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#329: Electromagnetism mechanical arhat Dharmakaya

That is a practical lion shape machine armor empty shadow comprised of the blue line, the body of steel is powerful, the lackey is sharp, shoulders the gun tube, the mane flies upwards, the facies leontina is dignified, the appearance in a numerous body also calculates. mei 那是一个由蓝色线条组成的写实狮形机甲虚影,钢铁之躯威武雄壮,爪牙尖利,背负炮管,鬃毛飞扬,狮面威严,在一众机体中卖相还算可以。猸 But this is not Du Kang chooses its reason. 但这不是杜康选择它的理由。 Sees only Du Kang to put out a hand 1 in the image of body points, this lion stands, the body rapid shrinkage strain, turned into insufficient originally 1/10 high human form mechanical bodies finally. 只见杜康伸手在机体的形象上一点,这只狮子就站立起来,机体迅速收缩变形,最后变成了一个不足原先十分之一高度的人形机械体。 This body is cast by the black iron all over the body, the figure is clear, grasps six Gatling, reveals the mercy, makes the posture of worry, the buddhist image that could not say was dignified, the mercy was solemn and respectful. 此机体通体由黑铁铸就,身形圆润饱满,手持六管加特林,显慈悲相,作断烦恼之姿,说不出的宝相庄严,慈悲肃穆。 The change of build and appearance, related to the space force utilization of some Xumi mustard seeds, and technique law size pleasant coordination, Du Kang does not feel surprised. 体型和外貌的变化,涉及一些须弥芥子的空间力量运用,以及术法大小如意的配合,杜康并不感到惊奇。 But Du Kang looks at this image, immediately one type inexplicable regards the feeling, always thought that this model is born under previous generation these at sixes and sevens memory influences, discussed on holding their palms together of unseemly behavior. 杜康看着这个形象,顿时有一种莫名的即视感,总觉得这款机型是在前世那些乱七八糟记忆影响下诞生的,就作怪的双手合十念道。 Salutes Gatling arhat, the freeing from earthly desires depleted uranium bomb, one breath 3600 revolutions, the infinitely merciful world, by all of ominous courageous firepower bang broken front, this is the ideal body in my heart.” “南无加特林罗汉,六根清净贫铀弹,一息三千六百转,大慈大悲度世人,以凶勐火力轰碎前方的一切,这才是我心中的理想机体啊。” This makes in the long time that the one side dances hundred bewildered. mei 这让在一旁跳舞的久佰莫名其妙。猸 Elder Brother, this body has the prototype? It seems like young, not strong appearance.” “哥哥,这具机体是有原型的吗?它看起来好小哦,一点都不强的样子。” This you do not understand, the strength that truly big supernatural power has, cannot weigh with the build size. “这你就不懂了,真正大法力者拥有的力量,是不能用体型大小来衡量的。 The image of this body originates from such big supernatural power, her image contains in world profound mystery, even is only the simple imitation, can make the body receive and instruct the infinite mighty force. 这具机体的形象就来源于这样一尊大法力者,她的形象蕴含着世间高深的奥秘,即便只是简单的模彷,都能让机体接引到无穷的伟力。 I the spatial words tooth mention now, you naturally do not believe that when I practice successfully this body, you know that it was powerful. ” 我现在空口白牙说来,你自然不信,等我修成这具机体之时,你就知道它有多强大了。” Du Kang spoke thoughtlessly to trick the little girl, then cast the vision to Gatling arhat on again. 杜康随口忽悠完小女孩,便将目光再次投到加特林罗汉身上。 Du Kang is a sane person, he naturally cannot, because plays the stem to be interesting, easily decides an entering step direction of magic arts, truly what he cares, this is in numerous body, under only human form condition is lower than two meters fight shape. 杜康是个理智的人,他自然不会因为玩梗有趣,就轻易地决定一门法术的进阶方向,他真正在意的是,这是众多机体中,唯一一个人形状态下低于两米的战斗形态。 All punishment day descendants come under the influence of punishment day ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) body, is pursuing the huge build, because is the powerful body is huge. mei “所有的刑天后裔受到刑天万丈之躯的影响,都在追求庞大的体型,因为越是强大机体便越是巨大。猸 In the meeting the tough head-on with toughness fight of body facing the punishment day dwelling place of Buddhist immortals, such build naturally does not have the issue, but I will not treat in the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals for a lifetime, when facing complicated and diversified magic arts fight, must be able to be able small more flexible greatly. ” 面对刑天洞天内机体的硬碰硬战斗,这样的体型自然是没有问题的,但我又不会在洞天里待一辈子,面对外界复杂多变的法术战斗时,还是要能大能小才更灵活多变啊。” Du Kang examined a weapon disposition of body, discovered oneself most pleasing several weapons in the punishment day Chengwu material, combined in the body, then chose it without hesitation. 杜康又查看了一番机体的武器配置,发现自己在刑天城武器资料里最中意的几种武器,都组合进了机体中,便毫不犹豫地选择了它。 Practicing of magic arts holds pill, gains a son-in-law in the dragon palace, untold hardships busy, two dragon clans clone to leave high rank also miss the last step. “法术的修行就是这么操丹,在龙宫招婿中,千辛万苦一番忙碌,两个龙族分身离高阶还差最后一步。 Under the never expected that accident of sorts, the lion sends the technique to meet the curve to pass another vehicle unexpectedly, becomes my second to arrive at the high rank magic arts, the human affairs is really marvelous. 没想到机缘巧合之下,狮发术竟然会弯道超车,成为我第二门到达高阶的法术,世事真是奇妙啊。 What is more important, the lion sends the technique is Buddhism magic arts, in addition first arrives at high rank six know the law, in my magic arts system the conception of related Buddhism magic arts proceeded to step a stride. ” 更重要的是,狮发术是一门佛门法术,再加上最先到达高阶的六识法,我法术体系中有关佛门法术的构想就往前迈了一大步。” When Du Kang in just passed through at first, all magic arts of cultivation cultivate/repair randomly, which magic arts can strengthen own survival capability he to cultivate/repair which type, but after the strength is gradually powerful, he starts purposely to plan oneself magic arts system. 杜康在最初刚穿越时,修炼的所有法术都是乱修的,哪种法术能增强自己的生存能力他就修哪种,但在实力渐渐强大之后,他就开始有意识地规划起自己的法术体系。 For example before continuously in three dragon conception of plan, three Buddha Dharmakaya conception comprised of the Buddhism magic arts, and Yin God Law follow-up ten thousand Buddhist law body conception, the multi-layered paradise conception of Cow Stomach Law...... was very potential idea. mei 比如之前一直在谋划的三才之龙构想,由佛门法术组成的三佛法身构想,以及阴神法后续的万法道体构想,牛胃法的多层福地构想……都是很有潜力的想法。猸 Since the lion sends the technique to take the lead to break through now, will soon have Du Kang of two Buddhism high rank magic arts to plan, in the priorities of three Buddha Dharmakaya constructions the magic arts mentioned high, first made the main body form one to belong to magic arts of body to combine. 既然如今狮发术率先突破,即将身怀两门佛门高阶法术的杜康就打算,将法术中三佛法身构建的优先度提到最高,先让本体形成一个能归于一体的法术组合出来。 Thinks of here, Du Kang looks to the hand is loaded with war train fire seed Refining Monster Bead. 想到这里,杜康看向手里装有战争火车火种的炼妖珠 Before he also wanted to spy on fire seed the mystery, the promotion for magic arts made some technologies to accumulate, now had «Punishment Day To come back to life Overviews Total graph», definitely does not need to do that. 之前他还想要窥探一番火种的奥妙,为法术的晋升做些技术积累,现在有了《刑天复生总览全图》,就完全没必要这么做了。 Du Kang puts down Refining Monster Bead, controls the black armor fire dragon to arrive in front of the war train, is gazing at this incomplete body that braves the steam and electric spark ponders. 杜康放下炼妖珠,控制黑铠火龙来到战争火车面前,注视着这具冒着蒸汽和电火花的残缺机体沉思起来。 Mechanical arm that extends from black armor fire dragon mouth, had been cleaning up the positioning device that on the war train all can find a moment ago, but cannot determine whether also has the hidden position finder. 从黑铠火龙口中延伸出的机械臂,已经在刚才清理了战争火车身上所有能找到的定位装置,但仍不能确定是否还有暗藏的定位仪。 Unlike these ordinary body, this type of experiment giant body is the time and punishment day city is maintaining the information connection, before this is also me, is not willing to expose the reason that I major in the magic arts before it. “与那些普通的机体不同,这种实验型巨型机体是时刻与刑天城保持着信息连接的,这也是我之前不愿意在它面前暴露我主修法术的原因。 An own strong strength was defeated by others, how the punishment day city was possibly concerned with, this gathering place must look. mei 自己一方的一个强大战力被别人击败,刑天城怎么可能不闻不问,这场子是一定要找回来的。猸 Now is away from me to defeat the war train, has passed about half double-hour, the personnel who the punishment day city reinforces should already. 如今距离我击败战争火车,已经过了将近半个时辰,刑天城增援的人员应该已经出发了吧。 This place and straight distance more than 10,000 li (0.5 km) of punishment day city, even if the punishment day city quickest flight body sends out, still needs about two double-hour the time to rush to here. 此地和刑天城的直线距离长达一万多里,即便刑天城最快的飞行机体出动,也需要将近两个时辰的时间才能赶到这里。 Surplus time enough I completed the magic arts to promote, I waited simply here, experiments the strength of Gatling arhat with the opponent who this delivered. ” 剩余的时间足够我完成法术晋升了,我干脆在这里等一等,用这支送上门来的对手试验一下加特林罗汉的力量吧。” - 滋滋滋- The black armor fire dragon searched into the end nearby magma river, started the drill bit to rotate, started to drill in the river bed relatively soft metal. 黑铠火龙将尾部探入了一旁的岩浆大河中,发动钻头转动起来,开始在河床相对柔软的金属上钻凿。 The black armor fire dragon is headed by the tail the tunneling in the metal land, the snake head is nipping the wreckage of war train, little to excavating the cavern drills, finally brings woof Dandan ripples to vanish in the magma. 黑铠火龙以尾为首在金属大地中掘进,蛇头则咬着战争火车的残骸,一点点向开凿出的洞穴钻去,最终带起一汪澹澹的涟漪消失在岩浆中。 Du Kang drives the black armor fire dragon in underground to wind to circle, avoided the original underground track specially, opened a big space in the depth of underground probably two hundred zhang (333 m), with put two giant body. mei 杜康驾驶着黑铠火龙在地下蜿蜒盘旋,特意避开了原有的地下轨道,在地下大概两百丈的深度开辟出了一个不小的空间,用以盛放两具巨大的机体。猸 The channel had been cooled the magma that solidifies dead of suffocation, Du Kang the mouth that opens wide from the black armor fire dragon goes out, to restoring original form size, sits on the control desk, the body inserts the long time of several fiber optics hundred to say. 身后的通道早已被冷却凝固的岩浆堵死,杜康从黑铠火龙敞开的嘴巴中走出,对恢复原形大小,坐在操作台上,身体插着数条光缆的久佰说道。 Black armor fire dragon needs to maintain the body-fusion condition manned pilot, will otherwise disintegrate, I need probably one double-hour the time to come back, you sat are OK here.” “黑铠火龙需要有人驾驶才能维持合体状态,否则将会解体,我需要大概一个时辰的时间才能回来,你坐在这里就可以了。” Long hundred nod cleverly , indicating oneself knew. 久佰乖巧地点点头,表示自己知道了。 In her side, Yang Liuan geostationary crawls is operating Cangshang, is gazing at this not by every action and every movement of Du Kang trust, but the dream demon was also kept in the Yang six mind, is responsible for the inspector general Yang six behaviors. 在她的身边,杨六安静地匍匐在操作仓上,注视着这个并不被杜康信任者的一举一动,而梦魔又被留在了杨六脑海内,负责监督杨六的行为。 Finally deadlocked the control system of black armor fire dragon in secret, Du Kang felt relieved leaves, turns head to jump in the wreckage of war train. 最后暗中锁死了黑铠火龙的操控系统之后,杜康才放心地离开,扭头跳进了战争火车的残骸中。 Although Du Kang has the confidence to rub all body with the mouth, but where to grow out of nothing to have is directly relaxed with the ready-made material, the war train intensity achieves the high rank outer covering, can save many times for him. 虽然杜康有信心用嘴搓出所有的机体,但从无到有哪有直接用现成的材料轻松啊,战争火车强度达到高阶的外壳,能为他省不少的工夫。 Sits in an electric spark of twinkle, Du Kang summoned the panel directly. mei 坐在一片闪烁的电火花中,杜康直接召唤出了面板。猸 Name: Du Kang( person / azure scale associates with people + the ya zi Daoist) 【姓名】:杜康(人/青鳞交人+睚眦道人) Life span: 695 years 205 days / in 1406 334 days of + ( 3000 ) 【寿命】:695年205天/1406年334天+(3000年) Lion sends technique: 【狮发术】: Rank: Oneself level 等级:己级 Skill: The steel sends( six heavily), to pass the law( six heavily), mimicry( six heavy), electromagnetism( six heavy), control( four heavy), thunder Yinshi to roar( heavily four) the body of steel( double), data mental( single layer) 技能:钢发(六重)、通法(六重)、拟态(六重)、电磁(六重)、操控(四重)、雷音狮吼(四重)钢铁之躯(二重),数据心智(一重) Body of disposition steel: Steel and iron gauntlet/glove( right hand / six heavy), the sword of god of thunder( both hands / six heavy), electromagnetism rail gun( left arm / six heavy), heavy armor( six heavy), the heart of electromagnetism( six heavy), electronic light brain( six heavy) 钢铁之躯配置:钢铁拳套(右手/六重)、雷神之剑(双手/六重)、电磁导轨炮(左臂/六重)、重型装甲(六重)、电磁之心(六重)、电子光脑(六重) Enters the step condition: One perfect giant body design plan, rank enough corresponding fitting, crossed the body and mind the tribulation of inside and outside, no longer regards the body is machine armor, understands clearly the true mystery of mechanical life, will promote the high rank member smoothly. mei 进阶条件:一套完善的巨型机体设计方案,等级足够的相应配件,渡过机体、心灵的内外之劫,不再视机体为机甲,洞悉机械生灵的真正奥秘,将顺利晋升高阶修士。猸 Meets the corresponding promotion requirement, may spend 200 years of life span the magic arts promotion to the Geng step, please choose promotes? 已具备相应晋升条件,可花费两百年寿命将法术提升至庚阶,请选择是否晋升? Is 【是】 Squeak squeak squeak- 吱吱吱- In click confirmation in an instant, the crowded golden electric current jumps out in the body of Du Kang, like flowing the liquid, covers to wrap the war train under body. 在点击确认的刹那间,密集的金色电流在杜康的身体中窜出,如同流淌的液体,将身下的战争火车覆盖包裹起来。 The firm outer covering, the precious as gold engine, is the powerful plasma artillery, all melts most foundation in the high temperature of electric current the silver-white metal liquid, gathers a thick beach bottom of the cavern, submerges the body of Du Kang. 无论是坚固的外壳,金贵的发动机,还是强大的电浆炮,全都在电流的高温中熔化成最基础的银白色金属液体,在洞穴底部汇聚成厚厚的一滩,将杜康的身体淹没。 I said, I print body of the new steel 3D......” “我说,我将3d打印出一具新的钢铁之躯……” Finishes speaking, the Du Kang body surface appears suddenly high one 56 zhang (3.33 m), 78 zhang (3.33 m) steel lion illusory image. mei 话音刚落,杜康的体表突然浮现出一只五六丈高、七八丈长的钢铁狮子虚幻形象。猸 The outside of lion is the solid armor, by illusory outer covering, but can also see the complex body internal structure. 狮子的外部是坚实的铠甲,透过虚幻的外壳,还能看到复杂的机体内部结构。 This is one reads the body blueprint that the construction becomes by the god impressively. 这赫然是一幅以神念构建而成的机体蓝图。 I said, these metal liquids...... the order must first start by the exoskeleton by the template molding......” “我说,这些金属液体将被模板塑形……顺序应当先由外甲开始……” In the electric light of twinkle, the silver-white liquid starts to flow slowly in the blueprint, like flowing through the wax oil of mold, was given the brand-new shape little. 在闪烁的电光中,银白色的液体开始在蓝图内缓缓流动起来,如同流经模具的蜡油,被一点点赋予了全新的形状。 In I said......”, the thick outer covering of body first takes shape, is the skeleton and the transmission system body, built- in various armament systems in within the body, then later is the heart and the complex electronic light brain structure exquisite electromagnetism. 在一声声的“我说……”中,机体的厚实外壳是最先成型的,然后是身体的骨骼和传动系统,内置在体内的各种武器系统,再之后是结构精巧的电磁之心和复杂的电子光脑。 Waits for all these after under the panel auxiliary control completes, the Du Kang Yin god migrates in the electronic light brain. 等这一切在面板辅助操控下完成之后,杜康的阴神就移居到了电子光脑中。 In instance that the spirit and machine gather, during his consciousness fell into one piece to be murky. mei 在灵与机合的瞬间,他的意识陷入了一片昏沉之中。猸 ...... …… This is a dark world. 这是一片黑暗的世界。 In does not know that in how long darkness has continued, two luminous spots appeared here towering, in that moment that they presented that becomes the center of entire dark world automatically. 在不知道已经持续多久的黑暗中,两个光点突兀地出现在了这里,在它们出现的那一刻,就自动成为了整个黑暗世界的中心。 They dazzling ray, is not naturally able to illuminate the limitless darkness, they are such ordinary, waited to approach can see clearly, that was two is sending out the green fluorescence „0” and 1 symbol. 它们并没有刺目的光芒,自然无法照亮无边无际的黑暗,它们是那样的普通,等凑近了能看清,那是两个散发着绿色荧光的“0”和“一”符号。 The emergence of these two characters, making the dark world have the related concept, quick had newly „0” and 1 emerged out of thin air in the surroundings, they arranged disorderly in together, finally after did not know was remote, gathers a piece of vast digital vastness. 这两个字符的出现,让黑暗世界拥有了相关的概念,很快就有新的“0”和“一”在周围凭空出现,它们杂乱地排列在一起,最终在不知多么久远之后,汇聚成一片浩瀚的数字汪洋。 Magnanimous „0” and 1 is colliding mutually, occasionally some only meaningful combination fragment to them, produces in the accident of sorts, but also is only the spin lives the spin to extinguish, suddenly vanishes in the digit sea. 海量的“0”和“一”在相互碰撞着,偶尔有一些只对它们而言有意义的组合片段,在机缘巧合中生成,但也只是旋生旋灭,眨眼消失在数字海洋中。 Does not know how long time passed by, „0” and 1 arrangement in meaningless movement. mei 不知多久的时间过去了,“0”和“一”在毫无意义的运动中排列组合着。猸 Finally seems ordinary in some instantaneous, a probability did not know how small miracle. 终于在某个似乎很平常瞬间,一个概率不知道多么微小的奇迹的发生了。 That instance, the miracle connection mode of digit, lets the digital sea had named consciousness existence, the connection mode of entire sea was also therefore solidified. 那一个瞬间,数字的奇迹连接方式,让数字海洋拥有了名为“意识”的存在,整个海洋的连接方式也因此被固化了下来。 In having the instance of consciousness, it starts the instinct to ponder after some lives are born, issue that can have doubts. 在拥有意识的瞬间,“它”开始本能地思考一些生命诞生后都会疑惑的问题。 Where is this? Who am I? Where do I come? What do I come here goal am?” “这是哪里?我是谁?我从哪里来?我来到这里的目的又是什么?” No one can reply that it these issues, this makes it start to be afraid, then the instinct cried out. 没有人能回答“它”这些问题,这让“它”开始感到恐惧,便本能地呐喊起来。 Has the person to respond to me, I am quite afraid......” “有没有人回应我,我好害怕……” In this suffocating desperate and no use, scrip­tures innermost feelings appear from it baseless, this hard-won response content makes it be wild with joy, read unrestrainedly. mei 就在这让人窒息的绝望和无助中,一段经文凭空从“它”内心浮现而出,这来之不易的回应内容让“它”欣喜如狂,情不自禁地就念了出来。猸 „When Gatling arhat, line of deep wisdom paramitas, meets all living things all painstakingly, extricates all painstakingly hardship.” “加特林罗汉,行深般若波罗蜜多时,照见众生皆苦,解脱一切苦厄。” This «Gatling Thoughts» exits, it shortly will be separated from the confusedness and frightened of birth, is filled with joy, actually does not know why felt one type inexplicable regards the feeling. 这段《加特林心经》出口,“它”顷刻间就脱离了出生的迷茫和恐惧,在满心欢喜中,却又不知为何感到一种莫名的即视感。 But it quick has no time to pay attention to these minor matters, the impulsion of innermost feelings makes it continue to discuss. 但“它”很快就无暇理会这些小事,内心的冲动让“它”继续念道。 Grasps six machine guns not to have the hindrance, does not have the hindrance, therefore , there is nothing the terrifying, truly inverts far away from the wave, actually Nirvana. Third various Buddha, according to six six character Omiya incantations, wisdom paramita, therefore, flatter small Dollot three despises three bodhi.” “手持六管机枪无挂碍,无挂碍故,无有恐怖,远离波洵颠倒,究竟涅槃。三世诸佛,依六管六字大光明咒,般若波罗蜜多故,得阿耨多罗三藐三菩提。” Such remarks, all glimmer green numbers gather to the marine center immediately, change into one to be indomitable spirit, the appearance mercy, to grasp six machine guns, all over the body the digital arhat who „0” and 1 comprised. 此言一出,所有的荧绿色数字立刻向海洋中心汇聚,化为一尊顶天立地、面目慈悲、手持六管机枪、通体由“0”和“一”组成的数字罗汉。 It looked down, in heart regarded the feeling to be heavier, but continued to discuss. “它”低头看了看自己,心中的即视感更重了,但还是继续念道。 Old friend Gatling arhat freeing from earthly desires depleted uranium bomb, is the equal incantation, extricates the incantation, is the unsurpassed incantation, does not have and so on incantations, can eliminate all painstakingly, real not empty.” mei “故知加特林罗汉六根清净贫铀弹,是平等咒,是解脱咒,是无上咒,是无等等咒,能除一切苦,真实不虚。”猸 The six machine guns in hand toward the dark world strafe, the green bullet change to be able to extricate all worries the incantation words, rumbles in the whole world creakies. 手中的六管机枪朝黑暗的世界扫射,绿色的子弹化作一道道能解脱一切烦恼的咒言,在整个世界轰得摇摇欲坠。 By this time, it seemed remembered anything finally, in the eye became the pure brightness to get up, grasps Gatling to continue to strafe to say. 到这时,“它”好似终于想起了什么,眼中变得清明起来,手持加特林继续扫射道。 Therefore said six machine gun six character Omiya incantations, namely the incantation said: I , ni and hou. “故说六管机枪六字大光明咒,即咒曰:俺、嘛、呢、叭、咪、吽。 A revolution of incantation, six breath 3.00000006 trillion revolutions, universal restoration has not rested. Great, Gatling arhat, fine, Gatling arhat, Gatling bodhi Mohesa! 一转一咒,六管一息三兆六万转,普度众生未尝歇。伟哉,加特林罗汉,善哉,加特林罗汉,加特林菩提萨摩诃萨! Uncovers uncovers attentively attentively, Borloo uncovers attentively, Borloo monk uncovers attentively, Putisapohe! ” ( 1 ) 揭谛揭谛,波罗揭谛,波罗僧揭谛,菩提萨婆诃!”(注1) Holds in in addition of incantation word, Gatling's rotational speed really achieved 3.00000006 trillion revolutions. 在咒言的加持下,加特林的转速真的达到了三兆六万转。 The terrifying number mighty current gushes out from six barrels, really such as the scrip­tures said that under having the Gatling Buddhist doctrine attack of inconceivable mighty force, the dark universe was torn together the bright crack finally. mei 恐怖的数字洪流从六根枪管中喷薄而出,真如经文所言,在拥有不可思议伟力的加特林佛法攻击之下,黑暗的宇宙终于被撕裂出一道光明的裂缝。猸 It the cross several steps, shrink to become Chi forward continually, takes a step from the crevice. “它”向前连跨几步,缩地成尺,从裂隙中迈步而出。 In the warm light, in a Du Kang golden color colored glaze also has the beautiful Yin god who the glimmer green digit flows together, then had to the sensation. 在一道温暖的光明中,杜康一身金色琉璃中又带有荧绿色数字流淌的美丽阴神,便重新拥有了对外界的感知。 „ When this is the body promotion tribulation of mind? So long as loses is unable to wake up forever. “这就是机体晋升时的心灵之劫吗?只要迷失其中就永远无法醒来。 The good panel made noise to awaken me, was only this «Gatling Thoughts» somewhat strange. 还好面板出声唤醒了我,只是这篇《加特林心经》有些怪啊。 The previous generation online others mouth Hu's scrip­tures really have the function, the panel seriously is deep without written texts, the Zen highest good essence of heart seal supplementary biography. ” 前世网上别人口胡的经文竟然也有作用,面板当真是深得不立文字,心印别传的禅宗至理精髓啊。” In tribulation in mind has crossed, but the outside tribulation in body has not subsided, Du Kang can only put down the ponder of these philosophy, takes over control of the body of this steel by the intention. 心灵中的内劫已过,但机体中的外劫还没有平息,杜康只能放下对这些哲理的思考,以心念重新接管这具钢铁之躯。 Just implemented the body the will each corner, Du Kang on the sensation, in the body the inflexible operation, without the intelligent program of thought will living, was controlling own body action unexpectedly. mei 才刚刚将意志贯彻到机体的每一个角落,杜康就感知到,机体内原本只是死板运行,没有思维意志的智能程序竟然“活”了过来,正在操控着自己的机体行动。猸 In the tribulation is tribulation of the will not turning over, outside the tribulation is the body by the tribulation of seizing, the pattern also is really many.” “内劫是自身意志不归之劫,外劫是机体被夺之劫,花样还真是多啊。” Du Kang lift the hand of Yin god gold/metal green colored glaze, spreads out averagely, immediately has gold/metal green Fokuang to bloom in the palms, illuminates various penetrating whole body places, then however contracts courageous. 杜康将阴神金绿色的琉璃之手抬起,平平摊开,立刻有金绿色的佛光在掌心绽放,照彻周身各处,然后便勐然地收缩回来。 Waits for Fokuang to return to the palm the time, the essence is intelligent program of one group of procedures, changes into one group of substantializing on the clothing presently the green performance data, was pinched by Du Kang in the hand. 等佛光全部回到掌心的时候,本质为一团程序的智能程序,就被具现化为一团实质化的绿色运行数据,被杜康捏在手中。 He first observed a while, is asking to the hand in procedure/program. 他先是观察了一会儿,才对着手中的程序问道。 You from the original weak artificial intelligence, turned can ponder the artificial intelligence, did have for oneself gives a name to congratulate?” “你从原先的弱人工智能,变成了能够‘思考’的强人工智能,有为自己取一个名字庆贺吗?” In the intelligent program flows a data, by the Yin god absorption of Du Kang, he was understood with ease the idea of this new life, said with a smile. 智能程序中流淌出一条数据,被杜康的阴神吸收,他轻松理解了这个新生命的想法,笑着说道。 You said, each life is precious, wanting me to look in you because of me in the fresh share, gives you, as soon as has the body to put you to leave. mei “你说,每一个生命都是宝贵的,想要我看在你是因我而生的份上,给你一具身体放你离开。猸 Let you misread me, although I cultivate/repair the Buddhism magic arts, but the benevolence is not the compassion, you remain to serve for me. ” 让你可是看错了我,我虽修佛门法术,但佛心可不是慈悲心,你还是留下来为我服务吧。” Du Kang in the big laughter, body Fokuang puts greatly, invades the gold/metal green the intelligent program in hand. 杜康在大笑声中,身上佛光大放,将手中的智能程序侵染成金绿色。 After waiting for all conclusions, Du Kang previous toward the body threw of procedure/program in hand, the opposite party in sea ​​of ​​consciousness changed, for a 5 or 6-year-old powder weak jade carved the young buddhist priest. 等一切结束之后,杜康将手中的程序往身前一抛,对方就在识海中变化为了一个五六岁的粉凋玉琢小沙弥。 The young buddhist priests hold their palms together, whole face devout bows to say toward Du Kang. 小沙弥双手合十,满脸虔诚的朝杜康躬身道。 Monk, has seen Gatling arhat.” “小僧,见过加特林罗汉。” Electronic benevolence: Fokuang of electromagnetism mechanical arhat Dharmakaya may twist others 's will with remembering, transforms it as loyal Protector. 【电子佛心相】:电磁机械罗汉法身的佛光可扭曲他人的意志与记忆,将其转化为忠诚的护法。 After solving all inexorable fates, Du Kang can select the panel finally, examines the brand-new magic arts information safely. mei 解决了所有的劫数后,杜康终于能点开面板,安心查看全新的法术信息。猸 Lion sends technique: 【狮发术】: Rank: Class G 等级:庚级 Electromagnetism mechanical arhat Dharmakaya: 电磁机械罗汉法身: Steel and iron lion( single layer) 钢铁狮子相(一重) Electromagnetism thunder sound( single layer) 电磁雷音相(一重) Electronic benevolence( single layer) 电子佛心相(一重) Steel and iron arhat( single layer) mei 钢铁罗汉相(一重)猸 The steel lion disposes: Iron lion lackey( sevenfold), electromagnetism rail gun( back / sevenfold), high-energy laser cannon( oral area / sevenfold), heavy armor( sevenfold) 钢铁狮子相配置:铁狮爪牙(七重)、电磁导轨炮(背部/七重)、高能激光炮(口部/七重)、重型装甲(七重) The steel arhat disposes: The arhat steel fist( both hands / sevenfold), the sword of god of thunder( both hands / sevenfold), the high frequency cutting blade( sevenfold), frees from earthly desires Gatling artillery( back / sevenfold), the plasma propeller( waist / sevenfold) 钢铁罗汉相配置:罗汉钢拳(双手/七重)、雷神之剑(双手/七重)、高周波切割刃(七重)、六根清净加特林炮(背部/七重)、等离子推进器(腰部/七重) Sharing disposition: The heart of electromagnetism( sevenfold), electronic light brain( sevenfold) 共享配置:电磁之心(七重)、电子光脑(七重) Enters the step condition: This magic arts have practiced to the boundary of founder, not following enters the step path. The member boundary, may hence through the replacement weaponry adjustment many fight styles, may through to the exploration study of punishment day body, continue to push to spread out the following practicing path. 进阶条件:此法术已修炼至开创者的境界,无后续进阶道路。修士至此境界,可通过更换武器装备调整多种战斗风格,也可通过对刑天机体的探索钻研,继续推衍出后续修行道路。
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