DD3DKL :: Volume #19

#1895: Sea God Island, will certainly reconstruct

When it surfaces that moment, as if entire Shrek new town were many color, rich Life aura made each Shrek person and Tang Sect person and Titan Giant Ape Family clansman as well as has moved in the people in Shrek new town, great benefit that can the clear feeling that full of vitality bring. 当它钻出水面的那一刻,仿佛整个史莱克新城都多了颜色,浓郁的生命气息令每一个史莱克人、唐门人、泰坦巨猿家族的族人以及已经入住到史莱克新城的人们,都能清晰的感受到那份勃勃生机带来的巨大好处。 Forms from submarine soar, impressively seven Old Devil headed by greed(y). 一道道身影从水下飞腾而起,赫然正是以贪婪为首的七老魔 Their complexion reveal the surprised uncertain color, but more is actually wild with joy. So rich Life Force, for them, nature has the huge advantage, has this vigorous Life Force exist(ence), their lives will become glorious. What is more important, their own origin, will sublimate with these Life Energy quantities, had a more further possibility! 他们一个个脸色流露出惊疑不定之色,但更多的却是狂喜。如此浓郁的生命力,对他们来说,自然有着巨大的好处,有这蓬勃的生命力存在,他们的寿命就会变得更加悠久。更重要的是,就连它们自身的本源,都会伴随着这些生命能量而升华,有了更进一步的可能啊! Ancient Tree of Life! This is Ancient Tree of Life in genuine significance. But this need enormous Life Energy quantity pours into, can let the Ancient Tree of Life so rapid growth, finally surfaces! 生命古树!这才是真正意义上的生命古树。而这需要多么庞大生命能量注入,才能够让生命古树如此迅速的生长,终于钻出水面啊! greed(y) Boss, the area of this crown big? Now has revealed less than 1/10, unexpectedly already just like an island!” Lazy Old Devil curious saying. 贪婪老大,这树冠的面积有多大?现在才只是露出了不到1,竟然就已经宛如一座小岛了啊!”懒惰老魔好奇的说道。 The crown the crown when submarine, this time it, is not blooming a loose leaf in rapid increasing and to surroundings, is sending out richer Life aura. Is only clear blue Sea God Lake, at this time was were unexpectedly many have wiped deep green, that profound blue blue, was ordinary just like the emerald, moving heart and soul. But increasing and growth that crown also continuing. Rushes, but rich Life aura, even made Air become viscous, that intoxicant Life Energy quantity, making on Seven Old Devils have the light bluish-green brilliance to ascend densely. 树冠不是在水下时的树冠,此时的它,正在迅速的变大、向周围开枝散叶,散发着更加浓郁的生命气息。原本只是澄澈蓝色海神湖,此时竟是已经多了一抹碧绿,那深邃的碧蓝色,宛如祖母绿一般,动人心魄。而那树冠还在持续的变大、生长。更加澎湃而浓郁的生命气息,甚至令空气都变得粘稠起来,那醉人的生命能量,让七位老魔身上都有淡淡的碧绿色光华氤氲升腾。 In the Greedy Old Devil eye the extraordinary splendor again and again, Sea God Lake had, Shrek City had, but, Shrek also lacks genuine Nucleus. You may still remember, in the past we before leaving Shrek Academy, Academy the place of Nucleus?” 贪婪老魔眼中异彩连连,“海神湖有了,史莱克城有了,但是,史莱克还缺少一个真正核心。你们可还记得,当年我们在离开史莱克学院之前,学院核心之地么?” Desire Old Devil surprised [say / way]: What you said is Sea God Island? This......, Is your meaning?” 欲望老魔惊讶的道:“你说的是海神岛?这……,你的意思难道是?” Greedy Old Devil laughs, „is this not just a heaven-sent opportunity? This giant crown, not just reconstructs the Sea God Island best place? We have been able to start to get ready, in the near future, when Tang Wulin they return in triumph, Shrek Academy Sea God Island, will certainly reconstruct!” 贪婪老魔哈哈一笑,“这不正是天赐良机?这巨大的树冠,可不正是重建海神岛最好的地方么?我们已经可以开始准备了,不久的将来,等到唐舞麟他们得胜归来的时候,史莱克学院海神岛,必将重建!” The eye pupil of Seven Old Devils has all shone, their vision shifts, look to the north. So rich Life Energy measures absorb, can only mean a matter, front, all smooth. Tang Wulin in the Devour massive Life Energy quantities, can return nurturing to parents Ancient Tree of Life! 七位老魔的眼眸全都亮了起来,他们的目光转移,看向北方。如此浓郁的生命能吸收,只能是意味着一件事,前线方面,一切顺利。唐舞麟正在吞噬大量的生命能量,方能反哺生命古树啊! ...... …… The double fist of Tang Wulin grips tight, in the mind is reappearing, was Sky Transcending Douluo died in battle completely finally the beforehand look. 唐舞麟的双拳攥的紧紧的,脑海中浮现着的,完全是越天斗罗最后战死之前的眼神。 That is gratified and confident, goes to generously is not that easy! May on Sky Transcending Douluo, actually unable to see the half minute the sadness and timidness. All looked like had already calculated. All are that nature, but successful however. 那是欣慰与坦然,慷慨赴死并不是那么容易的啊!可在越天斗罗身上,却看不到半分的悲伤与怯懦。所有的一切就像是早就已经计算好了似的。一切都是那么自然而然的水到渠成。 Two Limit Douluo Sacrifice, have received in exchange for the victory of this campaign. Many War God lived. Takes Sacrifice two Limit Douluo as price, causes heavy losses to Abyss Plane. Are all these worth? Strategically comes to see of course to be worth. Present Abyss Elite cannot run away! Some Golden Dragon Spear, have the gambling approximately , after they die, Abyss energy can only by Tang Wulin Devour absorb, thus causes various Abyss levels Collapsing. 两位极限斗罗牺牲,换取了这一场战役的胜利。更多的战神活了下来。以牺牲两位极限斗罗为代价,重创深渊位面。这一切都值得吗?从战略上来看当然是值得的。现在的深渊强者是不能逃走的啊!有黄金龙枪在,有赌约在,它们死后,深渊能量只能是被唐舞麟吞噬吸收,从而导致深渊各层的崩溃 But, from the emotion, is Tang Wulin is actually hard to accept. He also in going all out telling oneself, must maintain calm. This campaign was really too important, his oneself is also willing for this campaign, but Sacrifice. 可是,从情感上,却又是唐舞麟难以接受的。他也在拼命的告诉自己,要保持冷静。这场战役实在是太重要了,他自己也愿意为了这场战役而牺牲自我。 But now died is actually Sky Transcending Douluo. Time that Tang Wulin and Sky Transcending Douluo contact is not long, is, in War God Temple, the direction of Sky Transcending Douluo he still has a vivid memory, was Sky Transcending Douluo genuine leads him to arrive in spear god realm. 但现在死去的却是越天斗罗唐舞麟越天斗罗接触的时间不长,可是,在战神殿之中,越天斗罗的指点他至今记忆犹新,是越天斗罗真正带着他走到了枪神境界之中。 At this moment, looks at Sky Transcending Divine Spear that in the oneself hand grips tightly, is feeling that confident of Sky Transcending Douluo implication, mood drastic fluctuation of Tang Wulin. 此时此刻,看着自己手中紧握的越天神枪,感受着其中越天斗罗蕴含的那份坦然,唐舞麟的情绪不禁剧烈波动。 You will certainly not die in vain, this campaign final victory, is certainly us. 您一定不会白死,这场战役最终的胜利,一定属于我们。 The war starts now. The Humanity allied armies, had Vast Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie and Light and Dark Douluo Long Yeyue and Sky Transcending Douluo Guan Yue and Ominous Wolf Douluo Dong Zi'an four big Limit Douluo dead in battle successively. Is nothing less than frigid! 战争开始到现在。人类联军这边,已经先后有瀚海斗罗陈新杰光暗斗罗龙夜月越天斗罗关月凶狼斗罗董子安四大极限斗罗阵亡。不可谓不惨烈啊! Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu and other Elite, it may be said that the loss is in addition serious. 再加上天凤斗罗冷遥茱等其他强者,可谓损失惨重。 But similarly, they also took to the enemy greatly to kill. Abyss Plane had including placing second, fourth and eighth, tenth, fourth Emperor Grade Elite fall/die, various King Grade Elite several died in battle. Leads various Abyss Collapsing. This in the battlefield before Six-thousand Years is never appear(ance). 但同样的,他们也带给了敌人巨大的杀伤。深渊位面已经有包括排名第二第四第八、第十,四名帝级强者陨落,还有各层王级强者十几个阵亡。带动深渊各层崩溃。这在六千年前的战场上可是从未出现的。 This war genuine can injure to Abyss Plane origin, perhaps, Humanity genuine has the opportunity thorough solution Abyss issue. 这场战争已经真正能够伤到深渊位面本源,或许,人类真正有机会彻底的解决深渊问题。 In any time, Humanity does not have appear(ance) so numerous Top Rank Elite, Battle Armor exist(ence), different cultivate way (of life), in addition progress of Spirit Transferring Pagoda in Soul Spirit aspect. Causes the reason that Humanity Elite emerges one after another incessantly. In addition advanced Soul Guidance Technology. Abyss Plane has not thought that present Humanity unexpectedly became so formidable, is so nasty. 在任何一个时代,人类都没有出现过如此众多的顶级强者,斗铠存在,不同的修炼方式,再加上传灵塔魂灵方面的进步。都是导致人类强者层出不穷的原因。再加上先进的魂导科技。就连深渊位面也没想到现在的人类竟然已经变得如此强大,如此的难以对付。 Of Sky Transcending Douluo before that step strides in God Rank at the point of death, God Rank that erupts strikes, even made the power very formidable demon imperial capital unable genuine to display own power dead in battle. Although seems is two trades two, but everyone knows at this time, Humanity allied armies, strongest Elite in Tang Sect, Shrek Academy and Spirit Transferring Pagoda. Rank of War God Temple also after them. Such Sacrifice, from the War God Temple perspective, is smallest. 越天斗罗在临死之前那一步跨入神级,爆发出的神级一击,甚至令原本实力十分强大的魔帝都没能真正发挥出自身实力就战死了。虽然看上去是二换二,可此时谁都知道,人类联军这边,最强的强者都在唐门史莱克学院传灵塔之中。战神殿的排名还在他们之后。这样的牺牲,从战神殿的角度来看,已经是最小的了。 Seven form One Word dispel. first War God Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui, second War God Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu and third War God Dark Sovereign Douluo Luo Yuhang and fifth War God Demonic Zither Douluo Mo Zihong and seventh War God Flowering Apple Douluo Shi Mengshan as well as eighth War God Overbearing Dragon Douluo Nangong Yi and tenth three War God Divine Sword Douluo Su Mengjun. Seven big War God post. 七道身影一字排开。第一战神昊日斗罗敖锐,第二战神帝剑斗罗龙天舞第三战神暗皇斗罗罗宇航第五战神魔琴斗罗莫梓鸿第七战神海棠斗罗石梦姗以及第八战神亢龙斗罗南宫逸和第十三战神神剑斗罗苏梦君。七大战神并列。 At this moment, in their eyes only has thick sadness, toward dying in battle in airborne, Sky Transcending Douluo and Ominous Wolf of Douluo direction skeleton non- saving bows slowly. 此时此刻,他们眼中唯有浓浓的悲意,朝着阵亡在空中,尸骨无存的越天斗罗凶狼斗罗方向缓缓躬身。 Ao Rui eyes is red, he now also clear remembering, before this war starts, Sky Transcending Douluo announced in the interior. Vast Sun Douluo is his successor. Now looks like, Sky Transcending Douluo already provided for a rainy day, he likely already has even thought that must attempt to take Life to break through God Rank while this war for the price. 敖锐双眸通红,他现在还清晰的记得,在这场战争开始之前,越天斗罗就在内部宣布。昊日斗罗将会是他的接班人。现在看来,越天斗罗早就是未雨绸缪,他甚至很可能早就已经想好了要趁着这场战争尝试以生命为代价突破到神级 He has succeeded, this regarding the Soul Master world, can be the epoch-making success. Even if realm that Vast Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie and Sky Raising Douluo Yun Ming cannot break through, at least he has stood. What even if pays is the Life price. But since, in the past so many years, besides has completed the breakthrough using Blood River Kill the Gods Great Array Demon Emperor, he is first stands in the God Rank man! 他成功了,这对于魂师世界来说,可以算是划时代的成功。哪怕是瀚海斗罗陈新杰擎天斗罗云冥都没能突破到的境界,至少他已经站了上去。哪怕付出的是生命的代价。可是,在过去如此多年以来,除了利用血河弑神大阵完成突破的魔皇之外,他是第一个站在神级的男人啊! Sky Transcending Douluo did not regret that War God Temple is proud of him. 越天斗罗绝不后悔,战神殿更是为他而自豪。 first war! Humanity allied armies victory! 第一战!人类联军胜! Federation armed forces General Commander unit. 联邦总指挥部。 Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi body slight(ly) is shivering, has the excitement in his innermost feelings, the victory for this first field is excited. Facts show his decision not wrong, during this first fights, the Humanity allied armies got the winning side finally. 神笔斗罗余冠志的身体轻微的颤抖着,在他的内心之中有兴奋,为这第一场的胜利而兴奋。事实证明他的决定并没有错,在这第一战之中,人类联军总算是占据了上风。 But what are more is sad. Dong Zi'an before the profound gaze, he means anything at the point of death very much clearly. 但更多的还是悲伤。董子安在临死之前的深刻注视,他很清楚意味着什么。 This Ominous Wolf Douluo is washing off the shame with oneself Life. Although they struggle these many years, but in this moment, in his heart actually only then admires. Recalled that this Ominous Wolf Douluo passing, common people, can step by step become Limit Douluo, becomes Western Corps Corps Head, the military big shot. He pays compared with many many that oneself and the others paid. 这位凶狼斗罗是用自己生命来洗刷着耻辱。尽管他们明争暗斗这么多年,但在这一刻,他心中却只有敬佩。回想这位凶狼斗罗的过往,一介平民,能够一步步的成为极限斗罗,成为西方军团军团长,军方大佬。他所付出的要比自己等人付出的多的多。 Talent home station address:. Cell phone version reading website: m. 天才本站地址:。手机版阅读网址:m.
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