice, knows does not beat absolutely, does not know that you have what request, so long as my Myriad Buddhas Sect can achieve, from, when uses full power, achieves for you.” 坤占叻单掌合十,对着凌云微微施礼:“道友,我是万佛门光明护法坤占叻。您法力通神,我万佛门已经有所领教,自知万万不敌,不知道您到底有何要求,只要我万佛门能够做到,自当倾尽全力,为您达成。” Then, he turns head to say to Kun Puzha: for the first time, you my original words, complete, the translator to this daoist friend, the Myriad Buddhas Sect life and death at this moment, you do not may use deception!” 说完,他扭头对坤扑乍说道:“扑乍,你将我的原话,完完整整,翻译给这位道友,万佛门生死存亡就在此刻,你万万不可弄虚作假!” Speaking of finally, the Kun Zhanle tone is incomparably severe! 说到最后,坤占叻的语气已经是无比严厉! Yes!” “是!” Kun Puzha frightens the nod such as to mash up garlic, really does not dare to make a show again, the Kun Zhanle original words, every single word or phrase, the translator has given Ling Yun. 坤扑乍吓得点头如捣蒜,果然不敢再耍花样,将坤占叻的原话,一字一句,翻译给了凌云 Ling Yun saw that Kun Zhanle receives on own initiative valuable mirror, entrains Kun Puzha to come out, knows that the opposite party must negotiate, therefore has not worried to begin, sneers to listen to the translation of Kun Puzha, his straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards select. 凌云看到坤占叻主动将宝镜收起,又拽着坤扑乍出来,就知道对方是要谈判,因此也没有着急动手,冷笑着听完坤扑乍的翻译,他剑眉一挑。 Kun Zhanle, negotiates the summation with me now, as if late a little?” 坤占叻,现在才跟我谈判求和,似乎晚了一点儿吧?” Kun Zhanle smiles grieved, once more single Zhanghe ten: Lin Tian daoist friend, I know that our behavior, had enraged you a moment ago, but thinks that you also certainly understood, my Myriad Buddhas Sect after all is southern coastal provinces first practice Sect, you late at night suddenly visit, I and others where had the principle of yielding peacefully?” 坤占叻惨然一笑,再次单掌合十:“林天道友,我知道刚才我们的行为,已经将您激怒,但想必您也一定理解,我万佛门毕竟是南洋第一修炼宗门,您深夜突然到访,我等哪有不战而降之理?” Kun Zhanle recognizes instigated that recognizes very confidently, he explained for the fight first several, said immediately: May hit does not hit, the fact so, I and others can only accept this point.” 坤占叻认怂认得十分坦然,他先为刚才的战斗解释了几句,立即又道:“可打不过就是打不过,事实如此,我等只能接受这一点。” I remember when you appeared a moment ago, had said that tonight this, must ask for an explanation with southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance, then you currently have what request, might as well completely said that my Myriad Buddhas Sect naturally can go all-out to accomplish.” “我记得您刚才出现之时,曾经说过,今夜来此,是要与南洋散修联盟讨个说法,那么您现在有何要求,不妨全部说出来,我万佛门自然会尽全力办到。” The Kun Zhanle manner was really too sincere, sincere made Ling Yun unable to find the excuse to make a move for a while. 坤占叻的态度实在是太诚恳了,诚恳的让凌云一时都找不到借口出手了。 Un......” “嗯……” Ling Yun slightly hesitates, catches the eye suddenly: Good, since you said, I say my request, if you can achieve, I put your horse, if cannot achieve, that may do not blame me to make a move heartlessly!” 凌云略一沉吟,猛然抬眼:“好吧,既然你这么说,那我就说一说我的要求,如果你们能做到,那我就放你们一马,如果做不到,那可就不要怪我出手无情了!” Kun Zhanle one hear, the tight that string a loosen, hurries to say at heart immediately excitedly: daoist friend please say.” 坤占叻一听,心里紧绷的那根弦顿时一松,赶忙激动说道:“道友请说。” He noticed that the matter also has the leeway that discussed that patronized was being excited, has not actually noted the side Kun Puzha that was responsible for translating, at this time had looked deathly pale, in pair of eyes that slope outwards twinkling frightened vision. 他看到事情还有商量的余地,光顾着激动了,却没有注意到身旁负责翻译的坤扑乍,这时候已经是脸色惨白,一对三角眼里闪烁着恐惧的目光。 Ling Yun is crystal clear, but he maintains composure, has put forward the request of own: First, I want your Myriad Buddhas Sect to dismiss southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance immediately, even if could not dismiss, you must announce withdraw directly, henceforth drew a line with southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance!” 凌云对此洞若观火,但他还是不动声色,把自己的要求提了出来:“第一,我要你们万佛门立即解散南洋散修联盟,就算解散不了,你们也要宣布直接退出,从此跟南洋散修联盟划清界限!” Ling Yun lived, glanced Kun Puzha one, making him translate. 凌云顿住,瞟了坤扑乍一眼,让他翻译。 Kun Puzha is southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance high-level one, the first request that Ling Yun puts forward is this, frightens him is frightened out of one's wits, but he does not have the means that can only brace oneself to translate. 坤扑乍就是南洋散修联盟的高层之一,凌云提的第一个要求就是这个,把他吓得是魂飞魄散,但他没有办法,只能硬着头皮翻译了出来。 Ok.” “可以。” Kun Zhanle does not have the pressure, others come to ask for the explanation with southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance, Myriad Buddhas Sect is bears the brunt, he without hesitation complies certainly, and said: My Myriad Buddhas Sect itself is the quiet place, but be forced, has to join this alliance, has not thought that lets, therefore causes the catastrophe, now withdraws, should!” 坤占叻却是毫无压力,人家就是来跟南洋散修联盟讨说法的,万佛门不过是首当其冲而已,他当然毫不犹豫答应,并且说道:“我万佛门本就是清静之地,只是迫于无奈,才不得不加入了这个联盟,没想到却让因此招致大祸,现在退出,最好不过!” Second, your Myriad Buddhas Sect person, everything works inside southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance, anyone, one is one, must dead to apologize before me!” “第二,你们万佛门的人,凡是在南洋散修联盟里边做事的,无论是谁,有一个算一个,必须在我面前以死谢罪!” Myriad Buddhas Sect is Myriad Buddhas Sect, southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance is the Sect alliance, Ling Yun can let off Myriad Buddhas Sect these innocent people, but actually cannot let off the southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance person, the clarity that this point he divides, distinguishes right from wrong. 万佛门万佛门,南洋散修联盟宗门联盟,凌云可以放过万佛门这些无辜之人,但却不能放过南洋散修联盟的人,这一点他分的清清楚楚,泾渭分明。 He believes that Kun Zhanle as Myriad Buddhas Sect Light Protector, stands on own initiative the negotiations, this request to him, although has the difficulty, but after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, should also be able to comply. 他相信坤占叻身为万佛门光明护法,又主动站出来谈判,这个要求对他虽然有难度,但权衡利弊之后,应该也能答应下来。 But the accident/surprise appeared at this moment! 可意外就在这时出现了! The Ling Yun voice has not fallen, Kun Puzha suddenly began, his chest hangs the buddha beads to change to one group of black gold color rays of light, pounds directly to the Ling Yun's surface gate, simultaneously his form disappears directly! 凌云话音未落,坤扑乍就骤然动手了,他胸前一挂佛珠化作一团乌金色的光芒,直接砸向凌云的面门,同时他身影直接消失! Cracks a joke, he and Kun Lunwei two people Myriad Buddhas Sect in the southern coastal provinces Loose Cultivator Alliance hegemon and elder, the second request that Ling Yun puts forward, if Kun Zhanle complied, most predeceases is their two, what does he also translate?! 开玩笑,他和坤伦威两人正是万佛门在南洋散修联盟的盟主和长老,凌云提的第二个要求,如果坤占叻答应了,最先死的就是他们两个,他还翻译什么?! Bang! 嘭! Ling Yun early has the protection, his racket flew Kun Puzha to attack his string of buddha beads conveniently, towards Kun Zhanle gives a calm smile: Light Protector, saw, is not I do not give you opportunity, but is your people, too on did not say!” 凌云早有防备,他随手拍飞了坤扑乍袭击他的那串佛珠,对着坤占叻淡然一笑:“光明护法,看到了没有,不是我不给你们机会,而是你们的人,太不上道啊!” Did not do right by!” “对不住了!” After saying calmly, Ling Yun then one step steps forward, arrives at beyond nine kilometers instantaneously, overtakes Kun Puzha that ran away crazily! 从容说完之后,凌云这才一步跨出,瞬间来到九千米之外,追上了疯狂逃窜的坤扑乍 ! 噗! First a blade cuts an opposite party arm, displays Five Elements Arteries Truncating Finger, seals up his whole body meridians, then raises him one step to plunder! 先一刀斩掉对方一条臂膀,紧接着施展五行截脉指,封住他的周身经脉,然后提着他一步掠回! Already knew is you, you run away?!” “早就知道是你,你逃的了吗?!” After coming back, Ling Yun is similar to throws dead dog to be ordinary, Kun Puzha that will suffocate lost on the ground! 回来之后,凌云如同丢死狗一般,将奄奄一息的坤扑乍丢在了地上! Since your some people do not want to negotiate, I can only process with my way!” “既然你们有人不想谈判,那我就只能用我的方式来处理了!” Ling Yun round trip like lightning, he to still looked at dumbly nearby Kun Zhanle to shout, then proposes the blade straight run, displayed Harmony of Light and Dust Secret Arts, the form submerged in the canopy multi-colored sunlight instantaneously! 凌云来去如电,他对仍然呆立一旁的坤占叻喊了一声,便提刀直进,施展和光同尘诀,身影瞬间没入了华盖霞光之内! The bullying is common, Ling Yun slaughters! 虎入羊群一般,凌云大开杀戒! His Yin-Yang True Qi vortex emits once more, coordinates four Magic Treasure, advances freely and quickly, place visited, before the body, will not have gathering again! 他的阴阳真气漩涡再次放出,配合四件法宝,纵横驰骋,所过之处,身前再无一合之将! A Ling Yun person presses one! 凌云一人压一宗! Saw that Ling Yun has slaughtered, Myriad Buddhas Sect Sect Master Kun Ting, with Light Protector Kun Zhanle, naturally goes all out to make a move to resist, what a pity, their two add on Battle God Sangha Kun Bayu unable to resist Ling Yun, let alone Kun Bayu already the body died, now naturally cannot block him. 看到凌云真的大开杀戒了,万佛门门主坤挺,和光明护法坤占叻,自然拼命出手抵挡,可惜,他们两个加上战斗神僧坤巴裕都抵挡不住凌云,更何况坤巴裕早已身死,现在自然更拦不住他了。 Ling Yun in two people under besieges and pursues to block off, just like strolls general. 凌云两人的围追堵截之下,犹如闲庭信步一般。 Within a half hour, about 200 Qi Practicing boundary Expert True Qi that Ling Yun extinction last Building Foundation peak Kun Lunwei whole body Buddha strength, together with absorbing, own boundary when production costs rise, prices rise too, has reached the Qi Practicing 8-layer peak! 半小时之后,凌云吸光了最后一名筑基巅峰坤伦威的满身佛力,连同吸收来的近200名练气高手真气,自身境界水涨船高,已经达到了练气八层巅峰! Eliminates you, with your what does/works?! 消灭你,与你何干?! This is the Ling Yun's processing mode. 这就是凌云的处理方式。 After fights, the Myriad Buddhas Sect destruction, survives in name only in light of this! 一战过后,万佛门就此覆灭,名存实亡! ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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