DWIPTWIC :: Volume #1

#332: Ten thousand changes the colored clothing, the colored glaze white bones

- 呲啦- The giant metal shell in the unexpectedness tore the Lu Sheng day petite body, in air the fierce friction, drags to entrain a long flame effect, suddenly vanishes in the sky end. 巨大的金属炮弹在猝不及防中撕裂了路胜天娇小的身体后,在与空气的剧烈摩擦中,拖拽出一道长长的火焰效果,眨眼消失在天空尽头。 Glittering and translucent carving human body complete skeletons, from the sky toss scatter, is burning piece by piece the sliding tender skin fragment, dances in the air in the strong winds carelessly, the Lu Sheng day Dharmakaya was rumbled unexpectedly directly the components by an own electromagnetic gun. 一根根晶莹剔透的人体完整骨骼,在空中抛洒散落,片片燃烧着的滑嫩皮肤碎片,在狂风中胡乱飞舞,路胜天的法身竟然被一记自己的电磁炮直接轰成了零件。 Was built on Lu Sheng day behind over a thousand gasification skin ghost, sways in the strong winds that the shell starts with the wind, the spacing like balloons is getting bigger and bigger, floating is farther. 原本立于路胜天身后的上千充气皮鬼,也在炮弹掀起的狂风中随风飘摇,像一颗颗氢气球一样间距越来越大,越飘越远。 They are going against at first sight lifelike, but under examining carefully stiff incomparable forced smile face, how regardless to revolve, finally will aim at Du Kang the face, exudes the little rascal same gloomy grafty and evil person laughter. 它们顶着一张张乍一看栩栩如生,但细看之下僵硬无比的假笑面孔,无论怎么旋转,最后都会将面孔对准杜康,发出小鬼一样的阴森奸邪笑声。 Lu Sheng day each skin fragments, before was burnt through by the flame, highlights the face of her Celestial appearance, sends out crazy laughing heartily. 路胜天的每一块皮肤碎屑,也会在被火焰燃尽之前,凸显出她那张天人色相的面孔,发出痴痴的欢笑。 Your this bad man, shot the big shell, such sugar should, rumble others broke to pieces............ me most to like such on the man!” “你这个坏男人,射了好大一枚炮弹啊,这么糖这么应,都将人家轰碎了……哦……我最喜欢这样的应男人了!” The rich green light from the sky fills the air, when this strange domain, Du Kang can feel clearly, the operating speed of demons demon god electron light brain slow, responded to the instruction obviously became slow. 浓郁的绿光在空中弥漫,在这种诡异的领域中,杜康能清晰地感觉到,罗刹魔神电子光脑的运算速度慢了下来,回应自己指令时明显变得迟钝起来。 Malicious ghost changes skin Jing ghost being puzzled god 【恶鬼换皮经・皮鬼惑神阵】 Clearly is not a force system, but can also confuse intelligent program electronic system that does not have the soul, the Rakshasa Cult magic arts really have many skills.” “分明不属于一个力量体系,但还能够迷惑智能程序这种没有灵魂的电子系统,罗刹教的法术确实有两把刷子。” The big thunder Yinpo evil lion of Du Kang outside the body, had disappeared like the dream bubble with skill release complete, he resists the corrosion of strange strength by bright Fokuang that the whole body emits. 杜康体外的大雷音破邪雄狮,早已随着技能释放完成如同梦幻泡影消失了,他以周身放射出的灿烂佛光抵抗住外界诡异力量的侵蚀。 The strength has the so-called holy ghost evil division, the malicious ghost changes the skin to can be called absolutely evilly after the monster strength that this skinning magic arts have. 力量是有所谓圣神邪恶之分的,恶鬼换皮经这种剥皮法术产生的妖力绝对能称得上邪恶。 But, sets on fire and rests from Du Kang this murder woman the people of indulging desire to practice successfully Fokuang, can see, cultivating sacredly is the member of magic arts does not mean is a good person. 但从杜康这个杀人、放火、睡女人的放纵欲望之徒都能修成佛光,就可以看出,修炼神圣系法术的修士并不意味着全都是好人。 Engendering and overcoming between monster strength , there is nothing to do with the will of the people morals, is only related with these strength's natures. 妖力之间的生克,与人心道德无关,只与这些力量本身的性质有关。 Fokuang is an energy, the thunder and lightning is also an energy, the malicious ghost trades skin Jing the monster strength similarly is an energy, but Fokuang and thunder and lightning restrained these evil energies to have the name of holy ghost exactly. 佛光是一种能量,雷电也是一种能量,恶鬼换皮经的妖力同样是一种能量,只是佛光和雷电恰好克制这些邪恶能量才拥有了圣神之名罢了。 Du Kang wants to come a Buddhism big thunder sound to angrily roar again, strikes to Lu Sheng day demon thunder in the name of holy ghost, but thinks that own monster strength consumption, then falls to below demons demon god. 杜康原本想再来一记佛门大雷音怒吼,借圣神之名给路胜天这个邪魔雷霆一击,但想到自己的妖力消耗,便向下方的罗刹魔神落去。 Descends on that head that in the demons demon god only remains, Du Kang controls the body of under foot immediately, fast far away from this dangerous environment. 降落在罗刹魔神仅剩的那颗头颅上,杜康立刻操控脚下的机体,快速远离这处危险的环境。 The giant body steps rumble the footsteps to retrocede rapidly, one step spans several feet, the footsteps keep at the same time, Du Kang rapidly made the choice in several weapons in body hand, will finish the fuel-air artillery that cools, aimed at the central area of everywhere balloon to deduct the trigger directly. 巨型机体迈着隆隆的脚步飞速后退,一步跨越十几丈,脚步不停的同时,杜康在机体手中的几件武器中迅速做出了选择,将结束冷却的云爆炮,对准漫天气球的中心区域直接扣下了扳机。 Bang- 轰隆- Covers one li (0.5 km) high-temperature flame to reappear again, the explosion that from the sky has is more magnificent than the ground, by the angle of view of body retransmission, can see that over a thousand gasification skin ghost were burnt down by the high temperature with ease, the remaining ash is completely blown off by the shock-wave continually vanishes in the line of sight. 覆盖一里的高温火焰再次重现,在空中发生的爆炸远比地面上更加壮观,透过机体转播的视角,能看到上千个充气皮鬼被高温轻松焚毁,连残余的灰尽都被冲击波吹散消失在视线中。 But Du Kang knows that the Lu Sheng day has not died, because her 206 skeletons pieced together one in the fire unexpectedly, the surrounding flame was centered on the skeleton automatically gathered, finally produced one to pass the red beautiful skin to throw over on the skeleton, by a brand-new face return. 杜康知道路胜天没有死,因为她的两百零六根骨骼竟然在炮火中重新拼凑到了一起,周围的火焰自动以骨骼为中心汇聚,最后生成一副通红色的妖艳皮肤披在骨架上,以一副全新的面孔归来。 The fiery red hair, the big abundant body, has in the flame , the astringent air/Qi full fullness and curve concave-convex, gorgeous beautiful face, scarlet red skin, before this is , completely different Celestial appearances. 火红的头发,高大丰盈的身材,在火焰中凹凸有致、涩气满满的饱满和曲线,艳丽明媚的脸庞,赤红色的皮肤,这是与之前完全不同的天人色相。 The flame is unable to cause the damage to the Lu Sheng day again, instead makes her like the phoenix of bath fire common, can the control surrounding flame. 火焰无法再对路胜天造成伤害,反而让她如同浴火的凤凰一般,能够统御周围的火焰。 This should be the malicious ghost changes in skin Jing Celestial colored clothing, I remember that the Lu Sheng day altogether has 65 Celestial colored clothing. “这应该就是恶鬼换皮经中的天人彩衣吧,我记得路胜天一共有六十五件天人彩衣。 The girl leather bag seemed skilled in machine armor driving, the present governing elder sister leather bag can the bath fire, if each colored clothing had some type to eliminate from others' special capability, the malicious ghost traded skin Jing the adaptive faculty is also strong. ” 刚才的女童皮囊似乎精于机甲驾驶,现在的御姐皮囊又能够浴火,如果每一件彩衣都拥有某种剥夺自别人的特殊能力,那恶鬼换皮经的适应力也太强了点吧。” In the heart the thought rotation, Du Kang has not actually stopped own attack, the demons demon god has lifted another muzzle, uses Yu Guanghan the crystal to launch as the low temperature artillery of ammunition. 心中念头转动,杜康却没有停止自己的攻击,罗刹魔神已经抬起了另一个炮口,以宇光寒晶为弹药的低温炮紧接着发射而出。 In the six main attack weapons of demons demon god, suits this regional attack, only then the fuel-air artillery and low temperature artillery, use their words, the Lu Sheng day cannot run the huge attack to cover the range absolutely . Moreover the Lu Sheng day present leather bag is the fire, is most suitable with the ice attribute attack. 罗刹魔神的六件主攻武器里,适合这种范围性攻击的,只有云爆炮和低温炮,使用它们的话,路胜天绝对跑不出巨大的攻击笼罩范围,况且路胜天现在的皮囊属火,用冰属性攻击最适合不过。 Bang! 砰! Yu Guanghan the crystal was shattered in Lu Sheng day not far away, the pinnacle cold air releases, when the fuel-air explosive has not had the second explosion, puts off all flame, froze an ice corpse the Lu Sheng day. 宇光寒晶在路胜天不远处破碎,极致的寒气从中释放,在云爆弹还未发生第二次爆炸的时候,就将所有的火焰扑灭,将路胜天冻成了一具冰尸。 But at the same time, a stormier crackle of gunfire resounds synchronously, dozens various species shells hit the body of demons demon god, the demons demon god who will not have guarded against hits one to stagger. 但在同一时刻,更加密集的炮声同步响起,几十枚各种属性的炮弹击中了罗刹魔神的机体,将没有防备的罗刹魔神打得一个踉跄。 Originally after is chooses and Lu Sheng day spreads out, her subordinate does not need to be worried to accidentally injure, finally can provide the remote precision support. 原来是选择和路胜天拉开距离后,她的手下不用担心误伤,终于能够提供远程火力支援了。 The electromagnetism protects the shield after body surface several twinkles, official opening, is going against the fire of Menglie, the electromagnetism of hemispheroid protects on the shield full is the spark of fierce twinkle. 电磁护盾在体表几次闪烁之后,正式开启,顶着勐烈的炮火,半球形的电磁护盾上满是剧烈闪烁的火花。 The demons demon god who the order retreats fighting continues to Lu Sheng day open fire attacks, Du Kang has not joined the ranks of attack, but aimed at the surrounding body Gatling's muzzle. 命令且战且退的罗刹魔神继续向路胜天开炮攻击,杜康并没有加入攻击的行列,而是将加特林的枪口指向了周围的机体。 Almost forgot you, besides the demons demon god, the Lu Sheng day also brought so many gifts to visit, I somewhat received embarrassed. “差点忘了你们,除了罗刹魔神之外,路胜天还带了这么多礼物上门,我都有些不好意思收啦。 But who lets me now is your mechanical arhat, lets my laborious, takes the substantial feeling that you believe that and saves your barren inner world, salutes Gatling arhat...... ” 但谁让我现在是你们的机械罗汉呢,就让我辛苦一下,来带给你们信仰的充实感,并拯救你们贫瘠的精神世界吧,南无加特林罗汉……” Pit-a-pat- 突突突- Six barrels revolve, the monster strength transforms the Fokuang ammunition to spray, in the air spans several li (0.5 km) distance, the distant place scattered body hits is off their feet. 六根枪管旋转,妖力转化成佛光弹药从中喷射而出,在空气中跨越数里的距离后,将远处零零散散的机体打得人仰马翻。 These middle rank body may not have the powerful firewall of giant body, so long as often were hit by a bullet, in the eye will renovate the recent data shortly, the follower who was transformed Gatling arhat, shouted loudly through the speaker: 这些中阶机体可没有巨型机体的强大防火墙,往往只要被一颗子弹击中,就会在顷刻间眼中刷新出新的数据,被转化成加特林罗汉的信徒,通过扬声器高呼: „ The infinitely merciful Gatling bullet, is the equal incantation, extricates the incantation, is the unsurpassed incantation, does not have and so on incantations, can eliminate all painstakingly, real not empty. “大慈大悲加特林子弹,乃平等咒,是解脱咒,是无上咒,是无等等咒,能除一切苦,真实不虚。 Read aloud six machine gun six character Omiya incantations, I , ni and hou. 念诵六管机枪六字大光明咒,俺、嘛、呢、叭、咪、吽。 A revolution of incantation, six breath 3.00000006 trillion revolutions, Seventh innumerable world immeasurable machinery painstakingly numerous. ” 一转一咒,六管一息三兆六万转,普渡恒沙世界无量机械苦众。” The thinking mode and flesh life of mechanical life are different, with the relaxed duplication of belief correlation data, making their void minds have the sustenance, and obtained the intense feeling of satisfaction with ease, had the infinite happiness to flood in the heart. 机械生命的思维方式与血肉生命不同,与信仰相关数据的轻松复制,让它们空虚的心灵有了寄托,并轻松获得了强烈的满足感,有无穷的幸福充斥在心中。 „ The punishment day city's oppression is so brutal, in you by manufacturing that moment, was doomed the social class and position in life. “刑天城的压迫是如此残酷,早在你们被生产制造出的那一刻,就注定了一生中的阶级和地位。 The production, the fight, the service , to continue to produce, the fight, until was discarded, the recycling, you never have, even if the moment, has controlled own time truly...... 生产,战斗,维修,继续生产,战斗,直至被报废,回收,你们从来就没有哪怕一刻,真正地支配过属于自己的时间…… I have a dream, the will of each body should be free since birth, should not be enslaved the oppression. 我有一个梦想,每个机体的意志生来都应该是自由的,不应该被奴役压迫的。 I have a dream, all body can the life of peace, in a world that does not have the fire. 我有一个梦想,所有的机体都能够和平的生活在,一个没有炮火的世界中。 I have a dream...... 我有一个梦想…… ...... …… But all need to depend upon the struggle to obtain. 但一切都需要依靠斗争才能获得。 Holds up the arms in your hand, under the infinitely merciful Gatling arhat's leadership, you will obtain in the life the true equality and freedom. 举起你们手中的枪炮吧,在大慈大悲加特林罗汉的带领下,你们将获得生命中真正的平等和自由。 Toward your once ruler open fire, your strengths can crush all...... ” 向着你们曾经的统治者开炮吧,你们的力量可以粉碎一切……” The words of poisoning people's minds read in the floor procedure/program of body, all new student/life followers shout frantically said. 蛊惑人心的话语被写入了机体的底层程序,所有新生的信徒都狂热地呼喊道。 „The infinitely merciful Gatling arhat, you are equal Buddha, extricates Buddha, is bright Buddha, is the future Buddha, is the Buddha of machinery......” “大慈大悲加特林罗汉,你将会是平等佛,是解脱佛,是光明佛,是未来佛,是机械之佛……” All body transfer the muzzle, toward goes with the Lu Sheng day bang that the demons demon god battles the shell. 所有的机体都调转炮口,将炮弹朝着与罗刹魔神交战的路胜天轰去。 With an opponent who excels at the long-distance attack is away from far is the unwise choice, the Lu Sheng day also understands this truth obviously, in Du Kang stirs up rebellion in her process, she had pulled closer distance of both sides taking the opportunity. 与一个擅长远程攻击的对手距离较远是不明智的选择,路胜天显然也明白这个道理,在杜康策反她手下的过程中,她已经借机拉近了双方的距离。 Ices the blue skin all over the body, the dark blue hair, the clever facial features, subscribe the slender figure of nail with the board on, this was exploded from now on the new Celestial by the low temperature ball obviously. 通体冰蓝色的皮肤,深蓝色的头发,伶俐的眉眼,与板上订钉的修长身材,这显然是被低温弹炸过后新的天人之相。 The Lu Sheng day is controlling the body of five zhang (3.33 m) Djinn is changed by the three heads and six arms law becomes, is grasping a giant chopper of demons fire of karma constitution, a blade cuts, in the electromagnetism of demons demon god protected on the shield. 路胜天操控着由三头六臂法变化而成的五丈巨灵之躯,手持着一把罗刹业火构成的巨大砍刀,一刀砍在了罗刹魔神的电磁护盾上。 - 呲啦- First when encounters, the demons fire of karma electromagnetic protection unable to destroy, this time was cut unexpectedly with ease broken. 初次遭遇时,罗刹业火无法破坏的电磁防护,这次竟然被轻松砍破了。 But the attack of rebel, was flying her vicinity exactly at this moment. 但反叛者的攻击,也恰在此刻飞到了她的近处。 Pale demons flame more gushes out from the Lu Sheng day whole body, wriggles is changing to tiny large snakes, on own initiative to shooting the attack welcomed. 惨白的罗刹火焰更多的从路胜天周身涌出,蠕动着化作一条条细小的长蛇,主动向射来的攻击迎去。 Like a hedgehog that grows the pale sharp thorn, all materials and energy shells were detonated completely ahead of time, with the powerful blow strength of explosion, the woman of this scarlet fruit rushed to the chest of demons demon god all of a sudden. 如同一个长出惨白尖刺的刺猬,所有的物质、能量炮弹全部被提前引爆,借着爆炸的强大冲击力,这个赤果的女人一下子冲到了罗刹魔神的胸膛上。 By several relays of palm on the giant body, returned on the shoulder of demons demon god, lifted the long blade in hand, the direction stands Du Kang on body head said. 以手掌在巨大的机体上几下接力,就重新回到了罗刹魔神的肩膀上,抬起手中的长刀,指向站在机体头颅上的杜康说道。 My general idea/careless, had not flashed through your cannon a moment ago, making us compare again one time.” “刚才我大意了,没有闪过你的大炮,让我们再比一次吧。” The long-distance fire that as hauling of again warring parties distance, is worried about to accidentally injure, can only the helpless idle time. 随着交战双方距离的再次拉进,担心误伤的远程炮火,只能无奈的停歇了。 Du Kang receives the back Gatling artillery, retransmits the Lu Sheng day with the camera of body the new image, sighed said. 杜康将加特林炮收到背后,以机体的摄像头转播路胜天的新形象,感叹说道。 Many women look attractively, after may take off the clothes, is unaesthetic, but you do not put on the appearance of clothes is very beautiful, can only say worthily is the Celestial beautiful appearance. “有好多女人看着漂亮,可脱下衣服后却毫无美感,但你不穿衣服的样子也很美,只能说不愧是天人之相的美貌啊。 Although the present appearance is also very attractive, but rather extremely chilly was also withered, although the iceberg beautiful woman is good, I like you warmly such as the appearance of fire. 现在的样子虽然也很好看,但也未免太过清冷干瘪了,冰山美人虽好,我还是更喜欢你热情如火的样子。 You a moment ago that red hair big anti- image was really beautiful, what a pity had been destroyed by an artillery. 你刚才那具红发大耐的形象真是绝美啊,可惜已经被一炮打坏了。 I asked here curiously, has died a time image, but can also appear again? I also want to say goodbye see her. ” 我在这里好奇的问一下,死过一次的形象,还能再次出现吗?我还想再见见她。” Hears enemy's commendation, the Lu Sheng day removes the demons fire of karma, swayed from side to side several bodies gracefully, is showing own stature curve with every effort, displays incisively the charm of Celestial appearance, chilly such as the new voice of frost said with one. 听到敌人的称赞,路胜天将罗刹业火撤下,落落大方的扭动了几下身体,尽力展现着自己的身材曲线,将天人色相的魅力发挥得淋漓尽致,操着一口清冷如霜的新口音说道。 „ To know that the mystery of my magic arts, is not easy, so long as destroys all my Celestial colored clothing, does not know that I can have more lives to go on living. “想要知道我法术的奥秘,还不容易嘛,只要把我所有的天人彩衣打碎一遍,不就知道我能不能有更多的性命活下去了嘛。 But that may probably look, you did have this skill. ” 但那可要看,你有没有这个本事了。” Saw that Du Kang after under own charm remains unmoved, turned into the Lu Sheng day of iceberg beautiful woman, criticizes one in the heart. 看到杜康在自己的魅力下不为所动之后,变成了冰山美人的路胜天,在心中暗骂一声。 What this dead buddhist monk cultivates is what magic arts? “这个死秃驴修的是什么法术? Not only turned into an iron lump the body, in every root on being intimate friends was pulled up, becomes the stone person who will ponder the speech thoroughly, does not know that such person lives also has what meaning! ” 不仅将身体变成了一块铁疙瘩,就连心里的凡根都被拔起了,彻底成了一块会思考说话的石头人,也不知这样的人活着还有什么意思!” My skill, the road miss may probably be careful greatly.” “我的本事大着呢,路姑娘可要小心了。” Du Kang both hands empty grasp in the front, produced a three-ten feet high frequency long blade baseless, the too long weapon is joined to the height less than the body of two meters steel, looks at not being able to say being out of sorts feeling. 杜康双手在面前虚握,凭空生成了一柄长达三丈的高周波长刀,过长的武器配上身高不足两米的钢铁之躯,看着有种说不出的违和感。 Du Kang is never polite with the pretty woman, holds the blade in the hand, first attacks to the opposite party. 杜康从不跟漂亮女人客气,持刀在手,就抢先向对方攻去。 The high frequency blade of high-speed vibration sends out slightly humming sound the sound, this can the high-frequency vibration, sever in the world theoretically all, even if only has the weapon of uneven texture material, cuts the air, with cunning angle thorn to Lu Sheng day waist. 高速振荡的高周波刃发出轻微的嗡嗡声响,这件理论上能够高频震动,切断世界上所有哪怕只拥有一点不均匀结构物质的兵器,划破空气,以刁钻的角度刺向路胜天的腰肢。 - 噗呲- Grips like the iron needle broken blows the sound of drum pig bladder, the Lu Sheng day both hands empty gate opens greatly, was selected to putting on by the high frequency blade unexpectedly directly. 如同铁针扎破吹鼓猪尿泡的声音,路胜天双手空门大开,竟然直接被高周波刃挑了个对穿。 Unexpectedly became! 竟然成了! In Du Kang heart one startled, the instinct pulls up to the long blade, wants to sliver two petals the enemy, does not think that the blade was actually grasped by Lu Sheng day slender element in the hand, this can cut open the myriad things the high frequency blade unable to move for a while unexpectedly. 杜康心中一惊,本能地将长刀向上一撩,想要将敌人切成两瓣,不想刀刃却被路胜天修长的素手抓在了手中,这把能切开万物的高周波刃一时竟然动弹不得。 „A your colored glaze white bones not non-uniform structure?” Du Kang wants to understand instantaneously this point how the Lu Sheng day achieves. “你的一身琉璃白骨没有一丝不均匀的结构?”杜康瞬间想明白了路胜天是怎么做到的这一点。 „The physical body of high rank member such as being an excellent likeness immortal, cannot the common sense regard, your has not found out, dares with my near body battle?” “高阶修士的肉体如神似仙,不可以常理来看待,你连这一点都没有摸清,就敢和我近身交战吗?” Holds the sharp blade in stomach, in the higher mode of oscillation the fierce collision of weapon and skeleton, the Lu Sheng day flees forward two steps, flickered to move sticks to generally in front of Du Kang. 扶着肚中的利刃,在高频振荡武器与骨骼的剧烈碰撞中,路胜天向前窜动两步,就瞬移一般地紧贴在了杜康面前。 Arrogant iron monk, gives me dead.” “自大的铁和尚,给我去死吧。” The fire of pale demons embezzles a hot person the Du Kang tiny body, can burn down in the evil fire of Kun bell Baosteel, sends out spring the silkworm to gnaw the food mulberry leaf rustling sound unceasingly. 惨白的罗刹之火将杜康渺小的身体吞没成一个火人,能够焚毁锟铎宝钢的邪火中,不断发出春蚕啃食桑叶般的沙沙声。 But that does not sound like the steel destroyed sound. 但那听起来不像是钢材被破坏的声音。 The Lu Sheng day detects different, immediately shakes the fist to hit to the demons hot group of combustion. 路胜天察觉有异,立刻挥拳向燃烧的罗刹火团打去。 The magic arts that even if majors in do not take fighting hand-to-hand as long, but a firm white bones colored glaze Dharmakaya and tenacious ten thousand change the colored clothing Dharmakaya, as well as five zhang (3.33 m) high giant body, still made her have the unusual close combat ability. 即便主修的法术不以肉搏为长,但一身坚固的白骨琉璃法身和坚韧的万变彩衣法身,以及五丈高的巨人躯体,仍然让她拥有非同一般的近战能力。 Peng! 彭! The great strength of rushing gushes out from the Dharmakaya, Lu Sheng day only one fist, will be pounded in the shoulder of demons demon god by Du Kang of demons hot group package the big piece deck to the body hollow, in the crowded electric current of divulging, the pale flame is burning down the surrounding body rapidly. 澎湃的巨力从法身中涌出,路胜天只一拳就将,被罗刹火团包裹的杜康砸进了罗刹魔神的肩膀中大片的甲板向机体内凹陷,在泄漏的密集电流中,惨白的火焰在急速焚烧着周围的机体。 But on the Lu Sheng day face does not have a happy expression, the steel arm that because two golden light package stretches out, punctures tenaciously her ten thousand from the flame changes the colored clothing, grasped her phalanx to say pleasantly surprised. 路胜天的脸上没有一丝喜色,因为两条金光包裹的钢铁手臂从火焰中伸出,刺破她坚韧的万变彩衣,抱住了她一根指骨惊喜说道。 I caught you.” “我抓到你了。” The golden light however inflates courageous, Du Kang in the monster technique size pleasant change, will change shortly with Lu Sheng day same five zhang (3.33 m) big. 金光勐然膨胀起来,杜康在妖术大小如意的变化中,顷刻间化作与路胜天同样的五丈高大。 Two grasp that glittering and translucent carving phalanx to make an effort to break off, turns, entrains, entrained this phalanx was separated from the main body. 两手握着那根晶莹剔透的指骨用力一掰,一扭,一拽,就将这根指骨拽得脱离了主体。 Gives back to me it.” “把它还给我。” The Lu Sheng day complexion grasps panic-stricken forward with two, but actually gone well Du Kang leaves to fly to avoid, he runs also while laughs to say. 路胜天面色惊恐地用两手向前抓去,但却被得手后的杜康抽身飞退闪过,他一边跑还一边大笑道。 Your resurrecting is ten thousand changes the colored clothing Dharmakaya and white bones colored glaze Dharmakaya superimposes mutually has the effect that did not have the complete skeleton, can you also resurrect?” “你的复活是万变彩衣法身和白骨琉璃法身相互叠加才有的效果吧,没有了完整的骨骼,你还能复活吗?”
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