DWIPTWIC :: Volume #1

#331: Genuine and fake dream, mercy Seventh

path Shengtian the semblance seems like a fine porcelain doll, on her face has the pure happy expression, sweet is smiling to Du Kang. 路胜天的外表看起来像一只精致的瓷娃娃,她脸上带着纯真的笑意,对着杜康甜甜一笑。 You cut others things badly, this was not good.” “你把人家的东西砍坏了,这样可不好哦。” The delightful smile is limpid, immature, has meaning of the sacred natural attracting. 甜美的笑容清澈,稚嫩,又带有一种神圣自然的魅惑之意。 This frown and smile fall to the Du Kang eye, lets his a dregs male's heart that reads completely the beauty, had the tender sentiment, the high frequency blade long blade in hand could not cut unexpectedly for a while. 这一颦一笑落到杜康眼中,让他一颗阅尽美色的渣男之心,不由生出了浓浓的怜惜之情,手中的高周波刃长刀竟一时砍不下去。 Celestial appearance: The merit of collection ten million person superficial appearance, compromises one to exceed the sex, goes beyond the race, is not the beautiful appearance of the world, has the powerful attracting effect. 【天人色相】:集千万人皮相之优点,调和出一副超越性别,超越种族、不属于人间的绝美色相,拥有强大的魅惑效果。 path Shengtian picks up own white and tender palm, in the hand burns suddenly one group of pale flame, illuminates even more bright-colored her face. 路胜天托起自己的白嫩手掌,手中突然燃烧起一团惨白的火焰,将她的面孔照得越发明艳。 I attractively?” “我长得好看吗?” Du Kang withstand/top a handsome metal face, the affection is gazing at the woman to say. 杜康顶着一张英俊的金属面孔,深情注视着女人说道。 „The attractiveness of attractive, real his mother, such beautiful woman, if can hug because of my arms is better.” “好看,真他娘的好看,这样的美人,要是能抱在我怀里就更好了。” Your this lecher, is not because inquired that my reputation, opens the body to see at the same time my. “你这个登徒子,不会是因为打听到我的美名,才噼开机体想要见我一面的吧。 This slit opens too slightly, might as well open it is bigger, quite lets you to look is clearer, shouted- ” 这道缝隙还是开得太小,不如将它开得更大一些吧,好让你能看得更清楚一些,呼-” path Shengtian the palm gathering cherry small mouth in front, blows gently, this group of pale flame stretched a long hot snake, flooded into to the narrow and small slit. 路胜天将手掌凑到樱桃小嘴面前,轻轻一吹,这团惨白的火焰就拉伸成了长长的一条火蛇,涌入到狭小的缝隙中。 The flame of hot snake whole body licks to lick the surrounding Kun bell Baosteel, the place visited, in slit along the way disrupts numerous tiny sand, after not the big slit will expand one, throws toward the face of Du Kang. 火蛇周身的火焰舔舐着周围的锟铎宝钢,所过之处,沿途的缝隙中碎裂出众多的细小沙粒,将原本不大的缝隙扩大一圈后,朝杜康的面孔扑来。 Demons fire of karma: Inherited the demons to struggle to fight ruthless characteristics the fire of destruction bravely, will burn down the place visited all materials. 【罗刹业火】:继承了罗刹争勇斗狠特性的破坏之火,会烧毁所过之处的一切物质。 The turbulent demons fire of karma camouflaged path Shengtian the pretty cute appearance, by Du Kang that the appearance confuses, therefore sobered instantaneously. 汹涌的罗刹业火遮蔽了路胜天娇俏可爱的容貌,被色相所迷的杜康,因此瞬间清醒了过来。 „A good attractive mask, has not seen the thing that has been able to make me be crazy for a long time.” “好漂亮的一张面具啊,好久没见过能让我这么着迷的东西了。” Although Du Kang startled is unhurried, on after the body of steel blue electricity flee in all directions immediately, an illusory not obvious powerful restraint magnetic field stopped up immediately outside the slit. 杜康虽惊不慌,钢铁之躯上立刻有一阵蓝色的电流窜动后,一个虚幻不可见的强大约束磁场随即堵在了缝隙之外。 Can burn down all material the demons fires of karma unable to break through the illusory magnetic field, but path Shengtian the demons fire of karma seems to be inexhaustible, after the front is blocked, the differentiation is dozens, burns down dozens scoop channels to diverge to the surroundings on own body. 能烧毁一切物质的罗刹业火无法突破虚幻的磁场,但路胜天的罗刹业火仿佛无穷无尽,在前方受阻之后,就分化为几十道,在自己的机体上焚烧出几十道凹槽向周围散去。 Obviously what hits, from other directions breaking through the idea. 显然打的是,从其它方向突破的主意。 path Shengtian the counter-attack is also not limited to this, in crowded exoskeleton shedding sound, on the demons demon god has many built-in bullet mechanisms/organizations to be opened, falls in torrents to Du Kang metal mighty currents. 路胜天的反击还不止于此,在密集的外甲脱落声响中,罗刹魔神身上有不少内置的子弹机关被打开,将一道道金属洪流向杜康倾泻而来。 That, in these days of delaying, the demons demon god had taken back in weapons in six hand the weapon buckle of arm, pats to Du Kang by three pairs of big hands. 加之,在耽搁的这段时间里,罗刹魔神已经将六支手中的武器收回了手臂的武器扣里,以三双大手向杜康拍来。 The peaceful blue electromagnetism barrier shines in the Du Kang body surface, loses the power in the electromagnetism barrier the steel bomb, dingdong non-stop falling from the midair, had lost Du Kang that enters the cockpit opportunity, finally chose sanely evaded the point temporarily. 澹蓝色的电磁屏障在杜康体表亮起,在电磁屏障中失去动力的钢弹,叮叮当当不停从半空中掉落,已经失去了杀入驾驶舱机会的杜康,最终理智地选择了暂避锋芒。 A demons demon god is not only good to deal, has path Shengtian this two magic arts to cultivate the high rank member let alone, after this Du Kang promotes high rank, for the first time alone and same step expert opposes the enemy fights does not hit well. 光一具罗刹魔神就不好应对,更何况还有路胜天这个两门法术修炼到高阶的修士,这次杜康晋升高阶后,第一次独自和同阶高手对敌的一战不好打啊。 Under spraying of waist propeller, Du Kang inserts the high frequency blade long blade to front body, drags to entrain the illusory long blade, around the winding line, evades striking of several metal big hands, under proliferating the bullet mechanism/organization attacks of various places, flies to the three heads of demons demon god. 在后腰推进器的喷射下,杜康将高周波刃长刀插入到面前的机体中,拖拽着虚幻的长刀,绕着曲折的线条,躲过数只金属大手的拍击,在遍布各处的子弹机关攻击下,向罗刹魔神的三颗头颅飞去。 „ To experiment a lion to send the strength of technique, has not thought that meeting one of the path Shengtian this punishment day dwelling place of Buddhist immortals landlords. “原本只是想实验一番狮发术的力量,没想到会遇到路胜天这个刑天洞天的地主之一。 I must retreat in advance, after waiting for two clone to break through, again overwhelmingly comes back to look for the gathering place? ” 我要不要先行撤退,等两具分身突破之后,再以绝对优势回来找场子呢?” This is the Du Kang attitude of life, absolutely does not have to be the high rank member is proper, he will only make to the most advantageous judgment. 这就是杜康的处世之道,完全没有身为高阶修士应有的骄傲,他只会做出对自己最有利的判断。 Just knows when demons demon god driver status, Du Kang with path Shengtian to wave, has been thinking at that time can easily take her should better. 刚知道罗刹魔神驾驶者身份时,杜康已经与路胜天对过一次波了,当时想着能轻易拿下她最好不过。 The originally and resurrecting progress of punishment of day body punishment day secret technique, does, relative two weapon that is ultra, Du Kang is very interested, hierarch who takes a punishment day dwelling place of Buddhist immortals, will become to these plans smoother. 不论是刑天秘术的原本和刑天躯体的复活进度,还是干、戚两件位列超品的武器,杜康都是很有兴趣的,拿下一个刑天洞天的掌权者,对这些的谋划将会变得更加顺利。 But after fighting one to feel thorny, the Du Kang reason swiftly got the winning side, discovered that temporarily changes course is also a very good choice. 但在交手一番感觉到棘手之后,杜康的理智迅速占据了上风,发现暂时转进也不失为一个很好的选择。 After all the time stands Du Kang, so long as gives him again 1-2 months, main body in addition clone is three high rank member, when the time comes he will grasp more chips. 毕竟时间站在杜康这边,只要再给他1-2月的时间,本体加分身就是三个高阶修士,到时候他将掌握更多的筹码。 That said that but I fall into during surrounding now, wants to be separated from the battlefield is not easy with ease, but also needs to create an opportunity to be good for oneself.” “话是这么说,但我现在身陷包围之中,想要轻松地脱离战场也不容易,还需要为自己制造个机会才行。” All ponders happen in fast, when Du Kang has draws back intent, he on the chest of demons demon god has made a long wound, dragging the blade to fly on the enemy broad shoulder. 一切思考都发生在电光石火之间,当杜康心生退意的时候,他已经在罗刹魔神的胸膛上制造出了一道长长的伤口,拖刀飞到了敌人宽阔的肩膀上。 Is changed by to hold the blade single-handed, another hand grasps the freeing from earthly desires Gatling artillery of back, aims at the demons demon god made the indignation that head the muzzle. 改由单手持刀,另一只手抓起后背的六根清净加特林炮,将炮口对准了罗刹魔神做忿怒相的那颗头颅。 Six barrels rotate slowly, the preheating machine gun will soon start. 六根枪管缓缓转动,预热的机枪即将发动。 „ Do you want to hit my demons demon god with this lancet? “你想要以这支小枪打我的罗刹魔神吗? Such small spear/gun also feels all right to pull out, you turn into the lion shape, with that rifle also almost. ” 这么小的枪也好意思掏出来,你重新变成狮子形态,用那支大枪还差不多。” The clear laughter resounds in the ear, the Du Kang leaning head, sees path Shengtian slightly in package of one group of rich demons fires of karma, raises in the line of sight slowly. 清脆的笑声在耳边响起,杜康微微侧头,就看到路胜天在一团浓郁罗刹业火的包裹中,在视线中缓缓升起。 path Sheng daily person the strength of attracting is still astonishing, Du Kang like an obtaining enlightenment eminent monk, the side goes not to visit her excessively, but Du Kang with having the sound of unquenchable joyful meaning said. 路胜天天人之相的魅惑之力依然惊人,杜康如同一个得道的高僧,侧过头去不去看她,但杜康却用带有难以抑制的欣喜之意的声音说道。 You left the body unexpectedly! “你竟然离开了机体! ! ” !” Does not have the means that this body was extremely unwieldy, one was cut by your near body randomly is very easy to shatter, finally must begin by me personally.” “没办法,这具机体太过笨重了,被你这近身一顿乱砍可是很容易坏掉的,最后还是要由我亲自动手。” As the road wins the day explanation, the demons demon god also stopped own attack movement, probably really no longer places hopes in the body beats him. 随着路胜天的解释,罗刹魔神也停止了自己的攻击动作,好像真的不再寄希望于用机体击败他。 Is speaking, path Shengtian while tender such as on the thigh of lotus root caresses in oneself gently, extracts one brightly and cleanly such as the jade, on to have the femur of flute hole from the skin, puts the mouth to play. 一边说着话,路胜天一边在自己嫩如莲藕的大腿上轻轻一抚,就从皮肤中抽出一根光洁如玉、上有笛孔的大腿骨,放到嘴边自顾自地吹奏起来。 The desolate distant whistle sound resounds in the battlefield, in the strange tune full is the life and death is variable, might as well soon die, is reborn in paradise extremely happy negative remonstration. 苍凉悠远的笛声在战场中响起,诡异的腔调中满是生死无常,不如早日死去的,往生极乐的消极劝谏。 The so-called various lines variable, have to leak and various law altruism and Nirvana painstakingly to be all silent, the eternal peaceful death, was the true extrication, got rid of the ultimate choice in world sorrow truly. 所谓诸行无常、有漏皆苦、诸法无我、涅槃寂静,只有永恒安宁的死亡,才是真正的解脱,真正摆脱世间悲苦的终极选择。 In demons four law 【Not net white bones view With Malicious ghost changes skin Jing, Respectively the white bones demons of birth from demons ghost clan and trades the skin demons, the magic arts are strange, with the Haizhou local area magic arts completely different styles, has not frequently destroyed the day to extinguish, affect the vast strength of thousand li (500 km), but is quite hard to deal with strange. 罗刹四法中的【不净白骨观】和【恶鬼换皮经】,分别诞生自罗刹鬼族中的白骨罗刹和换皮罗刹,法术诡异残忍,是与海州本地法术完全不同的风格,没有动辄毁天灭地、波及千里的浩瀚力量,但却极为诡异难缠。 This whistle sound just heard, in the Du Kang heart raised unexpectedly, takes up the high frequency blade to cut the head, to get rid life all worriedly holds pill idea. 这笛声才刚刚入耳,杜康心中居然升起了,拿起高周波刃砍下自己头颅,以摆脱人生所有苦恼的操丹想法。 Meditates one „the infinitely merciful Gatling arhat, in a Fokuang of Yin god passes to sober. 不由默念一句“大慈大悲加特林罗汉”,才在阴神的一阵佛光流转中清醒过来。 Afterward, gold/metal green Fokuang starts to sparkle on Du Kang the body of steel, enormous and powerful sacred ray according to penetrating perimeter, under attribute restraint, easily astral hole bone flute crafty oppresses happily, plays the sound very quickly changes that from that femur slightly inaudible. 随后,金绿色的佛光开始在杜康的钢铁之躯上闪耀,浩荡神圣的光芒照彻周围数里,属性克制之下,轻易将罡洞骨笛的诡乐压迫回去,从那根大腿骨中吹奏出的声响很快变得微不可闻。 This allows to pass through to win the day the virgin hole to shrink, her complexion is on the rise to say gloomy. 这一幕让路胜天的童孔一缩,她面色阴沉地抬头道。 Fokuang-, you unexpectedly are the person who outside comes! “佛光-,你竟然是外面来的人! However, how you can be a punishment day descendant's ghost appearance, it seems like I need to seize you, interrogated well, which dwellings look was must send the high rank member to come to work as the scout. ” 不过,你怎么会是一副刑天后裔的鬼样子,看来我需要擒下你,好好审问一番,看看是哪家舍得派高阶修士进来当探子。” path Shengtian flings astral hole bone flute, this Buddhist musical instrument turned into a zhang (3.33 m) two long bone tool, was held by her in the hand. 路胜天将罡洞骨笛一甩,这件法器就变成了一根丈二长的骨棒,被她持在手中。 Wore one skewer of white rosaries in her wrist/skill, inflates the eyeball size, the dispersion soars around her rotates rapidly, protects and sustains the mortal body is watertight. 原先戴在她手腕上的一串白色念珠,也膨胀成眼珠大小,分散飞腾在她周围急速转动,将肉身护持得滴水不漏。 When was different fights going straight there and coming straight back from the punishment day descendant, sparring of magic arts wants the bad risk discretely many, path Shengtian. 不同于刑天后裔战斗时的直来直去,外界法术的斗法要凶险的多,路胜天已经谨慎了起来。 But stands in Du Kang of her not far away, holds the blade single-handedly, holds a gun single-handedly, Fokuang of whole body same drips into the magazine of machine gun like the running water, changed to the bullets of shining. 而站在她不远处的杜康,一手持刀,一手持枪,全身的佛光如流水一样淌入机枪的弹夹内,化作了一颗颗流光溢彩的子弹。 You should not come out from the body, I wanted to flee from here, is opportunity that you gave me to win.” “你不应该从机体里出来的,我本来都想要从这里逃离了,是你给了我胜利的机会。” In a sigh with emotion sound, close vision, to hear that Du Kang of sensation surrounding all sounds, have not satisfied the need to win the day to launch the attack, but was deducting the trigger to the head of demons demon god. 在一阵感慨声中,封闭视觉,以闻声相感知周围一切动静的杜康,并未对路胜天发起攻击,而是对着罗刹魔神的头颅扣下了扳机。 Golden color are the bottom, the green digit for the Fokuang bullet of symbol, the lasing from the gun tube of rotation, by every second 100 rounds of speeds, changes to continual Hong Liuluo in the indignation on the face. 一颗颗金色为底,绿色数字为符的佛光子弹,从转动的炮管中激射而出,以每秒一百发的速度,化作连续的洪流落在忿怒相的面孔上。 Falls like the raindrop on the water surface, after the ammunition contacts Kun bell Baosteel, has not caused the slight damage, instead melts the big piece gold/metal green light spot, quickly infiltrates within the body of demons demon god. 如同雨点落在水面上,弹药接触到锟铎宝钢后,没有造成丝毫的伤害,反而消融成大片的金绿色光斑,迅速渗透进罗刹魔神的体内。 Lion sends technique frees from earthly desires Gatling: Takes the electronic benevolence Fokuang as the bullet, the ammunition will contain to Gatling arhat the sentiment of crazy belief, if being hit cannot support the invasion of Fokuang, oneself will be covered by the frantic worship will. 【狮发术・六根清净加特林】:以电子佛心相佛光为子弹,弹药将蕴含对加特林罗汉的疯狂信奉之情,中弹者若不能撑过佛光的侵染,自身意志将会被狂热的崇拜意志所覆盖。 Note: This ammunition is best to the electronic consciousness effect. 备注:此弹药对电子意识效果最佳。 What originally you hit is this idea, the firewall of high rank artificial intelligence is not good to break through, opposes the enemy with my same step expert also dares to divert attention, courts death seriously.” “原来你打的是这个主意,高阶人工智能的防火墙可不是那么好攻破的,与我这个同阶高手对敌的时候还敢分心,当真是找死。” The alarm in the road wins in the sky overhead to do in a big way, the demons demon god alerted viral invasion the master, she taunted a non- wisdom of Du Kang behavior in the heart silently, actually the remote control demons demon god closed in secret to the control jurisdiction of body. 警铃声在路胜天心中大作,罗刹魔神向主人发出了病毒入侵的警报,她在心中默默嘲讽一番杜康行为的不智,却暗中遥控罗刹魔神关闭了对机体的操控权限。 The astral hole bone flute in hand toward Du Kang one finger/refers, 36 white bones rosaries flies to shoot immediately, the dilatometric change in the midair is long bone corners/horns, the demons skeleton head that the fang reveals completely, the mouth spurts the toxic smoke while bites to Du Kang. 手中的罡洞骨笛朝杜康一指,三十六颗白骨念珠立刻飞射而出,在半空中膨胀变化为一颗颗头长骨角,獠牙毕露的罗刹骷髅头,一边口喷毒烟一边向杜康咬去。 The chaotic wind sound/rumor drills into the ear of Du Kang, these skeleton heads enter the Du Kang Fokuang to cover in the range, all image iotas finish the location to appear in his mind. 混乱的风声钻入杜康的耳中,这些骷髅头一进入杜康的佛光笼罩范围内,所有的影像都分毫毕现地出现在他的脑海中。 The six Gatling muzzles of right hand are invariable, continue toward goal spraying, the back propeller angle adjusts slightly, Du Kang in flying to draw back, strikes off toward the frontline two skeleton heads the high frequency vibration blade of left hand. 右手的六管加特林枪口不变,持续朝着目标喷射,背后的推进器角度微微调整,杜康在飞退中,将左手的高周波振荡刃朝着最前方的两个骷髅头砍去。 - incites- 滋啦-滋啦- Two cut the metal in like the power saw the depressed sound, two skeleton heads two were divided into four difficultly, but these four remnant bones only relayed the half-turn in the midair, turned into four complete skeleton heads in several spoken parts light. 两声如同电锯切割金属的沉闷声响中,两颗骷髅头被艰难地二分为四,但这四块残骨只在半空中转了半圈,就在几道白光中变成了四只完整的骷髅头。 38 skeleton heads twist the mouth sidewise the mouth, sends out the grating ridicule, throws again to Du Kang. 三十八颗骷髅头咧开嘴巴,发出刺耳的嘲笑,再次向杜康扑来。 The toxic smoke place visited that they carry, on the shoulder of demons demon god presented the big piece corrosion trace, this compels Du Kang to be forced to soar, captured the circle sky over the demons demon god with them. 它们携带的毒烟所过之处,罗刹魔神的肩膀上出现了大片的腐蚀痕迹,这逼得杜康被迫腾飞而起,在罗刹魔神上空与它们兜起了圈子。 But path Shengtian the method is also not limited to this, she puts out a hand a racket on the cute roof panel, the bone bowl that inlays gold/metal Qianyu cooked to float on the drop in her front, in the bowl had Wang Qing water to reflect the scenery. 而路胜天的手段还不止于此,她伸手在可爱的顶盖上一拍,一只镶金嵌玉的骨碗就滴熘熘地漂浮在了她的面前,碗中有一汪清水倒映着外界的景物。 The battlefield that the fire just stood still, stands erect the motionless giant body in the battlefield edge, and road in battle wins day and Du Kang both sides, nearby all are all one of them. 炮火刚刚停歇的战场,在战场边缘屹立不动的巨大机体,以及在争斗中的路胜天和杜康双方,附近的一切皆在其中。 path Shengtian will gather near the bowl, in real world in blue sky, also presented path Shengtian the fine giant face. 路胜天将头凑到了碗边,现实世界中蓝天上,也同样出现了路胜天精致的巨大面孔。 She enters in the hand the doing abhiseka skull bowl, grasped to Du Kang that in the bowl soared, in the sky then also presented a great hand, in Du Kang toward reality grasped slowly. 她将手伸入灌顶颅碗中,抓向碗里飞腾的杜康,天空中便同样出现了一只巨手,向着现实中的杜康缓缓抓来。 Has hewn 108 Du Kang 36 skeleton monsters, looks to this startled day one, does not pass through says after a sigh. 已经将三十六只骷髅妖砍成一百零八只的杜康,“看”向这惊天的一幕,不经感叹道。 Really is the different style magic arts, does not grow perceptibly at the strength, but during exquisite and strange sees the time. “果真是不同风格的法术,不以力量见长,而是在精巧和诡异之中见工夫。 Although I look do not understand your magic arts, but as a Buddhism member, I have one to break the technique law of illusion, wants to ask the donor to reflect it. ” 我虽然看不明白你的法术,但作为一个佛门修士,我有一门能破万般幻相的术法,想请施主鉴之。” Soaring Du Kang stopped own form finally, disregards to the demons skeleton that oneself bite, the startled day great hand that as well as in the sky grasps, the single-handed vertical stroke palm in the chest front, read a vast Buddha to be brave. 飞翔的杜康终于停下了自己的身影,无视向自己咬来的罗刹骷髅,以及天空中抓来的惊天巨手,单手竖掌于胸前,念了一声浩大的佛偈。 All promising laws, such as dream, imaginary, bubble and shadow, such as reveal, like electricity, should do such as is the view.” “一切有为法,如梦、幻、泡、影、如露、亦如电,应作如是观。” Like the flat land startling thunderclap crack, the awaking lion angrily roars initially, all voice between world by the Du Kang recitation sound were submerged, the sparking electric light spouts from him, condenses a lion of military might toward a sky roar. 如同平地惊雷炸响,初醒雄狮怒吼,天地间的一切声音都被杜康的吟唱声淹没,闪亮的电光从他身上喷出,凝聚成一只威武的狮子朝天空一吼。 The thunderclap trembles, in the great hand in sky presented massive ripples, quickly was like this same like the dreamland, illusion, bubble and shadow illusory thing, vanishes in thunder lion angry roaring. 雷声震颤,天空中的巨手上出现了大量的涟漪,很快如同梦境、幻觉、泡沫和影子这样的虚幻事物一样,消失在了雷狮的怒吼中。 Pursues numerous demons skeleton side Du Kang, changed 36 pale clear rosaries. 就连追逐在杜康身边的众多罗刹骷髅,也重新变化成了三十六颗惨白圆润的念珠。 Electromagnetism thunder sound big thunder Yinpo evil lion: Compares broken illusory, understands thoroughly the genuine and fake, broken eliminates the demon evilly, the thunder sound is enormous and powerful. 【电磁雷音相・大雷音破邪雄狮】:勘破虚幻,洞彻真假,破邪除魔,雷音浩荡。 Road wins the day, these spars, your losing battle has decided.” “路胜天,这一场斗法,你败局已定。” A Du Kang blade knocks to fly all white bones rosaries, looks down below woman emits the slating laughter. 杜康一刀将所有白骨念珠磕飞,低头看着下方的女人放出雷鸣般的笑声。 Grasped the one broken imaginary sorcery of Buddhism, you were also happy too soon, my demons taught to be possible not only to be skilled in the say/way of genuine and fake dream.” “不过是掌握了佛门的一种破幻妖法,你也高兴得太早了吧,我罗刹教可不只精通真假梦幻之道。” path Shengtian steps on the giant astral hole bone flute to fly, the strong winds have blown the hole of flute, sends out aggrieved wū wū sound. 路胜天踩踏着巨大的罡洞骨笛飞起,狂风吹过笛的孔洞,发出哀怨的呜呜声。 Withered leather bags depart from her sleeves, the air flush inflation, summoned over a thousand gasification skin Guiluo quickly in oneself behind, changed to a neat stern array, confronted again with Du Kang. 一张张干瘪的皮囊从她的衣袖中飞出,吹气般膨胀起来,很快召唤出上千个充气皮鬼落在自己身后,化作一支整齐森严的阵列,重新与杜康对峙起来。 These leather bags seem like very fierce appearance, but I still planned that by two pairs 1000, how you plans to hit?” “这些皮囊看起来挺厉害的样子,但我仍然打算以二对一千,你又打算怎么打呢?” In this time, the sound of demons demon god resounds exactly, what resounds is the Du Kang sound. 恰在此时,罗刹魔神的音响响起,但其中响起的是杜康的声音。 path Shengtian lowers the head looked, sees only the demons demon god to anger the head, is turning head to speak to her, but in its eyes, is renovating the gold/metal green density data class/flow at this time. 路胜天低头一看,只见罗刹魔神忿怒相头颅,正在扭头对她说话,而它的双眼中,此时正刷新着金绿色的密集数据流。 Demons demon god, eliminates this useless head to me.” “罗刹魔神,给我清除掉这颗没用的头颅。” Demons demon god silent and lonesome indignation, but also in the road wins in day grasping. 罗刹魔神的寂静相和寂忿相,还在路胜天的掌握之中。 Bang! 轰! After receiving the instruction, an electromagnetic gun in body hand transfers the gun tube immediately, was struck by the head of brainwashing invasion this crushes. 接到指令之后,机体手中的一门电磁炮立马调转炮管,将这颗被洗脑侵染的头颅击得粉碎。 Such autonomy action is pointless, this body has been doomed to fall in my hand.” “这样的自残举动是没有意义的,这具机体已经注定了会落于我手。” What this speech is the lonesome indignation in remaining head, the gold/metal green in its eye wins the day in the road looks like, so dazzling. 这次说话的是残余头颅中的寂忿相,它眼中的金绿色在路胜天看来,是如此的刺眼。 „The bang breaks to pieces it a bit faster, blocks the dissemination of virus.” “快点轰碎它,阻断病毒的传播。” The demons demon god execution master's order, the electromagnetic gun opened fire loyally again, crushes the lonesome indignation. 罗刹魔神忠诚的执行了主人的命令,电磁炮再次开火,将寂忿相击碎。 I said that this is the pointless action. “我说了,这是没有意义的举动。 Three station light brain uses in body is the same set of firewall, electronic Fokuang mercy Seventh, after a station light brain was decoded, the invasions of other equipment to me are only the time issues. ” 机体里的三台光脑使用的都是同一套防火墙,电子佛光慈悲普渡,一台光脑被破解之后,其余设备的侵染对我而言只是时间问题。” As last silent in the eye shone Fokuang, an electromagnetism muzzle also aimed at path Shengtian...... 随着最后一颗寂静相的眼中亮起了佛光,一根电磁炮口也同时指向了路胜天……
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