DWIPTWIC :: Volume #1

#330 Part 2: 3 first 6 arm demons demon gods

Du Kang can easily come here, allowing to pass through to win the day somewhat to be really accidental, but as one of the punishment day city design most successful giant body, the demons demon god naturally has the close combat method. 杜康能轻易地走到这里,让路胜天着实有些意外,但作为刑天城设计的最成功巨型机体之一,罗刹魔神自然是拥有近战手段的。 Dead ahead three heads shift together , the lonesome indignation dealt with the indignation three faces to open the big mouth to Du Kang that is flying silent, loudly roaring filial piety. 三颗头颅齐齐转向正前方,寂静相、寂忿相与忿怒相三张面孔对着飞来的杜康张开了大口,放声咆孝。 Roar- 吼- The continuous sound wave Du Kang the body of steel arhat, they have maintained the frequency of sound wave near the natural frequency of Kun bell Baosteel, and is adjusting the slight vibration rhythm fast, wanted to find the natural frequency of Du Kang body to have resonating, destroyed his body in resonating. 连绵不绝的声波过杜康的钢铁罗汉之躯,它们将声波的频率维持在锟铎宝钢的固有频率附近,并飞快地调整着细微的振荡节奏,想要找到杜康机体的固有频率产生共振,在共振中摧毁他的机体。 Acoustic wave resonance meter: Any thing has its inherent vibrational frequency, is called the natural frequency, when receives with its natural frequency same forced oscillation, the oscillation amplitude of thing will destroy his structure. 【声波共振仪】:任何一个事物都存在其固有的振动频率,称为固有频率,受到与本身固有频率相同的强迫振动时,事物的振幅将会摧毁其自身的结构。 The continued sound wave proliferation to the perimeter, inspired one pile of components path Shengtian many one's own side body. 持续的声波扩散到周围数里,将路胜天不少的己方机体振成了一堆零件。 But what allows to pass through to win day to be disappointed, in the fierce ripples of body surface golden color guard/shield, Du Kang consumed two times of monster strength instantaneously, resisted the attack of acoustic wave resonance meter, jumped on the chest of demons demon god. 但让路胜天失望的是,在体表金色护罩的剧烈涟漪中,杜康瞬间消耗了两倍的妖力,抵抗住了声波共振仪的攻击,跳到了罗刹魔神的胸口上。 Both hands empty grasp, a vibrational frequency Gundam/reaches as high as several thousand hertz high-frequency vibration illusory long blades, emerged out of thin air in the Du Kang hand. 双手虚握,一把振动频率高达数千赫兹的高频振动虚幻长刀,凭空出现在了杜康手中。 Rubbing- 蹭- He toward the demons demon god heavy/thick chest of one, the high frequency long blade of cutting iron like mud, in a slight hindrance feeling, delimits to pull out together the deep opening layer on layer/heavily. 他朝着罗刹魔神厚重的胸膛重重一噼,削铁如泥的高周波长刀,就在一阵轻微的阻碍感中,划拉出一道深深的豁口。 By this slight slit that has the metal melting trace, Du Kang can see, an attractive little girl is also visiting him tranquilly. 透过这道有着金属融化痕迹的细微缝隙,杜康能看到,一个漂亮的小女孩也在平静地看着他。 The gods read by the slit sweep, he then obtained path Shengtian the attribute. 神念透过缝隙一扫,他便获得了路胜天的属性。 Name: path Shengtian 【姓名】:路胜天 【Not net white bones view: One of demons demons four laws, are corrupts not the net mortal body to white bones, comes back to life the flesh in the mystique again, so the life and death transformed after repeatedly several times, finally built a limpid colored glaze Dharmakaya the brutal magic arts. 【不净白骨观】:罗刹道罗刹四法之一,乃是将不净肉身腐烂至一具白骨,以秘法再次复生血肉,如此反复生死蜕变数次之后,最终修成一具清澈琉璃法身的残酷法术。 Altogether has does not observe, the white bones view and white bones to live the flesh view and white bones flowing light view four significant boundaries only. 共有不净观、白骨观、白骨生肌观和白骨流光观四重大境界。 Rank: Age step 等级:庚阶 White bones colored glaze Dharmakaya: 白骨琉璃法身: Skill: 技能: Demons fire of karma( single layer) 罗刹业火(一重) White bones rosary( single layer) 白骨念珠(一重) astral hole bone flute( single layer) 罡洞骨笛(一重) Doing abhiseka skull bowl( single layer) 灌顶颅碗(一重) Enters the step condition: Amends demons four law together, takes the three heads and six arms law as the base, makes three corpse cultivation other three therapeutic methods minutes/shares, demons ghost king body who finally may fuse a ninth stem step. 进阶条件:齐修罗刹四法,以三头六臂法为基,将其余三法分做三尸修炼,最后可融合出一具壬阶的罗刹鬼王身。 Malicious ghost changes skin Jing: One of demons demons four laws, are one will receive a technique strength to melt through the ceremony in the external skin, peels off to put on in Jishen the skin again, inherits its all strengths, changes skin Ruhuan the clothes, changes the clothes to trade the law the convenient magic arts. 【恶鬼换皮经】:罗刹道罗刹四法之一,乃是一门通过仪式将受术者一身力量融于表皮,再将皮肤剥下穿于己身,继承其一切力量,换皮如换衣,换衣即换法的方便法术。 Rank: Age step 等级:庚阶 Ten thousand change the colored clothing Dharmakaya: 万变彩衣法身: Skill: 技能: Celestial appearance( single layer) 天人色相(一重) Taking advantage of life long life( single layer) 借命延寿(一重) Gasification skin ghost( single layer / 1043) 充气皮鬼(一重/一千零四十三张) Celestial colored clothing( single layer / 65) 天人彩衣(一重/六十五张) Enters the step condition: Said with not the net white bones. 进阶条件:同不净白骨道。 Three heads and six arms law: Slightly 【三头六臂法】:略 Rank: Fifth heavenly stem level 等级:戊级 Skill: Multi- arms( four heavy), multi-thread( single layer), Djinn( five heavy), steel fist( four heavy), guzzling( four heavy) 技能:多臂(四重)、多头(一重)、巨灵(五重)、钢拳(四重)、暴食(四重) Enters the step condition: Slightly. 进阶条件:略。
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