DD3DKL :: Volume #19

#1894: Rigid of Ominous Wolf

The demon emperor is the Lord of Abyss Demon Puppet clan, the ordinary Abyss Demon Puppet two lives, will he have one? Just, what he and ordinary Abyss Demon Puppet is different, just Sky Transcending Divine Spear that struck or injured his origin. 魔帝乃是深渊魔傀一族之主,普通的深渊魔傀都有两条命,他又怎会只有一条呢?只不过,他和普通深渊魔傀不同的是,刚刚越天神枪那一击还是伤到了他的本源 However, while its body visualization comes out, enormous form appear(ance) behind him, the both arms closes up impressively, makes an effort to grasp his body suddenly. strength instantaneous extrusion of terrifying! Actually was Ominous Wolf Douluo Dong Zi'an already waited there. 但是,就在它身体显形出来的同时,一个庞大的身影赫然出现在他背后,双臂合拢,猛然将他的身体用力抱住。恐怖力量瞬间挤压!却是凶狼斗罗董子安早就已经等在了那里。 The demon emperor with amazement, goes all out to struggle, wants to work loose from his hug. But Dong Zi'an is also Limit Douluo! Under Three Word Battle Armor amplification. Demon emperor who his of course is inferior to the peak time, but, the present demon emperor also already was not the peak. To work loose easier said than done? 魔帝骇然,拼命挣扎,想要从他的拥抱中挣脱出来。可董子安也是极限斗罗啊!三字斗铠的增幅之下。他当然不如巅峰时候的魔帝,可是,现在的魔帝也早就不是巅峰。想要挣脱谈何容易? When Sky Transcending Douluo breaks through to God Rank that flickers, the thing that he can see has surmounted the originally. His eyes saw origin of demon emperor. Therefore, when he throws Sky Transcending Divine Spear that flickers, sound transmission Dong Zi'an, told him, perhaps this demon emperor also has another life. Therefore, Dong Zi'an can wait there, is waiting for his appear(ance). 越天斗罗突破到神级的那一瞬,他能够看到的东西就已经超越了原本。他一眼就看出了魔帝的本源。所以,当他投掷出越天神枪的那一瞬,就已经传音董子安,告诉他,这魔帝恐怕还有另一条命。所以,董子安才会等在那里,等待着他的出现 power of demon emperor, Dong Zi'an just profoundly had realized, both sides are only collision three times, he already by the opposite party wound. The body intensity of demon emperor, is the Dong Zi'an entire life only sees. He is very clear, oneself is not the match of opposite party. The body intensity of this demon emperor, was genuine has achieved God Rank stage. Sky Transcending Douluo that at risk of life strikes, perhaps did not have the means to injure him. 魔帝的实力,董子安刚刚已经深刻的体会到了,双方只是碰撞三次,他就已经被对方创伤了。魔帝的身体强度,乃是董子安生平仅见。他很清楚,自己绝不是对方的对手。这魔帝的身体强度,是已经真正达到了神级层次的。要不是越天斗罗那拼死一击,恐怕还没办法伤害到他。 Therefore, at this moment, Dong Zi'an while grasping the opposite party, Battle Armor without hesitation has burnt. 所以,此时此刻,董子安在抱住对方的同时,身上的斗铠就已经毫不犹豫的燃烧了起来。 Guan Yue, you will not die in vain! 关月,你不会白死! The eye of Dong Zi'an stares in a big way, looks in the direction of allied armies. In his look, as if has any thing. Next flickers, his back bunches of silver light blast out, surroundings spatial madness caves . The body of his enormous also starts to transform as Can silver. 董子安的眼睛瞪得大大的,朝着联军的方向看去。在他的眼神之中,似乎有着什么东西。下一瞬,他背后一簇簇银光炸开,周围空间疯狂塌陷。他那庞大的身体也开始转化为灿银色 Why this Ominous Wolf Douluo can, only then in the wolf class Martial Soul situation can cultivate to Limit Douluo stage, this of course not be his Martial Soul itself has produced good Variation, because, he under the chance coincidence, comprehended the spatial deep meaning. Then makes him be able to break through unceasingly. 这位凶狼斗罗为什么能够在只有狼类武魂的情况下就能修炼极限斗罗层次,这当然不是他武魂本身产生了多好的变异,而是因为,他在机缘巧合之下,领悟了空间的奥义。这才让他能够不断的突破自我。 But Dong Zi'an is very clear, this life was impossible to achieve Pseudo God stage, Demi-God is his peak. Eventually the limit of natural talent cannot ask him to leave is farther. 董子安很清楚,他这一生都不可能达到准神层次了,半神已经是他的巅峰。天赋的限制终究还是不能让他走的更远。 Perhaps the demon emperor of peak time, he most can only support ten moves to be defeated. However, this time weak demon emperor, has actually given him the opportunity. 巅峰时刻的魔帝,他最多只能支撑十招恐怕就要落败。但是,此时的虚弱魔帝,却给了他机会。 Maneating of Dong Zi'an, not only aims at enemy, aims at oneself similarly. 董子安的凶悍,不只是针对敌人,也同样是针对自己 He guards, not only the oneself glory, is guarding the Western Corps glory! 他捍卫的,不只是自己的荣耀,更是捍卫着西方军团的荣耀啊! In this moment combustion, combustion, not only his oneself strength. Is flame of his innermost feelings. His that profound gaze, takes to Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi, like initially him to such that Yu Guanzhi said that he, Ominous Wolf Douluo Dong Zi'an, Western Corps Corps Head, whatever, will not make oneself be sewn on the shame column. 在这一刻的燃烧,燃烧的不只是他自己力量。更是他内心的火焰。他那深刻的一眼注视,是带给神笔斗罗余冠志的,就像当初他对余冠志说的那样,他,凶狼斗罗董子安,西方军团军团长,无论怎样,都不会让自己被钉在耻辱柱上。 „The hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng bang unequalled distance thunders, with the explosion of innumerable silver glow, making Sky as if cave . The darkness day territory vanished, that two enormous form also thoroughly disappears in blasting open spatial. 轰轰轰轰轰轰轰”无与伦比的距离轰鸣,伴随着无数银芒的爆炸,令天空似乎都为之塌陷。黑暗天域消失了,那两个庞大的身影也在炸裂的空间之中彻底泯灭。 enormous Abyss energy wants to dissipate, but the silver glow reappeared together baseless, drills in that spatial ray of light, gripped directly in that enormous Abyss energy center, just liked stabilizing force is ordinary, attracted pulls taut Abyss energy of demon emperor, did not make it dissipate tiny bit. to shatter void comes impressively, Silver Dragon Spear! 庞大深渊能量想要逸散,但一道银芒已经凭空浮现,就在那空间光芒中钻出,直接扎在了那庞大深渊能量的中央,犹如定海神针一般,吸扯住魔帝的深渊能量,不让其逸散一分一毫。赫然正是破碎虚空而来的,白银龙枪 Ominous Wolf Douluo Dong Zi'an, falls! 凶狼斗罗董子安,陨! The Lord of Abyss Demon Puppet, demon emperor, died! 深渊魔傀之主,魔帝,卒! Only has frigid Two Word, can describe this time battlefield. 唯有惨烈二字,方能形容此时的战场。 Sky Transcending Douluo Guan Yue and Ominous Wolf Douluo Dong Zi'an, two big Humanity Limit Douluo, with their Life, have replaced the demon emperors and Black Emperor in Abyss ten big Sovereign, adds on a sickle sovereign again. Abyss Three Great Elite, fall/die. 越天斗罗关月凶狼斗罗董子安,两大人类极限斗罗,用他们的生命,换掉了深渊十大帝君之中的魔帝与黑帝,再加上一个镰皇。深渊三大强者,陨落 But also at this time, other Abyss King almost completely is covered by seven string Vast Sun waves that the Vast Sun lyra released. Besides Bee Emperor, in numerous War God All-Out to go to under attack, 11 perish. 而也就在这个时候,其他深渊王者几乎全部被昊日天琴释放出的七弦昊日波所笼罩。除了蜂帝之外,在众多战神全力以赴攻击下,11殒灭。 Bee Emperor with the aid of the attack strength of own instantaneous promotion, counter-balanced the attack strength of Vast Sun lyra reluctantly, but the personal appearance was as before sluggish. But other Abyss King fall/die, diverted most War God. 蜂帝借助自身瞬间提升的攻击力,勉强抵消掉了昊日天琴的攻击力,但身形依旧迟滞。但其他深渊王者陨落,也牵制了大多数战神 This time Bee Emperor, only wants to run away. In his eyes, these Humanity were insane, the unprecedented fear lingers heart. 此时的蜂帝,只想逃走。在他眼中,这些人类都已经疯了,前所未有的恐惧萦绕心头 May also at this moment, a pair of sword light suddenly change into the startled day rainbow. All spatial were deadlocked instantaneously, above Sky, the bird's eye view earth, wears the royal crown, the huge form of Monarch appearance appears baseless. 可也就在这时,一双剑光突然化为惊天长虹。所有空间被瞬间锁死,天空之上,俯瞰大地,一名头戴冠冕,帝王模样的巨大身影凭空浮现。 His brilliance combustion, image matchless is clear, the height is to exceed the kilometer unexpectedly, in the hand a handle long sword, as if can ruling Heaven and Earth. 他身上光焰燃烧,形象无比清晰,身高竟是超过千米,手中一柄长剑,仿佛能裁决天地 Tianwu and Mengjun's Emperor Divine Sword! 天舞梦君帝神剑 Great sword of that dazzling brilliance combustion, is flooding endless sad with renouncing. Sky Transcending Douluo and Ominous Wolf Douluo reckless striving for success, for can they more to go on living! 那刺目光焰燃烧的巨剑,充斥着无尽的悲伤与决绝。越天斗罗凶狼斗罗不顾一切的拼搏,为的就是能够让他们更多的人活下去啊! Each War God profound understands that this truth, this time they, will not have the half minute to retain. They cannot let Sky Transcending Douluo and Ominous Wolf Douluo die in vain. 每一位战神都深刻的明白这个道理,此时的他们,再不会有半分保留。他们不能让越天斗罗凶狼斗罗白死。 Death aura covered, the Bee Emperor compound eye contracted fiercely, unexpectedly in this case loudly blasted out, his whole person shortly will as if change into trillion Bomb Bee, to flew to shoot to go in all directions. 死亡气息笼罩,蜂帝的复眼剧烈收缩,居然就在这种情况下轰然炸开,他整个人仿佛在顷刻之间化为亿万炸弹蜂,向四面八方飞射而去。 When that great sword cuts falls, the infinite suction along with it transmitting, only with enough time blasts out the body, actually radically without enough time scatters in all directions that only Abyss Bomb Bee in abundance fall/die that runs away, blasts open in the bellow. 可当那巨剑斩落之时,无穷的吸力随之传来,只来得及炸开身体,却根本来不及四散逃窜的那一只只深渊炸弹蜂纷纷陨落,在轰鸣声中炸裂。 Finally, the great sword stops, seemed glittering and translucent carving Bomb Bee has blocked the sword blade edge of falling all over the body reluctantly. But, that resists is also only the flash, next one flickers, the great sword falls again, buzz in the whining noise, ends! 终于,巨剑停顿,一只看上去通体晶莹剔透的炸弹蜂勉强挡住了落下的剑刃。可是,那份抵挡也只是一瞬间而已,下一瞬,巨剑再落,嗡鸣声中,终结! Transparent Bomb Bee Bee Emperor Innate Body, is Planar Nucleus location of entire Abyss Bomb Bee clan, blasting open, harvesting! Golden Dragon Spear sweeps across once more. 透明炸弹蜂正是蜂帝本体,也是整个深渊炸弹蜂一族的位面核心所在,炸裂,收割!黄金龙枪再次席卷而来。 Abyss Tenth Layer, Bee Emperor, falls! 深渊第十层,蜂帝,陨! Tianwu and Mengjun's Emperor Divine Sword sweeps away, the Vast Sun lyra bursts out the final brilliance, all in battlefield belongs to gradually tranquilly. Only has from thunders in Abyss passageway direction reverberates in Air unceasingly. That is a layer upon layer Abyss avalanche brings. Also means that Abyss origin was being vacillated rapidly. 天舞梦君帝神剑横扫,昊日天琴迸发出最后的光辉,战场上的一切渐渐归于平静。唯有来自于深渊通道方向的一声声轰鸣不断在空气中回荡。那是一层层深渊崩塌所带来的。也意味着深渊本源正在被飞速的动摇着。 On level, including Three Great Emperor Grade, entire Nine Layers Abyss Plane, during this fights Collapsing. In addition formerly Collapsing various Abyss, at this time Abyss 108 Layers had over 15% to vanish. 就层,包括三大帝级在内,整整九层深渊位面,就在这一战之中崩溃。加上先前崩溃深渊各层,此时深渊一百零八层已经有超过15消失。 The dense and numerous Abyss armies also disappeared a big piece. 原本密密麻麻的深渊大军也随之消失了一大片。 The deafening cheers, resound through Zhangkong (Vast Sky) the Humanity allied armies. At this time especially the ordinary soldiers, regarding them, three unrestrained gamblings that Elite carry on, means that they very possible not to need to participate in the war again, means that they have more opportunities to live. Nobody compared with them hopes that one's own side can win. 震耳欲聋的欢呼声,在人类联军这边响彻长空。尤其是普通的士兵们,对于他们来说,此时强者们进行的三场豪赌,就意味着他们很可能不需要再重新参与到战争之中,就意味着他们有更多机会活下来。没有谁比他们更加希望己方能够获胜了。 War God Temple, is relying on their formidable power, meticulous deployment, what is more important is two big Limit Douluo Sacrifice spiritual, strove to turn the tide eventually, ended Abyss Plane and first team of Holy Spirit Cult allied armies, complete nine Abyss Elite. But Tang Wulin Golden Dragon Spear, at this time also becomes even more radiant. The Life subtree of distant place is growing healthy and strong. 战神殿,凭借着他们强大的实力,缜密的部署,更重要的是两大极限斗罗牺牲精神,终究力挽狂澜,终结了深渊位面圣灵教联军的第一队,全部九名深渊强者。而唐舞麟黄金龙枪,此时也变得越发璀璨。远处的生命子树正在茁壮成长。 ...... …… Shrek Academy, Sea God Lake! 史莱克学院,海神湖 A layer upon layer ripple starts to ripple in the tranquil Sea God Lake surface, that buzz called even to affect Sea God Lakeside classroom buildings. 一层层波纹开始在原本平静的海神湖面荡漾起来,那嗡鸣甚至影响到了海神湖畔的一座座教学楼。 Is carrying on the teaching teachers to run out of the classroom in abundance, has flying ability, rapidly flies in the midair. 正在进行教学的老师们纷纷冲出教室,拥有飞行能力的,都迅速飞到半空之中。 Also at this moment, in the Sea God Lake central location, wipes the green gradually broken water, surfaces, although this process is very slow, but that giant crown has actually brought the infinite vitality. 也就在这时,就在海神湖中央位置,一抹绿色渐渐破水而出,钻出水面,虽然这个过程十分缓慢,但那巨大的树冠却带来了无限的生机。
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