DD4 :: Volume #18

#1756: Revealing the truth

The Dragon God vision solidifies again in Asura God and other big God King places, in the hand Rising Dragons Pillar rays of light restrains gradually, finally, this Super Divine Tool integrated with Dragon God within the body. 龙神的目光再次凝固在修罗神等三大神王处,手中升龙柱光芒渐渐收敛,最终,这件超神器融入到龙神体内 Dragon God also opened the mouth in this period finally, Asura.” 龙神也终于在这个时候开口了,“修罗。” Asura God heard his tranquil summon, body shivered immediately, lowers the head saying: High Lord.” 修罗神听到他这一声平静的呼唤,身体顿时颤抖了一下,低下头道:“主上。” Dragon God smiles grieved, two lines of tears flow following the cheek, those images and scenes, are I never have actually thought. originally I think, our Divine Dragon Domain has foundation that permanent existed forever, has not actually thought, the God Star achievement will cause such result unexpectedly.” 龙神惨然一笑,两行泪水顺着面颊流淌而下,“此情此景,却是我从未想到过的。原本我以为,我们神龙界域已经拥有了恒古长存的基础,却没想到,神星的成就竟然会导致这样的结局。” Several matters, you remember. First, even if God Realm will reappear in the future magnificently, before finding accurate way, do not try achievement God Star. I will be crazy, reason that has the tragedy , because we offended universe's principles. universe's principles, should easily not permit the God Star achievement. This all, is mysteriously and inexorably seems to be doomed. With universe's principles compared to, we eventually are extremely small and weak.” “有几件事,你们记住。第一,哪怕未来神界重现辉煌,在没有找到确切的方式之前,不要尝试成就神星。我之所以会疯狂,之所以发生惨剧,都是因为我们触犯了宇宙法则宇宙法则,应该是不轻易允许神星成就的。这所有的一切,似乎都是冥冥之中注定。和宇宙法则相比,我们终究还是太过弱小。” Second, I have swallowed all complaints in my body, the hates and all negativities that in addition I have, were sealed in exist(ence) body by me. Requires the long time to wear down, can gradually dissipate. Waits a minute you to cut my body. Belongs to benevolent thoughts partially can leave, will retain a slim chance of survival for my clan. Is evil thoughts part, must suppress in God Realm, wears down with the time.” “第二,我将所有的怨念都已吞噬于我身,加上我自身所产生的怨恨和所有负面情绪,都被我封存在身体之中。需要漫长的时间去消磨,才能逐渐消逝。稍候你斩开我的身体。属于善念的部分会离开,会为我族保留一线生机。属于恶念的一部分,要镇压在神界,用时间去消磨。” High Lord, you......” some Asura God delay, this time Dragon God, not only as if fully restored the reason, makes the processing mode that this surpassing they imagined. 主上,您……”修罗神有些呆滞了,此时的龙神,似乎不只是完全恢复了理智,更是做出了这种超出了他们想象的处理方式。 Dragon God beckons with the hand, making him do not open the mouth, made me say. My at present divides into two own mood, what spoke with you were the part of benevolent thoughts. My time are not much. Once evil thoughts bursts out, God Realm no longer exist(ence), even the universe will suffer a catastrophe. Therefore, according to me said does.” 龙神摆摆手,让他不要开口,“让我说下去。我现在将自己的情绪一分为二,和你说话的是善念的部分。我的时间不多了。一旦恶念迸发,神界将不复存在,甚至宇宙都将经历一场大灾难。所以,按我说的去做。” This all tragedies, wrong only in me. After I die, only if Dragon Clan recovery, Dragon God reappears. Otherwise, in God Realm, cannot beast clan become a God. Since this tragedy is we causes , needs to withstand this punishment. My clan perishes, there are massive its clan to perish. This hatred, I hope to be able after I depart gradually desalinates.” “这所有的悲剧,错只在我。我死之后,除非龙族复苏,龙神重现。否则,在神界之中,不许兽族成神。这场悲剧既然是我们导致的,那么,就需要承受这份责罚。我族殒灭,也有大量它族灭亡。这份仇恨,我希望能够在我离去之后逐渐淡化。” Yes.” Asura God respectful complying. “是。”修罗神恭敬的答应。 But at this moment, looks at all these Lan Xuanyu, in the heart suddenly has a being suddenly enlighted feeling, why he understood the beast clan unable finally become a God, then formidable Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King Di Tian is unable achievement God Position. This is not because of formerly God Realm seal, came from Dragon God unexpectedly. 而此时此刻,看着这一切的蓝轩宇,心中突然有种恍然大悟的感觉,他终于明白为什么兽族始终无法成神了,那么强大金眼黑龙王帝天都无法成就神位。这所有的一切并不是因为曾经神界封禁,竟然是来自于龙神 trymad1 ( gad2 ) ; catch ( ex ) Dragon God does not let beast clan become a God, the most important reason , because this tragedy happened, too many God(s) died, Dragon Clan was extinguished, almost all Beast God were struck to kill, but, they also slaughtered other massive clan God(s) and Human God(s) similarly. This hatred, how can also not by memory? Without Dragon God, without the asylum of Dragon Clan, the beast clan wanted the become a God itself/Ben is difficult, perhaps even become a God, will not have the good end in God Realm. Such being the case, might as well no longer become a God, till that day that Dragon God returns. trymad1(gad2);catch(ex)龙神不让兽族成神,最重要的原因,是因为这一场惨剧发生,太多的神诋死去,龙族被灭,几乎所有的兽神都被击杀,可是,他们也同样杀戮了大量的其他各族神诋人类神诋。这份仇恨,又怎会不被记忆?没有了龙神,没有了龙族的庇护,兽族想要成神本就是难上加难,就算成神,恐怕在神界之中也不会有好下场。既然如此,不如不再成神,直到龙神回归的那一天为止。 Cuts my body with your Asura Sword. Is the Dragon Clan time, finished. You, put best into it. The formerly mistake, do not make same mistakes over again. If one day, I can also come back......, no, I will not come back. If my inheritor can also come back, is he can leading you attack God Star exist(ence) surely again.” “用你的修罗剑斩开我的身体吧。属于龙族的时代,结束了。你们,好自为之。曾经的错,不要重蹈覆辙了。如果有一天,我还能回来……,不,我不会回来了。如果我的传承者还能回来,必定是他能够带领你们再次冲击神星存在。” High Lord......” three big God King sad Hu, prostrate oneself simultaneously in front of Dragon God. 主上……”三大神王悲呼一声,同时拜倒在龙神面前。 In this period, they do not have half a point resenting to Dragon God again. 在这个时候,他们对龙神再无半分愤恨。 Dragon God that awakening comes has not retaliated, but makes God Realm again stable, and took itself dead for the price, carried off all God Realm negativities, sealed it. His that created God Realm eventually, and leading Divine Dragon Domain moves toward magnificent one generation of Dragon God! 苏醒过来的龙神没有报复,而是让神界重新稳固,并且以自身死亡为代价,带走了所有神界的负面情绪,将其封存。他终究还是那位创造了神界,并且带领神龙界域走向辉煌的一代龙神啊! Has cast mistakenly, is beyond any help. Come.” “错已铸成,已无可挽回。来吧。” Blood-color rays of light shoots up to the sky, Asura Sword comes out of the sheath again. 血色光芒冲天而起,修罗剑再次出鞘。 Dragon God did not have the time, his seal complete, must cut body in immediately, can the seals of thorough complete to all complaints. 龙神没有时间了,他的封印已经完成,必须要在第一时间斩开身体,才能彻底的完成对所有怨念的封印。 Asura God holds up Asura Sword period again, has had mixed emotions. 修罗神再次举起修罗剑时候,已是百感交集。 Before him, is a face is confident, moves toward Dragon God of Asura Sword front! 在他面前的,是一脸坦然,走向修罗剑锋的龙神 Without dragon astral, did not have any defense. Dragon God gradually moves toward Asura Sword, steps forward step by step. 没有了龙罡,没有了任何防御。龙神就那么一步步走向修罗剑,一步步跨出。 sword glow falls finally. Spirited dragon's roar suddenly in whole God Realm. 剑芒终于落下。激昂的龙吟声骤然在整个神界之中。 When dragon roar resounds period, all God(s) lowering the head of as if by prior agreement. Although this war, Dragon Clan bring to they too many casualties, making them be no longer willing to worship on bended knees this formerly High Lord, God Realm Supreme God King. But they actually as before beyond control lowers the head in this dragon's roar, sees off to this God King. 龙吟响起时候,所有神诋都不约而同的低下了头。尽管这场大战,龙族带给了他们太多的伤亡,让他们不再愿意去跪拜这位曾经主上,神界至高神王。可他们却依旧无法控制的在这龙吟声之中低头,向这位神王送别。 That is not dragon roar, but is two, one gold and one silver two rays of light shoot up to the sky. shortly afterward, one group of nine-colored rays of light in in the air explode suddenly, all Dragon Clan corpses, fly upwards in abundance, in integrated with that nine-colored rays of light. 那不是一声龙吟,而是两声,一金一银两道光芒冲天而起。紧接着,一团九彩光芒在空中骤然爆开,所有龙族的尸体,纷纷飞升而起,融入到九彩光芒之中。 Left, God Realm!” Dragon God Boundless sound resounds. next instant, golden light shadow to die / fallen, the silver light shadow is disappearance of noiselessly does not have the trace suddenly. “别了,神界!”龙神浩瀚的声音响起下一瞬,金色的光影骤然陨落,银色光影却是悄无声息的消失无踪。 trymad1 ( gad2 ) ; catch ( ex ) only has that nine-colored rays of light, from the sky circles long time, this changes into a nine-colored meteor to be the same, flies to the distant place. trymad1(gad2);catch(ex)唯有那九彩光芒,在空中盘旋良久,这才化为一颗九彩流星一般,飞向远方。 The picture arrived here, stops, all seems to become in the Lan Xuanyu sensation and field of vision static. 画面到这里,嘎然而止,所有的一切在蓝轩宇的感知和视野之中似乎都已经变得静止了下来。 But that this presents, finally made him understand, actually formerly God Realm what happened. Why formidable Dragon Clan ultimately will so move toward declining. 而这呈现出的一幕幕,终于让他明白了,曾经神界究竟发生了什么事。为什么如此强大龙族会最终走向衰亡。 Asura Sword cuts, is the Dragon God two incarnations. silver, is own mother, is Silver Dragon King. She inherited Dragon God elemental control also to have benevolent thoughts in Dragon God innermost feelings. 修罗剑斩开的,是龙神的两道化身。银色的,正是自己的母亲,也是银龙王。她传承了龙神元素掌控还有龙神内心之中的善念 But golden, is Dragon God all evil thoughts and crazy that uses dragon force to imprison, innumerable complaints in this war. Finally changes into Golden Dragon King to suppress in Dragon Realm. Afterward, under the God Realm big change of once again, Golden Dragon King ran. But at that time God Realm highest God King is his grandfather, Sea God Tang San. Golden Dragon King was cut to kill with Asura blood sword by Tang San finally, but his complaint has not dissipated completely, has the Golden Dragon King essence, poured into own father Tang Wulin within the body. Then had afterward Legend of Dragon King on Douluo Continent. 金色的,则是龙神用自身龙力禁锢的所有恶念和疯狂,还有这场大战之中的无数怨念。最终化为金龙王龙界镇压。后来,在又一次神界大变之下,金龙王跑了出来。而那时候神界最高神王正是他的爷爷,海神唐三金龙王最终被唐三用修罗血剑斩杀,可他自身的怨念并没有完全消散,带着金龙王的精华,注入到了自己的父亲唐舞麟体内。这才有了后来斗罗大陆上的龙王传说 But oneself inherit, is formerly Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King bloodline. Why two big bloodline will make that big trouble to oneself, all roots, in this God Realm formerly appear(ance) in enormous tragedy. 而自己所传承的,正是曾经金龙王银龙王血脉。两大血脉为什么会给自己造成那么大的麻烦,所有的根源,都在这场神界曾经出现过的巨大悲剧之中。 Besides the deep sigh, in his innermost feelings filled at this moment sadly? Dragon God! So formidable Dragon God, so formidable Supreme God King. Finally actually ended up this fate. 除了深深的叹息,他此时此刻内心之中又何尝不是充满了悲伤呢?龙神啊!如此强大龙神,如此强大至高神王。最终却落得了这个下场。 He also understands finally why Dragon God did not want recovery. In some sense, to Dragon God such cultivation base, even to die is not easy thing. Wants recovery to have too many opportunities and possibilities. 他也终于明白,为什么龙神自己不愿意复苏了。从某种意义上来说,到了龙神那样的修为,就算是想死都不是一件容易的事情。想要复苏有着太多的机会和可能。 But, he is not willing to live, because his simply is not willing to face the tragedy of formerly. The wife and sons had died. If no Dragon Clan recovery to hobble, perhaps Dragon God by oneself thorough to die / fallen, rebirth had been sought the wife. 可是,他并不愿意活过来,因为他根本就不愿意面对曾经发生的这场悲剧。妻子和儿子都已经死去。如果不是还有龙族复苏的这份牵绊在,恐怕龙神自己早就已经让自己彻底陨落,重生去寻妻了。 But at present, his sustenance on oneself, will therefore have the test of this time. 现在,他的这份寄托就在自己身上,所以才会有了这次的考验。 Such that just like he said to Asura God before, if one day, the inheritance of Dragon God returns again , has certainly to solve the God Star means. But this test, to oneself so heavy. 正如他之前对修罗神所说的那样,如果有一天,龙神的传承再次回归,那么,就一定是已经有着解决神星的办法。而这份考验,对自己来说才会如此的沉重。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. Apex novel cell phone version reading website: 请记住本书首发域名:。顶点小说手机版阅读网址:
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