DD3DKL :: Volume #19

#1893: A thorn gods, plane trial

What ratio also has to face the powerful enemy, takes them as the intermediary, does this experiment? 还有什么比面对强敌,以他们为媒,去做这份试验的呢? When on Guan Yue burns from Battle Armor as well as own origin brilliance, on all War God faces revealed sadness. 关月身上燃烧起来自于斗铠以及自身本源的光焰时,所有的战神们脸上都不禁流露出了悲意 All that at this time has, Guan Yue early has the urging to them. And makes them keep firmly in mind in all that on oneself has, he also already in detail recorded the oneself procedure and plan, leaves War God Temple. This is he will leave the War God Temple most valuable wealth. 此时所发生的一切,关月对他们早有叮嘱。并让他们牢记在自己身上所发生的一切,他也将自己的做法与计划早就详细记录下来,留给战神殿。这将是他留给战神殿最为宝贵的财富。 He originally already old, completes such breakthrough and combustion, but also likely again continues to keep in this world? But regarding all these, he can actually face confidently. 他本已年长,完成这样的突破与燃烧,还怎么可能再继续留在这个世界上呢?而对于这一切,他却能坦然面对。 After at this moment, his genuine breaks through to God Rank, genuine feels from to another stage strength. realm that the cultivate so many years as before cannot achieve. He heartfelt sighed in the innermost feelings. 此时此刻,当他真正突破到神级之后,真正感受到来自于另一个层次力量修炼如此多年依旧未能达到的境界。他不禁由衷的在内心感叹。 No wonder all Limit Douluo must seek breakthrough, he completely some qualifications said now that this anticipation is worth. 难怪所有极限斗罗都要寻求突破,他现在完全有资格说,这份期待是值得的。 That flash when he breaks through, that is a feeling of sea extravagant Sky, is an endless sublimation. If Limit Douluo can Limit control this world Power of Heaven and Earth. Then, after the breakthrough, is to unique of this world. His first time felt to come from the summon of universe, came from aura beyond this world. 当他突破的那一瞬间,那是一种海阔天空的感觉,是一种无尽的升华。如果说极限斗罗能够极限驾驭这个世界的天地之力。那么,突破之后,就是对这个世界的超脱。他第一次感受到了来自于宇宙的呼唤,来自于这个世界之外的气息 That is a feeling of bird's eye view. 那是一种俯瞰的感觉。 No wonder Demon Emperor after completing breakthrough, regarding all the feelings of some people despising, this despising, came from dominates to the entire world. 难怪魔皇在完成突破之后,对于所有人都有种蔑视的感觉,这份蔑视,来自于对整个世界凌驾。 Is this feeling of god? 这就是神的感觉么? Guan Yue in disappointed, stabbed out that spear|gun. Power of Heaven and Earth dispels outside, remote sensing universe. That is a clear comprehension spear|gun. 关月在怅然之中,刺出了那一枪。天地之力排开在外,遥感宇宙。那是明悟的一枪。 Planar Nucleus that Black Emperor projects, in this flickered happen to him in front, but above Sky Transcending Divine Spear, was bringing did not belong to strength of this world. 黑帝抛射出来的位面核心,在这一瞬正好是到了他面前,而越天神枪之上,却带着的是不属于这个世界的力量 The two collide in together, nondescriptive Transformation appear(ance). 二者碰撞在一起,一种难以名状的变化出现了。 But Black Emperor ejection Planar Nucleus in airborne freeze, but the Sky Transcending Divine Spear brilliance in an instant is actually bursting out. 黑帝抛射而出的位面核心在空中凝固,而越天神枪的光华却在刹那间迸发。 Black Emperor only thought that in front of oneself the Humanity man becomes matchless is suddenly big, but entire Black Sovereign plane that she represents actually in front this person, under trial! 黑帝只觉得自己面前的这个人类男子突然变得无比高大起来,而她所代表的整个黑皇位面却都在面前这人的,审判之下! Yes , a thorn gods, plane trial! 是的,神之一刺,位面审判! Buzz!” Planar Nucleus stagnates instantaneously, next one flickers, already by spear tip(s) Devour, without a trace of disappearance. But the body of Black Emperor also along with it freeze, lost Planar Nucleus her, the body started the disintegration instantaneously. “嗡!”位面核心瞬间凝滞,下一瞬,就已经被枪芒吞噬,消失的无影无踪。而黑帝的身体也随之凝固,失去了位面核心的她,身体瞬间开始了崩解。 The spear tip(s) mistake, vanishes jet black. Even does not have appear(ance) including escape Abyss energy. 枪芒过处,漆黑消失。甚至连逸散的深渊能量都没有出现 Sky Transcending Douluo , a thorn gods. Black Emperor, died! 越天斗罗,神之一刺。黑帝,卒! Fierce thundering earth-shaking power, even continually just closed passageway exit again appear(ance) crack. Even if Humanity Elite, can the clear feeling come from calling out in grief of Abyss Plane. 剧烈的轰鸣山摇地动,甚至连刚刚闭合的通道出口处都重新出现了裂缝。哪怕是人类强者们,都能清晰的感受到来自于深渊位面的悲鸣。 This time, was the death of Emperor Grade Elite! The Abyss eighth level is also bursting. When did not have formerly Abyss Second Layer breakage that terrifying sound. But also as before made the entire world shiver. 这一次,可是帝级强者的死亡啊!连带着深渊第八层也随之破裂。虽然没有先前深渊第二层破裂时那种恐怖的动静。但也依旧令整个世界为之颤抖。 Black Emperor unexpectedly also fall/die! 黑帝竟然也陨落了! Guan Yue static float in midair, seems still tasting all that formerly had. But Black Emperor fall/die, affected the entire battlefield, this regarding the attack of Abyss numerous Elite was really too big. 关月静静的悬浮在半空之中,仿佛还在回味先前发生的一切。而黑帝陨落,也影响了整个战场,这对于深渊众多强者的打击实在是太大了。 God Rank! Humanity unexpectedly also appear(ance) God Rank. Even if formidable such as the demon emperor, does not have God Rank stage! 神级人类这边竟然也出现了一个神级。就算是强大如魔帝,也没有神级层次啊! At once, the numerous (representatives) War God fighting strength comprehensive eruption, suppresses the match thoroughly. 一时之间,众位战神战斗力全面爆发,将对手彻底压制。 But also at this time, Sky Transcending Douluo exuded one to sigh lightly, he has turned around slowly, first was deep looked at a Vast Sun lyra. Nodded to the direction of Vast Sun lyra. Then looked to rear area, in Humanity allied armies forefront Tang Wulin. 但也就在这个时候,越天斗罗发出一声轻叹,他缓缓转过身,先是深深的看了一眼昊日天琴。向昊日天琴的方向点了点头。然后再看向了后方,在人类联军最前面的唐舞麟 Four items of relative, one unlucky premonition immediately appear(ance) in Tang Wulin heart. He gripped subconsciously tightened the double fist. 四目相对,一种不祥的预感顿时出现唐舞麟心头。他下意识的攥紧了双拳。 Guan Yue shows a faint smile, looks up the day, in this moment , he although is looking up to Sky, but actually as if again bird's eye view earth. Next flickers, his personal appearance revolves suddenly, in the hand Sky Transcending Divine Spear throws! 关月微微一笑,抬头望天,在这一刻,他虽然是在仰望天空,但却仿佛又再俯瞰大地。下一瞬,他猛然身形旋转,手中越天神枪抛掷而出! That spear|gun, bringing radiant beautiful flower to vanish in the midair instantaneously, but Sky Transcending Douluo body surroundings, starts appear(ance) layer upon layer light shadow. 那一枪,带着璀璨的芳华瞬间消失在半空之中,而越天斗罗身体周围,开始出现层层光影 Thought Embodiment Form! 思维具象化 My this life, although is not splendid, but is level. Although is not bright, but actually satisfies. The heaven waits me not to be thin, made me touch that world eventually. Although only flickers, actually also enough. Satisfied! Compares in two elder brother, I walk to front. Although be only this flickers, but all mood have recorded, remains with the posterity. exceed day not regret!” “我这一生,虽不精彩,但却平实。虽不灿烂,但却满足。上天待我不薄,终究让我触摸到了那个世界。虽只一瞬,却也足够。满足矣!相比于两位兄长,我走的更向前方。虽然只有这一瞬,但所有心境都已记载,留与后人。越天不悔!” Spoke these words, this Present Generation War God Temple Hall Master, the Sky Transcending Douluo body blasts out suddenly, changes into everywhere starlight scattering in all directions purine. 说完这句话,这位当代战神殿殿主,越天斗罗的身躯猛然炸开,化为漫天星光四散嘌呤。 Sky Transcending Douluo, God Rank flickers, falls! 越天斗罗,神级一瞬,陨! But in that flash that his body blasts out, Sky Transcending Divine Spear appear(ance) in the midair, its as if breaking open is once more void, suddenly appear(ance) before the demon emperor in midair! 而就在他身体炸开的那一瞬间,越天神枪再次出现在半空之中,它仿佛破开虚空,骤然出现在半空中的魔帝面前! This is True God finally strikes! Regardless of the demon emperor is how formidable, he eventually is also not Gods. Saw that the arrival of that spear|gun, he is actually evades not to be possible to evade. 这是一位真神的最后一击啊!无论魔帝如何强大,他终究还不是神诋。眼看着那一枪的到来,他却是避无可避。 The spear|gun is excessively brilliant, the body of demon emperor was almost pierced instantaneously. All Life Energy quantities shortly will carry off. 枪过绚烂,魔帝的身体几乎是被瞬间洞穿。所有的生命能量在顷刻间被带走。 Big Abyss energy blasts out loudly, but that Sky Transcending Divine Spear from the sky draws together the perfect arc, next one flickered arrived in front of Tang Wulin, float in airborne. 大蓬的深渊能量随之轰然炸开,而那越天神枪则在空中划出一道完美的弧线,下一瞬就已经到了唐舞麟面前,悬浮于空中。 Without doubt, this is the Sky Transcending Douluo final wish, this handle Sky Transcending Divine Spear, genuine Divine Tool, keepsake in him. 无疑,这是越天斗罗最后的心愿,这柄越天神枪,真正神器,留赠于他。 All these Transformation occur was too quick. No one has thought that Sky Transcending Douluo will make such choice unexpectedly, takes Sacrifice oneself as the price, has touched God Rank stage, cuts to kill Black Emperor, extinguishes the demon emperor again. by the strength of oneself, ensures the victory. 这一切的变化都发生的太快了。谁也没想到,越天斗罗竟然会作出这样的选择,以牺牲自己为代价,去触摸了神级层次,斩杀黑帝,再灭魔帝。以一己之力,奠定胜局。 sad cry is almost simultaneously resounds from the numerous (representatives) War God mouth. Each of them's face becomes blood flushes, unprecedented sad erupts in the chest. 悲呼几乎是同时从众位战神口中响起。他们每一个人的面庞都变得潮红,前所未有的悲伤在胸口中爆发。 Their very clear Sky Transcending Douluo is huge regarding payout of War God Temple. If no him and Vast Sea Douluo, War God Temple at all impossible and called with several other big organizations. Why they were very clear Guan Yue to choose Sacrifice at this time. For lets in them to have more people to live! 他们都很清楚越天斗罗对于战神殿的付出有多么巨大。如果没有他和瀚海斗罗,战神殿根本不可能与其他几大组织并称。他们都很清楚为什么关月会在这个时候选择牺牲自我。为的,是让他们之中能有更多的人活下来啊! Otherwise, but normal spells hardly, even if they can cut to kill all Abyss Elite finally, can live perhaps also few people. 否则的话,只是正常硬拼,就算他们最终能够斩杀所有深渊强者,能够活下来的恐怕也没有几人。 But cuts to kill Black Emperor and demon emperor by the strength of oneself successively, actually sufficiently ensures the victory, making the opposite party not have any opportunity again. 而凭借自己之力先后斩杀黑帝和魔帝,却足以奠定胜局,让对方再无任何机会。 This all, Sky Transcending Douluo had already calculated accurate, he fresh opportunity, left numerous (representatives) War God, oneself generously went . His life, the complete contribution has also given War God Temple. 这所有的一切,越天斗罗早就已经计算精准,他把生的机会,留给了众位战神,自己则是慨然赴死。他这一生,也完完全全的贡献给了战神殿 Buzz humming sound!” “嗡嗡嗡!” Vast Sun lyra seven strings sound together, the entire Sky fierce distortion, that Vast Sun lyra as if instantaneously is jumping projects innumerable bright brilliance, just likes Sun that blasts out is ordinary, sends out most radiant blazing! 昊日天琴七弦齐鸣,整个天空剧烈扭曲,那昊日天琴仿佛在瞬间迸射出无数灿烂光华,犹如炸开的太阳一般,散发出最为璀璨的炽热! In numerous Abyss Elite, King Grade Elite was almost fired in blazing all. Nearly madness War God defense, madness does not throw. 众多深渊强者之中,王级强者几乎无不在炽热中被灼烧。近乎疯狂战神们根本毫不防御,疯狂扑去。 Bee Emperor with amazement, an army burning with righteous indignation is bound to win, this time War God completely entered one type to make him feel the terrifying condition. 蜂帝骇然,正所谓哀兵必胜,此时的战神们已经完全进入到了一种令他感觉到恐怖的状态。 Compound eye ray of light dodges continually, Bee Emperor body surroundings ascends instantaneously innumerable blue ray of light, including 12 blue ray of light to be most striking. The distant place, 12 big queen bee bodies of his direct subordinate also blast out, change into energy to invest into Bee Emperor within the body. That 12 blue dim light project, covers terrifying attack that comes to collide with the Vast Sun lyra together. 复眼光芒连闪,蜂帝身体周围瞬间升腾起无数蓝色光芒,其中有12道蓝色光芒最为醒目。远处,他那嫡系的12大蜂王身体同时炸开,化为能量投入到蜂帝体内。那12道蓝色幽光射出,与昊日天琴覆盖而来的恐怖攻击碰撞在一起。 Bee Emperor oneself flaps Wings, retreat like lightning without hesitation. 蜂帝自己则是拍动翅膀,毫不犹豫的闪电般后退 His of course could see that Vast Sun lyra such eruption can only release one time, the consumption is definitely huge. Now must first evade its point, has the opportunity. 当然看得出,昊日天琴这样的爆发只能释放一次,消耗肯定是巨大的。现在先要避其锋芒,才有机会。 But in this time, the distant place, was just struck the demon emperor who kills by Sky Transcending Douluo, unexpectedly in the visualization comes out baseless again. Although it aura drops large scale, eye also blind, but under that God Rank strikes has not died unexpectedly. 而就在此时,远处,刚刚被越天斗罗击杀的魔帝,居然凭空之中重新显形出来。它虽然气息大幅度跌落,眼睛也瞎了一只,但在那神级一击之下居然没死。
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