DWIPTWIC :: Volume #1

#330 Part 1: 3 first 6 arm demons demon gods

In the underground cavern, the silver lion shape body sends out the misty silver light, provided the illumination for this narrow and small space. 地下洞穴内,银色的狮形机体发出蒙蒙的银光,为这处狭小的空间提供了照明。 Du Kang being pleased as punch stood, rocks carefree mild-mannered metal mane, when the vision has swept this leather bag, he knits the brows to say. 杜康摇头摆尾站了起来,畅快地晃动一头柔顺的金属鬃毛,当目光扫过这副皮囊的时候,他不禁皱眉道。 This color was too gaudy, should trade a grave dignified point color!” “这个颜色太花哨了,应该换一个庄重威严点的颜色!” The voice falls, a he bright silver exoskeleton, by the visible speed transformation for the color of black iron, entire has the style of body also from the original sacred compatible department, the transformation to oppress the department dark. 话音一落,他一身亮银色的外甲,就由肉眼可见的速度转变为了黑铁之色,整具机体的画风也随之从原先的神圣亲和系,转变为了黑暗压迫系。 This is right.” “这样才对嘛。” Is stepping the serious step, beach half solidification silver molten metal of Du Kang residual that after the cave goes out, turn head looked at one. 迈着沉重的步伐,杜康从山洞中残留的那浅浅一滩半凝固银色金属液中走出后,回头看了一眼。 Name: Kun bell Baosteel 【姓名】:锟铎宝钢 Rank: On low-grade 等级:上下品 Characteristics: 特性: Tamper force with mercy: Is most successful alloy that the punishment day city researches and develops, while having very intensive, before had not had the outstanding molding ability by the casting, can be used to manufacture the exoskeleton, can be used for most thermal weapons that manufacture knows presently. 刚柔并济:乃刑天城研发出的最成功合金,在拥有高强度的同时,在未被铸造前还拥有优秀的塑形能力,既可以用来制作外甲,也可以用来制作现知的大部分热武器。 Five colors treasure material: Kun bell Baosteel body has the five colors, the different color expressions have the different physical properties, such as the black is extremely firm, the silver benefits extremely, the golden color is extremely strong, the blue cold shortness is low, the red hot fusibility is high. 五色宝材:锟铎宝钢身具五色,不同的色彩表达拥有不同的物理特性,如黑色极坚,银色极利,金色极韧,蓝色冷脆性低、红色热熔性高。 Such good material, cannot waste.” “这么好的材料,可不能浪费啊。” Receives principle that is not wasting, he controls the magnetic force , in a metal wail that lets the person of tooth acid, the high rank alloy that will not have cooled completely rolls one group, took in the stomach pouch. 秉承着不浪费的原则,他又操控磁力在一阵让人牙酸的金属哀鸣之中,将还未完全冷却的高阶合金团成一团,收进了胃囊中。 The volume of this Kun bell Baosteel is big, after entering the stomach pouch, inside space unexpectedly is almost filled up. 这块锟铎宝钢的体积不小,进入胃囊之后,里面的空间竟然差点被填满。 Considering own strength is getting stronger and stronger, it is expected that the future harvest will also be getting more and more, Du Kang feels, the promotion of Cow Stomach Law should also put on the agenda. 考虑到自己的实力越来越强,预计未来的收获也会越来越多,杜康感觉到,牛胃法的提升也该提上日程了。 After the magic arts merit becomes, is equivalent carries a logistics base along, let alone did not worry that does not have the place to put the thing, pulls out a monster soldier from paradise momentarily, is quite convenient. 法术功成之后,相当于随身背着一个后勤基地,别说不愁没有地方放东西,就是随时从福地里拉出一支妖兵,也是相当方便的。 Congratulates the master, congratulates the master, goes a step further on the road of magic arts, Yang six gave you to congratulate here!” “恭喜老爷,贺喜老爷,在法术之路上又进一步,杨六在这里给您道喜了!” Congratulated interrupted the Du Kang train of thought that he lowered the head to see Yang who came to congratulate six, lifted a giant lion claw, one steel claw on his forehead. 一声恭贺打断了杜康的思绪,他低头看到前来道贺的杨六,抬起一只巨大的狮爪,将一根钢爪点在了他的额头上。 The gold/metal green ray puts greatly, in Yang six sea ​​of ​​consciousness four color variegated Yin gods, caught a gentle Fokuang immediately. 金绿色的光芒大放,杨六识海内四色斑斓的阴神,顿时染上了一层平和的佛光。 The avoiding evil influences ox, the magic eye civet and being puzzled heart gu wolf and one-eyed cockroach monster four monster of mutual conflicts, become under shining of Fokuang is phenomenally harmonious. 避邪黄牛、幻眼灵猫、惑心蛊狼、独眼蜚妖四种相互冲突的妖性,在佛光的普照下变得空前和谐起来。 The outside world, Yang six also changed the human form from the monster body, on the face has the gentle peaceful expression, held their palms together does obeisance toward Du Kang. 外界,杨六也随之从妖身变回了人形,脸上带着平和安宁的表情,双手合十朝杜康一拜。 Yang six thanks politely the master to save me to get out of misery. “杨六拜谢老爷救我脱离苦海。 After studying independently the magic arts, I all did not know every day ignorantly, is only pleased with oneself for the strength that oneself grasp, a will of the people point loses, like this continues, I left the fascinated day is not far. 自修法术之后,我每日皆浑浑噩噩而不自知,只为自己掌握的力量沾沾自喜,人心点点丧失,这样持续下去,我离入魔之日不远矣。 Today master changes magically in me, the chain opens suddenly seriously for a while, side Zhihe for really me, later be only the time follows about the master to serve, can repay the graciousness of past. ” 今日老爷点化于我,当真是一时金锁顿开,方知何为真我,以后只有时刻跟随老爷左右侍奉,才能报答往日之恩。” Gets up, you have received the pain of monster suffering, now can awaken quickly is also the good deed, did not want the good these superficial politenesses before me.” “起来吧,你一直受妖性折磨之苦,如今能够幡然醒悟也是好事,在我面前就不要行这些虚礼了。” Until now, Du Kang altogether sent out eight Enslaving Monster Seal, Yang six are actually not anyone. 时至今日,杜康一共送出了八枚役妖印,杨六却不是其中任何一人。 Loyal and devoted that he can display, besides the Du Kang graciousness heavy reason, a more realistic factor, that then obtains Enslaving Monster Seal, making Du Kang this high rank member divide the worry demon for him the pressure. 他能表现的忠心耿耿,除了杜康恩重的原因之外,还有更现实的因素,那便是求得一枚役妖印,让杜康这个高阶修士替他分担心魔的压力。 But Du Kang is not always a heart good person, Yang six , is not only a man, but also has no unique ability that is worth praising, this Enslaving Monster Seal has been parsimonious has not been giving. 杜康从来都不是一个心善的人,杨六不仅是个男人,还没有什么值得称道的独特能力,这枚役妖印就一直吝啬着没给。 Now was misled by the electronic benevolence mental, seems like that at one stroke the sorrow of heart demon, in fact the heart demon is also affected by named worships Du Kang. 现在被电子佛心相蛊惑心智,看似一举解决了心魔之忧,实质上也不过是被一种名为“崇拜杜康”的心魔所影响而已。 But Yang six does not have achieved nothing, electronic benevolence the brainwashing, at least made Du Kang believe his loyalty, regarded as the person on one's own side him truly. 但杨六并不是一无所获,电子佛心相的洗脑,至少让杜康相信了他的忠诚,真正将他看做了自己人。 Yang who bypasses crouches/submits Gui six, Du Kang several steps arrives in front of the black armor fire dragon, the intelligent program that in oneself body will be born, infiltrated in the electronic light brain of black red giant body, making it take over control of this body. 绕过伏跪不起的杨六,杜康几步走到黑铠火龙面前,将自己身体中诞生的智能程序,打入了黑红色巨型机体的电子光脑中,让它接管这具机体。 Then, Du Kang the black armor fire dragon that is just about to be damaged restores, actually the steel ear shakes suddenly, cocks the ears listens attentively to the moment in the direction of ground with rapt attention, showed a smile to say on the lion face. 接下来,杜康正要将受损的黑铠火龙修复一下,却突然钢铁耳朵一抖,侧耳朝地上的方向凝神倾听片刻,在狮脸上露出了一丝笑容道。 I and other guest, unexpectedly ahead of time!” “我等的客人,竟然提前到了!” ...... …… In bleak desert. 荒凉的戈壁上。 Red Sun rose center the sky, the scalding hot magma Heping stationary stream dripped, the oxidized flood red land arrived at the end of the world continuously, the seeing institute, the whole world was the red department. 通红的太阳升到了天空正中,灼热的岩浆河平静流淌,氧化的泛红大地连绵到世界尽头,入目所及,整个世界都是红色系的。 The powerful gale curls up the small iron gravel to hit on the hard body, two giant steel soles do not pace in the land patiently back and forth, steps on the smooth piece nearby big piece metal. 有力的强风卷起微小的铁砾打在坚硬的机体上,两只巨大的钢铁脚掌不耐烦地在大地上来回踱步,将附近的大片金属踩得平滑一片。 Line of sight upward pull-up, can see this is a 50 ten feets in height giant body, hundred bored lazy swaying in one team of quantity over a hundred assorted people of great strength and body crowding around. 将视线向上拉升,能看到这是一尊身高50丈的巨大机体,正在一队数量上百的各色力士和机体簇拥中百无聊懒的晃荡。 The body roughly assumes the human form, has three heads and six arms, is also shouldering a giant metal rotating disk, seems like the Protector Son of Heaven in Buddhist temple by far. 机体大体呈人形,却拥有三头六臂,身后还背负着一只巨大的金属转轮,远远看起来像是佛寺中的护法天王。 Its three also such as the weakness in temple models general, the appearance solemn silence, the facial expression actually presents for the silence, the lonesome indignation deals with the indignation respectively. 它的三颗头也如寺庙中的凋塑一般,样貌庄严肃穆,神情却分别呈现为寂静相、寂忿相与忿怒相。 Besides the face, its body has the body structure that numerous obviously appears externally, in six arms also has the gun tube that various modeling vary, approaches words that looks, it compares the Du Kang steel arhat to look like a Cyberpunk Buddha. 除脸庞外,它的身上存在众多明显外露的机体结构,六只手臂中还持有各种造型不一的炮管,凑近看的话,它比杜康的钢铁罗汉相更像一个赛博朋克佛陀。 Although the three heads and six arms body is swaying, but it how, regardless to turn circle, the eye will be staring at a magma river bank. 三头六臂机体虽然在晃荡,但它不论怎么转圈,都会有一双眼睛盯着一处岩浆河岸边。 In there, several thermostable small-scale body defend in the one side, under they in the waiting the companion return that goes to explore. 在那里,正有数台耐高温的小型机体守在一旁,它们在等待去下方探索的同伴归来。 Rumble- 咕噜咕噜- On the tranquil viscous magma river surface emitted a big skewer air bubble suddenly, the air bubble place then had the fast undercutting sign, seems has anything to swallow the magma in river under. 平静的粘稠岩浆河面上突然冒出了一大串气泡,紧接着气泡处便出现了快速的下陷迹象,好似有什么东西正在下方吞噬着河中的岩浆。 Nearby small-scale body sees this, hastily to far, the long spear/gun short artillery of over a hundred body are aiming at the region that the rivers changed instantaneously. 附近的小型机体见此,连忙离得远了一些,上百只机体的长枪短炮在瞬间对准了河流异动的区域。 The three heads and six arms body held up a plasma artillery in hand, this ratio war train plasma artillery is bigger in the 1st gun tube, slowly gathers one group of dazzling blue rays. 三头六臂机体更是举起了手中的一只电浆炮,这根比战争火车电浆炮更大一号的炮管中,慢慢汇聚出一团刺目的蓝色光芒。 Peng Ci- 彭呲- Still in the magma of undercutting, a bulge bulk, then blasted open magma a moment ago towering suddenly, in the explosion center, a jet black body revealed the figure. 刚才还在下陷的岩浆,突兀地凸起一大块,然后陡然炸裂出一片的岩浆,在爆炸的中心处,一个漆黑的机体从中显露出了身形。 This is not their people on one's own side, the body that sent a moment ago clearly is the bronze-color. 这不是它们的自己人,刚才派下去的机体分明是青铜色的。 Does not need to order, the body of being ready is a round of salvo. 不需要命令,蓄势待发的机体们就是一轮齐射。 Various dazzling attack rays even covered the attack of Sun, in most body are unable to regard in glare, this black body hit instantaneously evaporation gasification. 各种耀眼的攻击光芒甚至遮盖了太阳的攻击,在大多数机体无法视物的强光中,这具黑色机体在被击中的瞬间就蒸发气化了。 Bang- 轰- Over a hundred vary thick or thin, the ray that the intensity varies, fell in the metal land, the powerful energy was forming a hemispheroid fireball of diameter hundred zhang (333 m) same place, then the fireball changed to giant shock-wave, spread to all around. 上百道粗细不一,强度不一的光线,落到了金属大地上,强大的能量在原地形成了一个直径百丈的半球形火球,而后火球化作一圈巨大的冲击波,向四周扩散开来。 The heat wave will leave excessively near small-scale body to raise much flies, most body cannot regard the thing in the heat wave, but the three heads and six arms giant body actually saw the death of target clearly. 热浪将不少离得过近的小型机体掀飞,大多数机体也在热浪中不能视物,但三头六臂的巨型机体却清晰地看到了攻击目标的死亡。 Can make them send out on a grand scale, how possibly is this weak chicken, it the instinct turns around immediately, aimed at a muzzle in hand behind. 能让它们大张旗鼓出动的,怎么可能是这种弱鸡,它立刻本能地转身,将手中的一管炮口指向了身后。 Indignation after three found the target, was restrained the sword shape the sword of purple god of thunder, brings the grating electricity whining noise, from muzzle lasing. 三头中的忿怒相找到目标后,一把被约束成剑状的紫色雷神之剑,带着刺耳的电鸣声,从炮口激射而出。 But taking advantage of the shield of this wave of startled day attack sound, a small hill after body group one, a black red snake shape body is ordinary like the electric drill, flies to shoot to drill from the land. 而借着这波惊天攻击动静的掩护,在机体群后方的一里外的一处小山丘后,一条黑红色的蛇状机体如同电钻一般,从大地中飞射钻出。 Follows, a black huge lion also the hole that excavates from the big snake jumps out. 紧随其后,一只黑色的庞大狮子也从大蛇开凿的洞中跳出。 In lion mouth that the lion opens, has activated to the red laser cannon, the direct pointing the giant body of distant place launched with a crash. 在狮子张开的狮口中,一门早已激活至通红的激光大炮,直接瞄准了远处的巨型机体砰然发射。 Purple red two attacks collide in the halfway together, was in a state of deadlock. 一紫一红两道攻击在半途碰撞在一起,陷入了僵持状态。 Two different energies are keeping annihilating mutually, in the air full is the gas by the ionization strange flavor. 两种性质不同的能量在不停地相互湮灭,空气中满是气体被电离的奇怪味道。 But the speed far inferior rear supply speed of energy annihilation, the center of thunder and lightning and laser fierce disputes, one group of purple-red energy groups inflated, and by slightly is increased fast. 但能量湮灭的速度远不及后方的供应速度,雷电和激光激烈交锋的中心处,一团紫红色的能量团膨胀了起来,并飞快由小变大。 Finally lifted other muzzles in the three heads and six arms body, wants to Du Kang launches the attack the time, the volume of this energy group also reached the limit, explodes among two people loudly. 终于在三头六臂机体抬起了其它的炮口,想要对杜康发动攻击的时候,这个能量团的体积也到达了极限,在两人中间轰然爆炸。 This time Shock-wave that group was much more intense, the three heads and six arms body was also compelled to retrocede several steps, the lion claw of Du Kang towed to entrain a long trace in the metal ground. 这次的冲击波比刚才的那一拨要强烈得多,三头六臂机体被逼得后退了数步,杜康的狮爪也在金属地面上拖拽出一段长长的痕迹。 But is good because , the launch mouth of sword and laser cannon god of thunder also therefore deviated the goal respectively, leaves behind two winding scars after metal desert, ceased all activities to close respectively. 但好在,雷神之剑和激光炮的发射口也因此各自偏离了目标,在金属戈壁上留下两道蜿蜒的伤痕后,各自偃旗息鼓关闭了下来。 Du Kang the boiling hot gun tube will swallow, closed the mouth, the god knowledge swept approaches own opponent. 杜康将滚烫的炮管重新吞回去,合上了嘴巴,神识扫向自己的对手。 Name: Demons demon god / bronze is the body 【姓名】:罗刹魔神/青铜系机体 Rank: Punishment day giant body 等级:刑天巨型机体 Skill: Steam turbine( sevenfold) 技能:蒸汽轮机(七重) Kun bell steel body( sevenfold) 锟铎钢躯(七重) Artificial intelligence( sevenfold) 人工智能(七重) Electronic light brain * 3( sevenfold) 电子光脑(七重) Armament system( entire sevenfold): The plasma artillery, neutron artillery, electromagnetic gun, fuel-air artillery, low temperature artillery, god of thunder sword, electromagnetism shield and acoustic wave resonance meter 武器系统(全七重):电浆炮、中子炮、电磁炮、云爆炮、低温炮、雷神之剑、电磁盾、声波共振仪 Armament system( sevenfold below): Small sentry, laser fire eyes and sole propeller and remote sensing antenna, bullet mechanism/organization...... 武器系统(七重以下):小型哨兵、激光火眼、脚底推进器、遥感天线,子弹机关…… Promotion condition: Organism transformation. 晋升条件:机体改造。 You imagine compared with me, come wanting is earlier!” “你们比我想象中,来的要早一些!” Looks at not the weak opponent facing this, Du Kang greets politely. 面对这个一看就不弱的对手,杜康礼貌地打了个招呼。 Should say that your courage great ability is right, knows we must come, but also dares to keep here specially we, the punishment day city has not appeared for a long time has courage Challenger like this.” “应该说你胆子大才对,知道我们要来,还敢特意留在这里等我们,刑天城已经好久没有出现这样有胆魄的挑战者了。” Those who come as a surprise to Du Kang is, spreads the sound that to be clear from the demons demon god, sounds like a 7 or 8-year-old little girl, this makes him stare slightly. 出乎杜康意料的是,从罗刹魔神中传出的声音清脆甜美,听起来像一个七八岁的小女孩,这让他微微一愣。 As a cruel and merciless person, Du Kang naturally cannot, because the driver is the little girl is softhearted, he is surprised , because this sound he has listened. 作为一个心狠手辣之人,杜康自然不会因为驾驶者是小女孩而心慈手软,他之所以感到意外,是因为这个声音他听过。 This and in that information-storing device the Lu Sheng day sound not the slightest difference, for a destroyed incomplete giant body, she chooses unexpectedly drives the body to come here personally. 这和那枚信息存储器中路胜天的声音一般无二,为了一个被摧毁的不完整巨型机体,她竟然选择亲自驾驶机体来到这里。 Lu Sheng day it is the high rank member, in addition this powerful body, is not an opponent who is easy to cope with. 要知道,路胜天本身就是高阶修士,再加上这具强大的机体,可不是个容易对付的对手。 When two people talked, the Lu Sheng day subordinates were divided into two groups, detoured outflanks to Du Kang, obviously wanted to catch a turtle in a jar him. 在两人交谈之时,路胜天的手下们分成两路,绕路向杜康两侧包抄,显然想要将他瓮中捉鳖。 A he also not caring appearance, still continued to inquire interestingly. 他也一副不在意的样子,仍然饶有兴趣地继续提问道。 I am very curious, here is apart from the punishment day city more than 10,000 li (0.5 km), is you such big stature, how flies in two double-hour? “我很好奇,这里距刑天城有一万多里,你这么大的个子,是怎么在两个时辰里飞过来的? Your body, seems like like without appearance of flying ability. ” 你的机体,看起来可不像有飞行能力的样子。” Mentioning was also skillful, I handle matters in the nearby today exactly, was not far from here. “说来也是巧了,我今天恰好在附近办事,离这里不远。 After receiving the information of giant body buckle, the plan comes to have a look personally, is who in the dignity of challenge punishment day city, has not thought that can meet a big fish unexpectedly. ” 收到有巨型机体折损的信息后,就打算亲自过来看看,是谁在挑战刑天城的威严,没想到竟然能遇到一条大鱼。” In the cockpit of demons demon god, is taking two to the scourge of god, the Lu Sheng day that the powder weak jade carves, swaying two small short legs is excited. 罗刹魔神的驾驶舱内,扎着两根冲天鞭,粉凋玉琢的路胜天,摇晃着两条小短腿兴奋不已。 The Lu Sheng day has not met to dare to challenge Challenger of punishment day city rule for a long time, bored life that several hundred years treat in the punishment day dwelling place of Buddhist immortals, arid make her want to go crazy, she hopes that this lion can contribute a pleasure for oneself. 路胜天已经好久没遇到敢于挑战刑天城统治的挑战者了,几百年待在刑天洞天的无聊生活,枯燥的让她想要发疯,她希望这只狮子能为自己贡献一点乐趣。 She stretches out the pink small tongue, moistens one's lips with the tongue, called out cheerfully. 她伸出粉红色的小舌头,舔舔嘴唇,欢快地叫道。 West cute small several, I somewhat like your contour, you want, when my pet?” “可爱的小西几,我有些喜欢你的这个外形,你愿意当我的宠物吗?” Feels in the abdomen the temperature of laser cannon to reduce, 感觉到腹中激光炮的温度已经降低, Does not want, I also like your image very much, when you words of my pet can consider actually.” “不愿意,我也很喜欢你的形象,你当我宠物的话倒是可以考虑一下。” At this time, the Lu Sheng day subordinate had basically completed the encirclement, cannot hear the rejection of expectation, she can only say regrettably. 此时,路胜天的手下已经基本完成了合围,听到不出预料的拒绝,她只能遗憾地说道。 That was really was a pity, small west several, you accompanied me to play a fire to play.” “那真是太可惜了,小西几,那你就来陪我玩一个射击游戏吧。” The neutron artillery in hand aims at Du Kang, the straight high-energy neutron bunch projects from the gun tube together. 手中的中子炮对准杜康,一道笔直的高能中子束从炮管射出。 Has the Du Kang movement of protection to jump early agilely, evaded the neutron beam directly shoots, the white blue high-energy neutron bunch fell in the metal land suddenly, blasted open a giant pothole. 早有防备的杜康动作敏捷地一跳,就躲过了中子束的直射,白蓝色的高能中子束眨眼落在了金属大地上,炸裂出一个巨大的坑洞。 Meanwhile, powerful impact electromagnetic wave departs from the pit, by without range and speed that may avoid touch and go his body, making many keen electric circuits in body be burnt down, entire has the body instinct stiffly one. 与此同时,一股强大的冲击电磁波从坑中飞出,以无可躲避的范围和速度擦过他的机体,让机体内的不少灵敏的电路被烧毁,整具机体不由本能地一僵。 Is now, shoots to me......” “就是现在,都给我射……” In the battlefield of this intensity, needs the intercom channel of electromagnetism dissemination information to be unusable, the Lu Sheng day directly directs through the speaker. 在这种烈度的战场中,需要电磁传播信息的内部通讯频道根本就不能用,路胜天直接通过扬声器指挥起来。 All body seized this opportunity, the metal shell, the energy shell and lightning light beam...... came a round of neat salvo again, submerged the Du Kang form in the fire. 所有机体都抓住这个机会,金属炮弹、能量炮弹、闪电光束……再次来了一轮整齐的齐射,将杜康的身影淹没在炮火中。 Unlike the first time only shoots a spear/gun, this attack does not stand still, the body of composition encirclement ring is divided into three groups, the rotation fires, surrounding area one li (0.5 km) range was all covered by the fire. 与第一次的只射一枪不同,这次的进攻是不停歇的,组成包围圈的机体分成三组,轮换射击,方圆一里的范围全都被炮火覆盖。 Rumble the fire crack every inchs the metal land, the flame and metal dust submerged the trim region completely, according to the experience, the giant body is unable continually under such attack safe and sound. 隆隆的炮火炸响每一寸金属大地,火光和金属尘埃完全淹没了整片区域,根据经验,连巨型机体都无法在这样的攻击下安然无恙。 Punishment day city undefeated battlefield ammunition saturated attack 【刑天城不败战阵・弹药饱和式攻击】 In the demons demon god cockpit, three heads altogether have the screens of three correspondences to be used to put in the field of vision, the Lu Sheng day also can only by the infrared line of sight of body, roughly distinguishes the situation in battlefield. 在罗刹魔神驾驶舱内,三个头颅共有三个对应的屏幕用来投放视野,路胜天也只能以机体的红外视线,大体来识别战场内的情况。 The infrared line of sight distinguishes the image through the heat, can therefore catch each shotpoint with ease. 红外视线是通过热量来识别影像的,因此能轻松地捕捉到每一个爆炸点。 On three dark peaceful red screens, whenever there is a bomb blast time, will have the bright red light spot to shine together, but represents the Du Kang dark peaceful luminous spot to flee under the chase of crowded light spot distressedly. 在三块暗澹的红色屏幕上,每当有炸弹爆炸的时候,就会有一道亮红色的光斑亮起,而代表着杜康的暗澹光点则是在密集光斑的追逐下狼狈奔逃。 Thinks in the Lu Sheng day, this round of collection fire attack at least can the opponent causes heavy losses, Du Kang that dark peaceful luminous spot actually in some moment suddenly vanishes. 就在路胜天以为,这一轮集火攻击至少能将对手重创的时候,杜康的那个暗澹光点却在某一刻突然消失了。 Won't easily die?” “不会这么轻易就死了吧?” A Lu Sheng day brow wrinkle, the rich body operational experience made her switch over the body picture immediately, changed to the conventional camera angle of view a midpoint screen. 路胜天眉头一皱,丰富的机体作战经验让她马上切换了机体画面,将正中央一个屏幕改为常规摄像头视角。 Really, only crossed for several seconds, a black iron color small-scale human form body ran out of everywhere mist and dust, toward demons demon god rapidly racing to come. 果然,只过了几秒的时间,一只黑铁色小型人形机体就冲出了漫天烟尘,朝着罗刹魔神急速奔来。 Unexpectedly such small distortion shape, no wonder the infrared camera cannot see.” “居然有一个这么小的变形形态,难怪红外摄像头看不到。” The Lu Sheng day powder fist pounds broadcast button in the control desk, the anger exclaims. 路胜天粉拳一砸操作台上的广播按钮,怒吼道。 Enemy flushed toward me, your group of blind people, gave me to transfer the muzzle to shoot to explode it entirely.” “敌人朝我冲过来了,你们这群瞎子,给我统统调转炮口射爆它。” Meanwhile, Lu Sheng day also adjust the muzzle, aims at the rapid traverse the fuel-air artillery and low temperature artillery Du Kang, pressed down the button of attack in turn. 同时,路胜天自己也调整枪口,将云爆炮和低温炮对准快速移动的杜康,依次按下了攻击的按钮。 Leaves Du Kang of artillery attack region, shoulders six Gatling, the waist plasma propeller is spraying the blue tail flame, the both feet goes forward by the curve in the ground fast ejection, makes great strides forward to the front demons demon god. 离开火炮攻击区域的杜康,背负着六管加特林,后腰等离子推进器喷射出蓝色的尾焰,双脚在地面快速弹射以曲线前进,向前方的罗刹魔神迈进。 After the Lu Sheng day broadcast, the fire pursued, the front also scarlet white two muzzles shine respectively, Du Kang can only , helpless said with a sigh. 路胜天的广播后,身后的炮火重新追了上来,前方还有一赤一白两个炮口分别亮起,杜康只能无奈叹息道。 I said, I add the body to bathe in fresh air the fire......” “我说,我将炮火加身而如沐春风……” Bang- 轰- More than 30 zhang (3.33 m) of a fuel-air explosive beyond left side of Du Kang explodes, periphery several hundred thousand degrees high temperature was coerced by the shock-wave is sweeping across one li (0.5 km) air, but Du Kang actually returns safe and sound in a golden light cover. 一颗云爆弹在杜康左侧三十多丈外爆炸,几十万度的高温被冲击波裹挟着席卷周围一里的空气,但杜康却在一个金色光罩中毫发无伤。 Plants the angle to cultivate/repair oneself step Du Kang, carries seven times of monster strength reserves, a monster strength also less than point of immunity high temperature injury consumption. 植角法修到己阶的杜康,身负七倍的妖力储备,免疫高温伤害消耗的妖力还不到其中一分。 Bang- 轰隆- The fuel and air intensive mixing that in the fuel-air explosive toss, triggered the second explosion, the Du Kang also shaken air shake some figure is not steady, not care continues to set out. 云爆弹内抛洒的燃料与空气充分混合,引发了第二次爆炸,杜康也不过是被震荡的空气震得有些身形不稳,就毫不在意地继续进发。 The surrounding high-temperature flame has not diverged, follows the low temperature artillery to descend the , the magnanimous heat by the cold air/Qi absorption that the low temperature artillery blasts open. 周围的高温火焰还未散去,紧随其后的低温炮就降落到了附近,海量的热量被低温炮炸裂出的冷气吸收。 All flame will be suppressed shortly, but also tied one in the air thin frost. 所有的火焰被顷刻扑灭,还在空气中结上了一层稀薄冰霜。 The metal shell that rear area flies, when flying into the low temperature air was frozen is cracked, falls directly. 就连后方飞来的金属炮弹,在飞进低温空气时都被冻得龟裂,直接掉落下来。 This is more than 100 degrees below zero terrifying low temperatures, if not in the punishment day dwelling place of Buddhist immortals the moisture content are few, the performance effect of low temperature ball will be more intense. 这是零下一百多度的恐怖低温,如果不是刑天洞天内水分少,低温弹的表现效果将会更强烈。 Because of the tongue resplendent lotus flower the protection, ice hot twofold day temperature rapidly fluctuates, has not created the difficulty to the Du Kang body. 因为舌灿莲花相的守护,冰火两重天的急速温度变幻,并没有对杜康的机体造成困扰。 He to the demons demon god also has the hundred zhang (333 m) distance, instantaneously the ion propulsion arrived at the maximum power, flies high to fly, throws to front body broad chest. 他在离罗刹魔神还有百丈距离的时候,瞬间将离子推进器开到了最大功率,凌空飞起,向面前机体宽阔的胸膛扑去。 Lu Sheng day cockpit there! 路胜天的驾驶舱就在那里!
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